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| 04/08/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline news(CNS):The chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Ezzard Miller, says that the civil servants involved in pulling together the government’s annual accounts are working hard to make the September deadline. Despite the significant number of reports still outstanding, Miller said great strides have been made recently and he is confident that most government entities will be completely up to date by the end of next month. He also stated that financial officers have been working hard with the audit office to make the deadline for the 2009/10 year end accounts as well. The PAC chair said he hopes to achieve the goal of having a full set of government accounts audited and ready to be reviewed by PAC well before the end of this financial year. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

Government has not completed a full set of annual accounts since 2005, but Miller told CNS on Tuesday that he still had high hopes that the 2009/10 financial year accounts would be completed and audited on time, serving their purpose of helping government draw up its annual budget based on real audited figures from the previous year for the first time in several years.
“The focus for PAC remains on addressing the backlog of reports, and priority is being given to 09/10 accounts so that we can finally get all government accounts on track,” he said. “What I want to happen before I leave this chair is to have the audit process on schedule and complying with the Public Management and Finance Law. We need government departments and agencies to close their accounts by 31 August, submit those to the Auditor General’s Office, which should complete its work by 31 October so that the PAC can then play its part before the figures become worthless. We also need time to point out any fiscal problems before the budget is drawn up.”
While Miller said he was confident that a lot of work is being done to really tackle the government’s delinquent accounting process, hehad other concerns about the PAC itself and the failure of members to show up to meetings.
Miller said that he has consistently tried to have the committee meet every month but he revealed that other members of PAC are still otherwise occupied on most of the occasions that he has attempted to set up PAC meetings recently.
“As I made clear in the PAC report this year, which was tabled in the Legislative Assembly, I am concerned that committee members are not able to attend meetings because of other duties,” he said. “Every time I call a meeting and no one attends it is being recorded.”
The chair said he was disappointed that while he had shifted the day for PAC members to meet from Thursday’s to Tuesday to accommodate the needs of the government members, PAC had still not met since April as a result of them not turning up.
The public accounts committee has four other members aside from Miller, who is the chairman. The three government members are Dwayne Seymour, Elio Solomon and Cline Glidden and the one opposition member is Moses Kirkconnell.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading this article and many of these postings, you get the impression that Ezzard is the only member of the Public Accounts Committee ("PAC").

    If readers of this article believe that the PAC is actually doing something worthy of praise, then I believe the entire Committee should have be praised. After all the majority of PAC members are UDP members, therefore whatever strives the PAC is making is the will of the majority of its members, and lastly but not least, I dont even believe as Chairman, Ezzard can vote – unless it is to make a casting votes.


  2. anonymous says:

    Ezzard combined with Arden, Alden, Eddie Thompson, perhaps Wally, Lorna and Moses for Cayman Brac and the Chuckster, will make a phenomenal team.  Throw in some other well educated young men and women with them and even Mr Billy Adams if he is interested, he is so much different from his brothers, who are followers.  Then we will be talking about a real leadership team for Cayman.  They can call themselves ALL for One Cayman.

  3. anonymous says:



    If you vote for Ezzard Miller and Independents, YOU WILL GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK!


    Vote for big Mac and Fries and LOSE EVERYTHING

    • Wally says:

      The Pied Piper of theMafia of the Mediocre would lead Cayman to economic disaster.

    • anonymous says:

      I wonder if the stunt man #6 Big Mac plans to offer the Minister of Finance  cabinet post to is EZZARD who is really a qualified Finance Minister !  He is on top of the books indeed !

      But Ezzard is an Independent and he’s also a potential next Premier of the Cayman Islands, no doubt about it ?!

      Don’t put it past Big Mac, He’s clever!  One less vote for Arden’s motion.

      Is Big Mac’s  clever plan to offer Ezzard an Independent MLA ( it would be Obama Cabinet Style) in offering him the job as Finance Minister so he can keep his job as Premier!

