Spotlight hits Miss Cayman hopefuls

| 10/08/2010

(CNS): The six young women who will be competing next month for the title of Miss Cayman Islands have now been revealed. Cristin Alexander, Mysti Bush, Trudy Ann Duncan, Venessa Ebanks, Janine Martins and Shari Walton will make their first official public appearance at the Platform Launch and Charity Auction in two weeks, but the pageant contestants have already been out and about in front of the cameras with a bikini photo shoot this weekend at Rum Point. The girls will now take part in a whirl of events and ‘photo-ops before the judges award the crown at the grand finale on 25 September.

The beauty pageant will after a year’s absence return to the Lions Centre, and this year’s theme ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ will set a bold tone for the upcoming events. The first major fundraiser will be on Saturday, 21 August, at the Westin Casuarina Resort when the six contestants will have their official introduction and an opportunity to talk about their chosen charities, in keeping with the Pageant’s mantra of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. They will also receive their official sashes from their individual sponsors.
The Minister’s Black Tie Ball is scheduled for Saturday, 18 September, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort, hosted by Minister of Tourism McKeeva Bush. Organisers said they expected that to be a “colourful evening full of surprises.”
Leading up to the main event, the contestants have an intense two months of preparation, including a vigorous training and fitness programme with Ford Fitness, several photo sessions, the Sister Islands trip and the Island Tour.  
Photo:  The 2010 Miss Cayman Contestants at a swimwear photo shoot at Rum Point. (L-R) Cristin Alexander; Janine Martins; Trudyann Duncan; Mysti Bush; Shari Walton and Venessa Ebanks.
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  1. whodatis says:

    Cristin you were trully head and shoulders above the rest.

  2. Shelda Duncan says:


  3. Shelda Duncan says:


  4. more veggies please says:

    Forget the bikinis, how about some lingerie? They both cover/reveal the same things. 😛 Whoohooo for skin!

  5. West Staines Massive says:

    The other 5 look nice, but as a woman I know how hard it is to rock a white bikini – Cristen is a straight 10.

    Clearly Cristen is – quite literally – head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in the Looks Department.

    Go Cristen!



    • Representing Cayman says:

      Representing Cayman Islands is going to take more than a white Bikini and height.   Its going to take a good shaped body attractive, friendly and especially a good sound shaped mentality.

  6. Twyla Mae Vargas says:

    All the girls look good, please be nice and support them.

    "Special comments"   Miss Misty Bush, you look very good girl.

    • Wow! says:

      Well, I don’t know none of these Gorgeous ladies but I have to put my love and support behind "my kind of girl" ———  Shari Walton.

      Good luck all!

      • Dick Shaughneary says:

        You don’t know "any" of these ladies.  DS sighs in despair.  How can someone type something so ugly?

        • Theo Saurus says:

          Dick is presented with an array of Cayman’s finest young ladies, and he’s worried about grammar. 

          This tells us something about Dick…. married with a new child perhaps?  Just wondering…

          Now where’s dat spelin natzi gon tu?

          • Dick Shaugneary says:

            Oh Theo, my less loved cousin, I have but one true love, overcoming bad spelling one thread at a time.

            I am worried about the comma in your first sentence.  That comma hangs there like the unloved love-child of the beastly Oxford comma.

            • Theo Saurus says:

              No doubt a certain someone would be heartbroken to learn of your "one true love"; they would be heartbroken because you followed it with a comma, instead of the more appropriate colon. You, of all people, should be most intimately familiar with colons, I daresay.

              I must protest: my comma was a perfect example of use in a coordinating conjunction. I don’t think they’ve heard of that in Oxford yet though.  They are likely still stuck debating that beastly Oxford comma as you say.   They are masters at it you know, debating that is.
              Cheers, old friend.
    • Go Mysti says:

      Go Mysti and  best of luck to everyone.

