Beauty pageant deadline extended

| 26/07/2010

(CNS): Women aged between 18 and 25 have a few more days to decide if they feel the have what it takes to represent their country on the beauty pageant world stage, as the Miss Cayman Islands Committee has extended the contestant application deadline to Wednesday, 28 July. With financial troubles dogging the competition last year, the committee is hoping to rejuvenate the pageant which is closely linked to the promotion of the Cayman Islands as a tourist destination. The last contest was won by Nicosia Lawson (left) who held the title through 2009. The clock is now ticking on the need to crown a new Miss Cayman Islands if the country is to be represented at the 2010 Miss World in China.

The local contest is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 25 September, at the Lion’s Centre when the new ‘face’ of the Cayman Islands will be selected not just to represent the country at Miss World but also at the Miss Universe contest and throughout the year as a tourist ambassador for the destination.
Lynn Bodden-Smatt, the recently elected committee chair, said earning the title was a major accomplishment and the winner receives a fully paid educational sponsorship, a car and many other prizes as well as a memorable experience.
“Our competition is centred on a “Beauty with a Purpose” theme so contestants select a charity as their platform and work with that organization to foster public awareness and generate private sector support for its cause,” she added.
High school graduates of good character that possess charm, poise, personality, and have beauty of face and figure are encouraged to enter. Full details of the selection criteria are included on application forms which can be downloaded from or accessed through the Ministry of Tourism or by calling 244-2249.
The Ministry of Tourism holds the franchise for both the Miss World and Miss Universe competitions so the winner represents The Cayman Islands at both the 2010 Miss World event on 23 October and next year’s Miss Universe.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really think that having some form on College Education would be great! Isnt 18 and 19 still TEEN? The year Rebecca won, I liked her the most and one of the reasons are because she had a college degree! You are representing a country here. Speaking of a country etc. I think that is something that would be great to have. I guess it is seen that as long as you have beauty, you’re good as gold to win! Sometimes that only works until they open their mouth and you are wondering what in the world are they talking about. Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      18 and 19 is still a Teen, but you are no longer allowed to compete atMiss Teen after the age of 18 and at that age you are recognised as an adult.

      Did you know that the current Miss Universe is only 18 years old.

      Btw just anther quick side note the other contest that competed alongside Rebecca Parchment that had a degreewas Kimberly Arch, Rebecca Ebanks and Nicole Ebanks

  2. MonkeySee says:

    Went to the site…all OLD info!  Wow!