US$10,000 reward for robbers

| 01/10/2010

(CNS): Fidelity Bank, Cayman Crime Stoppers and the RCIPS have joined forces to offer a reward of up to US$10,000 for information leading to the arrest and subsequent conviction of the of the people responsible for the bank robbery last Friday, 24 September. Shortly before 10.00am on Friday, three men, all armed with what appeared to be firearms, entered the Fidelity Bank on Dr Roy’s Drive. They threatened customers and staff before making off with a sum of cash. No shots were fired and although no–one was injured, staff and customers were left shaken by the ordeal. Initial reports indicated that the men responsible made off in a black coloured Jeep Compass. Following the robbery CID, uniformed and armed officers immediately attended the scene. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

 The RCIPS Air Operations Unit was also deployed to assist in the search for the suspects. To date no arrests have been made in connection with this crime.

One suspect had brown complexion, was 6 feet in height and weighed about 180 pounds. He was wearing a white overall over his face and dark glasses.

The second suspect was around 5’9” in height, slim build, 170-180 pounds with a dark brown complexion. He was wearing denim pants and a white and grey coloured shirt.

The third suspect was around 5’9” in height, 170-180 pounds, with a dark brown complexion. He was wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

All three had their faces covered and were carrying what appeared to be firearms.

Announcing the reward, Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said, “We are grateful to Fidelity Bank and Cayman Crime Stoppers for joining with the RCIPS to offer this reward. The men responsible are still at large but there is no doubt that someone knows who they are, where they are and the location of the firearms used in this crime. This was a terrifying ordeal for the staff members and the customers involved.”

Bodden said that although no-one was injureda number of people, including an expectant mother, were left traumatised by the ordeal. “We hope that the reward will encourage people who know who these men are to contact police as quickly as possible.”

Anyone with any information about this crime should inform the police immediately. Calls can also be made to Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Just Curious says:

    I think the reward should be contingent to the suspects confessing how the hell they found parking in front of Fidelity at 10AM. I deem myself lucky to find parking on the nether end of Genesis Close when I do any business at Fidelity. Most of us have to park and walk; these guys just jump in their Jeep and ride off. No doubt, this was certainly the work of professionals!

  2. Dan Dan says:

    I do not feel sorry for the police. They remind so much of the politicians…we give them all they need to get the job done and all lacking is a little common sense!!

    They exclude the public as if we are not the ones they are put in place to protect, lol. How can I help you Mr. Policeman when you act as if we are all to blame? How can I help you when you refuse to provide me with information and we have to wait for days before we know a simple detail that could have brought you closer to the criminals?

    The crime rate will continue to skyrocket because we have inept police. People are afraid to come forward and are being critised because of it. Really? Do any of you people know what it’s like to live in the ghetto (yes there are quite a few here) and deal with the likes of these ‘bad boys’? It can’t be as easy as you think. What makes you think these thugs do not have connections inside the police force who call them and let them know details of their cases, who informing on who, etc?  

    I know a lot of you have not figured it out yet but let me tell you, the criminals may be uneducated and out of work but they have common sense, which they put to good use.

    If I know I am unarmed in a job that may take my life don’t you think it makes sense to be 1000% proactive at stopping the crime before it starts? These so called ‘bad boys’ should be followed everywhere on this island, track all of them since according to Mr. Baines it is so few of them, lol. Why don’t you go into the communtiy and speak to the parents of these children (yes it’s a part of your job) and find out if they need work, attention or just a good assing? Arrest them…just for the sake of arresting them. Be a tick in their a** like how they are in yours!!!

    Go out of your way to be in their communities and neighbourhoods. Have a police presence there all day and all night 365 days out of the year. What’s the use of a police foot patrol if you don’t pay attention, pay attention!! Get to know the people understand the family unit and where and how some of these  young men grew up.

    Sh*t I could honestly say if I was the Cheif of police I would be doing a whole lot more than spewing garbage from my mouth. People would be writing on CNS how they are sick of seeing the police!! Sick of the police waving at them, sick of the police walking in their neighbourhoods and stopping by for a cup of joe or just a chat, sick of the police talking to all the young men and encouraging them to stay off the streets, stop them from loittering or causing trouble. Sick of police mentoring young people and inspiring them to make a difference in a good way. Yup they’d be done right sick to death of my police force and I know one thing you’d hardly hear about the criminals.

    It’s high time government entities used the same systems to track people. Police, Licensing, Hospital (just certain data of course) and Immigration need to all work together to get a grip on some of these incidents as the police are oviously waaaaaaay over their little un-armed heads!!!

    ~One Love~

  3. Anonymous says:

    US$10,000?? Fidelity should be ashamed of themselves!! This is nothing short of a publicity stunt to make their customers feel like they are doing something. If they really wanted to catch these criminals they would put up some serious cash and then we may see someone take the chance to identify thes criminals.