      • Cumber Crew says:

         Miss Misty Bush,  here is love and best wishes from the Cumber Crew.  You got it going girl, Brains, looks and Ohooooooh  aaaaaaah the fine body. 

        From:    Raul, John, William, Colins, Randal, Dwain, Olson, Marcus, Tharon, Christopher, Kevin, Justin, Booboo, paco, Che, Chanti, Chachi, Trilby, Twyla, Marilyn, Cecile, Dax, Harold, Collins, Jewel, Tracy from swamp. Aunt Vie, Eualee, charles, Jan, Jennidel, Chups, Vadalee, Daniel, Coco, Vernel, Rodney, Melio, keith, and the list goes on an on an on..

  7. Just Sayin' says:

    Um, seriously?  This contest (how much is it going to cost?) is being run for 6, ie., SIX girls? 

    Are you serious? 

    I mean if it was 15, maybe, 20, yes, but SIX???  Is it just me??

    No wonder this country is in dire straits.  If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.


    Whodatis – a man after many a person’s heart – shut it all down!  You don’t need to win a contest to learn you’re beautiful.  Women need to stop looking to "looks" to achieve who they are.

    • hee hee says:

      Why you dont enter then?


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi "Just saying"


      suppose you knew the cost of the Pageant would you be making the asinine comments you made.


      Just saying

      suppose you wanted to to encourage young cayman women to enter the competition how would you go about it? or would you say go to hell t a wonderful opprtunity to engage the Tourism/Hotel sectors and Businesses to get involved and defray the costs?


      Just saying

      suppose you could help in any way rather than cry the pageant down.  Just suppose!!



    • Rob says:

       Hey Just Sayin,

      You’re forgetting the winner gets an awesome scholarship and a new car too. I’m not a girl, but even if I was and ugly as hell I’d still enter just for a chance to win that! But then again I’m just sayin.. u know?

    • Anonymous says:

      It times past, there have only been a handful of contestants.

      Even though you could easily have twenty or more beautiful, intelligent women to compete, you don’t need that many to have a pageant.

      As for costs:  as with any event, there are sponsors and ticket sales to help cover the costs.

      The advantage of competing is at least two-fold:  there is usually a nice prize package for the winner which has included scholarships, a car, etc. in the past.  You also get to represent the Cayman Islands to the international community in other pageants and events.

      Obviously you are "just sayin’" and not thinkin’!

      I suppose you’re against the Young Caymanian Leadership Award as well because there are only four or five finalists and you don’t want to pay for that (even though no one is asking you to).


  8. Justin says:

    Janine Martins looks is looking beautiful!

  9. lushushs says:


    Let me see I like her, her, and her…

  10. Anonymous says:

    No offence to the young ladies but I thought we wuz BROKE! What a messed up government we got!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier suddenly realised that it would look odd for him to attend the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants if there were no Caymanians entered.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck Ladies!!!!!


    Can the Committee please update the website asap or at least take it down temporarily. It is quite embarrassing.


    • West Staines Massive says:

      Ulp! No..just checked website still showing Nicosia and 2007-2008 contestants, all the old stuff. Still not updated.

      The Compass article was sent in without any pictures and was buried in a friday back page.

      Committee is not looking on the ball – so I’m a bit skeptical as to how the pagent will turn out.

  12. Trudyann says:

    Good luck to my fellow contestants!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to all the contestants!! May the best one win!

  14. whodatis says:

    Dear Miss Cayman Committee & Concerned GOVERNMENTAL Entities:

    I am a young Caymanian male.

    I am ambitious, driven for success, concerned about child poverty and would love to see the day when we finally achieve world peace.

    Furthermore (and apparently most importantly), I am extremely handsome with the body of a Greek god – honestly. Given the opportunity to parade half naked on a stage I am certain to draw a full house – so get the tickets ready.

    Ummm – can men like myself have a competition as well?

    I too would love the chance to win a car and a free tertiary education on the primary basis of my good looks and sexy body – topped off with governmental organization and funding.



