Mac has eye on Asian pie

| 17/09/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands should be able to benefit from the growth of economies in the Far East but the country has been slow to recognise the shift of business from the west to the east, the premier has said. McKeeva Bush has announced that he will be travelling to Singapore and other countries next week in order to promote Cayman as a potential business jurisdiction as well as a tourist destination and tap into the growing economies there. Pointing to China in particular, Bush said it was second largest economic power in the world and Cayman hadto form a relationship with that nation because before long its economy would overtake that of America. 

“Its rate of growth and industrialisation has never before been experienced in the history of the world,” the premier said of the Asian giant.  “The achievements of China are unprecedented and failure to recognise and form relationships with a country growing at this rate with the largest base of possible wealthy tourists in the world will be to our detriment. “ 

During his trip to Asia the premier said he would be promoting the Cayman Islands as a business friendly, sensibly regulated jurisdiction as part of government efforts to encourage new business to Cayman. “The window of opportunity is short as there are numerous businesses considering moving some of their activities to other jurisdictions, of which we wish to be one, and at the same time there are numerous businesses in Cayman considering other locations,” he warned.

Bush said that over the past number of years, Cayman had failed to recognise the impact of globalisation and failed to implement immigration policies in a manner which allows the continuation of growth in the country’s major industry. 
“Our unfriendly over-nationalistic policies allows countries such as Canada, Ireland, Europe to encourage the movement of good jobs and economic activity created by our financial industry, which enjoys the registration of the majority of hedge funds in the world, the leading banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions in the world, to their countries,” he said in a television address on Thursday evening. 
His government policy, Bush told the television viewers, was to enhance and encourage economic growth, and in order to do so the country had to bear in mind the changing global conditions. He said that the mistakes of the past couple of years had to be reversed.

“Over the last 16 months we have worked diligently to improve and correct our international image,” he added. “We have strengthened incentives which will encourage persons relocating from other major countries to consider the Cayman Islands as an acceptable place to establish and maintain their businesses.”

Cayman he said had to be competitive and to encourage businesses to come to here instead of Switzerland, Ireland, other parts of Europe, Canada, Singapore, and China, which he warned was also now in the process of creating an international outsourcing financial centre.  
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many of us will continue to dream of going on exotic vacations!

  2. alexander says:

    Good job! I love what’s best for the Cayman Islands, and I believe Asia as something good to offer us

  3. genetic mutation says:

    if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its probably a duck.

    this headline was a ‘softball’ gently pitched in…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t we all.

  5. Chances are.... says:

    I am writing from the future, from THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA & THE CAYMAN ISLANDS……

    Mckeeva Bush has sold us to the communist, which is his intentions all along, but the foolish people voted for him like zoombies. 

    When china gets a hold of us……you fill the rest in…..

  6. New Nationality is Caymanian Communist says:

    We see the plans coming into place now don’t we.

    Mac got the country in a financial bind, and now he wants the Chinese to bail him out.

    He had done an incredible job of demoralizing the entire country and putting more and more people into poverty, this way when the Chinese come we will all be so desperate, depressed, and oppressed that will will accept anything the Chinese with Mac’s help throw at us.

    Everyone will be limited with everything.  I tell you the Arabs and Chinese in your country is like mixing a cup of tea and adding two spoons of cyanide.

    Mix the koolaid Mac, and spoon in the cyanide.

    God help us!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really!!!, so was it the Premier who took on all those roads and schools projects? Did he also start the melt down in the banking sector in the US of A? and the ones in Our dear mother country and Greece and Iceland and Spain? Wow!! he was really powerful for starting those destructive events when he was not even in office. Furthermore to imagine that he could put those destructive forces into operation when a PPM Government was in office. Amazing!

  7. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Hey!! If they have that much cash lying around.. why don’t we invite them here instead?? B.Y.O.B.
    Bring your own bankers.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have tasted Asian pie and its actually quite tasty. Dont really think Mac can manage Asian pie though, and besides its quite small, and Mac seems to be back on the road towards becoming bigger Mac again these days.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused I though that it was Cuban pie he liked.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the principle of inviting more foreign investment, but McKeeva Chavez needs to play down his appearance in person.  The man cannot even speak properly and the minute he is rebuffed by anyone, he starts to holler.  THE COUNTRY IS BROKE.  WE ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR HIS AND JULIDINEJAD O’CONNOR’S SECURITY AND HOTEL BILLS IN CAYMAN BRAC AND CHEUFFEURS.  Why doesn’t he stay in his fancy office and have his overstocked office staff send letters inviting the leaders of those countries to visit the  beautiful Cayman Islands?  No, he won’t even think that because whomever is advising will get free trips to China, etc. along with him.  I have to take my daughter (who is stricken with MS) to Miami once per month for treatment because the HSA does not have a neurologist on staff, even one visiting on a monthly basis.  We cannot afford to do that, but we can afford to finance his trips all over the world with an entourage.  Something does not add up.  No wonder he is accusing the press of saying that the islands are broke.  What little money we do have has to pay for his world travels.  At least when he has to step down in 2 years and 8 months, he will be able to smile and say, I am a wealthy, world traveller.

