Victims suffer violent attacks

| 23/08/2010

(CNS): Police are appealing for witness to two further violent crimes this weekend after a couple was stabbed in Elgin Avenue and a woman was held at gunpoint by masked robbers during a home invasion. In the early hours of Sunday morning a couple was attacked following a verbal altercation with a group of men in the car park of the Helium Bar on Shedden Road. The couple left that location with the intention of going to George Town police station to report the incident. After parking in Elgin Avenue they were approached by a man who had been involved in the earlier incident. He attacked the couple stabbing both of them in the stomach before running off towards the town centre. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The victims made their way into George Town police station and were subsequently conveyed by ambulance to the Cayman Islands Hospital. The woman, aged 27, was released following treatment but the man aged 28 remains in hospital in stable condition. The suspect is described as 6 feet tall, dark brown complexion with a braided hair style, and spoke with a Jamaican accent.

Then on Sunday night at around a quarter to midnight armed robbers entered a home in the Swamp area on Brushy Avenue. The two masked men armed with handguns entered the home of a woman, who was alone at the time, threatening her as they demanded money. They ushered her into the bathroom and searched the house and left with a small safe containing personal documents. No shots were fired.
One suspect is described as 5 ’7’’ tall, of dark complexion and slim built. The othersuspect is about 6’, also of dark complexion and slim built. They both spoke with a Jamaican accent and were wearing dark clothes.
Anyone who was in the area at the time and might have witnessed the men leaving the scene are asked to call the George Town CID at 949 4222. Police are requesting anyone who thinks they may have witness the stabbing or the earlier attraction to contact Detective Constable Paul Inniss at 516 4373 the George Town Police station at 9494222
Or the public can call the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 800 8477 regarding either these or any other crimes. You do not have to leave your name or number and could receive a reward of up to $1000 if the information leads to a conviction.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    can someone please explain the difference between a Caymanian & Jamaican accent please as I have not idea.

    Sorry to say, but it doesn’t matter if they are "born Caymanians’ or "Paper Caymanians" they are all the same per the law – the only difference is that some forms of Staus can be taken away and others are for live – it all depends on whether you have been naturalised or have had you staus granted by cabinet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The article said they spoke with a Jamaican accent which I guess automatically a lot of people are assuming that the perpertrators are Jamaican. People can put on an accent and I have heard many Caymanians who hang around with Jamaican co-workers sometimes develop an accent, particularly when they are around them so in my mind speaking with a Jamaican accent does not necessarily indicate that they are Jamaican.

    Also I am very skeptical because sometimes when people cannot readily identify an accent, they are very inclined to define it as an accent they hear regularly such as English, Jamaican, American. As an example, a co-worker of mine is from St. Lucia, an accent that is not usually heard hear and people regularly think he is from Jamaica.

    Perhaps CNS was simply reporting what the victims relayed to the police (that the person (s) spoke with a jamaican accent) but it just comes across like you are highlighting that and therefore making other implications.

    We don’t need anymore discord between Jamaicans and Caymanians. Caymanians, Canadians, the British, Americans will steal,  rob and kill just like any other nationality. Their common name is "Criminal".

    CNS: We were reporting the information disseminated by the police, presumably based on what the victims relayed to them.

  3. Rorschach says:

    The 300 lb. gorrilla in the room that no one in the RCIPS wants to address is this…This assault took place directly IN FRONT of the POLICE STATION….and the perpatrator STILL managed to get away…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I personally do not think that the current police force is capable of carrying a firearm. The very thought scares the daylights out of me. Do we really want people that have never handled a firearm carrying a gun? They are unable to investigate crimes properly and from another article it appears that they are being sent back to school so they can learn how to communicate and investigate. I think if they were to be allowed to carry a firearm they should be sent to a country that has a police force that is armed, attend a police academy in that country and shadow police officers for at least 6 months. The last thing we need is a group of officers that are not trained or prepared to carry out their sworn duties.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is very easy to put a label on these criminals i.e. English, Jamaican, etc but that is not right. The only label is CRIMINAL. They are criminals irrespective of race,creed, colour or nationality. The POLITICIANS need to have the strength to put in place laws to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. The JUDICIARY need to have the strength to act firmly on these laws and ensure these criminals pay for their crimes. The POLICE need to have the strength to enforce the laws. If they cannot then they should be replaced. This may require the police to be electable thereby becoming accountable. The PUBLIC need to have the strength to say enough is enough.You have a beautiful country with some truly wonderful people. Do not let it degenerate into the sorry mess of a society we now have here in the UK. One basic human right should be accepted by all nations and all peoples – the right to defend your family and yourself in your own home. Whatever form that defence takes. The criminal should lose all human rights when gaining unauthorised entry. God Bless

