Lawyers move first unit trust from Cayman to Ireland

| 01/11/2010

(Fundstrategy): Dillon Eustace has announced what it claims to be the first ever unit trust relocation from the Cayman Islands to Ireland. The Irish law firm says the move was completed on behalf of a major international financial institution and its underlying investor. The re-domiciling has involved a Cayman Islands registered unit trust successfully relocating as an Irish Qualifying Investor Fund. Dillon Eustace expects more fund relocations shortly. It follows the Irish Central Bank’s agreement to facilitate the general relocation of unit trusts. Legislation was recently commenced to streamline the process of re-domiciling of corporate funds to Ireland.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     win some,  lose some


    not a big deal

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is just a begining…. Employers and Employees are insecured about there stability.Think No Cruise ships  No Financial Business…how cayman will blossom.its not just a thought,it needs concrete decision to get back where it was..dont you thinks all this started after the term limit? we were way good before… 

  3. Paddy says:


  4. Cayman First says:

    We have invited every Tom ,Dick and Semus here and boasted of our financial prowess, given away our knowledge and advantage.We have disenfranchise our own people listening to hocus pocus mumbo jumbo immigration policies which has enable others to benefit. Now we hear and see they are moving back to their respective domiciles, With benefits they have developed overseas poor old Cayman that old European colonial trick still working after all these years. They say a fool shall perish for the lack of a pinch of wisdom. Look around Cayman at all the so call pioneers and visionaries and political elite and their wealth and ask yourself who has really benefited and is still benefiting. Yet we are still listening and putting up with the same foolish notions and ideas. We need a change in direction Cayman with persons who simply put Cayman first and not their great expectations of wealth.

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      Well put, I suggest you and your "own" people weave some baskets then read your statement over again.

      Who voted for who?

      Bye, Bye fool, fool.

      When the hive stops producing honey, the Queen dies. Need I explain it any clearer?


      Tom, Dick and Harry. 

      P.S. Who is Semus??

      • Real Deal says:

        SEMUS: Stop Economic Migrants Undermining our Status

        ps. People just like you and the rest of your thumbs up buddies

    • Seamus with an "A" says:

      I am planning to go back with a bucketful of expertise, a ton of clients, but most importantly of all a big big pot of lovely delicious cash in the bank.  Thank you for a few lucrative years.

  5. Bobby Anonymous says:

    Surely they are moving there for the nice beaches, warm weather and friendly people.

    Get the picture Cayman Islands Government? No tourism and No Investors.

    You make it hard, they make it easy. Bye, Bye.


    • Well says:

      Well go then,


      Ohhh one Trust lost out of how many? ohhh the big bad scary leprechaun is taking all our business.

      Get a life!


      • Bobby Anonymous says:

        Not the brightest, are you?

        Did you vote by any chance?

        I could’nt.

        Bye, Bye.


        Paddy McGuinty

        P.S. Sorry, but he’s not taking any of "your" business, It’s all our’s, our’s I tell you!!

      • the Cayman Economy says:

        Idiot – your type may very well bring down Cayman to the level your type deserves.  Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to live in your ghetto.

        • Hush says:

          Cayman can compete with the best including them green little imps… we are not going to roll over and hand out our business, but we are going to change leadership soon and get back on track1


          • Anonymous says:

            That right, you tell em, we are the 5th largest financial centre in the world.