  11. Yada, Yada, Yada says:

    Mac rolled out of bed today and said that his eye is no longer on the Asian pie; now he wants the whole bakery.  But then again, those little Asian dumplings are nice.  Or maybe his toe in the snow…

  12. Seriously??? says:

     My eye’s onna Honduran hotcake…

  13. Tweezy says:

    And I have my eye on this midwestern muffin… 

  14. Mick the Muff Diver says:

    Got my eye on some Asian pie…  

    LOL – CNS, you got to win some award for this one…  Storynot withstanding!!!


  15. Joe Average says:


    Interesting population included. Close to shopping in Miami.  Pleasant weather.  Beaches, hi-rises, captive dolphins. 45 min from Havana. Comes with appliances just before elections. 

    Fixer upper. No down payment.  Assume mortgage. 

    • Caymanian Heart & Soul says:

      It is so funny to actually see this post title, when about almost 10 yrs ago I wrote an article to the Caymanian Compass stating the same thing and was told they couldn’t print my article because my statement that "McKeeva was selling our country from under our feet " was my person opinion and the caption on my article was just as yours without the additional perks…. Thanks CNS for actually liberating FREEDOM OF SPEECH,  FREEDOM OF THE MEDIA, and you know I stop purchasing the compass since CNS came online, why bother with censored and filtered news when i can get fast and ACCURATE news at my fingertips.

      Thanks again CNS, Your #1 FAN

  16. Anonymous says:

    If he’s successful can we please have a headline ‘Mac Has Finger in Asian Pie’  please please puleeeeeze

  17. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, to those saying China is a communist wreck, think again. Being one of the largest countries in the world with enormous economic power with a population that we couldn’t even imagine to control combined with hundreds of ethnic and religious groups, China has done quite well. They’ve managed to exploit their resources and have made wise investments in outside countries and despite flood, political abuse, they have managed to create a thriving economy within their socialist ideologies. This is not to say China is perfect as much of the western region is very undeveloped and disadvantaged, and some of their political moves are questionable, they are no worse than any other country. Yet, Cayman has much to learn from the East.

    Hong Kong is a former British colony and has managed to maintain a successful economy and no one can question the levels of education that their children are provided. They know how to remain competitive while adhering to their traditions (especially the mainland Chinese). Singaporeitself is an exemplary picture of order, economic success and political stability. So regardless of whether you believe in the political or social ideologies of these countries, or what you think of McKeeva (and I dislike the man greatly), there are many good things we can learn from these countries as well as lessons on what not to do. 

    That is where the issue lies- how McKeeva will choose to work with and learn from these powerhouses. 

    And PLEASE- before you start bashing a country with your limited knowledge (to those naysayers), how about going to see and experience their countries and livelihoods? When visiting China I was surprised at how clean the streets of Beijing were, how orderly things were, the lack of official presence (a few-very few- stationary policemen keeping a watch for trouble which was comforting), how green some of their cities are with more trees than buildings in some, and-yes- shanghai is heavily constructed, but while some places were bustling with life and work and were crowded, many places were green, or exceptionally clean and organized and calm, and there were also older areas and districts that were much more traditional in appearance- I can honestly say I have seen quite a bit of good I wish I saw in Cayman in some parts of Asia.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you 15 ;53 for educating these hypocrites, we have  to wonder why all the bashing and putting down of our Premier. In my opinion we are the most ungreatful bunch of people on this side of the  World, we want or cake and eat it too.

      Mac is trying to bring the country out of its turmoil, and all we do is crtisise him.I dont believe that half of the criticts on here even understand what economics are all about, we need to get out of the dark ages and open our minds..stop the hate, we were a loving people… lets get back to the basic 

      • Scrooge McDuck says:

        8:31, I think the point is people aren’t convinced that a Premier who can barely express himself coherently will be able to convince intelligent business people of what Cayman has to offer.  That is the real problem, not the fact that he is traveling abroad again.  Cayman needs more capable people to attract investment because more often than not his speeches sound like sermons. That might be ok in a town hall meeting setting but elsewhere I’m sure it elicits grins and "where’s this guy from?"

