Cops say killing gang related

| 09/09/2010

(CNS): Police have appealed for witnesses to the killing of Tyrone Burrell (20), who was shot in Birch Tree Hill area of West Bay last night. Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said the shooting was believed to be gang related and it took place in the same yard as the killing of Damion Ming in March. Bodden said Burrell was shot during a social event attended by a number of people, who all scattered when the shots were fired. Police have spoken to a number of people but are asking others who were there that have not yet spoken to them to come forward. The senior officer said police are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry, including the possibillity Burrell had knowledge of Ming’s death. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

He said the young victim was not a police witness in the case but the RCIPS had reason to believe that he did have information he had chosen not to disclose.

Speaking at a media briefing on Thursday afternoon Bodden stated that extensive enquiries have already been conducted and he was pleased that there was some improvement in the willingness of the community to help the police. He also asked the community to remain calm and appealed for anyone else who could assist to come forward.

 He said it is understood that Burrell’s mother dropped him at a friend’s house earlier that evening and he was later seen at a social event which took place in a yard in Birch Tree Hill – the same location where Ming was gunned down in March. While at this event witnesses say they heard a shot and Burrell fell to the ground. At the sound of the gun shot people fled from the scene in different directions. The shooting was reported to emergency services and Burrell was pronounced dead at the scene.
Bodden stated that the victim was known to associate with gang members and the belief that he knew something about Ming’s murder is an avenue of enquiry which the police are following. He noted that while Burrell had revealed no information to the police he may still have been killed because of that knowledge and had he come forward it may have been possible to place him under protection.
However, Bodden said investigators were keeping an open mind about the motive for the young man’s shooting and were aware that it marked the year anniversary of Carlos Webster’s murder in a West Bay Road night club.
He said it was sad that once again the police had to pass bad news on to the family of a young man and noted that his mother was distraught and collapsed on hearing of her son’s death and had to be taken to hospital.
Adrian Seales from the West Bay Police Station said that officers in that district would be increasing their foot patrols but residents would also see more road blocks in the area as investigations continued. “We won’t allow the relative peace of West Bay to be destroyed again,” he said, adding that all of the West Bay force would be working hard to find those responsible for the murder.
Anyone with information about the shooting or was in the yard in question last night is asked to call 949 3990 or 949 3999 or 949 7777. The public can also call crimestoppers 800 TIPS or speak to a police officer they trust and feel comfortable with.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the Compass, on 8 September I think it was, Superintendant Marlon Bodden said: “Since late March, however, gun related violence in the district [West Bay] dropped off sharply.”

    Superintendant Bodden is XXX deliberately misleading in selecting his time period of “late March,” because at the beginning of March there were 3 murders in West Bay. He continued: “From March through September, the islands saw only one other shooting death . . . a homeowner firing on a burglary suspect. . .” Superintendant Bodden should check his records: From March through September there were deaths by firearms – see the media reports below. Trying to pull the wool over our eyes doesn’t help the credibility of the RCIPS.

    The true situation is: Cayman is heading for another new homicide record in 2010. There were a record 7 murders and 1 manslaughter in 2009, and we’ve already racked up seven homicides by September this year. Almost every robbery in Cayman is an armed robbery; usually a gun, sometimes a knife. It’s clear gun crime is out of control in Cayman. Forget the port development, forget Shetty, and forget everything else. If gun crime is brought under control in Cayman, the biggest murder of all will be our tourism industry – potential visitors are beginning to realize it’s just not safe here anymore.

