Private school grows due to public school uncertainty

| 23/08/2010

(CNS): One of the country’s private Christian schools says it has seen an increase in demand for places as a result of changes to the government high school. Triple C has added new sections to both grade 6 and 8 to meet the demand for students leaving year six in their district schools that don’t want to go to what it described as the huge “city” high school. Secondly, the private school claimed some year 8 students are still unsure how the demise of the middle school concept will affect them, and finally parents have expressed nervousness over their children in a huge school and are looking for a smaller and safer environment Triple C claimed in a statement.

The school stated that parents have said they also observed the behaviour, ability, and work ethic of Triple C graduates in the workplace and say they value the Christian character that is integrated into the academic expectations at the faith based school.
“Creating these two new sections has provided a number of spaces in both grades and parents are encouraged to inquire now in order to secure a space,” the school said. It explained that year 6 students in the British school system have completed Grade 5 in the American system so would go on to grade six if they are to swap schools. Similarly those who would be in year 9 in the government system will go in to grade 8 at Triple C. The school emphasized that this is not a step backwards but just a different way of designating the grades since in the US first year of formal schooling is called Kindergarten and the second year is grade 1.
Turning to the younger students Triple C said it has also introduced another section of Pre-Kindergarten for four 4 year olds but there is still a waiting list for the Kindergarten class. 
“There are some elementary grades that are not quite full and there is still room in the Pre-School. We are pleased that we can provide a safe option for students leaving Year 6 and Year 8 and we continue to welcome all student applications,” stated Jennifer Allen, Vice-Principal of Academics.
Triple C School was founded in 1941 and said that it partners with parents to provide an internationally competitive education using the American school model. Call 949-6022 or visit our website at for more details.
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  1. Fred says:

    This isn’t surprising, what will be interesting will be to see if there is a new string of middle-class private schools for parents who wouldn’t be able to afford the traditional high cost of private school.

  2. The Magician says:

    The claims of not wanting to go to a bigger school are unfounded; in fact by creating two high schools, the population has been split and the schools will be smaller in population now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong, Magician. The new JGHS and CHHS are replacing the old GHHS and JGHS (and Government is also creating a new year 12 programme at the old GHHS site). Each high school will contain almost as many students as the old JGHS, half of the public school population of year 7 – 11 rather than the entire public school population of year 7 – 9 or year 10 – 12. When you consider population growth each of these new high schools will be bigger than the "old" high school just a few years ago.

      I’m not commenting on the good or bad (I’ll simply say that in a lot of ways Government’s hands are tied when it comes to public education), but I just wanted to point out that your post is factually inaccurate.

      • The Magician says:

        JGHS as of the end of the 2009-10 school year had just over 1000 students. The ‘new’ JGHS will have 750, CHHS even less.

        Seems smaller to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        The numbers given out this week on the radio were that new 7-11 school (Clifton Hunter High School) currently has about 800 students enrolled. The new JGHS has about 1140, comparable to the previous middle and high schools. In this way you can clearly see that CHHS is much smaller than the old JGHS.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Since the parents jump to this decision so quickly, i hope they stick it out unitl the end. what the education department should do is not allow them back into the system when the Triple C fees kill them. They should also stop giving Triple C any grants and make them foot their own bills and devote all their resources to our GOVT SCHOOLS ONLY. It may sound hard, but that is the way I look at it.

    I was at one point one of those parents who wanted to switch my kids, but I thought long and hard. I had to give the system a try. I was afraid of George Hicks splitting up, but i was proven wrong. I can’t speak for the other schools,but PACE high school was excellent and my kids did well there and I only excpect better things come September. 

    What is the difference, Triple C has all kids from Pre Kindergarden up to year 12 in one school. They found away to make it work why shouldn’t Govt be any different. Kids will be kids no matter where they are. We can only guide them and protect them the best way we know how. If kids don’t want to go to a private school and we force them and they end up worst off than they were before, what since does that make?  TRIPE C is not going to be putting up with the disrespect and bad behaviour that GOVT school does. They don’t care what happens to that child if he/she breaks one of their rules. EXPELLED

    think long and hard parents. in the work force we have to abide by changes and changes can be good or bad. keep in close contact with their teachers and speak to your kids and make them know what you expect from them and what you will not tolerate from them. Trust me they listen. IF no limit is set they will keep pushing and pushing unitl a limit is set.

    Thank you CI GOVT pass and present for giving my kids a chance. 

    Keep Positive

    God Bless



    • Anonymous says:

      This ridiculous. The only reason you keep your children in a public schoolis because you don’t have to pay for it. We do. Do you realise how much it costs our government to provide your children with an education, one that obviously you can afford to pay for, but won’t.

      The public system, if it is going to be free, should be for those who can’t afford to pay and not for people like you that take advantage of our public funds.

      It is no wonder our country is in trouble.


  4. Anon says:

    What a shame the current government didn’t take the advice of those in education who knew what they were talking about and continue with the small schools within schools model.  Oh, that’s right, it was a PPM idea and so must be dismantled, discontinued and disregarded at all cost. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    The flag is upside down; a sign of distress.

    • Well Spotted says:

      Well spotted – they are indeed flying the British flag upside down which traditionally is to indicate distress.  I can only presume that those giving you a thumbs-down have no idea what you are talking about!

      • Hallowe'en Jack says:

        While it should be a sign of distress, nowadays it is usually a sign of ignorance when it comes to flying the flag.