Port EIA done, no results

| 20/08/2010

(CNS): According to a statement by government officials, the proposed cruise berthing development is still on track and DECCO Ltd. (Dart) will be undertaking the project, despite the fact that the MOU signed in April has expired. MLA Cline Glidden said that negotiations are almost complete and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) has been done by CD Howe Company (Canada & Cayman) and DHI (Danish Hydraulics Institute), assisted by specialist subcontractors.  However, the results of that work were not revealed nor has a start date been given for what is now believed to be a much bigger project. Glidden said that the project would be completed by October 2012 and government would be revealing more details next month.

The project, which has the backing of a majority of tourism stakeholders, has raised concern among other groups as a result of the environmental damage that could result from such a large scale project in the George Town Harbour. Government has state, however, that there is a pressing economic need to build berthing facilities and it hopes to mitigate as much of the environmental impact as possible.
In a release yesterday (19 August) Glidden, who is Chairman of the Ministerial Council for Tourism and Development, said the EIAR covered the components listed in the draft Terms of Reference prepared by the Cayman Department of Environment in April 2009 and with reference to the World Bank’s “Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines for Ports, Harbours and Terminals” and internationally accepted standards and criteria.
“The EIA included the analysis of existing data and studies and a large number of special investigations and studies, computer simulations, surveys, etc., with respect to the Project site and areas affected,” the statement said but did not reveal any of the findings.
The exclusive MOU, which was for 90 days, was signed in April but government said it has been a highly complex negotiation requiring subject matter experts in an array of professions and hundreds of man-hours to reach this stage. “Yet, all remain committed to the view that cruise berthing facilities are necessary to protect and enhance the long term viability of the Cayman Islands’ cruise industry,” it said.
Government has said if the Cayman Islands does not build the piers the next generation of cruise ships that are now being added to cruise schedules, such as the 6,000 passenger Genesis class, will not call on Grand Cayman.
The project is set to transform the George Town harbour front andis now believed to incorporate a wider transformation of George Town and may include a super-yacht marina and other new elements. Estimates suggest the entire project will cost around $200 million. The government will not be paying directly for the project but the financing will come from the private sector. Dart is expected to recoup its investment through fees from the cruise lines and from the retail units that will form parts of the upland development.
“The project team continues to work diligently in pursuit of an optimal agreement, integrating the country’s infrastructure needs, tourism needs and the current and foreseeable economic conditions. It was precisely with such considerations in mind that the government and Port Authority selected DECCO as the development partner – a choice that has been lauded by stakeholders given DECCO’s experience and proven ability to deliver a large scale, first class project and the financial wherewithal of its parent company Dart Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd,” the government said in the statement but did not indicate where Dart had previously developed a cruise port.
Glidden said that his government remains steadfastly committed to the local cruise tourism industry and believed there is a need for managed growth of cruise arrivals.
“We are on track to have the new pier facilities completed by October 2012 and we intend to host the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) on Grand Cayman that same month,” Glidden stated. “Cruise Tourism employs hundreds of people, directly and indirectly, and we understand that growing the benefits to local businesses and individuals helps to sustain the overall economy.”
He said everyone involved was keen to see that the project would be environmentally responsible and economically viable as well as giving priority to national interests and local businesses. Glidden said the goal was to “protect Cayman’s leadership position by creating a destination within a destination."
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Will it be another Boatswain’s Beach?  A grandiose scheme which cannot generate the revenues to pay for itself?  Will it be designed to capture the business that now goes to the local shops in George Town?  Where is the transparency?  Lots of speculation, but no solid information is forthcoming. The public would like to know what is going on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lack of cruise pier has caused big reductions in ships visiting Grand Cayman. Big shame on elected officials! Millions of pounds lost as a result.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone stopped to remember that the government has merely signed an MOU with Decco.  The project – whose scope by the way has changed more than once – has yet to go to TENDER –  you know that legal process that cannot be circumvented – the process whereby ALL can bid on the project whose final details must be stipulated.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves Mr. Glidden et al

    • Anonymous says:


      It’s the largest infrastructural project in the history of the Cayman Islands.