    CNS— 29 January, 2010 -Murder victim found in GT (Murder #1)
    Less than one month into the new year Police have launched their first murder enquiry of 2010 following the discovery of a body of a 32 year old man at the Progressive Industries warehouse in Sparky Drive, industrial area, George Town. Although the police said the man who was from Bodden Town had been murdered they were unable to confirm if he had been shot. CNS has received other reports that the man was shot in the head. The man’s body was discovered around 23:10 on Thursday night. Although police have not yet released official figures 2009 recorded the highest number of homicides in Cayman’s history with seven murders and one manslaughter
    CNS—15.2.10 – Child shot dead, 2 arrested (Murder #2)
    Police have now confirmed that a four year old little boy is dead after he was shot when a gunman opened fire on the car he was sitting in with his family on the forecourt of the Hell gas station in West Bay this evening and two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder.  At around 8:25pm (Monday I5 February) two men approached the station one of which was carrying a firearm and began shooting at the parked car before running off. The child who was sitting on the back seat was shot but his mother, brother and father escaped injury.
    CNS— 11.3.10 – One dead in gang shoot out (Murder #3)
    Gang violence seemed to reach ever more shocking heights on Grand Cayman this evening when at least one young man was shot and killed in one of two separate shootings in the West Bay area. The shootings took place at separate locations in the district around 8pm. One was off North West Point Road on Maliwinas Way and the other on Birth Tree Hill Road and at least one of the victims has been killed. CNS has also received unconfirmed reports of a further incident in George Town involving a fire arm. All of the shootings are thought to be gang related.
    CNS— 24.3.10 – Man shot dead in West Bay (Murder #4)
    Police have now confirmed that the man gunned down in broad daylight in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon (24 March) was 25-year-old Alrick Peddie from the West Bay. Police launched the murder investigation following the shooting, which took place at around 3:15 outside a residence in Willie Farrington Drive, West Bay, near Batabano Plaza. Emergency services arrived on the scene to find the man had received multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town where he was formally pronounced dead. 
    CNS— 25.3.10 – West Bay death toll climbs (Murder #5)
    Police and emergency services are still attending the scene of yet another shooting in the district of West Bay and have now confirmed that the victim is dead. The shooting took place in the area of Birch Tree Hill Lane at around 9:45pm on Thursday evening. A spokesperson for the RCIPS confirmed that a man has been killed. This homicide comes less than 36 hours after the killing of 25-year-old Alrick Peddie also in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon.  Although details are yet to be confirmed, it appears the latest shooting is also gang related. This is Cayman’s 5th murder for 2010 four of which occurred in the district of West Bay
    CNS— 22.7.10 – Home intruder shot dead (Shooting death #6)*
    Police have now confirmed that a man who was shot during an attempted home burglary has died. The victim who was Harryton Rivers (29) of Prospect was shot by the owner of the property at around 2am this morning (22 July). The man told police he woke up at his home in Liguinea Circle off Aspiration Drive, in George Town to find an intruder inside his house. The home owner, who is a licensed firearms holder, shot Rivers with a handgun but he has not been arrested at this time. Rivers was taken to George Town hospital with critical abdominal wounds, where he was later pronounced dead. Police have now confirmed that a knife was found at the scene.
    CC— 10.09.10 – Police: Dead man had info on Ming Killing (Murder #7)
    Gunshots rang out in West Bay Wednesday night, killing a young man in what is believed to be a gang related incident.  It was the fifth killing in that district since the start of the year. The victim was identified as 20-year-old Tyrone Burrell. Witnesses reported multiple shots fired outside a home on Birch Tree Hill around 8.05pm Wednesday. However, police later said their information indicated only one shot had been fired.  When officers arrived they discovered the 20-year-old Burrell lying on the ground near a residence not moving or breathing. He was pronounced dead at the scene.  

    *CNS note: I have changed #6 to shooting death. No one was charged with murder.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sad situation in Cayman and in particular in West Bay where it seems that so many young men don’t have to drive to go and get a job. They seem to be more interested in the gangster lifestyle and until their parents get it in their heads that drugs and crime = death. The RCIPS is not capable to deal with gangs that’s why we need to ask a major US city to assist us with 10-15 specialist gang officers. Only when this happens and education and morals are pushed to the forefront we’ll continue losing our young men. My prayers go out to the family of the murdered man and I hope that the public will assist the Police in bringing forward the killer(s) so that justice will be served.