      • Anonymous says:

         I’m 15:53 and I appreciate the comment, but don’t think I support Bush. My belief is that building bonds with growing economic powers is very important for the survival of our financial industry, but I do not believe McKeeva has the know how to achieve this in the proper manner. Most of his plans are very short sighted and his actions have been more than careless.

        It’s more amusing to see people giving negative feedback on a post that was supposed to be unbiased and was simply stating facts about countries that many people in Cayman are simply ignorant to having not had a chance to experience these things for themselves rather than go on hearsay.

        Things are not always black and white, good and bad, there are elements that are vital and exist within the immense grey area between the two. Would I like a communist Cayman, no, but I do believe that there are some aspects of socialism which could be beneficial to our community. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have implemented socialist policies that give each citizen the right to have a roof over their head, food on their tables, and access to basic medical care. For those individuals who are contributing to the society by working to support themselves, this is deserved. Yet, as we have seen time and time again, socialism has its pit falls- Castro introduced numerous policies tackling medical care and education and Cuba has one of the most educated populations in the world. Can we deny the fact that they lack the luxuries we abuse, no, but it is a clear example of how things can not be totally bad or good.

        McKeeva lacks the knowledge and tact necessary to keep Cayman on the road to success and to build strong lasting relations with economies that are greater than our own without the risk of selling our country off completely. A politician he is, he knows how to garner his votes, but to lead, to educate, to provide the man lacks and his party even more so. 

        So while building bonds with China and Singapore (which is not communist by the way), we walk a thin line and it must be wisely done to bring us success.

      • Anonymous says:

        08:33 I agree 100% with you some of these posters don’t consider what they are writing about before the write. The Premier may not be perfect but he is trying to do his best for the Cayman Islands. Have some of you read about other countries who have greater problems than our’s?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Our Unfriendly, over- nationalistic policies just sums it up prefectly. Yes, it is a major problem for Cayman and what we need is a balance.

    A balance so that the Caymanian people are able to prosper. Having a fair opportunity to become successful like the expats that come to the islands.

    But in order to to help the Caymanian people prepare for this we must adequately train our youths. I think the education system in Cayman is a mess and needs to be revamped. The millions put into the builiding of these schools should have gone to providing a facility and a system for vocational training and so forth.

    The secondary education system needs to be more challenging. I was told that grade 5 & 6 in CXC examination is accepted as a lower level pass!! Are you kidding me?! Students dont need to study to get those grades and what are we really preparing them for if we are telling them it is ok to get these grades.

    They need to understand that the work environment is a challenging one and must prepare themselves adequately in order to compete efficienctly. Becuase, the bottom line is that employers need their employees to perform over and above any expectation and it has nothing to do with where you are from. What our people must understand is that they need to make themselves the employees who do just that. Unfortunately, in too many cases, this it certainly not the fact.

    Sports is another area that needs adjustment. My son is apart of a team and even though they are young, they need to understand when they have lost and the meaning of it. Applauding them for their efforts is good but we need to encourage them to do better and become more competitive. But no, for ever action….. we good job when we are actually lying. No wonder Cayman has never stood out in Sporting like that and I know we have many talented children here but there seems to be no real support for them to excel in the field. However congrats to the few that have made it far but we can do a lot better.

    And now in regards to the expats.No matter where they are from, as long as they are coming here to benefit the ecomomy, the country and residence here, both Caymanian and non- Caymanians we should welcome them. Welcome them because they are needed here to produce the other factors needed here in order to create the balance that  "the caymanians" can’t create.

    But dont expect them to come here and invest so that "the caymanians" can benefit but them give them "that" end of the stick at the end of seven years. Come on, we are all humans and our social arrangements should be beneficial. But no, like the mentality of some of "our own" workers, at the end of the month they want the paycheck but dont want to work for it becuase every other day something goes wrong why you cant show up to work. No, it doesnt work like that, we many times need to sacrifice our comfort to get what needs to get done in order to move ahead.

    Mr. Bush apart from the increase in fees that I dont agree with but i can see where we need this to raise revenue. I fully agree with your ideas you are coming up with, Yes, the Big Mac that I like and those of you cant cant remove the vail of hate should not benefit from any good that comes from his idea. Help yourself by asking what good can I do for my country today.



  19. Anonymous says:

    I thought that he’d decided to stay away from the pie these days..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mac has his eyes on every Pie!

  21. Beachboi says:

    How friggin ridiculous!!  Cayman is in social and economic turmoil and [Bush] is off to Asia to promote our business opportunities.  All at a cost in the tens of thousands of dollars in first class travel for him and his entourage. 

