Robbers strike at local store

| 12/09/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman crime news, headline news(CNS): The manager of a small grocery store in George Town was knocked out by a gunman during an armed robbery late Saturday night (11 September), police said on Sunday morning. George Town detectives are now appealing for witnesses to the incident, which occurred at 22:15 outside the convenience store in the vicinity of Money Gram on Shedden Road. Two men, one armed with a gun, held up the operator of the store as he was leaving. They ordered him to hand over the money and he gave them the bag he was carrying, which contained an undisclosed sum of money, a Blackberry phone and keys. He was then struck on the head by the man with the gun and was unconscious for a short while.

The men escaped on foot in the Myles Road area.
The store’s operator, who received a minor laceration to his head, was treated at the hospital and released. The men, who were wearing dark clothes, gloves and masks, are described as about 6’ tall and stocky, Anyone who was in the area at the time and might have witnessed the men leaving the scene are asked to call the George Town CID at 949 4222 or Crime Stoppers at 800 TIPS (8477).
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  1. anonymous says:

    Didn’t the cops just charged someone for a series of armed robberies in georgetown? its like as fast as they catch one another pops up on the radar. its obvious to me that this is a growing trend and its almost like a never ending saga. perhaps if i can draw an analogy such as the lawn care companies, a seemingly good business to be into; you cut the weeds today and one week later they are grown again and the process starts all over. a few weeks ago the cops caught someone and the robberies were almost non existent over the past two weeks and then there is a strike again. and rthe process starts all over. 

    Arming store owners is not the answer. There has got to be a better solution.    

  2. Anonymous says:

    As I have said it over and over again, nothing will change until the day comes where one of the elected members, the police chief or any of their close family members are personally and directly affected by such a crime.

    For the time being, this is just stuff that happens to other people…….


    • Anonymous says:

      The scariest thing to me is that the "people" know who is committing the crimes, but do nothing to turn them in. You let them terrorize your neighborhood, your neighbors etc.  and "you" do nothing to stop them.

  3. Mr. Spooner says:

    I think the most disturbing thing about this post is that it’s just another unsolved robbery.  Thieves getting away on foot planning their next attack on an unsuspecting business.  When will the police actually start solving crimes here?  I’m not against the police and certainly they need to do a better job.

    It seems like every other day there’s a robbery.  Have you actually counted the number of robberies since 2009 to date and looked at the solve rate?  I bet it’s less than 2%.  Not a good track record at all.  If you start catching more criminals, your surveillance and intelligence in the force goes up because now you have criminals making guilty pleas and giving police better info. to catch other criminals out there.  Do the police need more public support?  If so, let’s give it to them.  Seems like everyone and their brother has two cell phones here.  See something suspicious, pickup the dang phone and call crimestoppers.  It’s not that hard really if you think about it.

    Lets hope the police can get their act together sooner than later and that the public lend support in helping the police bring these people to justice.  Maybe bringing back the hanging gallows may help?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh look, another weekend, another robbery in the Shedden Road area of George Town.  When will the RCIPS get people on the streets to protect the public.  Stop sitting around in the police station or in your cars waiting for something to happen.  Be proactive – PLEASE! 

    I had an interesting chat with a colleague of mine over the weekend.  He is friends with a Police officer new to the island – been here a few months.  He stated that he has yet to make an arrest!  Well, get out on the streets – there appear to be plenty of people walking around with guns and knives or driving around in cars with almost blackout windows. 


  5. And then they want people to not ARM OURSELVES for protection when they are robbing people and striking them on the head with firearms!  This is rediculous, and I am sick and tired of hearing from the Police that it is in our best interest not to be armed

    • noname says:

      You can not fight crime with flesh when the criminals are using steel.  Common sense!  I understand people have a thing against guns but what consequences are there for the fleeing criminal??  He/She doesnt care because they know the most that can happen is a billy club or wasp spray.  People really need to open their eyes.  They can nip this crime wave in the bud right now but they are not even trying. Bring in the forces that are educated in stopping this crime.  A criminal could care less about police chasing them when the police have no defense.  Unbelievable! Your poor island, before you know it, will be under seige.  Didn’t someone comment recently that this is the way Jamaica started??  Wake up, we don’t need another Jamaica!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Flooding the island with British cops/army is not the answer – we have enough of them here now and look at the State of affairs. The population is flooded with animals that prey on us. The Police are handicapped in so many ways, one being they are not armed, mentally nor with a firearm. We have too many people from other islands here that are criminals, let alone we have enough home grown ones to shake a stick at.. You cannot go on a large animal hunt with a sling shot and a wheelchair, that is the state of the RCIP.


    These islands have a social problem, parents are not controlling thier children, only to let them grow into animals on the street. The time of Cayman past is long gone, smell the roses and and you get a smell of ganja. The goverment is not allowed any power in the Policing of the country which is a fatal flaw. We need to change this balance in power. Then the next thing that needs to be done is all CHILDREN that leave school need to be able to read and do math. Then send a lot of the people that are here from other countries some more then others HOME. A lot fo the crime will drop if this is done.

