Teens admit pizza robbery

| 06/08/2010

(CNS): The four teenagers charged with the robbery of Dominoes Pizza Savannah have now all pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and admitted to stealing CI$366 as well as one litre bottle of Coke and one of Sprite. Addie Haylock, Julissa Avila had pleaded guilty in Grand Court two weeks ago. Ariel McLaughlin and Anastasia Watson submitted their guilty pleas before Justice Cooke on Friday morning. All four defendants’ attorneys have asked for pre-sentencing reports before the three girls and one boy will now be sentenced next month. The three teens remain in custody until the 3 September when they will be sentenced on the one count of robbery relating to the incident.

The three girls, who were said to be wearing gloves and masks, entered the pizza parlour in the afternoon of Thursday 3 June carrying machetes. The teen robbers threatened two members of staff as they asked for money and then fled taking two soda bottles as they left. The girls escaped into a car which was driven by Watson.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    On the radio was a woman caller who represents part of the problem in this country in dealing with young people.

    She wanted these "young ladies" granted bail. Somehow that is how she described these armed robbers.

    Then she suggested that as punishment to subject them to jobs at fast food restaurants. She said that the humiliation of working in such jobs would be punishment enough.

    Once again the radio show hosts allowed such foolishness to remain unchallenged, perhaps they thought she might be a future voter for their political aspirations.

    The incredible destructiveness of such thinking is beyondbelief and should concern every responsible adult.