Cops charge Anglin with indecent assualt & wounding

| 21/07/2010

(CNS): Police have now confirmed that Chad Anglin (30), who was recently arrested after being on the run from law enforcement for almost three weeks, has been charged with indecent assault and wounding. The charges are in connection with what police had called a vicious attack which took place in West Bay last month when police officers from Uniform Support disturbed a man who was attacking a young woman in a car. The victim had already had her throat cut when the officers arrived on the scene and had sustained other serious injuries during the attack. The attacker escaped as the police turned their attention to the victim who was in need of life saving assistance.

However, following the attack police immediately launched a full scale manhunt for Anglin, whom they said was wanted in connection with the incident. His picture and details were released to the media and circulated across the islands. Anglin was finally arrested on 8 July in his home district of West Bay in connection with the attack, which took place in the early hours of 17 June on Garvin Road.


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