  7. Beachboi says:

    Our leaders seem to be content with praying that the criminals will just go away.  Why should they?  They make a better living than most hard working citizens.  The police force is so disorganised as to be laughable.  They recruit, hire and "train" officers that are not even litterate, and we expect them to carry out investigations and bring criminals to justice.  When they do the criminals get off due to a lack of evidence.  I tried calling TIPS once to make a report.  It was Miami Dade Police and I got put on hold and transferred so many times that I lost my nerve and hung up.  XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Ya, ya, ya, I guess you are expecting the police should have been standing outside the little shop by money Gram waiting  for the robbery to take place.  Why dont you people use your heads.

    • Anonymous says:

       here’s a little secret for you; Your leaders are not praying that the criminals(or crime) will go away.  I wish they would even do that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it was the National Pensions Office taking money to compete with the CAYMAN CRIMINAL COMPANIES that are ROUTINELY STEALING peoples pensions.

    • Anon says:

      Alright, enough with the pension posts already! We get it. Geez!

      • Anonymous says:

         Thanks for noticing.   Does ‘we get it’ mean ALL THE MONEY STOLEN has been returned to the workers? Oh happy day!

        or does it mean we don’t give a rats azz cuz it didn’t happen to us, they’re not our people, and it’s not as exciting as talking about getting to shoot intruders?

        • Anonymous says:

          It means that you are in Cayman now.  If you did not want to get ripped off by Caymanians then you should not have come.  If you paid money to an employer expecting them to comply with laws their own leadership can’t follow then welcome to the club.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thank You. that helps clear it up for me.



            I feel better now




            thank you again

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think you do get it .  there are robberies happening, we know who the perpetrators are, we know where they are, we have laws against it, we have people to enforce these laws, we have the knowledge  that these laws are not being enforced and "we get it"?.  

  9. anonymous says:

    How pathetic have we become!! when we rob persons who are struggling in this economy to secure their few dollars. I wonder if these individuals stop and realize that they will someday become either injured or a statistic on the death or MIA list.  We can no longer tolorate such acts of injustice, and others will take their own actions. Where were the Security or RCIP Officers  on a Saturday Night?  Imagine this is almost the central part of George Town and no "security" on a weekend. 

    Our people who do business with these establishments should be protected no matter what time of night or day  they transact their business.  Why is it not madatory for all businesses that are active 24hrs to have such protection for their customers?? – not good!!! It is a shame to know that we are fighting crime etc in this country and we are no further ahead than we were when it began.  These peple need their own protection, if no one does it – Any suggestion to the method of protection that will be allowed under these ever eluding circumstances?  A  suggestion would be to get some of the "street smart" honest persons to assist.



    • Anonymous says:

      who also should be protected are the people who work in these business’.

      Just in case ‘someone’ is stealing their pension 

      • Anonymous says:

        good one on the thumbs down!  you’re right, PEOPLE’S PENSIONS SHOULD NOT BE PROTECTED.  I was just funnin’. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    The UK need to lock down the island, flood it with the army/police and sort cayman once and for all.

    • republic of Caymania says:

      Better still,

      Use the Army to secure the airfield and supervise the orderly exit.

      The rear party can switch the lights off at Government house, collect the Flag and climb aboard HMS Manchester.

      No pomp, no circumstance just a dignified closure and a slow cruise away until the automatic weapon fire and people driving like they have just stolen a vehicle cannot be heard anymore. No remorse or regrets, just the fond memories should be carried away.

      I am just grateful that I have managed to get assets out already and that I do not have a property to sell.


  11. New Jersey says:

    Seriously, the police need to crack down on the crime NOW! They can’t wait any longer.  If they need to call in other police from the US or UK then that is what they have to do.  I read Cayman News everyday and it is starting to look like a paper in the US.  People are truly going to be afraid to come to the Islands.  I am hoping when I visit in 2011 it won’t be the last time, but with the crime getting out of control, why travel to a place as dangerous as my home land.  Unbelievable the thugs that are beginning to take over the Island.  It is time to stand up to the crime.  If not only the police, but the people of Cayman stood up andreported suspicious activity, or a crime occurring, they would be able to slow the crime.  Show the thugs that the Island is cared for and that the community will not stand for it!!  The thugs don’t care.  They are trying to scare you and take over the Island.  Your island is beautiful.  Stop the madness!  I would almost bet money on the problem – – drugs!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      People are already afraid to come here. Afraid that  some THIEVING BUSINESS OWNERS will steal their pension.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If you really want to turn the tables on the criminals, here are a few simple steps.

    It is past time that Cayman needs to spend some money on self defense.

    Obviously, the police cannot be everywhere and it is unrealistic to expect them to be.

    We are being preyed upon by a small group of lawless people are becoming progressively more aggressive. Now it is not enough that they invade our property and rob us. They are also inflicting serious bodily harm on their victims.

    It would not take much at all to turn this situation around.

    Set up an active defense course, including simple bodily maneuvers to disable attackers, choke holds, arm breaking, use of wasp spray, etc.

    People of good moral character should be able to apply for guns and obtain gun training. In principle, this is nothing different that providing police with guns.