      The tender process has already been circumvented. The expressions of interest last year for thisproject was a charade.

      You are forgeting that CG is the biggest of all the fries and he has been in training with the grand master the Big Mac, for years. He has contracts with dart, works for dart, and of course has a serious conflict of interest when it comes to dart. This project was promised to Dart before the election and was handed to him with no design or engineering specs, no price, no nothing, so Dart can inflate the design, build and financing cost to whatever he wants so the country will be paying for this investment in its infrastructure. – forever.

      Welcome to the world of Big mac and his fries and self interests as the interests of the people are ignored.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this whole cruise pier development does not stand up well to any scrutiny, on any level……firstly, how can Dart recoup its investment? the $#’s make no sense….unless they are simply going to continue along this bizarre business plan of theirs where nothing i supposed to make money……e.g. Camana Bay….where is the logic in this apart from someone making some personal statement about how big theirs is……its crazy.

    secondly…once Cuba opens up, any port in cayman is ging to be hit regardless of how many piers it has

    thirdly – remember Ivan…..remember any of the nor’westers…..any reclaimed land and buildings on them are going to get hammered beyond belief no matter how many psi you put in the foundations.

    fourthly….why would Dart build a port, to build stores on, that can only work to have a negative effect on their own buildings they already own downtown?

    something is very off here…..why would anyone invest loopy money in a non-profitable, highly political investment?


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure Dart needs your financial advise.

    • Jess Blomee says:

       This is the problem – most people today look for the immediate payback.  The Japanese have it right – they make business plans that span decades and even HUNDREDS of years.  No current leader will benefit, but for th good of the big picture, they will have played their part.

      Most ofus Caymanians have existed with the "what’s in it for us now" mentality.  In truth, this put us at a disadvantage as everyone saw the real truth – to make a buck, we were being raped.  So, we went offshore and imported.  

      Businesses today, the smart ones in particular, have figured out that they need to price their goods in such a way as to make going to Miami, renting a car, getting a hotel and sweating out butts off, not worth it.  The two wholesale stores and even the supermarkets – at least the two biggies, Kirks and Fosters, need to be given a big high five for changing with the times.

      There are other supermarkets and stores that have refused to change, and like the dinosaurs, they will soon be extinct.  We are smarter consumers today.  

      So look around.  When someone says they are selling a product for CI$10-11 that you saw in Miami for US$9, remember, they paid the duty, they shipped it in, they cleared Customs and they took the risk that at the end, it could be damaged.  Support local where it makes sense.

      But when you see the dinosaurs still roaming, do your part to send them to their demise.  XXXX is a perfect example.  Patronise the stores that want you – not those that want your hard earned money.

      CNS – Understand if you chose to edit this for implied businesses, but perhaps you could let it slip given their are actually no names mentioned…

    • Anonymous says:

      DART is going to collect the fees, that used to go to the CI Gov, paid by the cruise lines for the passengers.  So 4000 passengers @ $10 each * 6 ships = $240,000 per day. 100 days of that = $24 million per year. Now how many years do you think it’ll take to recoup the investment. Plus the yachtsberthing.

      Think whatever you want though!


  5. Macman says:

    Well Mac did say an Environmental study would be done. He did not say that it would be done properly or that he would take any notice of any negative findings!

  6. Mat says:


    The economy is like wine glasses stacked up on each other in the shape of a pyramid, so the top glass is the point of the pyramid and the rows of glasses below, make the body and base. The top glass represents the rich or well-off Caymanians. The rows of glasses below and at the base of the pyramid represents real hard working Caymanians and those who make the low wage. Our country’s revenue represents a bottle of red wine that is UNABLE to fill all of the wine glasses. 