    • whistling duck says:

      It is not friggin ridiculous!  From whence did Shetty come from???  My friend, if you ever knew the wealth that is in Asia…

  22. Anonymous says:

      Maybe Mac should stay on Cayman and fix all the problems that are making all the foreign companies leave right now before going off to find new fools and their money.  All they have to do is check out what is happening here right now to see that Cayman is no longer a first choice business center and getting worse not better.  But he is probably looking for a good safe place to stash his/our money.

  23. big whopper says:

    Best headline ever!

  24. Hard Up says:

    I wouldn’t mind a little Asian Pie myself to be honest.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is a total headline WIN!  I can’t even bring myself to read the story for fear it may not live up to the mirth generated by this, the best headline ever.

    • Houdja Blow says:

       LOL – Laughed my self stoopid on this…  At least his eye is on the pie…  Maybe he’d like to grab a MUFFin on the way…

    • Anonymous says:


  26. Gandolf Brabazon says:

    I’m sorry but this is definitely a step in the wrong direction. And for all of you naysayers that claim the only two options are:-

    1. Go back to mosquitoes and turtle farming or

    2. Development at all costs,

    Please just stop it. The happy medium is somewhere in the middle. Do not for one minute think that Caymanians are unable to look after themselves.

    It is just a crying shame that the leaders of this country have made it impossible over the last 30 years for the average Caymanian to even buy a decent house or piece of land.

    There is plenty to go around in Cayman for the Caymanians. This ridiculous plan to flood this country with Indians and Chinese smack of insanity, greed, evil or a combination. They have their own countries.

    Rollover needs to stay unless you have proven yourself committed to this island.

    • Dilemma says:

      Gandolf i have a better idea, why dont we put you out on a Island made with stilts since you are already living in Eutopia it should matter too much…..

  27. Anonymouse says:

    While you are at it Mr. Premier, remember if you want some semblance of Singapore or Hong Kong to show here you have to dump the planning Laws and start building 100 floor skyscrapers. That way you will givethe image that resembles Singapore and other progressive countries.

  28. Dilemma says:

    This is the Mckeeva i like and support, proactive. Mac it does us know good though to attract business that our immigrations laws will scare away, get rid of the roll over policy.

  29. Anonymous says:

    so i guess we’ll be payin for his vacations *cough* excuse me his business travels in first class and accomodations in 5 star hotels once more?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, book him in at the local Motel 6 and have him fly coach class on some no name airline that makes 10 stops before it gets there. That would sure be impressive to the leaders that he is going to meet to entice to spend and invest their money in our country.  Come on people, enough of this foolishness, whether you like the person or not this is the highest  position in our country besides that of the governor and not one of us complains when he travels first class, stays in luxurious hotels and carries his entourage with him. Is it because he is Caymanian?

      We have got to stop this jealousy and stupidity and and stop with the shallowness.  Show me one country that doesn’t lay out the red carpet for their leaders.

      I am not a pro McKeeva UDP or PPM supporter but I am a Caymanianthat is very embarrassed by some of my fellow countrymen who continue to act like they are entitled and jealous or opposed to everything that the government does.

      I will say it again, we are all going to starve to death on these islands if we don’t do something soon. Sitting around complaining and running down each other has never gotten us anywhere and still isn’t getting us anywhere.

      Even though I have a hard time with a lot of the initiatives of the present government , I believe this is a good one and something we should support. I think the benefits will far outweigh the costs of his first class ticket or his hotel room. We can no longer wait on the US to come back and then hope that they will start coming here again. We have to look elsewhere and we have to be the welcoming Caymanians that we were once known for.

      Let’s try to look at the big picture folks. I need to feed my children and payfor their education and it is very hard to do so now. We all need something done to put this country back on sound economic footing. It would be very stupid for us just to oppose everything the government wants to do from now until the next election just because we don’t like Mckeeva or one of his party. That is called stagnation and no one wants that.

      Come on Cayman, stop the hatred and jealousy and lets work together to pull our country out of this mess.



      • Hard On says:

         Fly coach and stay first class – if what you are saying is image matters, then this covers it – only play the game when they can see you…

        • Caymanian Heart & Soul Alyssa B says:

          Do we or do we not HOST Diplomats when they come to our country? They pay their airfare and our Govt picks up the tab at the Hotel that they stay at?  So why does McKeeva have to pay?  

        • BORN FREE says:

          If image matters we are sending the wrong person! Image????????

      • Anonymous says:

        Many countries have their politicians flying coach/economy class in the current financial climate – why should we be any different?

