New Miss Cayman crowned

| 26/09/2010

(CNS): After a year’s absence the country now has a new Miss Cayman Islands. Tipped as a hot favourite to win, six foot, 23-year-old Cristin Alexander walked away with the pageant crown on Saturday night. Cristin is a recent graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where she earned a degree in psychology. Originally from Bodden Town, Cristin will now travel to China to represent Cayman in the Miss World pageant later this year. Shari Walton was First Runner-up for the title and Mysti Bush was Second Runner-up. Cristin also took the Best Legs title and Shari won Best Gown and Best Smile, Miss Photogenic went to Mysti and Miss Personality was awarded to Trudyann Duncan. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)


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  1. Bexi says:

    Is this Carlene and Alex’s little girl all growed up?

    • ProudCaymanian says:


    • anonymous, says:

      I wish the newspapers would start publishing who the proud parents are of these youth whenever they achieve some success. Its only fair that the proud parents share some of the  glory for their hard work as well.

      These kids are not orphans they belong to somebody!

      This is a weak link in our society. In recent years newspapers or media have not named the parents of children or youths that have achieved some academic success or other. Its not fair to the parents nor the public. We need to know who these parents are and may want to congratulate them ourselves and show more respect and appreciation for our local children’s success.. someone may offer them a scholarship or something.



  2. Anyonymous says:

    She’s a beauty….Who Jah Bless No Man Curse 

  3. whodatis says:




    "Submitted by whodatis (not verified) on Mon, 09/27/2010 – 06:41.

    Congrats Cristin you were trully (really dude?) head and shoulders above your competition. you will continue to shine whereever (and again!) you go."


    Although this is but a simple online news blog – please let the record show and let it be known that I (the original and authentic) "Whodatis" DID NOT submit the earlier post.

    I guess someone thought it would be funny considering my previous offering on the matter (see below).

    Obviously my views in regards to beauty pageants are quite negative however, I thought it best to refrain from submitting any negativity on this story. We have a winner and at the end of the day she will be representing my country on the international scene – I wish her all the luck in the world.

    I hesitantly re-submit my original post from many weeks ago for the sole purpose of providing the proper context.

    "Submitted by whodatis (not verified) on Tue, 08/10/2010 – 07:56.

    Dear Miss Cayman Committee & Concerned GOVERNMENTAL Entities:

    I am a young Caymanian male.

    I am ambitious, driven for success, concerned about child poverty and would love to see the day when we finally achieve world peace.

    Furthermore (and apparently most importantly), I am extremely handsome with the body of a Greek god – honestly. Giventhe opportunity to parade half naked on a stage I am certain to draw a full house – so get the tickets ready.

    Ummm – can men like myself have a competition as well?

    I too would love the chance to win a car and a free tertiary education on the primary basis of my good looks and sexy body – topped off with governmental organization and funding.



    *No disrespect to the ladies (btw you all look very lovely!), but it is my opinion that until we (the world) rid the criterion of "beauty / sexy" from these competitions we are doing a tremendous disservice onto the young people of this world. There is nothing that I despise more than the notion of a "pretty / sexy" young woman that has gotten an advantage in this world by way of her physical attributes. Furthermore, even as a red-blooded, heterosexual young man there is something a bit unsettling or contradictory about witnessing supposedly respectable young women competitively parade, at times half naked, on a stage for "judgment." I dunno – maybe I’m the only one.*

    By golly I’ve just had an epiphany!!

    Let us REMOVE all awards of educational scholarships and or grants from these types of competitions and individuals like myself will have no more objections and concerns. This way we can do away with the commonly forwarded b.s. excuses and explanations for why these pageants are such wholesome events and simply call a spade a spade.


    P.S. What ever happened to the BBWs?! Are we simply going to leave behind the pleasantly plump ladies within our shores? Oh I get it – those ones have to actually prove themselves academically and work extra hard to make it in life huh? Must be a new "Fat Tax" or something.

    Good luck ladies – sincerely."

    Lastly – to the fraud … try so behawe’ yaself!

    Good luck Cristin … call me!


    • Mr Dain T Pants says:

      "Ummm – can men like myself have a competition as well?"

      Your request is under consideration, Whodatis.:

    • Miss Cayman Islands 2010 Pageant Committee says:

      Official Statement from the Miss Cayman Islands 2010 Pageant Committee.

