Police call off search for missing prison chef

| 10/09/2010

(CNS): The RCIPS said this evening that it has called off the search for Brian Ricardo Rattray, who was reported missing yesterday. The man who was a victim of arson recently and a chef at Northward Prison, was last seen by his wife yesterday at around 9am. Police launched a search operation but now say enquiries have concluded that Rattray "is safe and well" and no longer considered to be a missing person. No other details were offered by the police but his family is now aware of his whereabouts. Rattray and his family lost everything when their home was completely destroyed by a fire that is under investigation and believed to have been set deliberately. (Photos courtesy of News27).

Police have not yet confirmed the suspicions but CNS understands that the investigation into the fire may be connected to Rattray’s work at the prison.
The blaze which destroyed the home in Midland Acres, Bodden Town, was set on Monday 30 August while the family was visiting a friend’s house. The 911 emergency centre received the call at around 9pm and dispatched fire and police officers from Bodden Town to the address at 95 Periwinkle Drive. Arriving at the scene, fire officers said the one bedroom concrete structure was engulfed in flames.

Although no one was hurt, the family was left homeless by the fire and lost all of their possessions. A local security firm recently coordinated a fundraising effort to help the couple and their two young children with food, shelter, clothes and toys.
Anyone with information or knows where Brian is can contact the George Town Police Station at 949-4222, Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2220, West Bay Police Station at 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers confidential number at 800-8477.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would CNS please tell the public where they can donate to this sad cause.  Has an account been set up by any chance?  How can one contact the family to bring them gifts and donations.  Christmas is coming and those two precious little boys will need some extra fuss made of them after losing it all.  I for one would like to know what the little boys interests are so on my Xmas trip to the States I can buy them a present and perhaps a new dress for their Mum … but I don’t know her size.

    CNS: If these details are supplied to us we’ll be happy to post them.


  2. Love My Adopted Homeland says:

    I was talking to a Jamaican yesterday and he said, My Friend, this is just how Jamaica started off, shooting here, kidnap there, and within a few years they started building the gated resorts for the tourists so tourism would be safe, he said, coz tourists were just stopping to come.

    I just hope Brian needed a day to himself and is rushing home to his little family now. And after being greeted by the grateful hugs, his wife scolds him for making the entire island worry.


    Be safe

    • anonymous says:

      Well having the UDP in power is just like having the Jmaica JLP in power.

      It is a crying shame. Crime as inceased under this government and can anyone tell us why?

      The danger of party politics is that in Jamaica it is proven that the politicians put guns in the hands of criminals to kill who?  Most of the time they use it on themselves (the gangs) but some intended target is politically ordered.

      Cayman Must do away with party politics. It will lead you to way tomuch crime.

      Its time to purchase burglar bars and stop living a frsad.

      Caymanian residents and citizens now need to grill their doors and windows. No need to try to fool the world. they read the paper before coing down here so tell the truth and let the people know how to guard themselves when they visit us..

  3. livingcayman says:

    Brian I hope you are all right!

    This is sad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Has this place gone mad?  

    • Former-expat says:

      "Has this place gone mad?"

      Yes, in a lot of ways it has.  It is so very sad that crime has overtaken Cayman but the reality is that it has, and it is escalating rapidly.  XXXX

      I understand fully why Mac wants a wall around his house, and the RCIPs might do well to build walls around theirs as well.  It’s a small jump from prison support staff to politicians and cops on the street.  I put an ocean between me and these criminals, but a lot of people in Cayman don’t have that option and I grieve for them.

      Why do the good people (meant literally) of Cayman put up withthis?  Why are you not camped out on the Governor’s doorstep with big signs demanding change?  If this failure to respond to the crime wave happened in my country, there would literally be a mob at City Hall simmering in rage at the powers that be.  I would be the first among them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Duhhh…. long time ago!

  5. Right ya so says:

    OMG. I hope he’s ok.

    • anonymous says:


      The crime status quo is a clear answer to what Cayman’s problem really is.

      A worthless Cayman Immigration Board that continues to import labor with NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND SCREENING of work permit holders or status grantees..

      A worthless immigration system that allows employers to lay off people and they remain on the island taking to crime because they have NO JOB TO LIVE ON.So they rob, kill and steal.

      AWORTHLESS LABOR BOARD that does not enforce labor laws nor the policies. Allowing X-pats to hold jobs Caymanian are qualified to hold.So our Cayman Youthhave no choice but rob, kill and steal.

      A WORTHLESS CABINET that has no business making Immigration Board decisions – GRANTING CAYMAN STATUS  to Criminals from other lands. WE BLAME THA L.A.  CABINET SLACKNESS IN NOT CONDUCTING ‘BACK GROUND CHECKS’ on these criminals to whom  they are granting CAYMAN STATUS ! SHAME ON YOU YOU LOUSY BUNCH  ah!

      A Police Department that does not use its discretionary powers in keeping private confidential information that should protect people who report criminals endangering their lives.

      A  government that seems to be more concerned about what their developer friends and rich friends want WHILE IGNORING WHAT THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM  REALLY NEED.

      RCIP should have a curfew for at least one year until the streets are cleaned up of these varmint criminals. IT MUST BE DONE.

      Old cold murder cases should be reopened because those same murders are STILL walking around killing people.

      THE UNSOLVED MYSTERIES MUST BE SOLVED. It puts people in constant danger when case are not solved.You can’t put a BANDAID ON AN OPEN WOUND!

      This is taking the lazy way out out.:

      But if we want country back, we need to hold the ministers and the churches responsible.

      You as Ministers must not appear on the courthouse steps merely for a stage show  to be seen with the premier, you must collectively and corporately lead the citizens of the country in PRAYER on a monthly basis consistently without ceasing. The bible says ‘PRAY WITHOUT CEASING"

      Ministers must weep between the porches for the nation and for the lost souls, you yourselves must repent of your own sin for taking up big offerings and tithes and neglecting to go into the highways and byways to preach the gospel. Get out of your stained glass windows and pitch some tents into the heart of these devil infested areas.

      TAKE BACK THE TERRITORY FROM THE DEVIL  ‘ON YOUR KNEES"  not hiding from the criminals, go after them with the gospel. Tell them Jesus loves them, some have never heard this before.  A POPULATION OF ONLY 60,000 PEOPLE AND ABOUT  ONE MILLION CHURCHES AND STOREFRONTS !

      Something is very wrong if you all can’t bring some kind o soul winning revival or crusade  to that little 2×4 country, if you fail its because you are more interested in MONEY THAN A LOST SOUL!

      If my people which are called my name would humble themselves and pray, Seek my face, turn from their wicked ways, Then would i hear from heaven, heal their land, and heal their diseases, saith the Lord.. II Chronicles 30:verse 8.