    With the current lack of confidence in Police force no one their right mind will take that kind ofrisk for a measley CI$8000.00 knowing that the police and courts will most likely bungle and lose their case against the criminals anyway and then what??


    • Anonymous says:

      who ought to be ashamed is you.  What kind of person protects armed robbers because $8,000.00 isn’t enough money to act the responsible citizen.  do the right thing.  If you want to help why don’t you put up $50,00 or so.  show us how it’s done. 

  4. anonymous says:

    To help solve the crimes we need to see the photos of persons who have commited the crime and not the investigating team or the police as shown in the photo above. RCIP please help us to help you.

  5. Jonathan says:

    For crying out loud, why in the hell have the police and or the bank not released the footage of the robbery and put it on the television and in the newspapers?  Where is the common sense in that?  If you want to catch the thieves then expose their pictures to the populace of this country. Just exactly where is the disconnect here?  Do you not want to catch them?  The very serious question of complicity has to be raised if there actually is footage of the robbery and it is not immediately released.  How many of these black Jeep Compass vehicles are there on the island?  Does the liscensing department not have these basic statistics?  A simple process of elimination most probably would have resulted with the perpetrators being in custody by now.  It is simply dumbfounding that the release of any footage of the robbery has not taken place.  It is simply ludicrous.  Do I need to do a FOI request to get the answer to this malarky?  WTF?

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you not want to catch them?  There ya go, who is going to answer that question?

  6. Anonymous says:

    on the upside, at the very least, 600 people’s pension money wasn’t robbed, as CROOKED EMPLOYERS had invested that money in their own fishing boats and Maui Jim snuglasses!  Let’s give praise instead of being so negative all the time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In the US taking $ from a bank is serious, the FBI gets involved the images from the bank cameras are circulated and usually with in 24 hours they get the bad guys why is that so hard to do on this little island?

  8. Bin Laden says:

    Arming the Police and the Security Guards Will open the gates of Hell

    It’s like Money > the more guns on the island-the more guns to circulate


    • Anonymous says:

       So what do you suggest? Go into a gun battle with a baton?  Great idea.  I didn’t know batons could stop bullets.  It’s time for armed security guards at least.  This is the only place in the world that I see unarmed security guards.  Why bother with a security guard if they can’t do anything?

      • Anonymous says:

        No disrespect to the guys that appear to be doing doing the job but they are hardly frightening and I would not like to see the security guards that just arrived earning $2 or $3 an hour with a gun!

        Anyone thought that there has been more crime since every place has got rid of the big Jamaican security guys.  Let these little boys try and go for them, it didn’t happen!  They are not afraid of the security guys now, they are bigger than them anyway.

        Get some big guys back as security and quick!

        A couple of dollars – paying less to security will not secure your business!


        • Anonymous says:

          And are you saying Big Jamaican Security Guards don’t bleed the same way as Small Security Guards????

        • Anonymous says:

           I don’t see why it matters what size they are if the criminals have a gun and they have a baton.  I don’t understand why it matters how much they are getting paid has to do with them carrying a gun.  Please give me a valid argument as to why a security guard should have a baton when a criminal has a gun?

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Say It Aint So! says:

    where is the video or photos? They said UNMASKED!!! Should not be too hard. Many of us could do with a $10,000 reward right about now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Makes you wonder how much they got away with then ……………………

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever happened to the robbers of CNB…another unsolved crime..hey Cayman should have their own "Unsolved Crime/Murder " program…it would be renewed for years…lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    U.S.$ 10.000 .00  could have at least made it C.I.$. I hear the U.S.dollar is weak now. Anyway we live in cayman don’t, see any U.S. rewards being offered in C.I. dollar in the U.S. Maybe they think the person in a position to collect it is gonna overlook this and think they are getting more money.maybe the U.S. angle is to maybe entice the person with the added incentive of being able to relocate out of cayman , cash in hand no conversion rates to deal with( I hear its too dangerous here now]Since we are on the subject of U.S. we maybe could look at some of their rights mainly the right to bear arms  and defend ones home and property or a failure of that an armed police force that can be seen and depended on not after the fact but when a crime is actually happening or a better response than half an hour or more.

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re not going to get the reward anyway, so don’t worry about it

    • Judas says:

      Are you really serious? surely everyone knows that the CI$ is pegged to the US$? So if the US$ is weakening against other countries so is the CI$.

      too funny

    • Anonymous says:

      You do realize that the CI dollar is pegged to the US dollar right? If the US dollar is doing poorly, then so will Cayman’s.

      And you do realize that a lot of people in the professional sector are paid in US dollars right?

      And why are you even complaining about the currency? Greedy much? People should be giving information REGARDLESS of a reward. Forget the money, think about the community and how to help it.

      I would also recommend that you re-take English class, as your run on sentences aren’t that easy to decipher.