      "In these few days following the crowning of Miss Cayman Islands 2010, there has been a concern voiced to the Miss Cayman Islands 2010 Pageant Committee (The Committee) regarding the ‘glitch’ that caused a few minutes delay prior to the announcement of ‘Best in Gown’ at the Pageant on Saturday night, 25th September.
      In the interest of openess and transparency, the Committee wishes to publicly state that the short delay was due to a very simple error. The score card which contained the results for "Best in Gown" was sent to the stage with the score but the name/number of the contestant had been inadvertently ommitted.  The card therefore had to be returned to the talliers for the contestant’s name to be recorded next to the corresponding score. 
      This did not affect the overall outcome of the competition and Cristin Alexander emerged as the clear winner of the Pageant.  At no point were any of the contestants tied on their scores.
      The Committee fully supports each of these young ladies and wishes to publicly thank them for making the Miss Cayman Islands 2010 Pageant the great event that it was. You were all wonderful and winners in your own right.  The first and second runners-up have very important roles to play in their year and will be utilised as ambassadors in many instances, as and when necessary.
      Now, after a one year hiatus, we have a newly crowned Miss Cayman Islands who has commenced her year of reign and, almost without a moment to catch her breath, will be travelling in a day or two to represent our beautiful Islands at the Miss World 2010 Pageant in Sanya, China.  Let us all unite in wishing her every success as she endeavours to represent us and take her place on the international stage.
      Best wishes Cristin, we know you will make us proud."
  4. Anonymous says:



    Went to see Miss cayman on saturday, spend CI 400 with VIP tickets, park the car across the street form Lion Center at the First Baptist Church.

    At the end we all walk back to the parking lot and …SURPRISE.. our car was gone!!!! police took 40 min to get there and until now we dont have any position from them about it.


    what a horrible experience, never again!

    • Anonymous says:

      What kind of car was it?  Maybe the CI Gov’t seized it, hosed it off, and gave it to Cristin in an effort to save a few bucks…

    • Anonymous says:

      Whilst I am sorry this happend to you this is a police complaint not anything to do with the Pageant.

      I find that most disturbing!!!?? WTH the guys are stealing cars now??

      After spending $400 on VIP tix you guys should have just valet park and spent the $7.

      You need to make a big fuss about your missing car post details so that we can help.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a horrible experience indeed, but I don’t think you should relate it to being at the Miss Cayman pageant.  Nowadays, cars are being taken right from your front yard, in essence, it could have happened anywhere.  However, I can appreicate your frustration and hope that the police will find your car.

    • Reality Check says:

      Sorry about your car but this has nothing to do with Miss Cayman, it’s all about CRIME GONE WILD in Cayman. 

      Just accept the fact that if you have something of value in the Cayman Islands, sooner or later (but probably sooner) it’s going to be stolen or vandalized, or both.  

      Think about it: It used to be that people living on-shore would hide their valuables (money and securities) in Cayman so that people at home couldn’t take them away (i.e. hiding from the tax man).  Now people living temporarily in Cayman keep their valuables back home, in plain sight of the tax man, so that the criminals in Cayman can’t take them away.  How’s that for a twist?

      It all sucks so very badly.  Sorry about your car.

  5. F. Eminate says:

    I can’t wait for the Mr. Gayman pageant. Has a date been set yet?

  6. Where can we purchase the video says:

    Does anyone know where the video can be purchased?



  7. peter milburn says:

    Congrats Cristen and to all you other ladies you are ALL winners as well.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Miss Cayman pageant was beautiful and very well-presented.  I thinkLynne and her committee should take over the Miss Teen pageant next year, as I have heard many, many misappropriations from that pageant. 

    Congrats Cristin, Best of luck in China!!

    • Anonymous says:

      the show was beautiful and so were the ladies, things seemed to run smoothly and everyone should be congratulated for a professional production. The Host seemed to be in very good spirits and did a great job  got to love her!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Christen. Your family and friends are very proud of you.

  10. Casey says:

    God Job Cristen!!!

    Class of 2004!!!

    were so proud of you! 

    keep it up!!

    also your athletics okay!


  11. whodatis says:

    Congrats Cristin you were trully head and shoulders above your competition. you will continue to shine whereever you go.

  12. Anonymous says:

     A beautiful young woman.  But that crown is so big it looks very cheap and is awkward to wear, obviously.  How about a smaller, classier crown for such a classy young lady?