        There’s a lot of belt-tightening going on in England right now.  The Royal budget has been cut by 12%.  Much needed repairs to royal castles has been cancelled.  The Royal helicopter was sold off and their IT and uniforms budget halved.  

        In March, Prince William, future King of England, instructed his staff to seat him in economy class whenever possible

        In July, British Prime Minister David Cameron flew Business Class to attend meetings in Washington with President Obama, saving the taxpayers over $300,000 that would, in the old days, have paid for a chartered private plane.  Cameron felt it was hard to justify such expense when government was asking the country to tighten their belts.  He believes its up to him to set an example.

        What makes Bush so special?  I can only pray one day McKeeva wakes up and starts to set an example.  One day soon I hope.  Before its too late to save Cayman.

      • Rooster croack. says:

        Starving to death?

        I don’t know wa you talking about? Me am going fishing,you stay home andstarve…..:>)

  30. anon says:

    come to cayman – but we’ll kick you off in seven years! ha

    until immigration and rollover is changed investors will be reluctant (  like many of us expats here already) to come here.

    not to mention crime and fees!

    • Anonymous says:

      So Anon 09:52, what is it you want? Do you, along with 100,000 others, want to come & work in Cayman & stay forever? Would your country allow that? Would your country allow foreigners to stay in your country & outnumber the locals? I dare say not! Why do you expect that Cayman should open the gates & allow everyone into our little island? When will it stop? Please stop being so ungrateful, thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried getting work in another country but was refused! Everytime I travel to a foreign country I am given time. I hope youpersons that make derogatory remarks about Cayman understand what I am saying! But just in case my comments flew way over your heads I am telling you that the very same things that you complain about Cayman happens in your countries also. It is no different, so please stop being so damn hypocritical. I am refused work in your country, & I am given time when I enter your country. The difference between you people & us is that we accept it as the laws of your country & we get on with life without calling you names & insulting you. It is not hard, you people should try it, you might actually feel good for a change! (stop the hatred)

  31. Anonymous says:

    Is Rolston going to give instructions for Mandarin to be taught in all primary schools? And then all of our immigration officers could be taught as well so they could welcome them in their native language when the first 787 load arrives. Isn’t that the lesson Big Mac learned from Singapore?

    Next year it will probably be Russian, as that is the only place left for him to go for inward investment.

    • Anonymouse says:

      A few Russian Mafia is all we need to completely put us over the hill.

    • Anonymous says:

      What nonsense! It  is stupid thinking like this that causes us to look like fools and does nothing constructive to move this country forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      He should, but he ought to instruct them to teach English first. When that happens, then we should add Mandarin.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is he misunderstanding the PPM’s "Go East" campaign?

  32. whistling duck says:

    Believe or not, Cuba is primarily supported by China and Venezuela. China is the world’s third largest economic super-power, and its growing fast. Today, it has the largest army in the world. As for America -it’s on the decline.

    • Anonymouse says:

      America is passing through its third world phase heading to fourth world and beyond. Just look at how they treated the British recently when they demanded that BP stop paying dividends to the British poor in order to satisy their appetite for BPs blood.

    • fledgling. says:

      Whistling duck. 09.20

      And just like Cuba, China is a communist country. There is extreem poverty and hardship in parts of China, same in Cuba, and of course people dare not speak out. 

  33. whodatis says:

    Now you’re getting it Big Mac!

    The "West" is over – they ate themselves.

    Enter a new era – let us be smart and ignore the sour grapes naysayers.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love the title of this topic, it just seems so fitting for anything to do with Big Mac!

  35. Piannoyed says:

    Please Mckeeva no more "economic migrants" who are taking out more than they are putting into our economy the problem is bad enough now. 

    • Anonymous says:

       Dear Piannoyed,

      We can get rid of "economic migrants" if we want to go back to turtle fishing, but I think the bloated civil service and wealthy "locals" who depend on construction business will not allow it.

      • Pions says:

        I agree with you 100% about the bloating it seems the economic mites are trying to infest our Gov,t too avoiding immigration issues adding to the problem. "wealthy Locals" who are they its not a Cayman term. I see you like others same to think our history is somehow shameful and uttering threats that some how a return will only affect us. Tell you what we cant because turtles like our rights and opportunities on this island is either banned our consumed or being taken way slowly by our avaricious visitors.  I hope my explanation shed some light on this situation for you and friends on here. Have a good day now you all.

        • Fook Me says:

          Sum pumktuashun anna grammaticalstical approach would help…

          WTF did you just say???

          Tell me unna juss lef Wellies – cuz if unna tell me dis a de wayunna tink, den dem skoolz dem a fail unna…