Faith based school gets 100 percent pass mark

| 06/09/2010

(CNS): Although government has not yet released its results for public school students, Triple C students taking the CXC examinations have had gained a 100% pass rate for the third year in a row. Although the private faith based school follows the US education curriculum, in 2007-2008 a pilot project led by Linda Williams, the head of English offered students the chance to take CXC exams in that subject. As a result of the 100% pass rate in English the school has now added Mathematics and Principles of Business and the students have maintain the school record with all students passing and 95% receiving either a Grade 1 or 2 in the three subjects. The school did not say how many students had taken the CXC exams.

To offer this dual system some of the syllabus for CXC is covered within the scope of the
daily US curriculum but students also have to commit to after school classes to cover the portion that cannot be done during the school day. The school plans to expand the CXC subjects offered each year. Students will therefore be able to complete both a British and an American qualification making them eligible to go on to A-levels, to enter British or Caribbean universities as well as universities in the US and Canada.
“I am elated to be at Triple C. It is apparent that I am standing on the shoulders of giants who have been preparing our students to excel academically,” said the schools new prinicple. “I expect no less as we go forward and continue our competition.”
In addition to the CXC courses, the school offers Advanced Placement courses for college
credit in universities world-wide.
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