    Mac, start getting out of your cocoon and spend more quality time in your district. I hope that Comm Baines will listen to the people and ensure that we get CCTV  and arm more officers and get traineddogs.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the post about the baggy clothes. Why should someone see your underwear with your pants half way down around your butt. Are you guys trying to offend? Is that the reaction you are looking for? If so that is anti-social is it not?  You say don’t judge a book by its cover? People usually never do except when people put trinkets through thier face and tattoos on their bodies to say say hey look atme, I have such an inadequacy complex I have to do this to myself so you think I’m cool. I’ll tell you what’s cool…. Working hard for 20 years building an empire that affords your family stability, love and respect for thier parents. Family values they can pass on to thier kids. You think when you were born your Mother pictured you with a big chrome bead through your lip? You say it’s okay to listen to Violent Rap and it’s okay to dress like gangsters, that it does not mean you are a gangsta. Why try to emulate the thugs then? Why live a lie if you are not that way? Your right this isn’t East LA. Here you can get a job because you have a leg up with your immigration policies but you squander it. Instead you want to play Gangsta but when some people start gettin capped you say that’s not me…I was only pretending ..I’m a good person. If you dress up like a Deere and walk around in the woods during hunting season don’t complain if you get shot. Decide clearly what side of the fence you are going to be on. You all want happiness in your life right? You want Success? Start showing respect firstly for yourself, then others, work hard, don’t offend, don’t look and act like Bozo the clown and life will take you far. Your are a new generation all right but guess what, it’s not working for you is it? When things don’t work try something else right?

  4. hearme says:

    only ‘gangs’ found in cayman——Politics

  5. Anonymous says:


    First off my condolence to the family & friends of the young man who has been taken away from them.
    To the poster of the comment of Fri, 09/10/2010 – 12:22. I have to agree with you 100%. I am a 28 year old female who is employed by a prominent company on the island. I got my first body piercing 16 and first at tattoo 18 (I know have 6), people in this day and age should stop judging books by the cover. 
    Young people are often bypassed in society based on their appearance. I do not condone illegal activities however it is very obvious that if the youth of today cannot find employment legally they stand a good chance of being pulled into selling drugs and stealing which can lead to leaning on and becoming a part of a gang for support in that area.
    It’s time to accept that doctors, lawyers, accountants ect can express their individuality through their outer appearance and that it doesn’t make them any less intelligent or trustworthy.
    Companies – for the sake of the youth please give them a chance, hundreds of children are graduating from high school & universities each year with very little options. Without getting their feet in the door they will not gain the “required” experience that you so often place on advertisements. One more employed young person may mean one more life saved.
    Many of these young people are portraying what they have seen in movies and at home or on the streets however if given the opportunity to advance in life to embrace employment they may very well begin to find themselves and leave their ways of imitating what they have learned through the media & from people who have chosen the wrong way behind.
    • Macman says:

      I have tried to give young Caymanians a chance. Sadly the majority have wanted their money without working for it!

      I had one young Caymanian come in to fill out an application form and he tried to steal some money whilst on the premises! That is fact not made up and I to make it worse I already employ two of his relatives who recommended him and yes he is a ‘born" Caymanian.

      Yes give young Caymanians a chance just be careful.

    • FCA says:

      Dear poster

      I too am a young Caymanian professional female with a tattoo and piercings and I agree wholeheartedly with you that such a person can express themselves with body art and still remain professional.  However I also work in the HR department of company that does it’s very best to not only hire Caymanians but esp. young Caymanian males.  Far too often I get the ones who come in with an attitude of entitlement. They are unable to fill out an employment form without spelling/grammatical errors.  When you interview them they slouch and answer w/ one word answers (yes/no). There is no yes maam, no sir type of thing.

      I personally have even argued to give one or two a chance anyway only to have them quit or be let go because of authority issues.

      When I go to speak at the schools I find the same disrespectful attitudes.  They are on their cell phones and ipods when you try to talk to them, threatening teachers if they dare take away their stuff. 

      The problem is not that they are not given a chance, it’s that most are not willing to put in the hard work it takes to succeed and I say most not all.  Unfortunately this is not a Cayman only problem; the small population here only seems to magnify the problem.


  6. Anonymous says:

     It appears that some people would rather bury their heads in the sand than to face up to the problems that are occurring. Some people live in a ‘blameworthy’ culture and think society and the government owe them something. It is such a common view for some to blame ex pats, the police, whoever they choose when they need to realise that it is a British dependency and without the UK Cayman would descend into a very bad place.

  7. future Politician says:

    This is no joking matter, that young man is gone never to return, but it should not be so surprising to his family if he associated with individuals who are gang related. I am also sure his family and friends know what went on there, or have some idea.

    We do have gangs that debate is obsolete so please lets move forward from there. If he indeed did have information about the other murder the police need to know who else does before similar incidents occur. I am telling you, every one of these young men killed results in 3 more to take his place. We are killing ourselves.



