Man stabbed in head

| 04/09/2010

(CNS): One man was stabbed in the head and another in the back last night (Friday/Saturday) during a fight outside a West Bay Road nightclub. A fight which started at the JET nightclub resulted with two men being wounded as they left the club. It was not clear if the two men were fighting with assailants or if they had stabbed each other. The men, who are aged 30 and 31years old, were both taken to the George Town hospital later, where they were treated for stab wounds to the back and head. One of the men was subsequently discharged but the other remains in the hospital for observation.  Police who attended the seen did not state if any arrests had been made or the cause of the disturbance. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Investigations into the incident are continuing and anyone with information can contact the investigating officer DC Mitchell of the Criminal Investigations Department, he can be reached at 325 8223, the George Town Police Station at 949-4222 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 800 8477.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s SCENE not SEEN

  2. whodatis says:

    The only thing that has irked me via the substantial shower of comments today is that never ending suggestion of having a "chip on my shoulder".

    I don’t know how many times I have repeated this point:

    I am a Caymanian.

    Do we understand what that really means?

    I have enjoyed one of the best possible upbringings / lifestyles in this world.

    Never have I envied an American, Canadian, Brit, European, Asian – whatever … regardless of creed or colour – not a day of my life.

    Seriously – why would I?

    I am not trying to be cocky here but this is simply the bare reality of the situation – apologies to those who are offended. I wouldn’t even go there had I not been provoked.

    (Actually, the "chip" issue is quite a misplaced presumption that most likely bubbles up into the mainstream mindset by way of the usual status quo … remember folks – you are in the Cayman Islands. It is very often a different ball game in these here parts.)

    Lastly – kindly stop with the PATHETIC nick-picking of convenient lines of my posts – have you people no shame?

    *I stand by the comments in my initial post. Clearly they have generated a bit of friction – I guess I was on to something. Tell me, why hasn’t anyone attacked the insulting and grossly disrespectful comment in regards to "Jet should only allow expats"?

    Ever heard of the saying: "Inaction equals complicity?"

    (Should Jet’s security team have allowed entry to Raoul Moat and Derrick Byrd? Remember – the quintessential British "lads" responsible for the shooting injuries and cold-blooded, callous murders of FORTY fellow British citizens just a few weeks ago? Better yet, perhaps I should mention the current "over-capacity" status of British prisons?)

    There goes the narcissistic nature and perspective of yet another expat on this forum.

    Absolutely amazing.

    All I desire is a slight semblance of a balanced perspective within these threads – such a thing is as rare as an Imam in a tutu.

    • O'Really says:

      Yet more self-delusion. You’re on a roll today.

      "All I desire is a slight semblance of balance within these threads…." Coming from you this is priceless. I would click the LOL button on that one, but I can’t see it for the tears of laughter running down my face. 



  3. Anonymous says:

    The man who got stabbed in his back was out celebrating a birthday when he was attacked. I know this because I was out with a few friends that night and we had said hi to him and left. When we went to meet up later for food we were then told by the friends we left there that someone had attacked him. It’s all so sad really. You can’t go anywhere anymore. You just never know what’s going to happen. I hope they both pull through.

  4. Rorschach says:

    As much as I hate to go in this direction, I think what we need to look at is what type of music is being played in this club and what "Crowd" they are trying to attract…playing "gangsta" and misogynistic dancehall music is going to attract exactly the kinds of elements that are frequenting these clubs and promoting this type of behaviour…seriously…I can relate to Lachlan’s post earlier…I have lived in Cayman for nearly 30 years and can remember going to Holiday Inn and Royal Palms and listening to Barefoot, and Notch and Lammie and a host of other GREAT local musicians play and dancing and drinking and having a GREAT time..and nobody felt the need to fight or "pop off rounds"…why??  because their music didn’t promote shooting and killing and treating women like "Bitche$ and Ho’s"…….where is the peace? where is the love?  there is too much killing and fighting and war in the world as itis…we don’t need to glorify it in music and promote it as though it is how things should be…and before I get called some right wing, neo conservative fascist…please know that I do not advocate the censorship or banning of ANY type of music…I was simply trying to point out MY opinion of why these type of occurences seem to happen more at these locations…thank you for listening…

  5. Raven says:

    Let security guards carry tazers and stun guns. These kinds of situations are what they are used for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    These weren’t the only stabbings to happen in Cayman – on Saturday night a friend of mine was mugged and stabbed in the chest walking past the Genesis building after he left Centre Spot. The knife missed his heart by an inch and he is lucky to be alive. This is an ordinary guy, just recently engaged, minding his own business.