    Once trained and proficient with a gun, those persons could be deputized and given the same rights as any armed policeman. Why not?

    The cost of being a criminal would suddenly escalate, so much that crime could virtually disappear.

    If you want an example, look at the level of crime in Switzerland where EVERYONE is required by law to keep a gun, and be trained in how to use it.

    It is far past time that we drop our liberal pipedreams about all humans being innately good, and start to realize that born criminals do exist among us.

    We simply cannot afford to continue to give them advantages over us.



    • Anonymous says:

      That’s just silly. I we do that, the next thing you know we will have people breaking arms and putting choke holds on thieving employers who steal money from their pension each and every week. Would you want that?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone convince me that the store owner should not have the right to use deadly force if he had the opportunity to do so? Its only a matter of time before robbers using guns to commit crimes will use deadly force in the process of commiting crimes. The store owner was pistol whipped and this couldhave easily caused death. Being submissive is not the answer in todays world.

    • Anonymous says:

      NO he does not have the right to use deadly force anymore that someone who was being robbed of their pension would. 

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Clearly you have no idea what it means to have a firearm pointed at you.  Clearly you don’t understand the difference between being robbed at gun point and an employer who is NOT using a firearm to rob employees of their pension.

        In the Cayman Islands. persons currently have a right of self-defense.  It is unreasonable to suggest that businesses cannot use firearms to protect themselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually I do know what it’s like to have a gun pointed at me. damn scary.

          And while I do see that there is a difference between being robbed at gun point and having A THIEVING EMPLOYER slowly steal 10% freaking percent of your income, I was being kind of funny to make a point. 

          Anybody can jump on their horse and get all riled up about an armed robbery, with hopes of someday confronting said robber and taking his life away with a hail of bullets, legally. Hell, that’s every guys dream.  But I’m a little bit more special than that and I choose the rail and rail against THIEVING EMPLOYERS  that steal from their employees WITH GOVERNMENT APPROVAL.

          • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

            Firstly, I completely agree with your previously expressed sentiments regarding pension.

            Secondly, while I’m prepared to prevent or stop assailants who are about to physically commit or is physically committing criminal acts against my family or anyone else…  I however, would rather NOT have to use any force, especially deadly force…, because the best outcome is to avoid the use of force where possible, but where UNAVOIDABLE, being UNPREPARED or UNWILLING is not sensible, it’s stupid.

            Thirdly, to be absolutely clear, it is NOT my “dream” to take anyone’s life, but no assailant should misunderstand my commitment to prevent or stop them from committing unlawful acts against me…

  14. Anonymous says:

    another typical weekend in paradise lost.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Criminals are going to be our doom as a society. We are getting closer and closer to be just like the rest of the Caribbean. Crime is the number one enemy of these Islands. They should be treated as traitors to our country. The long term solution: EDUCATION and RESPECT. The short one: Maximum Penalty. No mercy for them.

    If we keep ignoring even the minor crime episodes, like many other places do, it will continue to escalate. Zero tolerance for criminals. 

    • Anonymous says:

      including the CRIMINALS thatSTEAL peoples pensions.  Sorry people but I just cannot believe the  swine-heartedness of the government sanctioned pension theft scam that is going on right now in this country.  How much money was stolen just last Friday from people that made ‘contributions’ to their pensions?  How much, and who, pray God is going to do something about it.  HEY, maybe the National Pensions Office could deal with it!  WOW! there’s an idea.

      • Anonymous says:

         again, I agree with the thumbs down.  I am only kidding. If you hire some one, you HOULD be able to steal their pension money.  I’m not sure where I stand on taking their health insurance contribution and keeping it to buy a new car…. but I’m LEANING TOWARDS THE NEW CAR!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Heard there was shots fired around that vicinity too at around the same time… any word on that?

    Hope the vicim is ok, this nonsense needs to stop, it’s affecting our economy in more ways than one. Retirees no longer want to relocate and retire here, invest thier money here. Wealthy families dont want to come here anymore, the crime rate has reached an all time high which sends the cost of living up even more with business owners having to invest in expensive security equipment, security guards, extra insurance ect, this affects the cost of the goods we all need to live…. No man Cayman this foolishness needs to stop. All the crap about children to feed and bills to pay as the reasons why these guys are robbing us blind is a load of horse sh*t, we ALL have children to feed and bills to pay and thats why we bust our backsides daily wearent out robbing our peers, friends, family, neighbors, what ever happened to begging a few dollars from a friend or going out and begging work to feed your family, people need to stop making excuses for these guys its obvious that they the majority are just being idle to get an adreneline rush or something to laugh and joke about when they are just hanging around doing nothing. Its also obvious that clepto-mania is rampant but the thing is how do we fix this? Any suggestions? Jobs. Vocational training. Stiffer scentences for this type of crime would be a detterrant not the little 3 or 6 month vacation in northward I mean some hard time 18 to 36 months, plus community service after they complete the scentence, plus reimbursement of the value of whatever they stole to the victim. I bet this would simmer thier desire to run thru waving thier gun and stealing everything in sight.

  17. Anonymous says:

    And whats new? whats different?


    Is this another isolated incident?????