    Now, here we have the Premier who we elected to pour the bottle of wine – not only for us, but for our guests. Somehow whilst in the kitchen or behind the scenes, during the party, he was made to believe (by a certain few) that if he pours the red wine to fill the top glass, the wine will most naturally overflow and spill or trickle down to the other glasses below it. In sum:

    The more you pour on the top = The more everybody benefits

    But folks I must tell you – THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!!  If you have a bottle of red wine and let’s say 20 people at the party, why not EQUALLY pour an equal sufficient amount of wine in each glass?  That way, everybody will benefit equally!  Wouldn’t that be fair? 

    It appears to me that the Premier hold on to a "republican-conservative philosophy" that if you look out for the well-off, the wealthy private entities, if you bless them, the blessing of wealth will trickle down and benefit everybody else. But that is false and I can prove it! Usually, people who are living good above their means and ahead of businesses, are blind to seeing this artificial and foolish philosophy!  

    When was the last time when you made an extra dollar and you from the kindness and goodness of your heart, gave out of charity that extra to someone less fortunate than your self???  I guarantee you that if we had a room of 20 rich folk who made extra monies, HUMAN NATURE WILL DETERMINE that you would be lucky to find 1 or 2 out of the 20 who would give back to the community which helped them in the first place!  It is the downside of human nature controls most people, "the more I get, is the tighter my fist becomes, and the more I want more!" Mr. Premier, do you seriously think that wealthy people  and these entities you keep using for your projects will look out for the average Caymanian???  I say… if they had the chance, they would buy out the Cayman Islands and leave little (if not the crumbs) of the economic pie for the 95% majority. With all due respect, this is the problem with your "republican-conservative" philosophy, sir!  

    STOP LISTENING TO THESE FOLKS, CEO’s and so-call RENOWN BUSINESSES not from here!!!  They will take, take, take, and say they will do this and that for us… all for a show… all to take a HUGH portion of the wealth for themselves! 



    Look out for the low-wagers / Caymanians = creation of jobs / more wealth! 


  7. Green Mango says:

    I was in the audience several years ago when a previous Tourism Minister proposed building bigger docks in George Town. At that meeting "wave overtoping events" were the big worry. I was in the audience of the public meeting a couple of years ago when the previous Tourism Minister proposed building bigger docks in George Town. At that meeting the social issues got a real airing. Interestingly there have been no public meetings for this secret plan, this Tourism Minister having learned the lesson of his forebearers, that if you ask the pubic they don’t actually want big docks and bigger cruise ships in George Town.

    Since this current EIAR covered the terms of reference of the previous EIA, which would have been based on the above mentioned public meeting, I look forward to seeing the part of the Report which deals with the social impacts of the new docks versus the increase in real wealth for the country minus the financial costs to the country from building the docks and the impact of that many more cruise tourists pouring in to the country. Cruise tourists that take up the space of stayover tourists. And of course the associated costs and implications of moving the cargo port. I assume they were in the previous TORs, based on the public meeting. (Unfortunately, IIRC, at that meeting the Government rejected the public request to actually investigate if George Town Harbour was still the best place to have either or both of the ports. I assume that sort of ‘first principles’ planning has not been applied this time either.)

    Please note, this is the social and economic benefits and costs to the country, to us the people, not just to the Government or to a few ‘key tourism stakeholders’. I’m sure that someone will make more money off of this. The question is if the nation will benefit in aggregate. Also, it will be interesting to see if the EIAR covers the "megayacht harbour" rumoured to now be appended to the cruiseship berths, or if the EIA will actually have been for a something that is no longer the full scope of the project, rendering it, while not completely useless, at least not the whole story.

  8. anonymous says:

    FINALLY, a cruise project that is going to happen, with someone who has the means to make it happen!

    After 25 years on hearing nonsense like these blogs, the plan will finally become a reality and Cayman will again move out of the dark ages, from being the only Caribbean port without proper facilities. We should be only too happy to have someone here that will invest their money on our island for 25 years. Have any of you bloggers done the same?? Think not.