    The anger and contempt I feel however, isn’t just toward the man who mugged and stabbed him, it’s also toward the drunk woman who’s car he flagged down and tried to get a lift to the hospital. She agreed to take him but once he was in the car, tried to charge him $25!! When he tried to explain that he had been mugged, had no money and that he was dying in her passenger seat, she decided she wasn’t going to drop him at the hospital and in her words would take him wherever she decided because he was bleeding all over her car and proceeded to drive away from the hospital to dump him God knows where. He doesn’t know how he got to the hospital or how he got out of the car but he staggered in there on his own two feet.

    Now tell me- what kind of a sick, twisted, disgusting person would try and extort money from a man, suffering a severe head injury (the mugger hit him over the head first) and knife wounds? Who would even think about doing thatIt goes against every basic instinct I have as a human being.

    I can honestly say that I’ve never wished such misery and pain on anyone as I do upon her. And I hope she’s reading this, and realises the consequences of her actions. And I hope she starts praying that karma finds her before my friends and I do….

    • Anonymous says:

      Police have not reported this crime – but it did indeed happen. CNS is investigating.

      i cant believe that woman, Gt hospital or the RCIP in this incident.

      there is more to this crime than just the stabbing/ mugging that must be investigated.

      but i have to ask first why the RCIP are holding this news story?

      CNS: Enquiries have been made but we have not had a response yet.

  7. whodatis says:

    To: Responders of my initial posting …


    "Dem’ sayin’ cloop cloop cloop (x 2) … cluck cluck cluck (x 2) – aye – ah!"

     – The Late Great Robert Nesta Marley


    • O'Really says:

      More self-deception. You are much more Peter Tosh than Bob Marley. 

    • La La Land says:

      I am glad to see that the chip on your shoulder is still going strong.

      We love you, you are CNS’s version of James Bodden III.

      And by "love" I mean we are entertained by the idiocy of most of your rants.

    • Cayman Parrot says:

      I’d say you’re more like the rapper Snow than Mr Marley

  8. Jenna Jameson says:

    I really do believe that Jet has tried to step up their security. As a patron of this night club I have been searched so thoroughly, it feels like like they hired Department of Homeland Security to check me out. The security even checks my make-up bag and nearly didn’t let me in because of my eyelash curler. True story.

    I do not think that it’s fair to hold business owners responsible for two grown ass men getting into a fight outside of Jet. And there is no possible way for the people at Jet to know which Caymanian men are warring at this time . . .

    At least in the States the Crips and Bloods wear colours so you know who’s fighting.

    Caymanian boys need to grow up.


  9. whodatis says:

    Wow …

    Many of these comments just go to show (yet again) that Cayman is such a "Racist’s Paradise".

    Whereas we Caymanians don’t really "see color" as such – many in our expat community hail from the parts of the greater western world where race based stereotypes play a huge role in the actual culture of the people and certain attitudes are in fact the foundation of the actual society.

    Just consider the daily oft forwarded accusations from many of our expats towards Caymanians:










    Now – substitute the word "Caymanian" with the age old racial terminology and what do you get?

    These people really think they’re slick.

    (Wake up Cayman.)

    In any event I have absolutely no respect for them – nor do they offend me, as no COWARD could ever ruffle my feathers in any which way.



    (Consider the corn thrown.)


    • Anonymous says:

      I only see one comment suggesting it should be an all "expat" club. One. I personally think a club should be for everyone. But, Where do you see your point?

      There has been alot of violence in the clubs recently. Why? How can this be stopped? That is what needs concentration. Keep racism out of the picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      not sure what point you are making but it is obvious that the truth hurts…

    • O'Really says:

      Racism exists, that is undeniable and it is ugly, but I fear there is no poster on this board more infected with it than you. You " don’t see colour…"? You only see colour! 