  8. Anonymous says:


    And we have movies showing at the cinema like "The Takers" that glorifies those badass types. 

    That is the dumbest piece o XXX predictable movie that I have ever wasted my money on! 

    That’s the last time I take that persons word that a movie is good!

    • Anonymous says:

      I go to the movies all the time and I watch all sorts of movies at home all the time! It does not mean that I am going to go out into society and copy what I’ve seen in a movie!! I also do my best to teach my child the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. If you don’t have people in your lives at least trying to steer you in the right direction when you are growing up of course kids will think that what they see in a movie is the right way to act. And I’m not saying that this young man for example, didn’t have people in his life who tried to guide him in the right direction, because there is still no guarantee that if a parent tries their hardest with their child as they are growing up, that that child will grow up and follow what their parent taught them rather than what their friends teach them. But you can’t blame the a movie for how some young people act. You have a choice in every decision that you make in your life. So it’s up to that individual to decide if they want to do what is right or if they want to follow what they see on tv. What ever you chose in life always has consequences, so it’s up to you as an individual to make the choice that comes with the consequences you can live with. Don’t be a follower! Be a leader!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    While I understand everyone’s take on the matter, it’s unfortunate that people who personally know few, if any of the "gang related murder" victims speak so poorly of them.

    I’m a young Caymanian, born & raised, who has been through school and grown up with many of the people whose lives have been taken from us in the last few years. At 19, I’ve been to too many funerals and unfortunately will be to many more.

    What disturbs me, is that so many people fail to understand and realize that a lot of the problems young people are having with each other, and initially the forming of these "gangs" have spawned from things like FAMILY and DISTRICT issues that date way back before myself and a lot of the people involved and deceased were even born.

    Granted, there have been people who moved to the island, unfortunately have been given status by one party or another, and have contributednegatively to the problems already here. Too many are quick to point the finger at "expats" and "paper Caymanians"

    We’re a NEW generation, and we don’t apologize for having tattoos, wearing baggy clothes, loving gold rings & jewelry, listening to Vybez Kartel, Mavado, 50 Cent, Tupac & Biggie or for posing in a way that some don’t approve of. We couldn’t be more different than our parents and grand-parents but that gives no one the right to condemn us.

    Every year JGHS has a larger Honor Student group than the year before. I can guarantee you that in these groups you’re finding teens with tattoos, teen mothers AND fathers and most certainly teens with a FUTURE. Unfortunately, corporate Cayman and a lot of Cayman on a whole are too quick to judge once they see something they didn’t grow up with.

    "Gangs" DO exist in Cayman, but i guarantee you a picture or being in the same vicinity of a previous crime is not proof that you’re a gang member. Cayman is extremely small after all, and for one, Tyrone for example, is from West Bay. Did it ever occur to you that he knew people who live/hang out there BEFORE Ming’s murder?

    I’ll end with this.. It’s unfortunate that so many young Caymanians, based on appearance alone have been grouped into the "gang member" category.. Maybe if more of us were given the chance to prove our worth, what we’re capable of, more of us would be "saved" from the life you so quickly judge.. Maybe if we were given the chance at something better, things would actually GET better.

    • Anonymous says:


      "We’re a NEW generation, and we don’t apologize for having tattoos, wearing baggy clothes, loving gold rings & jewelry, listening to Vybez Kartel, Mavado, 50 Cent, Tupac & Biggie or for posing in a way that some don’t approve of. We couldn’t be more different than our parents and grand-parents but that gives no one the right to condemn us…"

      Unfortunately that is where things have gone badly wrong – When your heros are gangstas and you grow up being a thug wannabe gangsta, your future is likely to be pretty bleak (even in a place as tame as the Cayman Islands) basically you are looking at getting locked up in a cage or perhaps shot. This is not South Central Los Angeles, your back up is not up against a wall. There is a way out. Study, work hard, don’t do drugs, don’t expect handouts or to be made general manager right away. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Dressing a certain way or throwing a gang sign does not mean that you are in a gang, but those are indicators. You most likely won’t be wearing your pants around your butt (btw, that custom started in prison by homosexuals) if you are working in a financial office. You most likely will not be wearing a marijuana T-shirt and posing in a picture if you are the lawyer, teacher, judge,banker,  etc. You most likely would not be chillin on the street corner if you were the honor roll student or if you were employed and spent your hours at your job. You simply do not have the time and the rest of your energy goes to productivity.  Chillin on the streets never brings anything good. Set goals..continue your education, get yourself a job, travel etc.

