TV show reveals tips on tackling obesity in kids

| 29/07/2010

(CNS): With rates of seriously overweight children increasing locally the government is continuing in the fight against childhood obesity. The Ministry of Health has partnered with Cayman based non-governmental organisation, AMF Partners, to air a television programme that examines the problem of overweight kids. The programme focuses on how parents can get kids excited about family exercise time and how schools can be part of the solution by banishing unhealthy snack options and offering fun physical activities. This is the second show in a two part series which will air on Monday evening at 8pm (2 August) on Cayman27. 

The issue of obesity among young people presents a serious problem for the Cayman Islands. Data from the Health Services Authority reveals that almost a quarter of all school children are overweight and another 14.8 percent are at risk of becoming overweight. In1987 18.8 percent of children aged between three and seven were already obese when entering the school system by 2005 the figure had increase to 45 percent and it is believed that the figure is even greater today among children in that age group.
Children and adolescents who are overweight are more likely to be obese adults and given that obesity in adults is associated with increased risks of premature death, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer, osteoarthritis, and many other health problems, it has serious implications for the future.
 “The sad reality is that overweight children face the same health problems as overweight adults—high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problemsand high cholesterol. Moreover, overweight children are far more likely to experience sadness, loneliness and nervousness,” Mark Scotland the Minister of health stated. “To my mind, these provide more than enough compelling reasons to take a stand against unhealthy choices. Parents who want to change can start by watching The Biggest Generation.”
Aside from offering advise to parents and schools about healthy lifestyles The Biggest Generation is described as an inspirational programme as it shows how a group of youngsters takes charge of their health by combating school lunches and vending machines.
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  1. TennisAce says:

     Wow this article was published almost 3 hours ago and not one comment.  It just goes to show how much care and concern there is in the community for the welfare of the future of this country. 

    I hope that many parents take time to watch this program and start adopting healthy lifestyles in their children. So many times you go to the supermarket and you see parents stocking up on all sorts of empty calories for their children.  Lots of sugar based carbonated drinks, lots of chips, dips, and biscuits and you look over at the fruit aisle it is so stocked with fruits and vegetables that they are there rotting on the shelves. 

    Parents should learn how to provide  healthy snacks for their children.  Schools should only be allowed to sell fruit as a healthy snack for children.   When a child gets lunch at school, it should consist of something from one of the 4 food groups.  Parents put an apple, a pear, plums or whatever it is that is in season in your child’s lunch box.  It is cheaper and healthier.  Believe me. 

    • Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

      sorry but i actually looked up the site that this article reported and found that this is really, helpful, for PE Teachers and Teachers…… 

      The format in which the information is layed out is more of a site for teachers or physical ed teachers or anyone who maybe in the Food & Nutrishion field, it mainly starts off talking about Food served in the school system and what should be removed etc…