    • Caymanian Patriot says:

      Thank You for your comment. You are obviously not one of the typical UK residents that post on this site who believe this country should become little "London".

      Thanks for your honesty and constructive criticism

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re: "Essex, Toxteth/Liverpool, Glasgow, Berlin, Belfast, Manchester, Moscow, Rome, Stockholm, Scotland & Northern Ireland. 

    By the way – I couldn’t help but to notice that your list contained a common denominator … very interesting.

    Perhaps Cayman is now going to the dogs due to our Jamaican Affiliation as they clearly have a serious crime issue within their shores as well. By the way this is HARDLY BREAKING NEWS!!

    In any event – when we begin producing a few Randy Martins and Kirkland Henrys (yeah, remember them?) we will know that this ship has truly set sail – never to return….

    (Oh, the convenient ignorance and forgetfullness’ of some individuals – it never ceases to amaze me.)

    Arrogance, narcissism and even racism comes to mind at times like this.

    Consider the corn thrown … wait for it … (listen) …

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many born Caymanians were born in Jamaica and / or the States? 

    • Kent says:

      They may have been born elsewhere but their roots are here, in fact back in the day, the parents of Caymanians would send their boys off to find wives from other counties, and the men were sailors, and often they found wives in other counties, and their wives had children away from Cayman.  I personally am an example of that, my father went away and married my mother. I was born in the USA, my family has been in Cayman since the early 1800’s my Aunt wrote the national anthem, the $5 bill is adorned with a picture of a boat that my great grandfather built. I could go on and on.  I am Caymanian.  These are only a couple examples of why and there are many more.  The difference is that there are many, many "paper Caymanians" that have no heritage here, rather it is simply a better place to be than were they are from, and that is not a problem as long as they are making Cayman a better place, not devaluing it.  The latter typically are the people that there are issues with.  They add very little to our Island except to water down the little bit of culture that we have/had.  They do not bring up the standard of living, rather bring down the values of properties around them at they tend to live how they did prior to coming from where ever was worse than Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kent, is it not the ‘national song’.  A Beautiful song it is too.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Guns are not the answer.

    Most people are nice. They will hesitate before shooting someone in the face.

    The bad guys will not hesitate. Therefore, the nice hesitating gun-toting homeowner will be at a severe disadvantate in a shoot-out.

    Also, if the nice gun-toting homeowner learns how to shoot without hesitation, the probability of shooting a bad-guy is low compared to shooting a family member who is coming back home late (like a wayward teen-ager who snuck out).

    By the way, Cayman is supposed to be a "Christian" country. Whatever happenedto the fifth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill"? I don’t recall any caveats on that one; like "unless someone is trying to take my cash or 48 inch TV". I recall something about "turn the other cheek" somewhere in the New Testemant, some guy named "Jesus" is supposed to have said those words. Hmmmm, maybe that doesn’t count where a 48 inch TV is involved.


    • Kent says:

      If I may stand to be corrected in the future, it actually says "Thou shall not murder"

      And this "Christian" nation has people that are not "Christian" and with that being said, they also have a right to defend themselves with more than a prayer. 

      I think personally you are a little naive, in the intentions of those who make the conscience choice to enter a home/business with a weapon.  I also think that if you are of the thought that you will be fine if you simply let them take with they want and they will go, then you are destine to be a victim time after time after time.  It is just like the bully at school taking your lunch money, he will not stop until you make him stop.

      Do I personally wish I could legally have a gun in my house to protect my family if necessary, ABSOLUTELY!  Do I think there are other means of protecting ourselves, absolutely. But those options are also illegal, and that is my big issue.  We need to have pepper spray, and stun guns legalized in this country ASAP, as this will give the law biding people of Cayman a change.