      If you (teens etc.) want to prove your worth- remove your piercings, pull up the pants, dress appropriately(not in your standards, but in business standards), grab a pen and go out and pound the pavement for a J-O-B. Do not tell me that no one is hiring. If you want a job bad enough, be creative, and go get one. Do not settle for less. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Find something that you are interested in and apply. Remember your manners, turn off that cell phone, spit out that gum, and GO!! 

      The shootings need to stop. The "beef" isn’t worth it. You are burying your friends. How sad is that?

    • Anonymous says:

      young man / lady I couldnt have said it better myself

  10. Sunrise says:

    Cayman, we have got to stop saying that we do not have any gangs here!  We have had gangs being organized from the time the Unity team was in power.  The same problem we are having now with keeping things quiet, we were having at that time, but instead of facing the problem we would rather sweep in under the rug, as we did at that time.  We have a serious problem in Cayman and we better admit to it and try to come to a solution.  We may not have organized crime, but we do have wanna be gangsters, which carry guns and kill other people.  We have been fortunate that the only ones being killed so far, with the exception of maybe a couple, are the gangsters. 

    The solutions start at home; if we see our children associating with certain individuals that we think are notthe right company then nip it in the bud.  Do not think that our children are always right and that they can do no wrong.  We have to keep abreast of their daily happenings and make sure that they know we will not tolerate any of this BS from them.  If they break the law then we will have to deal with them in the same way, we cannot keep covering up for the mistakes of our children.  Why spare the rod and spoil the child?  They will only grow to become worse for us and the society, which is not good for any country, especially a small Island as Grand Cayman.

    I also think that the police can be forceful in frequenting the known gang "hang outs" so their presence will at least deter any future thinking of such horrid activities. We also need to be more forceful when in comes to visitations of these known gang members residences, knocking down of doors, if we suspect guns to be at these residences.  The only people that usually get mad at the law being implemented are those that have something to hide. 

    It is a terrible excuse that these persons think since they grew up poor, they have the right to steal or kill other people.  We as grown ups have to show the younger children what is right and wrong, they way of doing this is to stop blaming others for our mistakes.  When something happens, it is either the government’s fault, the neighbours fault, the economy fault, etc..  Blame ourselves for once and correct the problem, discipline our own children and show them what is right!!

    Remember when we grew up poor?  No problems!!!!  Grow up CAYMAN!!!

    My condolences to the family as it is never nice to lose a love one.  May God comfort you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If they are Caymanian born of the soil put them in Northward and TRY to rehabilitate if not serving life for murder (rape should be a life term bye the way) Community, unfortunently it is our obligation for the betterment of the community to try and help rehabilitate kids that have grown into adults whos parents failed them and or no Daddy. Same everywhere , we have to pull our weight and other peoples too.

    If they are Status Holders not born of the soil send them back to where they came from becuase they still have a passport and citizenship in that country. Doesn’t matter if they came here when they were 10. They have relatives there. Don’t ever let them back in.

    Parents…do your job. Men! I mean boys (or should I say boyz) if you get a girl pregnant be the father to that child for the rest of your life. Because when you get through being stupid for the first half of your life there may be one person who still loves you. The rest of usmay hate you but at least when you die, IF you live a long life you won’t go out with no one who or who wants to remember you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This article states "people fled from the scene" and police want to talk to "others who were there that have not yet spoken to them".

    While I can surely understand innocent persons running from the immediate scene for their own personal safety, this certainly sounds like another instance of a murder taking place in front of multiple witnesses. Since the police have not announced an arrest, it seems reasonable to think that these witnesses are not stepping forward.

    They could call 9-1-1 as soon as they are in an area of safety. It’s a free call – no credit required – and nearly everyone in Cayman has a cell phone.

    After the fact they can call the 800-TIPS line, which is completel;y anonymous and answered offisland.

    Even if not everyone there at the time actually saw the moment of the shooting, those present can identify other persons who where there – potential witnesses – and who the police need to talk to.

    How exactly can the police identify the triggerman without cooperation?

