Parks Unit lists public places for summer fun

| 05/08/2010

(CNS): The Recreation Parks and Cemeteries Unit (RPCU) says it is doing its bit to help parents keep their kids busy this summer break by listing, on its website, the parks, beaches and other venues across the islands. By checking out parents and guardians can discover which parks are nearby and w soon, they will also be able to access a map showing park locations. General Manager Jonathan Jackson said that while the website was developed to advise the public of RPCU roles and functions, it also provides information on public facilities — how to access and use them responsibly.

“The site is timely because during the summer people always want to explore interesting things to do. And at a time when ’staycations’ or stay-at-home vacations are being encouraged, our site can be useful to residents who are trying to reduce vacation expenditure,” said Jackson.
Noting that public spaces also exist for the convenience and enjoyment of visitors, he added that by logging onto the website and other media, they can make effective leisure plans ahead of theirarrival in Cayman.
The website lists 16 public parks and 18 public beaches across Grand Cayman.  It also provides data on other public areas maintained by the RPCU, as well as docks andramps and public restrooms.
“The majority of the parks have playground equipment and sandboxes, plus other amenities for public convenience and safe enjoyment,” Jackson added.
He reminded the public that anyone  wishing to reserve public beach and park cabanas for special events that they must first obtain an event permit from the RPCU.
Application forms are only available at the RPCU office.
Deputy Premier and Minister of District Administration, Works, Land and Agriculture Juliana O’Connor-Connolly noted: “Public spaces exist for the community’s enjoyment. Safe and responsible use of all facilities will ensure that they will be available for future generations.”
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