  9. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Commissioner Baines appears to NOT understand that 99.999% of the time the police cannot PREVENT such an unlawful attacks against private residents, because clearly police officers will most likely NOT reach the scene before you the victim who is being attacked.  It will be up to you to first survive the unlawful attack against yourself, before YOU can CALL the police and inform them about your survival story (a HISTORICAL fact).

    Listen to Commissioner Baines and enjoy your right to be a victim, or take my advice: learn how to safely use firearms and get your own.  It’s better to have a firearm for self-defense and NOT need it, than need it and NOT have it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only a concealed weapons permit would have done this couple any good. Does Caymanallow people to carry concealed weapons?

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        In short yes, but that term ‘concealed weapons permit’ is not used.

  10. whodatis says:

    Almost forgot – as for the "Jamaican" issue – I will say this much.

    I can count 6 guys with whom I either attended school or "know" personally from childhood / teenhood’ (someone really ought to make that a word) that are currently facing murderand or attempted murder charges – multiple in some instances.

    I am a born and bred Caymanian … so … yeah – what does that tell us?

  11. whodatis says:

    Re: "Harlem, Chicago South Cicero, The Bronx, Detroit, Kingston, Washington D.C., Somalia, GRAND CAYMAN" …

    I think you forgot to mention;

    Essex (notorious)

    Toxteth / Liverpool

    Glasgow (stabbing capital of Europe – one of if not THE most dangerous city in Europe)


    Belfast (recent riots)

    Manchester (considered to be Britain’s worst by many)



    Stockholm … etc.

    Scotland and Northern Ireland have some of the highest crime rates in all of Europe.

    A simple Google search will confirm all of the aforementioned.

    By the way – I couldn’t help but to notice that your list contained a common denominator … very interesting.

    Perhaps Cayman is now going to the dogs due to our UK affiliation as they clearly have a serious crime issue within their shores as well. By the way this is HARDLY BREAKING NEWS!!

    In any event – when we begin producing a few Raoul Moats and Derrick Byrds (yeah, remember them?) we will know that this ship has truly set sail – never to return.

    (Oh, the convenient ignorance and forgetfullness’ of some individuals – it never ceases to amaze me.)

    Arrogance, narcissism and even racism comes to mind at times like this.

    Consider the corn thrown … wait for it … (listen) …

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thats bc "caymanians" now include 99% jamaicans

  13. Anonymous says:

    Good job Mr Godfrey for standing up, we need more people like him to get the message across that Cayman is not going to stand for this any longer.


    Totrist knew Cayman as a safe haven but that too has been ripped from us.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they will hold a meeting and tell everyone how this is not so bad?  We are sitting ducks waiting. The Police for the most part are not able to carry sidearms as according to Mr. Baines we will see them killing themselves and family members if they did. If this is true, then there is no hope as we have thugs assaulting us and a bunch of crazy people protecting us.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is how it all happened…everyone was in denial for YEARS, no gangs, no crime..but there were gangs and there was look where we are at today…still denying it

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can we PLEEEEASE at least have Mace until something is resolved????

    • Anonymous says:

      Why can’t we carry mace?  It doesn’t kill anyone, but does allow a victim to get away.  I suspect there will be many canisters of mace making their way into Cayman, as we are all frightened and want to do something to defend ourselves.  I do not want to see our society armed with guns – I believe that would escalate the problem.  But at least let us protect ourselves with something less lethal.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Harlem, Chicago South Cicero, The Bronx, Detroit, Kingston, Washington D.C., Somalia, GRAND CAYMAN

  17. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    You mean "jus Cool" or "Jus how it a gwan", or Jus move ya self n gway"

    does this really surprise you?  I think not look at where this started!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This type of violence is unacceptable in Cayman,the commissioner and the government should be held accountable.I for one would rather see an armed society than these senseless acts of violence continue. How about single action revolvers for those who want a firearm, that way they have to cock it before discharging it thus giving the user time to think before shooting. It beats a spoon. Also the permit holder must pass a psychiatric examination and firearm proficiency  course. Then give the police single action revolvers and his\\her choice of back up weapons to carry concealed in the event the situation warrants the need for extra firepower. That way the police have no reason for not  arriving  quickly to an incident that is called in that involves a firearm. An armed society with checks and balances vs. an unarmed one where the criminal rules and all the police is able to do is come sometime later and write an incident report .The commissioners "dead wood"police officers and road show is a good start , but that is something that took him a year to figure out? I don’t think we can stand another year of this if it takes him another year to get his act together.We need some decisive action now.

