Householder catches burglar after chase

| 16/08/2010

(CNS): Police said this morning that a 46- year-old man has been arrested and is currently in custody following a break-in at a home in George Town this weekend. At around 5.30 am on Saturday morning, 14 August, a man reported that he woke up to find an intruder inside the bedroom of his home in Success Circle, Crewe Road. While the man’s wife called the emergency services, the householder chased the intruder outside and then detained the man until the police arrived at his home. The alleged burglar was arrested on suspicion of burglary and is currently in police custody.

Police said that enquiries into the circumstances of the burglary are now ongoing.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I cannot say it is wrong for those people who have their opinions on whether or not it is right or wrong for homeowners to have a ‘license firearm’. From my understanding, and this understanding coming from comments that I have seen pertaining to a similar incident which happened a few weeks ago that people seem to want firearms in "only" the hands of our fellow police officers. May I remind those people that they are just… people like you and I. They have taken a oath to serve our community yes, but.. you as well have a oath that you took which is to protect your family and love ones from harm and wrong doing. People you cannot sick back and hope our fellow officers will catch every criminal who steps foot in our homes for which we worked towards obtaining only to take from you what is rightfully yours. This in anyway does not mean to abuse a gun license. What I’m trying to get at is, stand up for your community and please don’t judge other’s for their actions that was for their own good or their family.

    Second Amendment

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just think about an intruder in your home, how serious is this! While I agree the home owner did take a chance, good for him! This is standing up in your community. XXXXX

  3. Animaliberator says:

    Give up yours guns, stop playing hero and get yourself a couple of dogs, the ultimate protectors, train and treat them like kings and queens and in return they will save your lives "before" they need saving.

    The only thing left for a potential burglar is to think:

    "Do I feel lucky??"

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      You just don’t get it.  With unlawfully owned firearms is hand, intruders will NOT have to ask themselves whether they ‘feel lucky,’ because they will simply shoot your dogs and continue robbing, raping and murdering…

      • Animaliberator says:

        Really? So far, the only poor souls that have been victimized by these criminals are the ones that had no dogs around, according to the police reports that is.

        The problem is when both parties are armed, 99% chance one of them gets injured or dies so, who gets to be lucky and stays alive??

        Most if not all of us will agree that we need a specific contineous RCIPS armed task force to weed these guys out once and for all to solve this total madness like when they did in West Bay with door rammers and M16’s or whatever. That painted a pretty clear picture and it became pretty quite there for a while but, they can’t let up, this a 24/7 call of duty.

        • Bloody Mary says:

          Oh, yes!  I remember that one when the  armed task force went to  a private residence in the middle of the night with their door rammers and M16s because the lady forgot to pay a 25 dollar traffic ticket.

          Scared the residents to death, didn’t they ?

          • Animaliberator says:

            Yes BM, I remember that one too but, the field team is relying to a point of what intelligence tells them to go for and as with any intel resource. This does not mean mistakes won’t be made and this particular one was indeed most unfortunate.

            Nonetheless, if we the people condemn the police each time a mistake is made, regardless of nature, and overlook that they are people too, just like you and me however with specific training, does not help them to think that they can expect help in any form or way from the general populus to solve the crimes at hand. We must have/create sufficient confidence in both parties.

            Proper intel from any source can help them to prevent this kind of mistake.

            We all fit the same hat!

        • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

          Yep, really!


          Firstly, according to Section 3 of the Police Law (2006 Revision), the Police shall be called the “Royal Cayman Islands Police Force”.  Commissioner Baines knows that I’m right, but it not about who is right, instead it is about who has might.  I want you to think carefully about that last sentence, because it will help people like you understand how people like Commissioner Baines can ignore certain laws and getaway with doing so.
          Secondly, dogs will only discourage wannabe criminals.  Without any effort, I can think of a number of ways your dogs can be successfully conquered or killed, even WITHOUT firearms.  Is it not easier WITH the might of firearms to kill your dogs?

