Police appeal to public over hit and run

| 26/07/2010

(CNS): Despite following several lines of enquiry, police say they have still not located the driver orthe vehicle involved in the hit and run accident on Mount Pleasant Road, West Bay in the vicinity of Hetties Lane earlier this month. Two female pedestrians were struck by a vehicle, which police now say was a large white car and not as previously reported as a compact type, but the car could be silver or beige in colour with a rear spoiler. Police say that several pieces of information from the public have been followed up and eliminated and they  now need more assistance from garages and mechanics or anyone that may have seen the car.

Police said the car will have damage to the front left side and windscreen they also state that there was a male and female in the vehicle at the time of the hit and run, which occurred around 8pm in the evening. Police also stated that the female passenger possibly had a Caymanian accent. Both of the victims remain in hospital and while that are in stable condition they are undergoing a series of operations and are expected to remain in hospital for some time.
The two women recently revealedhow they were walking home chatting just before the car hit them from behind and have urged the driver to come forward.
Police set up a roadblock on Friday at the location of the accident to jog people’s memories and to speak to drivers and pedestrians in the area in the hope of gathering more information that could lead them to the driver or the car but so far neither has been located. Anyone who thinks they can assist the police with any information should contact PC Belanger at RCIPS Traffic Dept. 946-6254, West Bay Police Station or Crime Stoppers.
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  1. Giving up Hope says:

    2 weeks after the incident they are now asking for the cooperation of local repairers and are now out with the road blocks. Meanwhile the vehicle in question has been repaired possibly even painted green, red or blue.

     I think they like the challenge of letting the criminals get away first, give them a head start as it where.. Or maybe it’s just a lot easier if they let them get away and do less paperwork.

    Meantime the victims medical bills are stacking up and they have been and remain to be un able to work or even live a normal day to day life.

    How quickly things have changed in West Bay, they removed a senior officer. one that is arguable the bestin the force and replace them with some guy who is sleeping on the job…. Way to go RCIPS

  2. Pending says:

    Clearly the problem here was when the police took a statement off the victim, probably while she was still being attended to by medics, after being flung through the air, and landing on her head, she told them it was silver…when it could have been black, white, red, green, yellow, beige, orange, purple….

    Its good to know that the XXXX is still out there waiting for their next victim, probably chuckling to themselves while people are looking for them. Karma is a XXXX, good luck when it comes around to bite ya.

  3. Confused! says:

    "…which police now say was a large white car and not as previously reported as a compact type but the car could be silver or beige in colour with a rear spoiler."

    OK, now I’m really confused… what color was the car again?

    CNS Note: Police say there are two separate descriptions of the car one which says it was a large white car a second which says it cold have been beige or white with a spoiler.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be on the lookout for that big, compact, white, silver, beige car with or without a spoiler!