    *No disrespect to the ladies (btw you all look very lovely!), but it is my opinion that until we (the world) rid the criterion of "beauty / sexy" from these competitions we are doing a tremendous disservice onto the young people of this world. There is nothing that I despise more than the notion of a "pretty / sexy" young woman that has gotten an advantage in this world by way of her physical attributes. Furthermore, even as a red-blooded, heterosexual young man there is something a bit unsettling or contradictory about witnessing supposedly respectable young women competitively parade, at times half naked, on a stage for "judgment." I dunno – maybe I’m the only one.*

    By golly I’ve just had an epiphany!!

    Let us REMOVE all awards of educational scholarships and or grants from these types of competitions and individuals like myself will have no more objections and concerns. This way we can do away with the commonly forwarded b.s. excuses and explanations for why these pageants are such wholesome events and simply call a spade a spade.


    P.S. What ever happened to the BBWs?! Are we simply going to leave behind the pleasantly plump ladies within our shores? Oh I get it – those ones have to actually prove themselves academically and work extra hard to make it in life huh? Must be a new "Fat Tax" or something.

    Good luck ladies – sincerely.

    • (A true Heterosexual) says:

      comon Dawg are you serious? these girls are judged for more than their looks, do a little research before you engage your mouth. and stop hating….


      for real

      (A true Heterosexual)

      • da Bone says:

        Did you completely miss the point of the post of wha?

        Trying actually reading the post you are responding

        • comon dawg says:


          I would be able to respond to your post if you actually spoke in complete coherent sentences. You type like somebody pop your head with a marl rock.


          • Pauly Cicero says:

            Now honestly, your post was a bit short gramatically. If you hear your phone ring it may be the pot calling.

    • Q says:

      Bravo whodatis! Bravo!

    • Anonymous says:

      I dunno who ‘whodatis’ is but golly, I would love to meet you!  I am a middle-aged sexy, past beauty queen – you and I could talk – for real!!  

      • Rorschach says:

        hmmm….perhaps you and I should meet…middle aged sexy, past beauty queen, huh??  

      • whodatis says:


        You better be careful coming at me like that Missy … I have been known to reverse-pounce upon a cougar or two in my time ya know!

        I am curious to know what would be the general theme of this discussion though. Have your views on these pageants changed over time or do you find me to be way off base with my opinions?

      • Theo Saurus says:

        I’m a big fat hairy guy from Cleveland, dressed up as a middle-aged sexy beauty queen, and my shoes are killing me.

        Now where do I dial in for this party-line conference call??

      • whodatis says:

        Hey i would too.

    • Jenna Jameson says:

      Whodatis, please check Mr. Kenneth Bryan. He was a former Mr. Cayman and I am sure he can help train you for the next pageant.

      And I agree with you 100 percent. Beauty pageants are ridiculous. Has anyone else seen the entrance form? Some highlights include –

      (iv) Be of good character with no criminal record save that convictions for minor traffic offences
      will not be taken into consideration;
      (v) Never have given birth to a child;
      (vi) Not be pregnant; 

      How about an IQ test so that we have someone properly represent the Cayman Islands internationaly?

      But I guess Miss Cayman is just following the intelligence criteria set out by our elected officials. . .


      Jenna Jameson

      • whodatis says:


        "(iv) Be of good character with no criminal record save that convictions for minor traffic offences
        will not be taken into consideration;
        (v) Never have given birth to a child;
        (vi) Not be pregnant; "

        No wonder we only managed to produce 6 eligible contestants!


        (Oh relax people … I’m just serious!)


  15. ur cuz cuz! says:

    Go VENESSA! All the best…we love you!

  16. Dennis Smith says:

    Looks like I missed my chance again, maybe I should just give up and cut my hair.

    Anyway girls good luck to all of you, do us proud

    • Contestant Coach says:

      If you had changed your moniker from Dennis to Denise maybe………