          Thirdly, don’t misunderstand me, dogs can be helpful in alerting you at times, but once they’re dead, they are dead.

          Fourthly, an “armed task force” cannot get to the location where you are being robbed, rapped or murdered before you.  Think about it.  So, the important question is, would you prefer an investigation into how you were robbed, rapped or murdered, or an investigation into whether you acted in the lawful protection of your person and family by some meaningful means (might)?

          Fifthly, to you, it should be clearer now what is required to reduce the number of certain crimes at certain times.  If not, it’s self-defense, and yes that may require the use of deadly force by means of lawfully owned firearms.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The householder is lucky that the criminal did not have a gun.

    • Got away! says:

      Man this one got away!

      It was his lucky day and I hope he learn from this lucky escape!

      It seems these people don’t learn, cus can you imagine what would have happened if the house owner had a gun!

      Well this criminal escaped this time!

  5. Rorschach says:

    Once again the question come to mind…"what if the burglar had suddenly decided to turn and fight and had a weapon or was mentally deranged?"… As was correctly stated in the recent , well publicized and much analyzed Harryton Rivers case, one does NOT KNOW the intent NOR mental state of someone who you find has unlawfully entered your premesis as a burglar..It is probably safe to assume that this homeowner did not have a licensed firearm.  With that in mind, I posted a comment after the Harryton Rivers fiasco that asked why the L.A. does not do something about changing the law to allow homeowners to LAWFULLY own ‘Less than Lethal" means of self defense??  I applaud the homeowner for his bravery but also have to shake my head at the fact that this could have turned out in a VERY different manner….

  6. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Thanks to the both of you.  Together, we can take a big bite out of crime!

    Section 37(15, 16, 17a) of the Police Law (2006 Revision) read as follows:

    (15) "Any private person may arrest any person who in his view commits an arrestable offence."

    (16) "Persons found committing any offence involving injury to property may be arrested without a warrant by the owner of the property or his employees or persons authorised by him."

    (17) (a) "Any private person arresting any person without a warrant shall without unnecessary delay deliver over the person so arrested to an officer or, in the absence of an officer, shall take the person to the nearest police station."

  7. My2cents says:

    FANTASTIC……Another strong message to the thiefs and robbers of this island. It is going to get a lot harder for you to steal and there is more and more likelyhood you will face strong resistance, sometimes it might even be with a firearm and an owner willing to use it!

  8. Now to you gun advocates, imagine if this homeowner had a gun. This 46 year old man would have probably been shot, because the weapon would be available.

    • Fallen Angel says:

      Well,  he should  have used the spatula in his kitchen to whack the ‘suspected’ burglar with reasonable force while waiting for the police.

      Would that be alright?

    • Arnie "Gunny" Schwartzenshooter says:

      Exactly, reducing the risk to the owner and saving all that running around!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see a problem with this, you come into my house uninvited you will take the consequences. 

    • Anonymous says:

      To the kissmebackfoot poster.

      And that would have prevented the expense of Court proceedings and would have removed the burden of the good persons of society feeding them in prison.

  9. Right ya so says:

    WOW!  way to go!  love it when the good guy’s win :))))))

    and look at that you gun proposing maniacs – all done without a gun!  surprise, surprise it is possible after all!!


    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      I have previously posted information about making a citizens arrest.  However, you clearly DO NOT understand why it’s problematic when the intruder in armed…, or you do NOT CARE about the risk to the homeowner…

  10. Anon says:

    Good stuff.  Brave man.

  11. Anonymous says:

    He is lucky the home owner didn’t have a gun!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I say BRAVO!  It is great this man was captured by the homeowner.  Although I am sure the homeowner calculated his risks quickly and potentially could of ended up in a bad situation, it shows that citizens aren’t going to take this kind of ***** anymore.  With or without the police help ,citizens have decided enough is enough!

    • Anonymous says:

      Great, its a shame the homeowner wasn’t a legal gun owner…lol

  13. Jonathan says:

    Good on you buddy.