Two robberies in one night

| 01/10/2010

(CNS): Update Friday 6pm – Police have now confirmed that the one stop mini-mart was not robbed last night. Although staff reported suspicious people around the store when police attended the scene there was no one there an RCIPS spokesperson said during office hours.  However, Domino’s Pizza Parlour in Mary Street George Town was robbed around 6:20pm when robbers armed with at least one hand gun escaped with a small amount of cash. The second robbery occurred at around 8pm at a popular waterfront restaurant in West Bay. Sources tell CNS that two armed men robbed Alfresco’s Restaurant on Town Hall Road taking money from  the cash register, the chef and two customers before escaping on foot. Police station. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The robbery at Dominos came in the wake of an attempted robbery there on Wednesday evening when two robbers were reportedly foiled by the store’s new security system. CNS understands that no one was hurt during any of the incidents and no shots were fired.
Mid-morning Friday police released more details on the Domino’s Pizza robbery and the Alfresco’s Restaurant robbery.
No details were confirmed by police last night as all three robberies occurred out of ‘office hours’ and police, who are now only speaking to the media during business hours, could not be reached for comment.
The RCIPS have said except in the case of a serious crime information will only be given to the media regarding criminal incidents during office hours, described as 8:30am-4:30pm Monday- Friday. CNS is calling on members of the public to help us keep the wider community informed. Please contact our news room with any information about crimes taking place in your neighbourhood on or 926 6816.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bigger schools mean’s a better education? Should of just paid the teachers more, maybe atract more Caymanians to be teachers also. We will soon need to find money to build a bigger prison and we all know this one is overflowing.Need to maybe start exporting them to Jamaica or Cuba and then we may see the crime slow down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone out on the street past a certain time gets a shakedown followed by an arrest if there is no good reason for them to be out there. Come to think of it  the police need to just start frisking everyone and anyone that even looks like they are up to no good and putting them in lockdown. Enough of this crap. Identify everyone they lock up by fingerprints, tattoos, streetnames, etc. in computer base and make their lives miserable where they don’t want to hang out anymore cuz it is too much of a hassle. 

       People know who is doing this and no one is stepping up. Believe me, people know when someone crosses the street and you all discuss it.  


      • Anonymous says:

         There is this little thing called evidence.  If the police started frisking everyone and throwing them into lockdown as you suggest, everyone would be up in arms screaming false arrest etc etc.


        This all comes down to society.  The police have limited means.  I hve never felt scared living anywhere – until Cayman.  I have never gone to bed with my alarm on – in Cayman I wouldn’t dream of being without it.  I have never worried about taking my dog out at night – last night I heard the helicopter overhead.  I called the police to find out if it was safe to go outside.

        I am not a scared person.  I was a cop myself for 14 years.  Cayman has a societal problem.  We all need to stand against the criminal element.  It is the only way things will improve.  This island is beautiful and has many many things going for it.  I hope to make it my home for many years to come.  I just hope we can (all of us) combat the crime.

  2. Cat says:

    You know what, I never really use to support the community, being armed, but I think we need to abandon that thought.

    I believe the shooting association should start giving store owners and employees shooting lessens and give them a license. I know it would be a risk, but enough already. These people don’t deserve to go to work day or night and have to wonder"are we gonna get robbed again today?" or "are we going to be next?".

    Something’sgotta give but hopefully it’s not a life. I think the people in the stores and banks should have ganged the idiots and give them the beating of a lifetime. I hope  they will start fighting back and throw more at these idiots than a spoon cus a spoon worked the last time.My heart goes out to those people that have to put up with this foolishness.

    • Level says:

      Agreed, but just to clarify, the Shooting Association doesn’t give licenses. The Commissioner of Police does.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with the joke" Royal Cayman Islands Police Farce" its just the delivery system.News black outs.They cant see the inherent problems with this at least they had some control over what was being published now marl road rumors might inadvertently be published as facts. But then again the RCIPS has now become a sometime police service so whats wrong with them sometimes letting the media know whats going on.All this crime now they are truly earning their pay even if it is only in writing up victims reports.Hey commissioner we wouldn’t be so hard on you if your men seemed like they were truly making a difference.You were given the tools to do the job when can we the people expect to see some real results. No we don’t want to foot the bill for more of the same caliber police officers that you have there now.I think your force is to large already.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hallowe’en  Jack please explain how in the world was a road check going to stop the robbery from happening at alfrescos or any of the other places that was rob in this district . I’m not sure if u live or even drive in to this district . These officers will have to set up a road check at every point in this district for this to have and affect the two major points where these officers have checks isnt going to stop a robbery thats happening down the road and these want a be thugs are getting away on bicycles and foot so I really dont see where that was going to help alfrescos or any of the other places when the license dept across the road from the police station was broken in to and they didnt have a clue NO.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thursday is the big robbery night here in the US as well. Late Salturday to early Sunday is the big time for shooting/stabbing people around bars. The two things are directly related.

  6. West Bayer says:

    Ok enuff of dis…..

    People, we is got’s to "hide yah wife, hide yah children, hide yah husbands….cuz deh is robbin everybody down here in West Bay"

    Dam shame – and yah know wha? Most of dis is young KIDS!!

    Need stronger sentences when these kids break the law – dat’s why they doing it, cuz they know they nuh gunna get nuttin more than a good TALKING to and wha dat is to direspectful kids now a days??? NOTHING!!!

    If they do the crime they do the time….cuz if yah man enuff to do it – then take the licks like a man when yah get it!!!

    PARENTS: Ground yah kids and give ’em a good assen when they try run deh mout wid yah!!!

    Oh, and maybe Gov’t should make it MANDATORY that EVERY age 16 child THAT LIVES IN CAYMAN regardless who yah mamma and daddy is,  HAS to join the Cadet Corp!!!! MANDATORY!!! Look at Cuba.