      Arden are you holding meetings with your people, you relly need l0 thinking  aps now, I hope you have a plan B because Big man is printing a "TRUMP CARD!"  fo all you.

      If so, what a bam bam !

      bam bam buda lam bam!

      Arden, use all your cards. Save your best card for the last. We want to stand still here and see what the end’s going to be!

  4. anonymous says:

    Ezzard is truly a leader, he acts like one and is most definitely a responsible legislator. He has his priorities in the right place.

    Remember Ezzard for premier in 2013. He even looks like one!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know, I use to believe that Ezzard was a politician that would end up leading Cayman into Independence or dictatorship. But I’ve always learnt: Never judge a book by its cover! Just because he is found always speaking on behalf of his people, not scared to whistleblow and speak out on the truth, does not mean he is "bad" for this country and our relations with big shots and the UK.  Now I am learning more each day, that more than any other politician I know, Ezzard really has the people’s interest at heart. He believes in a government that represents Cayman 100% – not 50% and the other 50% the UK, but100%. Also, he believes in a democratic government for the people and by the people. He does not adopt McKeeva’s notion that Dart and his Big friends will be able to "trickle down" some of their wealth on the locals to benefit them economically. Ezzard is straight grass-roots person. Ezzard is critical of this government; especially, the party politics of today, but he is well educated man and has a trait you don’t find in other law-makers; i.e., common-sense. Ezzard is the only one right now that is keeping abreast of where are money is going.

    I don’t know, but next election he will be representing us again!

    From North Side resident

    • anonymous says:

      Ezzard, Ms. Florence Goring Nozza did not make a mistake when she told those Northsiders off and let them know they were doing the right thing to give you a second chance, because it was your time and your season. That’s true vision and political insight.  She was right again. I hope she is first on the list of one of the women of the Cayman Islands that will meet up with you in 2013 elections. She seems to be a natural born Legislator.  I believe she’s an Independent.

      Where are the rest of our women not afraid to speak out and act on behalf of our nation.

      Ezzard keep on doing what you doing. God is definitely with you, I can see his hand on you guiding you all the way.




      • Anonymous says:

        Dear God, the blessing of Florence Goring Nozza will not help Ezzard or ANYONE seeking political office.

        • anonymous says:


          This forum is not to make personal attacks on people. You need to attack your elected members who is destroying this country by doing nothing for the people and everything for the rich and famous!

          The lady was right on many occasions in her opinions and policies regarding the direction government had been going in. Who are you to question that. And she did give the people of Northside good advice in their attitude towards Ezzard when it looked like Joey Ebanks might have beat him in the last election, many were undecided. the lady has a way of changing people’s minds with her articles.  Very influential ,Even the government listens, is that why you’re mad? You’re not qualified to criticize some one who’s making good sense in their letters and contributions.

          May I say that you are probably one of those corrupt  God hater,extreme liberalist who is still upset with people standing up for what is right. Perhaps you would like to see the Cayman Islands destroyed with imorality?

          CNS is wrong for even printing your mean, nasty and sarcastic remarks.

          You have probably been asleep but I have read a lot of Mr. Florence Goring-Nozza’s articles and they make more sense than anything you’ve ever written. I have a good idea who you are, and you  personally "suck".

          As a supporter, I must say that she also has the guts to sign her name to her letters, WHY DON’T YOU?

          Sorry but you’re not qualified, time for you to  just simply hush!.

  6. Right ya so says:

    Go Ezzard! well done!

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many times has Ezzard moved back the completion dates thus far? Everytime there was an ample excuse so excuse me if I do not get excited by this news.

    • Sandra says:

      I think he is doing a better job than most!  If Ezzard ever forms a new party, it will trump over PPM’s party. It will be a real opposition party, and I will be supporting it!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Well done Mr Miller for pushing this issue. By making it clear to certain (very senior) civil servants (who would rather complain about "the system" than ensure they are compliant with a law that ensures our public monies are spent appropriately) that they must do their job, you have brought about a much needed change of attitude.Keep after them, Sir (and also your errant fellow PAC members).