    Congrats all involved.

    • peter milburn says:

      Think again.We have all invested money in this country and will continue to do so.

  9. whodatis says:

    I am beginning to believe that the great environment championing nations of the Western World are a bunch of hypocrites!

    They tirelessly campaign for the blue whale, polar bear, natural resources, shorelines, rain forests, national reserve parks etc. (The UK and Europe has HUNDREDS of MILES of PROTECTED SHORELINE, at times extending for up to 5 – 10 miles inland, upon which one cannot erect as much as a portable toilet!)

    However, TOURIST DESTINATIONS of the Caribbean, Asia and Central / South America are under CONSTANT destruction, dredging and "development" – all on the behalf (according to the cruise / travel corporations) of its citizens.

    How does that work?!

    Who is the liar and or the hypocrite in this scenario?

    Are they not aware of the destruction of natural resources in some of the most sensitive areas of the earth that takes place in order to accommodate their demands? Or do they simply not care?

    Looks like not many people outside of Cayman are very concerned about Cayman – we’re all alone folks … and the jelly-necks that we call elected officials are nothing but rubber stamps put in place to make a select few wealthy men even wealthier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would anyone  outside of Cayman care about this little piece of land?

      The destruction of the ecosystem here will have no bearing on the rest of the world.

      • whodatis says:

        I agree with you.

        However, the general principle of environment preservation still stands – does it not?

        Perhaps the Caribbean ought to come together and sing its woes in regards to our never ending destruction and "development" due to the demands of the tourism industry. It worked for the Brazilian rain forests – why not for our coastlines?

        Whoops – sorry … money is to be made – almost forgot.

        The thing that saddens me the most about my country is that we are sailing head-first towards the point of no return and no one has the cojones to turn the ship around.

        We know where this will all end – we have all seen it hundreds of times before.

        What will I tell my grandchild in 50 years time?

        "Oh sonny – we all saw it coming, but McKeeva and Dart were too much for us to handle."

        Will this be our legacy?

        Such a shame.

        (Btw, I could not be more disappointed in the likes of Rolston and Cline .. and I know you guys are reading this on your Sunday evening so try hard to swallow that lump that just formed in your throat. Man up will ya?!)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if any thought has gone into what Cayman has to offer these thousands of Cruise Ship passengers, and not just along the lines of entertainment but what about the infrastructure? Anyone remember the lack of restroom facilities downtown George Town some years ago when MadMac had an over-abundance of Ships lined up in GT harbour on an almost daily basis? Well, maybe they got that worked out with DART, Ritz, Ernie Smaat & Gene Thompson!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why does every governmental project need the be the biggest, most elaborate and expensive project possible?   There is a history of governmental projects that were over kill from an expense perspective and all political parties are guilty of the waste.

    Is it as simple as ego or is there something that I am missing in the construction of these white elephants?

    • The Crown says:

      It’s always been ego..I would be more than surpised if it is even mentioned to have Caymanian entertainers onboard these ships.No we wont hear that with this “Administration”.We will hear of morally afront ideas of casinos & many others,long before that is concieved.

  12. anonymous says:

    CG & McKeeva why don’t you listen to the people of these Islands, on this dock situation.  Yesterday Mrs. Elita Soto wrote an excellent letter and  she had some very good  suggestions, as to where the cruise dock should go.  See her viewpoint. It is better to listen to her and others, as they all means well for these Islands.  Mr Dart do not mean these Islands well, he has created his own false Beach at Camana, so he will destroyed the Natural Beach on 7 miles by constructing this dock there.  he would then be in control of the main beaching on this Island.  Do you know Mr. Dart massive repayment, we will end up like Belize, Argentina, Russia and any other places that he has done business in and asked for repayments.  Are you guys going to allow this man to own this Island? Think about the indigents for a change. Leave something for them to fall back on, when these money people up an leave us.  Stop doing things for the love of money.  Please I beg you do what is right for the people and the Islands.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if we will ever have a government that can see the bigger picture.