  13. Say It Aint So! says:

    Here is another example of good Caymanian women that will help to motivate others to follow their dreams, along with uplifting the spirits of our community when they represent the Cayman Island overseas. Congratulations to all the women who put their best leg forward, and a special congratulations to Cristin. This could be the year a Caymanian is crowned miss world or miss universe. Just Imagine!!!

  14. JEB says:

    A big CONGRATS to Cristin Alexander for being crowned our new Miss Cayman.

    Continue to shine girl……………………….. continue to represent Cayman and make us proud

  15. Anonymous For Cause says:

    A Big Congratulations to Cristin, our new Miss Cayman Islands! We look forward to you being a good ambassdor for the Cayman Islands and a great examples to all of the upcoming yound ladies out there.  Congratulations also to the runners up Shari and Mysti and all of the other contestants.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice to see how each contestant scored in each category, do they publish the results (broken down) or is that not allowed? Also, what was the "glitch" that they announced just before the winner was announced?

    Questions, questions questions

    Congrats Cristin!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats to Cristin, I wish you all the best. I am just thankful that there was even a beauty pageant this year after the selfish act of the premier last year, depriving a beautiful young Caymanian lady from experiencing the joy that Cristin is now enjoying. After telling the world that Cayman was bankrupt, he spent the next 16 months travelling the world first class, spending hundreds of thousands on his residence including personal security, electrical & telephone bills, christmas lights, 24 hour security guards, state of the art security system, not to mention the millions he has wasted on ridiculous & unnecessary projects for his supporters & cronies. At least by holding this pageant it will mean $100,000 less for him to waste on himself, thank GOD!
      Congrats to Cristin, I am just so happy that your experience & success was not taken away from you like it was taken away from someone last year, by that selfish dictator.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know there can be genuine glitches without there being  a sinister motive. I am told by a committee Member that there was simply a problem, in that the judges had scored their sheets for Best in Gown but inadvertently it had not been tallied by the auditors. So  they simply had to wait for the tabulation to be done, checked and verified.

      Sound reasonable to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did I say sinister? I only asked about a glitch that was announced. Now you really have me thinking ……



  17. jonathan says:


    Here is your golden opportunity to conjoin beauty with intelligence, integrity, and all upright traits of character!  Please… always remember to put God and your people first!  Never allow anyone with charm, friendship, glitter, gifts, money, fame, and flattery to weaken you that you are easily bought or sold at their disposal. It is not a good feeling.

    You must retain your integrity and remain as Cayman’s Pearl of Great Price, and a role model to our other beautiful young ladies. Keep us proud and represent Cayman well – there is no place like home  🙂

  18. Anon says:

     What’s the point of this competition?

    • Anon says:

      It is to degrade women and to help plain, unattractive girls feel bad about themselves. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello… nothing is wrong with a beauty pageant. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If the socalled "unattractive girls" feel bad about themselves – they have the ability to feel good about themselves and realize it is just a pageant which defines beauty a certain way. I am a man and I know there are alot of attractive women that have not entered into beauty pageants and they have good self-esteem. Someone else may think that they are not that attractive, but like I said, it is in the eyes of the beholder.

        Stop blaming the pageantry for your girls feeling bad!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Cristin you made us all proud.

  20. Manton BeeHead says:

    Perhaps we should send Cristin up to NY to address the UN?

    She would do a much better job than our current representative.

    • Anonymous says:

      thumbs down!  Many folk think Mac is doing a superb job

      • No Sah says:

        I guess next we will be criticizing Mac for not donning a gown and getting up on the stage to compete with the girls too. Please people, this is getting ridiculous!

        PS. He did take the time to attend the fashion show at tikki Beach and he spent a great deal of time asking the girls "test" questions at the Ministers dinner so it seems to me that he at least showed an interest and tried to help prepare them.


  21. Twyla Vargas says:

    All of them deserve a crown for a job well done, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..  But only one can get that Crown.  Congradulations Christin you were extra beautiful and won the hearts of every one.  And as we would say "Go China and be Star Girl"

  22. Anonymous says:

    A real heartfelt congratulations to you Cristin!! You truly deserve the Crown!! Although I never got to make it last night (had a VIP ticket and all lol 🙁  ) I know you from school days and when I saw that you entered Miss Cayman, I said from the beginning, hands down, you were definately going with it.

    Make us proud in China girl!!