Year zero for year twelve students

| 09/09/2010

(CNS): Hundreds of students turned up to start the government school system’s first ever year twelve programme this week. The new mandatory school year offers students a new start in a variety of vocational programmes, the opportunity to take advance academic study or a second chance for those that failed exams. With some 35% of 15-19 year olds out of work this extra year provides students with the chance to equip themselves for the future. “If you want to be successful, make the best of all that’s on offer throughout this final year. The time and care with which you prepare to face the world will determine your future accomplishments,” the education minister Rolston Anglin told year 12 students on their first day.

Prior to the first day of term students have reviewed grades and met with Department of Education Services’ staff members to determine possible placement in the Year 12 programme. The final school year allows students to re-sit exams or explore vocational courses such as creative media production, motor vehicle repair, and information technology. Others may also use the time to prepare for the next step in their educational journey by exploring advanced placement course options.
 “This is an innovative programme that will provide a much needed bridge to further education or the world of work, with a mix of programmes that will cater to students of all abilities. It is an important milestone for our education system,” Anglin stated recently. “
Students essentially have had to make a choice from three programme options available to the:
The first is to pursue a Vocational, Career and Technical (VoCaT) Programme; the second for academically successful students is the Advanced Placement International Diploma and the third is  
the Foundation Studies Programme, which offers students a second chance at exam success in key subjects.
Qualified students may also choose to undertake dual-entry studies through partnerships between the Further Education Centre and external providers. These partnerships offer students the option to begin their A-levels or study towards an Associate’s Degree. 
Those choosing VoCaT can study creative media production, motor vehicle repair, business, information technology, sport and leisure, hospitality, and an exciting new medical technician programme developed in partnership with the Health Services Authority. Students in the VoCaT programme will also be able to participate in the Foundation Studies programme to improve their academic qualifications in core areas. Functional literacy and numeracy programmes will also be available for students who need that support.
Advanced Placement (AP) courses will allow students to prepare for university entry while studying for the AP International Diploma. Entry to the AP course of study will require a minimum of five higher passes at grades A/B or I/II at the GCSE/CXC level, including English and mathematics. The internationally respected AP qualifications provide college credit and advanced placement at American universities. They are also recognized in the UK and around the world.    
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that the most positive and important stories on CNS usually end up with little or no comments or worse the most asinine comments ever as in the case on this thread.

    Gives a clue as to the true mindset of a majority of the CNS commentators who seem to glorify the negative and contentious issues.

    I find this to be a truly positive step in the right direction and I hope the students take full advantage of this opportunity so that they are able to better assimilate into the work force or excel at their quest for higher education.

    CNS Please keep us posted on the progress of this initiative.

    CNS: Any word on the exam results as yet???? 


    • anonymous says:

      I agree with you. The dumber the topic the more idiots jump on the bridge to nowhere. There are a few really intelligent and good contributors to CNS most of the good one print their names. But the majority of them are just PPM pawns and UDP pawns. no meat in between I’m afraid just water !

      It is really sad that some of the most important topics have been created for discussion and presented in this forum and the response is pathetic.The more important the topic is the more it is ignored! this speaks volumes for the type of losers that swarm this forum to discuss B.S. that has no substance.   I believe its a bunch of PPM supporters that are controlled by Kurt and Alden and they are told what to respond to, whose article  to respond or support, because  they are so insecure. It happens all the time. So they stay dumb and uneducated and vote yes for Lions Club members who are incapable of running the country. The Lions Club does not make decisions for the majority of the people but they are trying and its time people put a stop to this. Stop worshiping these service clubsand their members just because they give you a handout, you’re selling your kids and their future for the price of a microwave and a refrigerator! shame on you. Its called PROSTITUTION!

      Both PPM and UDP realize their days are numbered for being elected. We’ve had enough.  However the majority of these idiots in the forum have no idea who or what they should be voting for. There is lack of education. We need New blood in 2013 but as voters we also need a new mindset to vote differently and get different results..

  2. Robemny says:

    hello im a year 12 graduated and i think this is a great way for students and graduates  to have and extra opportunity in life with their studies. I think is a great thing what the government is doing for young caymanians. Especially for those who didn’t sucess in JGHS for the whole 3 years. its a chance for them to be a better person in life and to inproved their ways of learning.

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      If 12 is good then 13 would be better.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we can assume this is satire, too.  No Year-12 graduate would write like this, surely!

  3. Jab Jab says:

    Medical Technician but not ‘elder care giver’? Methinks year 12 has missed a career that we are apparently in even greater need of.

  4. S. Stirrer says:

    Why are you posting these nonsense stories CNS? We don’t care about education. All we care about is killing, rollover, Jesus and the RCIPS. Can we have more stories about those please.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I am disappointed that CNS published your response!  It is clear you have nothing to do.  Perhaps you should join the Year 12 programme!  I am sure you would do well with functional literacy and some vocational programmes to get you employed (doing something worthwhile)!

      • Dick Shaughneary says:

        Does Caribbean Haven have a place for those hopelessly addicted to the exclamation mark?  If so sign up.

        • Jess Blomee says:

          I think he has an exlamarection – needs a little antiviagara to bring things down works for me…. Usually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhh…..

    • Anonymous says:

      According to the replies, it seems that people actually took S. Stirrer’s comment seriously. LOL

      HellooooOOOO people! Is no one here familiar with comedic sarcasm? 

      Geeze! Lighten up folk.