    I wonder if we will ever have a government that can figure out that the more we "developed" the more tourism declined!

    I wonder if we will ever have a government that can figure out that sometimes less is more.

    I wonder if we will ever have a government that is not guided by greed alone.

    I wonder if I am being delusional to continue my hope……

  14. A Caymanian says:

    So our government has finally given the Dart’s their blessing to create "a destination within a destination."  Apparently Camana Bay was not successful in capturing the cruise market?

    How many of you have ever heard of Labadee Haiti?  Most people arriving there by cruise ship are not even aware that they are actually in Haiti, and they are not permitted to leave the "secure compound".

    What percentage of passengers that disembark at the new Dart cruise facility do you think will actually wander outside into George Town or beyond?

    Instead of protecting Cayman’s cruise derived revenues for future generations, our government is actually signing it entirely over to the Darts, and the irony is that we will be indebted to them for doing it!

    Yet the people who will stand to lose the most are the same ones who think that this is actually a good idea?  The blind are, as usual, leading the blind.

  15. The Final Solution says:

    I don’t know enough about it to comment but I can say this. When CG says a "destination inside a destination" I read don’t bother leave this pier because it is dangerous out there full of guerillas and the sort spend your money here and enjoy the port we have even built a beach for your enjoyment or we can arrange a tour of Camana Bay for the mere price of $100 USD.  Those savages out there even eat turtles mind you; what they will do to your children stay close while we escort you to your (umm I mean our) predefined destination where you can empty your wallets in relative safety.  Anyone currently in cruise tourism (terrorism) be scared be very afraid. 

    Sorry Taxi guy

    Sorry guy selling conch shells 

    Sorry tender boats

    You have the following new options

    1) find a new island not yet exploited (Swan Island is a good start)

    2) Work for Mr. Styrofoam for a wage and a defined schedule (sorry no pick kids up from school at 3)

    3)  Paint your face green and black wear a red rag around your head and set up a "country inside a country" where you do narco-trade and the like.

    4) Get a UK passport and leave come back when you are ready to retire or stressed to the point of illness.


    Sorry for the grim outlook but I am politically negative nationally and internationally ppm and UDP..I think they have let us down all politicans

    The road to hell was paved with good intentions…does that mean the road to heaven is paved with bad intentions?? The opposite of progress is congress!

    • Seriously??? says:

      You mean Mr Conchshell Guy who operates an illegal business without a trade and business license?

      Or perhaps Mr Fruit guy who steals fruit to sell to tourists?

      Or maybe Mr Taxi Guy who is a gnats hair away from killing a busload of fares with his dangerous driving in search of the next quick buck?

      Maybe you are right, get a UK passport – go.  You keep telling our expats to go home and leave us Caymanians alone, but as us real Caymanians that have spent time in THE REAL WORLD know, it is our ignorant, protectionist, xenophobic "brothers" that are ruining our home.

      Trust me – I realise this is change, and most people don’t like change – but tell me you are not happier now driving your BMW, working in a/c, watching TV and enjoying fresh produce and the like from the rest of the world…

      Or do you want me to whip you up a pair of whompers so you can walk from your wattle and daube hut in the morning after surviving the night on a kerosene lamp and smoke pot only to enjoy fresh beef once a year at Christmas?????

      Some of us have lived through the changes.  I personally objected to Camana Bay at the start because I spent too much time listening to the likes of you.  Now, I enjoy the fresh and vibrant environment.  I realise not all change is bad – in fact, why the heck would Dart invest a cent in our 2×4 island if he wasn’t trying to make it better???  Sure he wants to make money, but look what WE are getting out of it.  Nobody throws hundreds of millions of dollars building a development with the intention of destroying the environment around it so noone comes and helps him recoup the cost…  Even you wouldn’t be that stupid (I hope…).

