Minister in smash after nodding off at wheel

| 26/08/2010

(CNS): The education minister has confirmed that he was involved in a car accident early Thursday morning in his district of West Bay. Rolston Anglin told CNS that he fell asleep at the wheel for a fraction of a second as he was driving along Willie Farrington Drive and hit a rock. He said no other vehicles were involved and he was uninjured but was working from home and was unable to attend the new teacher’s orientation seminar being held on Thursday morning. The smash occurred at around 1am and police attended the scene.

"I’m need to rethink how I manage my time and workload,’ he said, admitting it was down to genuine tiredness and the workload of his ministry at present.

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  1. Tired of the judging and pettiness says:

    Glad to know that Mr.Anglin is alright.

    I have read the various comments and realised that some people aren’t happy unless they are tearing down their own, regardless of whether or not it could be proven that he did indeed fall asleep at the wheel. Isn’t he human like us all? Why do we  stoop to such levels?What does this accomplish? Isn’t it possible for anyone regardless of position or status to fall asleep at the wheel simply due to tiredness and fatigue? Is alcohol and late night sessions the only contributing factors to tiredness? Are they saying that Politicians are an exception to the normal traits of a human being? That it has to be some other devious reason than genuine tiredness? So if that was a Doctor heading home from working long tiring hours are they going to say he or she was high on drugs? or a taxi driver would he or she be accused of drinking instead of simply trying to get home from making an honest living? or a sibling coming from picking up a stranded sibling? Tiredness is for everyone regardless of colour, creed or status NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

    Whilst I can’t prove whether Mr.Anglin was drinking, coming from ‘The Office’ or whatever devious reasons one may accuse him of, I have no reason to doubt his explanation. I know that he is a human like everyoneof us, not superhuman like some people think the politicians are today and is due respect just like everyone else. I know that he has travelled with his mother who is very ill and I also know that he can nod off just like that as I have witnessed it firsthand and it was simply due to fatigue.

    Rolston, you stay focus, ignore the critics, and continue to deal with that mess the former education minister left. Just don’t do it to the detriment of your health and family life.

    To the naysayers, critics and unhappy people; He could have lost his life or taken a life that morning so let’s give God thanks for his mercies and ask him to give each and everyone of us travelling mercies because we too can fall asleep at the wheel regardless of time and circumstances.

    At a time such as the country is now facing we need to come together as a nation, stop the pettiness and work for the betterment of future generations to come.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I find it hard to believe there is a journey to be made by car in the Cayman Islands which is long enough to fall asleep behind the wheel… people drive across states, counties and even countries without falling asleep… this man cannot drive 5 miles down West Bay road?! At 1am with no traffic that journey takes 10 minutes! Do we really buy this story?!

  3. Anonymous says:

     Sleep study to rule out sleep apnea?

    Breathalyzer to rule out drunk driving?


    • Anonymous says:

      I am no law enforcement expert but as a layperson this situation concerns me.

      If the minister had fallen asleep for a split second as he has said and his car had simply ran into the bush he would have simply got back onto the road and driven home. And no one would have known a thing.

      But in this case something fairly serious must have happened. We know that also because the minister was unable to attend the annual teachers conference the next morning which is an extremely importaant event for the Ministry of education.  

      Also the fact that we know anything about this event at all, means that someone must know something and made a report.  Was it the minister or an eye witness?

      The RCIP needs to make a statement of the facts in this matter now that we all know something fairly serious did happen.

      Did the police go to the scene? Was the car damaged? Was there any other damage to public or private property e.g. trees fencing etc?  Have we accounted for all the late nite street walkers? 


  4. Anonymous says:

    Whereever Mr. Anglin was is really of no concern to the public. Glad he’s okay and, Mr. Minister of Education, lesson learned, right?

  5. Jujujitsu says:

    Why is he not being charged with dangerous driving?  Failing to control a vehicle and falling asleep at the wheel are the very definition of dangerous driving.

    • anonymous says:

      If it had been common citizen Joe, chances are, common citizen Joe would have had to explain himself in front of a magistrate…  That much is true.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Some years ago a similar thing happened to another Cabinet minister from West bay; only he knocked down a man and killed him. No alcohol was done, no charges, instead he was driven home by the police. Does anyone know whether a blood alcohol was done like it would have if I crashed my car?

    • anonymous says:

      Of course he would have been driven home by the police…  Why was no alcohol done in that instance, considering that he just killed a man.  I tell you why, because this is a BANANA REPUBLIC.  Always was, always is, always will be!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree that Rolston has been spending way too many hours at "The Office".

    He has a lot of witnesses…..believe me 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Obviously this job is too much for Rollie…..heart attack then falling asleep at the wheel! Sound like he need to rethink his career choice!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I guess late nite sessions will take its toll on the body sooner or later.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seen him nod at each public meeting that we shared (at least 5), why not at the wheel…..

    • Star-Buck says:

      after de heart problem,

      too much coffee was blame,

      now he nodding off at de car wheel,

      in wee wee hours of de mornin,

      me figurin now,

      not enough coffee,

      gotta be de problem.


      Get some balance Mr Minister!


  11. Big up Vigilante says:

    Crabs in a damn bucket…..CAYMANIANS are alwayz twearing their own wonda we cant succeed! D amn waz tyad…he have three islands to work for…one am>>>dat dont mean jack that he may have been drinkin…if d police was concerned that he may have been then they would do their job….relax ppl…glad to know he was ok..take a vacation Rollie Boi and if you need a husband need a job! will check ya

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      As genetic mutation on Thu, 08/26/2010 – 16:04 said:

      if a minister is involved in an accident like this, they should automatically provide roadside specimen to remove any doubt or rumour. protects them and sets a good example.

