Smoking parents are child abusers says GP

| 09/08/2010

(The Sun) The UK’s most senior doctor has attacked the nation’s reckless attitude to smoking, boozing and overeating. Professor Steve Field, chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said it leads to early deaths for parents and their children. He warned adults that they even risk outliving their own kids if they continue to neglect both generations’ health. The leading doctor said adults smoking in cars carrying youngsters are guilty of a form of "child abuse". Professor Field, who represents 42,000 British GPs, added: "I suppose the same people also smoke at home in front of their children.  Evidence from the US indicates that more young children are killed by parental smoking than by all other unintentional injuries combined."

He called on parents, mothers-to-be, the obese, smokers and drinkers to turn into healthy role models.
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