  13. Mr America says:

    My heart breaks each time I hear of these murders in Cayman. I remember no so long ago when a murder was almost unheard of in your beautiful country. What a shame it is that Mr. Bush opened the doors of Cayman to thiefs, smugglers, and murderers. The former leaders in your country were so protective of your people and your culture and this one power hungry leader has allowed Cayman to start down the road of being just another 3rd world Carribean island.

    • Pastor Bucket says:

      Mr America please check your facts – this is a local boy killed by a local boy, no expats involved.

      Its thanks in part to BET, MTV and the USA that these silly boys around the world (Cayman is not alone: See UK/USA/Canada for similar issues) want to be gangsters

      Mr Bush opening the doors (and needs to do more as population is down, again read the facts) has nothing to do with what these idiots do.

  14. Anonymous says:

     Having a degree from a UK University in Criminology and having been involved with such things I feel I have a bit of an understanding on such issues. The label of ‘gang member’ is a very broad term and does not need to be reserved for those film type characters. Gangs are widespread and take on many different forms from a rather low level right up to organised and serious criminality.

    The people involved in these tragic incidents are young men, possible from poorer backgrounds (based upon the information I have). As such, young men in these positions form associations and thisis called a ‘sub-culture’ whereby they become dis-enfranchised from society and behave in the the way that they think society expects them to.This is not uncommon at all. The problem Cayman has is that such young men now have access to firearms. It is pretty clear that these young men are in differing ‘groups’ of people and there tensions between these differing groups. Along with their clothing and hand gestures this means that these young men are in what many term as gangs. Those that say they are not in gangs either do not understand the concept or are unwilling to consider the situation.

    But what can Cayman do to try and solve the problem? The police are still in crisis. The current Caymanian versus ex pat situation is still going on. What the Caymanian senior officers need to understand is that the police have to represent the community they serve and therefore a mix of officers is a must. The skills base within the police is shameful and some officers cannot even read or write (I am sure I have some mistakes here but at least its readable!). A cull of officers would not do any harm and recruit some who know what they are doing. I wont even mention firearms access and intelligence.

    Condolences to the family of this young man and lets hope things do not spiral again. 


    • Anonymous says:

      You could always deport the ones that are not Caymanian, and some are not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you studied the situation in the Cayman Islands? Are you living here and do you interact with the Community of the Cayman Island? That would be good to know that we have such experts like you living amongst us. If you are a johnny come lately or living in a foreign country, notwithstanding you degree in this area I would suggest you make an indept study into the problem and let us have the benefit of your study. Before you blow your cover, my reason for the questions and suggestion is this, many times in the pastthere have been some so called experst talking down to us as if we are completely daft about some of our social, economic and other problems, then set themselves as "saviours" whom we must recruit to fix the problems. To the best of my knowledge we have some Criminaloigists here including Dr. Anthony White. Like I said, I don’t know your position. Maybe you are one of our own. If so my sincere apology.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Many of us are grown up and have travelled the world. When we see a young man flashing what appears to be a gangsta hand sign we think "gangsta" or "wannabe gangsta" which is the same as "gangsta" which = bad news for normal law abiding people who want to feel secure in their bed at nights. Doesn’t matter if he is a gangsta or not if he looks like a gangsta he is a gangsta. They may think they are cool but they are people only their families love. The rest of us just wish they would go to Miami or some place. How about these kids respect Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King if it’s easier to associate with someone of their own skin color instead of Tupac and the Notorius B.I.G. You’re not fooling anyone. Parents, whatch out who your kids hang out with and if they start acting like little gangstas do whatever you can to get them to fly right or they may end up dead. No child should have thier legacy be some RIP tribute stickered on someones back window driving around Cayman.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Do parents know the signs of their children belonging to a gang? I listened to that poor mother tonight on the news report and then I looked at the picture. If he was not in a gang, he was in the picture throwing a "gang sign" (was it just meaning West Bay)? The second group picture the T-shirt of the person next to him was covered with marijuana and everyone in the picture seemed to be throwing some sort of "sign". Not a big deal, one may say, BUT, definently indicators of certain types of behaviors. IMO, parents need to keep a watchful eye of their children, who and where they are hanging out and sometimes pictures of them "chillin" with their friends is the best indicators.

    My condolences to the family and friends of this young man. A life cut short way too early and needlessly.