      All you are showing is pure, unadulterated jealousy that someone else is doing it, and yes, eventually making the money, and yet, you fail to realise, Camana Bay is WIDE OPEN for you to enjoy.  I am sure your pride has probably stopped you from even visiting to see what a great development it is.  But, remember, pride comes before a fall!!!  

      FYI – I doubt very much Dart is even CLOSE to recouping the millions he has ploughed into the various ventures he and his advisors have bought into and developed – that will take years.  He is here for the long haul – so I am pretty confident he will be sure there will be those around for that long to help him earn back on his investment.  Of course there will also be a bunch of hot-air bag vitriol spewing ignoramouses out there trying to find fault – which side do you want to be on??  (I already know where you are now, just in case you were wondering!!!)


      • The Crown says:

        That’s a seriously fair post. Your thoughts on the average Caymanian being able to afford to lounge at these places is a question that pricks to be answered. By some numbers Caymanian’s have become affluent,but those numbers are not near even in comparison to foreign figures. Old Judds was a bustling spot where everyone,foreign & domestic flocked to. Mr Judson’s liquor license got turned down more or less unpropitiously. Subsequently the Hyatt took over,drink & food prices were set for incredibly deep pockets,with the affluent body of Caymanians alot less then than their modest numbers now.I already know where you are now in case you were wondering.But if you are the Hyatt at Rum Point plummeted,the strategy of pricing worked to keep both average/affluent Caymanians & the Hyatt away from Rum Point.

  16. Flint says:

    My concern is whilst the Premier and Glidden desires to expand the scope of this project, which means more millions, how are they going to pay back the developer Dart (or DECCO) within a reasonable amount of time?

    With all due respect, Mr. Dart is the last person on earth I would want our country to be owing for arrears! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Government is not paying anything for cruise berthing as Cayman Islands Government  are broke. Mr Dart will charge cruise lines to dock ship on berthing and all retail unit rentals over a period of time.

    • Sound like you don’t trust the developer!  lol… you been googling Dart, but the deal has already been closed! Now you have no choice but to trust the UDP’s wisdom. So my advice to you is to stop the complaining and just watch the show! :o) 

    • ex-pat eric says:

      DART is going to collect the passenger dues paid by the cruise ships. This was already made public, unfortunately that means less money going into the government coffers to pay for the huge Civil Service.

      Plus the government will have to build the Cargo dock out in the East End as there is no way that DART is going to allow his nice/new cruise berth for unloading containers. So that is even more $ tp spend but I guess they have that covered with the sale of the Water Authority.

      • Seriously??? says:

         Wow – it is those that have not spent a second looking at the total proposal that look the most ignorant…  The plans for moving the Port have been shelved – read the whole proposal and stop listening to the marl road – the new development will encompass both cruise and cargo…


  17. Anonymous/Cayman Business Person says:

    I would like to make it abundantly clear that I am PRO-TOURISM development but, please spare me the rest of this comminucation by answering a few questions:

    1. Has any local Company completed a survey to find out what the total benefit ($$$$$) is to the local business person. A quick survey done by some local concerned Caymanians suggest that cruise passengers spend on average, on island, $65 per adult and $25 per child. But, they spend and average of $185 on board the ship (not including their cruise passage). 

    2. With all the beds that are available for stay-over tourists is there plans to fill them from stayover tourists sometime in the future? ( note that government has just given permission to raise the buildings to 10 floors to satisfy a few political campaign contributors)!

    3. With all the beds available for daily rentalsbut is now being converted to Long-Term rentals, to avoid paying the government taxes, does government have a plan to recoupe some monies by taxing the condominiums the same for LT rentals as with the daily rentals? (big loss of revenue for government, between $10 to $15 million per year just ask the condo managers).

    4. Will the beneficiaries of the cruise operations continue to be Dart, Michael Ryan, Ernest Smatt, Jean Thompson and the rest of the huge political campaign contributors? Mind you, if the developers of the new cruise port, have their way they could tie up the total Port operations for another 40 to 99 years and could very well have the exclusive rights to future developments to the Cargo and Air Ports! 

