Diving therapy group visit Grand Cayman

| 10/08/2010

(The Scotsman): Last week a group of three British soldiers, two of them amputees, joined four US marines similarly wounded for an extraordinary diving trip in Grand Cayman, spearheaded by a Scottish diver who has experienced at first hand the despair of the newly disabled. Fraser Bathgate, the pioneer of Deptherapy, as the rehabilitation programme is called, explains: "It is impossible to imagine the emotion of being with these wounded soldiers when they experience for the first time the freedom of being in warm, clear waters and the stunning underwater marine world. I have seen men who were shadows of their former selves become alive again." It is a journey Bathgate was forced to embark upon aged 23 when he slipped off a training wall in London while preparing for a Himalayan climbing expedition.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes my heart glad to read these stories of helping those who have given much to their countrys.

    I wish everyone involved well and God bless.

  2. Rorschach says:

    Now THIS is something I would GLADLY pay $10 a dive to support.  I personally think that this program is something the CIDOT should look into supporting and possbily subsidising…the CI goverment could use a LOT of PR help right now…especially in the US and UK…and could get lots of positive press by promoting and supporting an initative to help wounded warriors like these make great strides in their rehabilitation and readjustment to civilain life…

  3. My2cents says:

    I hope we welcome these brave men who have given so much for their countries. God bless you all.