Disco duel fuels Friday night fever on 7MB

| 24/08/2010

(CNS): How much disco dancing can Seven Mile Beach take? We are about to find out on Friday when two local bars, two local radio stations and two local DJs  go head to head to win the hearts and minds of Cayman’s disco dons and divas. The 70s dance party Boogie Nights, sponsored by dms broadcasting, long held at the Wharf, one of the island’s oldest outdoor bars is moving to one if its newest – Tiki Beach with DJ Wacko Jacko. Meanwhile, Vibe FM, along with the original disco DJ Ben Maxwell, will be moving into The Wharf with the new 70s dance party ‘Disco Fever’ creating Cayman’s first disco duel.

Boogie Nights which is traditionally held on the last Friday of every month began around five years ago and became a popular monthly gig for disco fans at one of the islands most popular venues. But sponsors dms are now moving it from its long time home to head several miles down Seven Mile Beach to the new Tiki Bar.
Taking advantage of the new opening, Ben Maxwell the original Boogie Nights DJ with dms, who is now a familiar voice on Spin FM, Vibe’s sister station is stepping in to the Friday night disco vacuum created at The Wharf by the departure of dms and is hosting ‘ Disco Fever’ on the same night.
Asked if there was room for so much disco on the West Bay Road, Maxwell said we will all find out when he returns to the decks on Friday night. Delighted to be back Maxwell said: “Got To Be Real, I never thought I’d be playing disco music in my DJ career, I’m So Excited to be back behind the controls for Disco Fever @ The Wharf on the 27th.  I Love The Nightlife and spent a good two years of my life catching Night Fever to ride the Groove Line.  Not to brag but I know how to take the crowd to Funkytown.  I’m the best disco DJ in Cayman, and am ready to do some Kung Fu Fighting to prove it.  So Knock On Wood, all you Macho Men and Bad Girls!  Let’s make it a Celebration on Friday night @ The Wharf with Disco Fever.”
Although there is likely to be more behind this disco duel than meets the eye, dms Broadcasting Operations Manager Ron Bowen said Boogie Nights was moving to the new venue to enjoy the beach view and that a complimentary bus would be provided for disco fans who want to follow Boogie Nights to Tiki Beach.
 “We are particularly excited about this move as we are bringing the celebration to the beach – we live in paradise, so we should definitely take advantage of the sweeping panoramic view that Tiki Beach offers,” said Bowen. “We will also be heightening the excitement with additions such as the all-night Boogie Bus which will provide complimentary transportation along Seven Mile Beach – bussing people to the best party in town.”
Bowen promised to pull out all the disco stops for the event’s debut at its new home with a red carpet entrance, disco balls and chance to win a private ‘Studio 54’ cabana. 
Broadcasting Market Manager Dan Charleston said the firm was confident that the decision to move the event to Tiki Beach was a good one.”It is the optimum venue to enjoy a beautiful stretch of Seven Mile Beach and can easily cater to a huge crowd. We look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces there as well as new partygoers ready to check out what all the talk is about,” he added.
Who will be crowned king of the disco is down to the local dance fans who will no doubt vote with their platforms.
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  1. fiona says:

    Get over it people!  Move on … to the 90’s.  Bust a move time.

  2. john travolta says:

    lets face it, its all about just  "STAYING ALIVE"  in cayman right now over the weekends right? lol

  3. Anonymouse says:

    I’m a banana

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yawn!!!! who cares.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not sure of the thinking behind this.  The Tiki Bar is way over-priced and the service is unbelievably poor.  First impressions count – went there once, won’t go back in a hurry.  Both events will be poorly attended now – perhaps they should have come up with something new – a lot of the people that go weren’t even born when "Disco" was around!!!

  6. stinger says:

    Boggie Nights at The Wharf still the only place to be seen.

    Let’s not forget The Wharf created last Friday of the month Boogie Nights and not DMS!

    DMS is trying to make it seem that BN has moved…its more like The Wharf told them to take a hike. Come on DMS try an original idea for a change…

    Tiki Beach is way over priced and the slowest service I have ever seen.


    • Eastie says:

      Sorry Stinger, not true.

      Dms came up with the event Boogie Nights, not the wharf. That’s why the dms event at Tiki Beach is called Boogie Nights and the one at the Wharf is NOT.

      If Boogie Nights was the Wharf’s event why does the dms event have the name ‘Boogie Nights’, and the new one at the wharf does not? Hmm?

      The Wharf was the lucky location for an event that dms invented several years back.

      I should know. My better half worked there back when it started.

      The only ones ripping off ideas are the Wharf and Vibe. Probably Ben Maxwell trying to re-start it after getting fired from dms.

      I really couldn’t care less as I hate disco, but you need to get your facts straight.



      • Frequent Flyer says:


        WHO CARES!!!?!!!! Who cares about your facts?  No one!!

        Read the rest of the posts and most all of them are on the ‘same page’.

        Tiki Beach is overpriced and the service is lacking. I am sure they are doing their best and I hope this helps.

        At least this will get the drink prices down and inject some competition out there! And THAT is what is important to the disco dancers.

        I’m sure the police will be on the road tonight!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dj Ben is so bored. What need a better DJ, people get tired of the same tunes every single boogie night and there is so much to choose.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Wharf was the best place for Boogie Nights, had some nice time there, sorry i won’t be going to Tikki Beach to Expensive, almost 8.00 for a beer and over 10 dollars for a mixed drink. not a place for poorer class Local supporter.

    • Spartacus says:

      "not a place for poorer class Local supporter"  that’s why we love it – the high prices keeps it classy.

      • Anonymous says:

         "Class" has nothing to do with the size of one’s bank accounts. Some of the biggest thugs are the ones who flash the stuff their bank owns!

  8. brainy braccer says:

    tiki beach better improve it’s bar service…..

    even when it is quite, it is like pulling teeth when ordering a drink or paying your tab…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Totaly agree, the service is not good. Living in WB I was looking forward to Tiki Beach opening and really wanted it to be good. In fact I keep going back in the hope that it has improved from the last time, but sadly no. Its as if the bar staff wear blinkers. You really have to try hard to attract their attention to get service. Its such a nice bar and in a superb location, I do hope they get their act together and turn it around.



  9. Joe Average says:

    You Should be dancing

    Yeah mon

    If Cayman can’t be known as a crime-free island with a sound environmental policy.

    at least it can be known for Disco

  10. Anonymous says:

    How very "Caribbean!"  Sounds pretty ridiculous to me but then I realized disco was dead a long time ago.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why is the reggae radio station Vibe doing a disco party? Looks like a total copy of the other one but no reggae fans I know of like Saturday Night Fever.

    I havent been to tiki beach yet but I heard it’s great. Maybe I’ll go and see what all the fuss is about if Ican find my bell bottoms.


  12. Goldman says:

    It should be noted that Ben Maxwell was not the original disco DJ of Boogie Nights, as the event pre-dates his arrival on Cayman.  Kaz was actually the DJ of the event until 2008, when Ben replaced her.  XXX