    • Cayman Parrot says:

      What comments, I fail to see any describing Caymanians with those words? and only one appears anti-caymanian

      I gues it’s just Whodatis shouting his mouth off and making stuff up so he can fluff up his feathers

      Get a grip mate and stop stirring the pot, your hatred of expats is plain for everyone to see.

      It’s all a triffle sad

    • Pit Bull says:

      I prefer dealing with specifics rather than generalisations, and dealing with one specific, namely you, Whodatis (as cowardly as any other anontmous poster):

      1.You are violent in your words.

      2.You are backward and uncouth in your atrocious attitude towards women (we don’t forget these things – your posts about the Walkers lawyer were horrendous adn caveman like – the self-justification after criticism were worse (and, dare it be said, attitudinal)).

      3. Disagreeable and attitudinal – yes your are that on almost every post.

      So perhaps you are projecting onto the population accusations made about you personally, and accusations that seem from the evidence in print to have considerable force. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Time to bring up the Chagos Islanders again!

      And "we Caymanians don’t really see color as such"…….er, ahem, read Roy Bodden’s book, Whodatis, and see what an intelligent man of color has to say about that.

    • Anonymous says:


      As one of those expats who most definitely does not see in color, and who socialises and lives purely with Caymanians (as opposed to my fellow expat community) I can in all honesty disagree wholeheartedly with your comment "Whereas we Caymanians don’t really "see color"as such…" based my own experiences and observations with my Caymanian friends over the years such as…

      "She Caymanian?  She look too white/light-skinned to be Caymanian – you sure?" (This has to be one of the most frequent comments I come across)

      "Who? Was he dark skinned or light skinned?

      This apparent importance given to skin color/tone here in Cayman never ceases to amaze me, as I don’t see the relevance of skin color to any topic or situation, regardless.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you are misunderstanding the comments. Caymanians refer to light-skinned and dark-skinned on the basis that practically all of us are mixed to some greater or lesser degree. It is simply descriptive. In the U.S. when you say the person is "black" you don’t know whether they look like singer Mariah Carey,  U.S. Representative Charles Rangel or actor Samuel Jackson.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not misunderstanding at all.  I fully appreciate the reasons why – but that’s not to say that I agree with them or condone them – because I don’t.  Like it or not, this kind of ‘reasoning’ is prejudiced.  And don’t even get me started on what my Caymanian friends and colleagues say about Jamaicans… I can’t even go there – couldn’t repeat it myself its just too disgusting.

        • whodatis says:

          I know you mean well – but a word of advice … don’t bother.

          You are addressing infallible beings.


      • Anonymous says:

        Whodatis must think that he is writing to a group of cruise shippers. If he is trying to sell the idea that Caymanians are themselves color blind then he is dreaming or writing from some place else.

        What this dishonesty does is confuse and serve as a distraction from the real issue.

        It doesn’t matter who these thugs are but they are clearly out of control- violent. It surprises me that people choose to frequent blood bath locations like jet. Maybe some young people consider violence sexy, I hope not.

  10. Anonymous says:

    just make it a 100% expat club….. plenty of other clubs for the locals to frequent and settle their issues in….

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! I cannot believe you had the temerity to post that. Where do you think this is – South Africa under apartheid? The American South in the time of Jim Crow?

      • brainy braccer says:

        very politically incorrect indeed!

        but how come no expats are involved in the stabbings/shootings????

        i’m just saying the club(for it’s own sake) should be aimed at the expat population more…..

      • noname says:

        maybe you should address the issue and not the tongue in cheek ‘politically incorrect’ comment…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, LET’S MAKE IT A CLUB FOR EXPATS ONLY! But then, who will supply you with your illegal narcotics for your night(s) of "partying".


      While my comment seens insensitive, we should find in in ourselves not to stereotype and segretate.  There is so much hatred in Cayman, and it is done equally by Caymanians and Expats alike.


      Shame we can’t all get along.  I work closely with Caymanian and Expats alike, and have many great friends from both sides of the "coin".




  11. Anonymous says:

    You all forget that this area has had numerous stabbings and fights and even a shooting death.  Incidents both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the club.  This is just a bad club in a bad area and should be closed down.  I do not care how many times they change the name.  From Next Level to Jet it does not matter.  They took it to the Next Level by killing someone in there now they gonna JET your a$$ to the hospital from outta there.