    " It takes a stronger man to walk away then to stand around and fight".

    How many more friends do you want to bury??

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have just seen a photograph of the deceased and his "posse". Please will the Police explain why every one of the individuals in that photograph, which they will have seen, has not been investigated for intended prosecution for gang membership? Is it illegal or not, ‘cos you guys never seem to do anything about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      NONE I REPEAT NONE of these children are in ANY GANGS !!!! they are former school mate that have been exsupposed to the hard life due to the fact the priemier is catering to for the elite and note the people he was suppose to be representing and looking out for THE BORN CAYMANIAN )NOT PAPER HOLDERS  

      • An Ony Mous says:

        Get your head out of the sand, or wherever else it may be lodged.  Gangs are here and many Caymanians are among them – born Caymanians and Paper Holders alike. 

    • Anonymous says:

      First let me say that before you accuse people of being in a gang get to know the person or ask someone. Tyrone was my family and it breaks my heart that he will never be able to fulfill his true destiny. He is going to be missed by so many people and for you to just assume that he is in a gang just because of a picture of him and is friends makes you shortsighted and narrow-minded. How would you feel if he was related to you??? Go grow up and learn somethings about the world that we live in today before you speak. I guess your mom never taught you that if you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem. If you have so many thoughts and ideas then go out there and fix it. Make the world a better place. All I can say is that I pity you because you can’t even see past someones looks. Don’t judge a book by its cover because that cover may hide something so precious that it is irreplaceable and that is what my cousin is he is irreplaceable. RIP Tyrone…forever in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am truly sad that another young life has been taken – but they are flashing gang symbols, were partying in the yard where a suspected gang leader was shot and killed only a few months ago, and in another photograph they are clearly displaying their hands in the form of GUNS.

        In the words of Robert Nestor Shakespearse (because you may not have the education to understand William’s version) ‘Dem what live by de gun (or close to it)  tek dem liks’.


        I refuse to wait to be a victim myself before speaking out frankly on this – and I am sorry if as an unintended consequence you are caused extra pain. Perhaps i can help prevent other family members from suffering a similar loss.



      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I knew Tyrone pretty well, loved him to death and did not personally consider him a gangster but these pictures really left my mouth hanging open.  He was also friends with my son and these pictures scare me. 


        Love & miss you Tyrone

      • Anonymous says:

        First let me say that before

        so true so many people gave you a thumbs down on your comment but thats ignorance at its best if they knew lil T or any of these boys personally it would be differrent but anyway , i will keep all of you in my prayers.

    • Anonymous says:

      for your information i took that photograph of your so called POSSE im a 35 yr old woman we were having a halloween party u @#% i perfer to know where these children / young men were rather than out some where getting into trouble/killed they all have some problem at home its a pity that YOU’LL come on here and judge them without know a thing about them they are friends, im sure if you have kids they have more than just one friend and when they get together and hang out together it not called a POSSE OR GANG !!!!! these children come from homes where there is only one parent having to work more than one job just to make ends meet sometimes they are left to fend for themselves so the street is all they know as for tyrone i will miss this lil boy i’ve known him from he started primary school with my son he’s like my own he ALWAYS had good manners always quite you never knew he was around unless you saw him he never bothered anyone as for the SIGNS they are showing in the picture its a W for westbay which is where they reside their hometown i see nothing wrong with representing that i see no respresentation of a GUN IN ANY OF MY PHOTOGRAPHS I DONOT CONDONE DRUGS OR GUNS !!!!!! im so tired of people judging these children by how they look rather than by who they really are i will miss his bright  wonderfull smile just monday i saw waving at me and there it was those bright eyes and that smile of his i just cant believe he’s gone , Ms Joy you are in my prayers i can only imagine the pain your heart feels the lord has taken him home to a better place

  18. Beachboi says:

    I remember the quote on the front page of a local paper some years ago "Their not gangs, their groups…"  That was such foresight!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Teachers were saying there were gangs as long ago as the mid 80s. The gurus/ostriches in the Education Dept said Caymanians don’t get into gangs. Brilliant. Therefore they didn’t need to do anything about it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dear Commissioner Baines and D/Supt Bodden, 

    Please find shooter/killer "NUMBER 16" and give him a polygraph examination too. lol 🙂