  13. Anonymous says:

    all he could say is he is sure there is someone who knows where they are….yeah sure God knows where they are… these police cant find any criminal.. all they cud take action on is Speeding, some poor dude smoking some fraction ganja… but wont stop people from bringing that in… no hopes from this police… 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ya’ll better have that 10K ready!  Cause the Bounty Hunter is in ON mode!

  15. jumpsuit says:

    "Bodden said that although no-one was injured a number of people, including an expectant mother, were left traumatised by the ordeal."

    What if people were injured?

    What if these criminals decided to pop a bullet?

    No one there was armed to stop them from doing it. Someone in the bank could have attempted to take on these criminals, and they could have killed an innocent person.

    Why aren’t the security personnel armed???

    We are not living cloud nine!

    • Anonymous says:

      Marlon Boden’s favorite saying "don’t worry this was an isolated incident"

    • Just Answerin' says:

      To answer your concerns:

      "What if people were injured?" They would likely gone to hospital for treatment.

      "What if these criminals decided to pop a bullet?" That depends on who or what they popped a cap at. It could have resulted in holes in the wall, or holes in people, depending on their aim and if those things which "appeared to be firearms" were indeed loaded guns.

      "Why aren’t the security personnel armed?" So, to you, a shoot-out in a crowded bank between armed guards and three desperate criminals would have been a good thing, huh? Yup, a lot less potential for an innocent person getting killed in that scenario as opposed to just letting the robbers have the cash and let the security guards open the doors for them with a smile and a nod as they were leaving.

      We are not living in the Old West either, Tonto!

  16. Anonymous says:

    WHERE are the pictures?

    Yes, I know they had their faces covered, but if the Police actually cared they would release the photos and/or video.  Who knows, maybe one walked with a limp, maybe one walked in some unique way. 

    I can’t understand why the Police don’t release photos here, is there some kind of conspiracy?  You ask for help but until you release pictures/video, which I know the bank has, you shouldn’t even ask, as you (the Police) are not doing everything you can to help the public help you!

  17. Durrrr says:

    Good headline CNS! Rob a bank and you get a $10,000 reward to add to your takings!

    • Roots Reality and culture says:

      that bank is cheap too.

      if they really want to find the robber someone will spill the beans I’m sure if they put it up to $30,000 or even $50,000

      that bank is cheap.  $10,000 can barely get you a car.

      Hey  Bank at least let them buy a house or a good  blig bling out a da money ya!

      • Anonymous says:

        shut up   I sure hope you’re not serious

      • Tootsy says:




        Check your computer Car registration systems for a BLACK JEEP!

        CHECK ALL BLACK JEEPS  AND THEIR OWNERS! Rannsack their houses and use money and metal detectors in all their yards for buried monies or hidden weapons! You don’t need a warrant for that.

        The population is only what 52,000? How many black jeeps in a population of only that amount?  may be 5,000 of 500? You  the RCIP already knows the robbers had to come to the police station to register their Black Jeep so  GO GET THEM AND STOP ASKING US QUESTIONS TO WHICH ONLY YOU KNOW ALREADY THE ANSWER!

        This is an easy case an open and shut if you use your brain!

        Hey Judge Smellie how come criminals robbers and killers are allowed to still drive around town? Did you know that you are supposed to confiscate their license when they are convicted of these serious crimes. Why are they allowed to be equipped to drive around to do more crimes?

        CHANGE THIS PLEASE Take away their driving privileges. They can catch the bus to work.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually , I think the population is now about 40,000 and dropping like a rock.  Should be getting easier by the day!

        • Pauly Cicero says:

          Criminal 101: Don’t drive your own car.

          Criminal 102: Don’t drive your granny’s car.

      • Dick Tracy says:

        The bank should consider pouring some rice on the floor of the bank with a trail leading to the parking lot.  They may just get lucky and find the missing piece of the puzzle.  This was well planned. 

  18. Stand Up. says:

    CHRISTMAS MONEY!! What are you waiting on?  Get over to that Police station right now.

  19. Rewarding says:

    What a great idea!!  Now someone will talk, hopefully! The person may want to talk but they will be fearing for their lives.  That is what happens. People won’t open their mouths because the thugs will silence it.  It is a big vicious circle. There is a city close to me that has went down the drain.  People in the city will not speak of who committed the crime because they are scared they are the next "victim".  Hopefully someone comes forward and speaks about it. How much was stolen?  Why is that information not made public? I pray this crime spree goes away quickly.  Come on people speak up.  There is no way that 3 people can get away with stealing money without someone else knowing about it.  Do the banks in Cayman have the dye packs in their money?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hope the vehicle licensing department has a separate data base of not only registration numbers but also makes and models and their associated owners. Should be pretty easy to locate the owner of the black Jeep Compass or any other car if they did. Can’t be too many of these around.

    • Rocket Scientist says:

      The cops will never figure that out.  Not even if you yelled it into their faces.