    • Anonymous says:

      they just need to enforce a strict dress code…..

      no chains

      no caps

      no baggy t-shirts

      no baggy pants

      no trainers…

      that should keep the bad element out…

    • Anonymous says:

      bad club in a bad area?????…absolute rubbish, it has been one of the best clubs on the island, it’s just that they are letting in the wrong type of people….

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      Hahahaha! That’s funny. Bad area?!!? Besides the fact that it is right on SMB, there are 2 other bars, one on each side, that do not ever see this violence.

      It’s the little gang boys that are taking their fights to the streets and in public.  There have always been gangs. Has not as much to do with who it is but more to this generation.

      Just a note; Fact – when you start your alcoholic drinking lifestyle at a young age it restricts and delays your emotional and psychological development.


  12. Anonymous says:

    30 and 31 years ain’t exactly young, these men should be mature and civilised at that age and stop acting like a bunch of imature kids trying ot prove how big their nuts are!

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree. This was precisely my thinking when I read of their ages – my God, when is a certain segment of our Caymanian male population going to stop acting like idiotic adolescents and grow up? It really is pathetic. You males of such an age – start acting like men for goodness sake, if only for the sake of the children of your numerous "girlfriends" (!!!). Act like a real man for a change.

  13. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     I remember going to Farmers at 3:00 am with Bugman to have some "manish watta" and a Red Stripe AND to watch the JA’s vs Caymanian Domino players. It was great fun. There was absolutely no violence. If someone came in with "to much" and started to make a fuss he was shuffled away quietly and The domino’s keep on bangin da table. To day rents are high, economy down, so don’t throw anyone out we need the dosh. Unless the Governor, The Premier, the elected members, private organizations focus on crime it will just keep creeping up to a another "new high never thought we would see it level". Shame on all especially the over paid electorate in allowing this crime situation to continue to grow.

  14. Anonymous says:

    smoking drinking clubbing age limit should be changed to age 21 we need to save our young people from this

    • Donkey Boy says:

      "The men, who are aged 30 and 31years old, were both taken to the George Town hospital"’

      Now be quiet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy Dennie, you be everywhere and at all hours!

      CNS should be proud of you.

    • Anonymous says:

       So limiting the age at which adults can patronize a club such as JET would have changed the series of event how in this case?

    • Anonymous says:

      or maybe 32, judging by the people involved 

    • Dred says:

      The men who were taken in were 30 and 31 years old. Does not matter anymore.

      Fact is it is hard as hell to control the clubs now. None of the club owneers have a vested interest in safety, they just want people coming there and drinking.

  15. Anonymous says:

    When I meet tourists who ask about the Cayman nightlife I warn them about the violence and ignorance found in night clubs these days. Certainly I don’t want them hurt by these thugs. Whatever is going on isn’t working from a safety perspective.

    How do local parents allow their children to go to these places?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because 1/2 of them don’t even know where their children are…their children state they are going to a friends house and the idiot parents don’t even confirm with the other parents if this is true.  

      Also if they had gotten stabbed in the club, how did a knife get into the club?  Aren’t they people wanded?

      • Anonymous says:

        "during a fight outside a West Bay Road nightclub"


        Can you not read ??

    • Anonymous says:

      When I was there on holiday I used to go to all the clubs~ Next Level, Oasis, Matrix ~ never had a problem and danced the night away with locals, expats and other tourists. About 2 yrs. ago I entered Next Level one night and was informed by 2 staff members that it was "local night" and that I should probably not be in there. I took it as a warning and left. There was never a problem before being there on a certain night. Any night was good and I was accepted. The music was always "pumping" and people were always friendly. About 2 yrs. ago the trouble began. Why the change? Now I do not enter any clubs on the island and night life is spent reading a book, but I also know that I am safe.

      Been going to the island for years, but things have changed…and not for the better. My holiday time on the island has also become shorter. There is only so many nights I want to spend inside reading a book or at a Cinema. (Royal Palms is still fun.)

      Sad. Sad. Sad. Cayman used to be a place where one felt safe everywhere. It was a well-rounded holiday spot.