Pedestrian knocked down in Prospect

| 07/09/2010

(CNS): A pedestrian was hit by a van this morning (Tuesday 7 September) as he was walking in the westbound carriageway of Shamrock Road, close to the Ocean Club complex. Police said the van, which was travelling in the George Town direction, then flipped onto its side trapping the male driver inside. Emergency services attended the scene and both men were conveyed to the Cayman Islands Hospital where they are currently being treated for what are described as ‘non-life threatening injuries’. Both the pedestrian and the driver sustained cuts and bruises. The driver also appeared to have a head injury. Police are appealing for witnesses. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Police enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

Inspector Adrian Barnett of the RCIPS Traffic Department is appealing for any witnesses to the crash to come forward. He said, “Both men involved in the incident this morning were lucky to escape without serious injury. I would ask any witnesses to the incident who have not already spoken to my officers to call the Traffic Department.

“This incident and the news that a lady who had been injured in a George Town crash in April this year has since died should act as a strong reminder to drivers, and other road users, to be more safety conscious. The roads are noticeably busier now that theschools have gone back after the summer break. Allow a few extra minutes for your journey, be patient and drive at a speed, and in a manner, that is conducive to both the weather and traffic conditions. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and that you are ready to anticipate the actions of other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Anyone with information about this morning’s crash should contact the Traffic Department on 946-6254.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if this accident is anyway related to someone trying to cross the street of a busy three lane highway, but if so drivers have to be congnizant of the fact that one cannot stop in mid traffic to allow someone to pass the street.  I was privy to an almost collision a few weeks ago when a driver in a SUV halted almost in the middle of Spotts Dock area to allow a pedestrian and a young lad to pass that almost got them both killed.  While the driver is trying to be courteous you have to think of the traffic heading in the other lane that cannot see, as he was in the middle lane heading to town.  Luckily for me I was more than the required distance from him and observed what was happening and came to a stop behind him but the other drivers in the end land could not see this and almost knocked these two people over.  I think when drivers see someone on these busy highways trying to cross the street they let them do it at their leisure when the coast is clear and not try to be nice, nice which could end up getting someone killed.  Just a thought

    • Anonymous says:

       I know that it is hard to know when people are given way in an attempt to cross the street on one side and not the other, and thus there is no real way around it.  It happens everyday; however, with most of the only crosswalks being in the GT area, one does not have a choice to cross any other way.  People who take public transit here in Cayman have to take their lives into their hands every time they need to catch a bus or getting off a bus. How does one cross safely in a roundabout?   Not everyone has a car, so how can we ensure our pedestrians are not such a risk to traffic or themselves?  Sidewalks? Proper bus stops in towns around GT?  These are things that concern me.