  19. Anonymously says:

    A "woman was held at gunpoint by masked robbers during a home invasion"

    Wow… I thought Baines said the other day to the effect that if we armed our police officers the criminals will do likewise. But how I see it, these criminals are already armed, invading people’s homes, pistol whipping them, and holding their families at gunpoint…

    What a joke! 

  20. Kent says:

    When is enough, enough?

    Mr. Baines, Mr. Bush and Mr. Tibbetts,

    The present way of doing things is very obviously not working!  When are you going to stand up and actually do something?  Or do we the people need to stand up and do it for you?  And if we do will you then get bent out of shape when we handle it our way and not the "proper" way as set out by the powers that be?

    I personally am to the point that if there is not a marked improvement, I will be one of those that is looking for head.  I will be standing at the front of the crowd asking for the resignation of Mr. Baines, Mr. Bush and Mr. Tibbetts along with anyone else who is collecting a paycheck and has the responsibility of protecting this country.  If this was a private corporation, all three of you would be fired on the spot, because of your inability to perform your duties.

    I am so over seeing your smiling mugs in the paper.  I want to start seeing the mugs of the criminals who are destroying the island that my forefathers built.

    I as a citizen of this country, and a representative of many generations of Caymanians before me.  I demand you do something, and that something needs to be real and NOW!


    Kent A McTaggart


    • Anonymous says:

      Once they are personally affected, then they are going to stand up and do something. Until then…………….all of this is just stuff that happens to someone else.

    • Rupert Wood says:

      Dear Sir,

      I wholeheartedly applaud your comments and have the utmost respect that you care deeply for the country of your forefathers.

      I would just like to take a moment to suggest why you have very little hope of seeing any action.

      The entire world is currently in the grip of lying politicians and corrupt judiciary. Look at Obama’s track record of broken promises and even going back on his word. Anyone remember his 6 month promise to remove troops?

      It is the same thing in Europe, Australia, etc and Cayman is no different. The common factor in all of these situations is the same. These leaders have given themselves over to the unbridled pursuit of money and power which has resulted in serious corruption at all levels.

      The judiciary and politicians are only the public faces of the faceless bankers and money people who wield the true power behind the scenes.

      Cayman, nor indeed the world, has the inclination. nor the resources to stand up to such power as yet.

      The only thing we can do right now is get out of all kinds of debt and become self-sufficient with critical supplies, because this is going to get worse before it gets better.

      All the best to you.

    • A Guy says:

      I’m always looking for head.

      But seriously, what he said.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       It seems to me that the elected political leaders are playing the "its the governors problem" card which is sad because because elected district MLA’s can have an influence with their constituents.

    • Anonymous says:

      The person with "responsibility of protecting this country" is actually the Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor.  Unfortunately he recently moved here from another crime-riddled island, Barbados.  As such, he probably doesn’t see very much wrong with the current crimewave.  It’s just another caribbean island to him and anyway he will be leaving soon anyway….

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent comment!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I see the "J Word" appears in this article more than once.

    • Anonymous says:

      The real reason for our islands violent crime problems! But nobody dare say the obvious!

      • brainy braccer says:

        caymanians commit 90% of crime…. not bad for only 50% of the population…

        • Anonymous says:

          When you say "Caymanians" do you mean born Caymanians or could some of these actually be status holders?

        • Anonymous says:

          And Jamaicans and Hondurans and Americans and Cubans commit the other 70%.

          My statement is ignorant, but not as ignorant as yours.



      • Anonymous says:

        Do not blame Jamaicans. Most are wonderful. Blame Immigration, and Mac for allowing/bringing so many bad ones (and bad ones of other nationalities) in without proper checks, and then not using the law to remove them. I do not care who they are married to or what status got granted to their mama. If there are people who are not from here originally and are up to no good, clear them out and keep them out!