    5. Is the costs to develop the NEW cruise port operations really going to costs $200,000,000.00 and at no costs to us the people of Cayman? Is this just another Political ploy to suck their supporters into believing that the benefits will stay in Cayman? An FOI enquiry into the documents for prior investigations for a new cruise port reveals that to build one pier the cost is upward of $50,000,000.00, with no upland development (shops, offices, restaurants; just a reclamation of sea bed and fill) and this development is only going to costs $200mil and include a marina, etc, etc, etc?  

    Lastly, can we see a show of hands for and against a cruise Port that would enhance the Cayman Islands for mega tourists arrivals?

    CNS: Thanks also for pointing out the typo.

    • Anonymous says:

       Answering 3) they already have a tax on longer term rentals. Its stamp duty-and they don’t collect it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Any environmental impact assessment study would need to include any changes to the original plan. We are now learning of modifications including megayacht facilities which will certainly require dredging.

    These EIAs are not one size fits all and modifications cannot be made using the original berthing plan expecting that responsible environmental protection is being upheld.

    I am against the proposed berthing facility as I believe Cayman doesn’t need the Genesis class ships and the country’s infastructure isn’t suited for such huge cruise ships.

    Cayman will soon look exactly like every other Caribbean cruise destination and all personality will be lost. Why don’t local politicians see this?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Does it sound to anyone else that Dart will build a set of shops out on the pier, that out of necessity all passengers must traverse before getting into town, and Dart will set the price and collect the rent on those shops?

    Thanks CG, you are doing a wonderful job. I hope your company gets the job to do the electrical work.

    • Flint says:

      Glidden talks about expanding the scope of the project. What happens when we can’t pay back the developer DECCO at a reasonable time???

      Will we not be owing DECCO in the millions beyond 2013?

    • hey!… the man is just being a good capitalist!

      • Anonymous says:

        AND a great politician.  Next thing you know there will be people on the work permit board that also run temp agencies!!    

    • Anonymous says:

      What?  Cline Glidden has an electrical company?? 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Do we really want a couple of 6000 passenger cruise ships here?  And so far we still don’t know where this huge dock is going to be. 

    Do we really want to be known as a cruise ship destination?  Is it worth possibly destroying the beach and alienating the tourists who come for a week or so and actually spend some real money?

    And who can be assured that rentals from shops will indeed pay the shortfall in cost?  And what about traffic on Harbour Drive during the construction and afterwards? 

    Have they really thought this through carefully or are they just doing what the cruis ship owners want?  And why won’t they disclose the real plans for all to see?


    • Pending says:

      I  would be very suprised if "downtown GT" is not made fully pedestrianised to aacomodate this project and the thousands of tourists that will soon be disembarking at the Port.

      What will then be interesting is how Government will then deal with thousands of people that work in the same area on a daily basis and how they will be getting to and from work each day..

      By that time gas will probably have doubled and Mac will be telling us he is saving us money by not having to drive to work everyday and that we will be getting good execercise walking to the office.

      • Seriously??? says:

         100 years ago EVERYONE walked to work.  Slap on some whompers and work that booty!!!  Your heart will thank you!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You poor fool, there will not be thousands of people working in downtown George Town by then, they will all be comfortably seated behind their desks in their brand new Camana Bay office.

  21. Anonymous says:

    So tell me again why Atlantic Star wasn’t given this project ?  It would have been almost done by now, but instead we are looking at a massive drop in the cruise ship passenger totals next year, that should be great for economy.

    • The Soup says:

       08:17 – You asked why Atlantic Star didn’t get the project?

      Answer: Kurt Tibbets fell asleep at the wheel "AGAIN" and Chuck-Chuck was complaining about Bush & UDP for 4 years. Both parties are wasted jokers as far as am concerned.      

    • Anonymous says:

       Because it was PPM’s idea and everything that PPM does, UDP has to do opposite.  Atlantic Star does good work and fast.