      That is SO well said.

      Then you can bet that the number of remarks here would be about 4.


    • A Concerned Young Caymanian Father says:

      "Crabs in a damn bucket" is so well put and applies so well!

      Honestly, most people are quick to jump to the conclusion that he didn’t "nod off" and that there were "other reasons". That’s just the type of negativity that we’ve come to expect and have gotten used to. I would like to point out to all who read this, but especially directed to those bad minded, slanderous "Crabs" that many people fall asleep/doze off whilst driving.

      One higher profile individual that had this happen to him was Cayman’s own upcoming track star, Jason Hamilton.  He died after he dozed off on his way home. He wasn’t drunk or anything else, just simply overly tired. I had a relative crash into a coconut tree on her way home from ICCI, because she fell asleep behind the wheel. This happened not 5 minutes away from her house. When your body needs it’s rest, it will shut down. Simple!

      To the many "Crabs in a bucket", try to find out the actual facts before jumping all over someone.

      • MataHari says:

        I agree, CYCF!

        on several occassions,  after babysitting till 1 am or 2 am, I have a few ‘almost’ brushes with trees, fences and one time a truck whose honk woke me.  I was just so tired after working the whole day and asked to babysit afterwards my body was just screaming for rest.

        The police can have a urine sample and get 99.9% of either coffee or coke (lol) but still i get sleepy driving on my way home.


  12. Dred says:

    Falling asleep at the wheel. This seems redundant. Guess practice makes perfect right.


  13. Anonymous says:

    One thing for sure is that our Deputy Premeire wont be nodding off at the wheel… she hasn’t driven herself since appointed!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Let me tell ya, I can relate with Anglin, because I know that work can sure as hell burn you out. And it doesn’t matter how much you are paid, the body and nervous system can only take so much!  If the mind is always restless with ceaseless thoughts on work and events, the entire body will become tense and the effects of stress will have its told on you!  I recommend Anglin take his mind off of work, his critics, and obstacles for awhile and just leasurely do something like swim, fish, meditate, et cetera.

    There is a saying, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" 

    • Work? says:

      You said "work can sure as hell burn you out", and surely in this case, that cant be the reason!


      Give us a break!

      • Concerned Caymanian says:

        Of course it was. Indeed, the secuurity features in his office and his computer will be able to prove he just left his office. The police would be able to confirm he told the truth in 10 seconds. No Cabinet minister is going to lie to the Police. What do you think we are? A Banana republic? Our Police uphold the Law equally to everyone, without fear or Favor!

        • Anonymous says:

          My sources confirmed that Rolston was absolutely telling the truth, he was working too hard and he had just left The Office. 😉  

        • anonymous says:

          is sarcasm intended?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I thought the LA was the place where they all fall asleep?

  16. noname says:

    Two sets of laws in this country.


    If I "fell asleep" and hit something at 1AM the police would test me for alcohol.




    • Paper Caymanian says:

      In some countries he would be prosecuted for Dangerous Driving….

  17. anonymous says:

    Wake up!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm……working until 1am……yeah right ! Anyway happy to know that he’s ok.

  19. genetic mutation says:

    glad he is ok. for purposes of transparency, they should issue a statement of where he was coming from, and confirm if police requested a roadside breath specimen, and what the results of that was.

    if a minister is involved in an accident like this, they should automatically provide roadside specimen to remove any doubt or rumour. protects them and sets a good example.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yes, so pleased that he was unscathed. And that no one else was injured!

    I didn’t see that the article made any mention of a breathalyzer.

    Anyone that has an accident at 1AM you would think would be tested. It would be nice to know that this was clarified.


  21. Man says:

    Good to hear no one was hurt, Mr. Anglin is safe and recognizes his heavy work load can wear him down.

    I think that too often we forget these elected members are human too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Superhuman by all accounts! I’m sure his colleagues and staff witll testify to the long hours he puts in each day and how he rarely leaves the office before midnight each day to then start at 5am the next day……..

  22. anonymous says:

    Maybe he needs to also check himself out for Diabetes.  That sound like a classic case.  Thankfully he was not hurt and that he did not hurt someone else.  Education is never easy Rolston, perhaps you should reach across the aisle and ask Mr. Alden McLaughlin for some help.  A Country divided cannot succeed.  Bridge the gap now and ask him for help.  He has the knowledge and experience and it being wasted, because of the division amongst you Politicians.

    • Pigs r flying says:

      Reach across to who? I just saw a pig fly past my window.



  23. Dilemma says:

    Too much stress Rollie boy, too much stress…Glad you aight though!

  24. Anonymous says:

    "Fell Asleep"…good one… I’ll try that nex time.  I know how hard it is to stay awake during those long SMB to West Bay commutes.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear you are o.k. Mind you take care of you..our children need you in good form and healthy.

  26. Truly 100% Caymanian:) says:

    I guess this will be a good excuse now as to why every member of the currently elected goverment is going to need a car and driver! More of our money to be wasted XXXXX


    "Workload" my A**!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Good to know that Mr. Anglin is alright.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is good to know that my friend Rolston is physically unharmed. Six DAYS shall thou LABOUR… We alll need to review how much time we are spending working. If we can’t get it done in six DAYS, then maybe it is NOT to be done? The nights, especially late nights, are for family, recreation or rest, and SLEEP!