Tourism helps teachers with knowledge of Cayman

| 02/09/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has given the education department 600 booklets about the islands to help school teachers, teach students about Cayman’s history and heritage. "Know Your Cayman Islands is a reference guide, developed by the DoT providing basic facts about the country originally designed to assist tourism service professionals in providing historically correct and general information to visitors. DoT has used the books in its CAYMAN PRIDE programme, which provides customer service training to key frontline persons in the tourism sector. DoT said they would also be useful for new teachers coming from overseas who were also not familiar with the islands.

"The content of the booklet can be delivered in many creative ways to reach any audience and help them to retain the information," stated Dianne Conolly, DoT’s Coordinator, Tourism Training and Development. "The PRIDE programme uses the book to enhance the customer experience by arming their participants with accurate information to share with our visitors."

DoT’s Cayman PRIDE and Tourism Education programme committed to providing each of the 650 public school teachers with one of the booklets to assist them in teaching young people about the history and heritage of the Cayman Islands.

"The books are a good way to introduce new educators to facts about the Cayman Islands," Conolly said. "However, since their publication, they have been well received by tourism workers and visitors alike. DoT is presenting them, free of cost to all teachers in the public school system so that they can make use of the historical and cultural information to incorporate into their teaching and learning plans." she added.


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