  7. Anonymous says:

    So Mr. Baines has decided that instead of solving crime and preventing it, we will just make it appear to be improved by not reporting it. We sit and complain on CNS posts, but the bottom line is that there is incompetence in police and Government. People in high places who are simply not qualified for the job. They have to be replaced or Cayman will be irreparably damaged.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do the RCIPS ever do foot patrols in Georgetown?. Seems as though these robberies are carried out at relatively busy times, ie 6-30pm. Surely officers can’t be more than a minute or two away?. It’s time the public saw evidence of these "IDIOTS" being caught and paraded before the press when found guilty, so then and only then will the RCIPS regain the trust of the people. It never ceases to amaze me how, on such a small Island these people get away with these robberies time and time again!!.

  9. Anonymous says:

    After the bank robbery last week and now this, it seems fairly obvious that either the police are totally incompetent and incapable of catching these criminals OR the police are involved in the crime itself. Which is it Mr. Baines?

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish everyone would stop being so negative toward Commissioner Baines and the RCIP. He’s the only one that has been doing anything and trying to get these criminals off the streets. Do you believe the RCIPS knows where and when these crime are going to happen. They can not be everywhere at one time. Yes, these robberies are out of control but no one can foretell the future otherwise alot of these crimes wouldn’t be taking place. Give the Commissioner and RCIP a break. They are doing a great job. I didn’t see any crimes being solved before and believe me we have a lot of unsolved crimes long before the Commissioner came on board. Why don’t you and all the others with negative comments volunteer with the police force and see if you can do a better job. Maybe some of you just maybe pyschics and can forsee the crimes and put a stop to them. Good luck.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I guess that means the RCIPS no longer considers armed robbery to be a "serious crime". 

  11. islandblues says:

    As a tourist destination Cayman (aside from great diving) has very little to offer by way of attractions in comparison to other Caribbean islands. What Cayman did have going for it was a safe environment which goes a long way to people who come to visit time after time. Those same people will stop coming if this is not brought under control in a swift and brutal fashion. UK style policing no longer works here. Every police officer must now be armed without exception. We must bring in SWAT style police in the short term to curb this, and the local policeshould put their pride to one side and admit they are failing and they need help for the sake of Cayman. When a tourist or shopkeeper is killed will that be the time to take action? Its almost to late people – I hope the right people do the right thing at the right time, which is now!! 

  12. Hallowe'en Jack says:

    See!  Bayers in denial may have objected to the idea of a permanent road check at the four way stop because of all the crime in West Bay – but had a check been there would they have struck at Alfresco’s?

    It is time for the police to step up and protect us properly from elements coming from West Bay and a road check is the best idea anyone has put forward on CNS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could it not be possible that these robbers came into West Bay after robbing Dominos in town?

      Could it not be possible that they were not from WB?

      Could it not be possible that the robberies in WB were committed by people within the district and therefore a roadblock checking people in and out of the district would have had no effect on preventing these robberies?

      Stop making stupid comments about protecting the island from West Bayers and suggest something that makes sense.

    • julet barnett says:

      to holloween jack. just to let you know that it is not only in west bay that you find bad get your facts straight.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently you seem to be the one in denial!  The first robbery took place in George Town.

      Keep your comments to yourself about West Bayers, XXXX!


    • West Bayer says:

      Sorry Friend got to respectfully disagree. One Stop grocery is right next to the Police station and they even have a guard and dat still didn’t stop ’em!!

      And the last thing I want is to have to go through road checks and be stuck in traffic so police can flash a light and call it dat!!!

      Gov’t need to bring in more enforcements like the British Army and have them doing foot patrols with machine guns strapped on deh backs!!! I know it might be sad to have this image of Cayman seen by the outsiders – but the reality is – it would be alot betta than havin dem read headlines like dis read abroad everyday!!!

  13. Slugga says:

    Boy oh boy, this country just needs more "Police" from "US" & new commissioner.

    We have simply lost the damm war dudes!!!!! 

    • Make Sence says:

      I certainly agree, the Cayman needs to hire police from USA.  They are used to these sort of crimes, and is trained to run your ass down and catch you.  Trained to shoot and is accustomed to hard work. 

  14. Jess Thenkin says:

    Sooo……is there not a senior officer / sergeant scheduled on duty 24/7?? Can that person not be considered capable of at least confirming to the media that an event has occurred?

    If there is something that should "not" be reported immediately in order to make it possible to solve the crime (for example: sensitive information that could jeopardize the safety of a child) – I am sure the media would be reasonable and keep some things confidential – if it was explained to them!

    Relying on Joe Public to give them information instead of the police is much more hazardous to investigative processes in my humble opinion. The Marl Road has many twists and turns…… so they say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Media: the media will not keep silent because news sell and bad news sell most. I would’nt bet on the reasonableness of the news media. Medias around the world are the same, to maximise their profit and it is the same in Cayman.

  15. North Sider says:

    It use to been Burglaries

    Now its Robberies and soon to be cold blooded killings…

    Let’s be practical here, people! 

    Homeowners and Business owners who are responsible citizens should be able to use and carry firearms. Someone innocent is going to get hurt. The Commissioner of Police refuses to arm his Police Officers, and many of them are slow to responding to an arm robbery.

    If the Police can’t do it – THINK PRACTICAL!




  16. Dred says:

    Is Mac away again? It seems whenever he goes on world tour the criminals plan a shopping spree or did they do it early this time?

    • Anonymous says:

      He is always away, and the criminals are always active. Statistically I would guess that the correlation is no greater than that of wearing blue jeans and developing cancer.

  17. Anonymous says:

    They’ll rob the Police Station next………….  Mr. Baines, what is going on please – this is now getting ridiculous.