MLA requests cash for poor

| 03/11/2010

(CNS): Despite the good news last night that the government deficit has been reduced to only $15 million by the UDP administration, some of the community’s poorest people have revealed that they are struggling to get any support from the Department of Child and Family Services and are being forced to wait months for an appointment. The opposition has submitted a private member’s motion asking government to reallocate funds to the department to help those most in need. George Town member of the PPM and former Cabinet minister Alden McLaughlin said he hoped the government would be prepared to sacrifice some of the benefits and expenses currently being enjoyed by the premier and deputy premier for needy people.

However, McLaughlin said his motion was rejected by the Speaker in its first presentation and was reworded to ask government simply to find more funds for the department to help those who are in genuine need. He said many of his constituents are in real difficulties but they are unable to gain assistance.

In the motion, which has been accepted, McLaughlin is asking government to meet the increased demand for financial assistance by reallocating funds from somewhere else in the current budget.

However, given the premier’s revelations in Bodden Town last night  that the government’s anticipated shortfall of over $50 million for the previous financial year was down to $15 million, if those operational expenditures are continuing into this financial year government could be in a better position to find the money for the county’s poor.

CNS has contacted theDepartment of Child and Family Services to find out how much of an increased demand the department is experiencing for its services and how much their current budget allocation for financial assistance for the needy but we are still waiting for a response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a shovel and a rake.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How nice for all the little PPM clones to support their tribal politics without being required to think for themselves.

    The PPM MLA suggested that the premier and deputy premier surrender some of their benefits for the needy.

    What the PPM clones ignore is Alden doesn’t offer to give anything to he needy of the Cayman Islands himself.

    So as you bash away at me remember Alden offers nothing to the needy from himself, so don’t pat yourself on the back too hard.

    If he was giving something himself it would be much more impressive.

    You may vote down now PPM clones.

  3. Anonymous says:

    isn’t it ironic how Alden and the PPM(Poor People Mistake) are now fighting for poor people to get help? while in power the PPM didn’t give a flip bout poor people,building new roads cannot help poor people,as a matter of fact lots of landowners are yet to be paid for giving up their lands for these  highways.Alden and crew if you all had dealt with poor people while in office you wouldn’t have to come and ask the sitting government for help.The PPM is a weak opposition with very little to offer,Alden the people of Cayman can see right thru you and your colleagues,Almighty Father help us all….

  4. Anonymous says:

    To Whodatnot 20:11. The comments by Whodatis were simply directing our attention to a situation which exists in the UK and which is strongly criticized in that country, the poster was not the creator of the situation. Your vitriolic defence was unwarranted but your nationalistic fervour obviously blinded you to a few facts of history.

    So, let’s evaluate some of "mother country’s" achievements over the past  500 years: perpetrate quite a few wars, perpetrate a devastating and decimating famine and occupation upon the Irish, create and expand a genocidal-scale Africa/Americas slave trade, support and profit from plundering and "privateering" – read piracy, ‘conquer’ and decimate cultures in the name of expanding the "Empire", use all the wealth from all of the above to establish perhaps the world’s most class-divided society……shall I go on?

    On the other hand, "mother country" has certainly provided some benefits to humanity: the opportunity for me losing my virginity when I lived there………………, I’m sure there must be more.  

    You keep that passport, I would much rather plait my rope and have someone blow my conch shell until my little sandbox sinks into the abyss.

  5. whodatis says:

    Dear "Whodatnot",

    Why are you shooting the messenger?

    The video link I posted and its alarming (not to me or anyone who views British society through sober eyes) stats and figures simply highlight the truth of the situation.

    I had nothing to do with it – Britain and its collective history of British leaders are responsible for the obvious breakdown in its society … not Whodatis.

    The thing is, most people are unaware of the truth in regards to British reality today – even many Brits themselves! Therefore, I am doing my part to create a bit of balance in the debate, to calm the rhetoric of the many anti-Caymanian naysayers in the room, but most importantly – considering that Britain is in fact the "mother country", we all ought to be cognizant of her massive short-comings and do our best to not repeat her mistakes.

    I figured she would appreciate my efforts as every good "parent" hopes to see their "child" in a better off position than their own – no?

    Re: "here is some perspective – look at all that england has achieved the last 500 years, and what the cayman islands have done.  gee, you were still turtling and twisting little ropes 20 years ago. "

    Are you SERIOUS??!!

    I really don’t think you want to open that can of worms my friend! How old are you "Whodatnot"? Are you an adult? Are you a professional? What level of education have you received? Have you EVER opened a history book?

    Better yet, have you taken the time to consider the hundreds of millions of people on the other side of "all that england has achieved the last 500 years" that contributed to and paid with their lives, dignity, humanity, land, homeland, culture, societies, language, religion, sexuality, spirit and legacies? (Although something tells me that you really wouldn’t care either way – interesting how that works isn’t it?)

    My friend, England (along with its other European neighbors) was not much more than a leech feeding off of the suffering of other societies during those "500 years". Modern day "terrorism", "genocide" and "war crimes" have absolutely nothing on the historical acts of grotesque inhumanity that has been distributed globally by "England".

    My point being – those 500 years would have been impossible without the sweat, blood and loss of the ancestors of those little turtlers and rope twisters of which you speak – yes … my ancestors – and the ancestors of almost every Caymanian that you interact with on a daily basis.

    So be careful – eh?



    (39 year old grandmother Sandra’s not doing anything – she’s "just existing" – all by way of the UK government’s £££. There are millions of "Sandras" in the UK.)

  6. Sarah Palin says:

    Indirect taxation screws the Caymanian poor and keeps the Caymanian rich very, VERY happy . Anyone gonna disagree? That’s the Cayman reality; fuelled by free fridges, asphalted driveways (FOI the Brac someone please, its rumoured to be everyone this fall), waived healthcare debts, jobs for the unemployable at pwd, & clandestine handouts. Result in a recession = increased crime by the unempl have-nots. Say it aint so, Minister Adam!

    But we dont care ’bout that, ‘cos the opposite is evil Social…ISM and we gonna hang them thievin’ po’boys by they black necks in Northward! Deterrent, you see!

    Oh yeah, not PPM or UDP, we all Republicans here in Cayman – patronise but screw the poor (why not eh, JC?).

    God bless A-meric-A!!!

  7. whodatnot says:

    in response to whodatis Wed, 11/03/2010 – 10:50

    why not just hand in your british passport then, if you think that "mother britain" is so terrible.  oh, i forgot, that’s because you need somewhere to go to when your little sandbox starts sinking further into the abyss – literally and figuratively.  or is it the US you’ll be going to once you’ve sold your birthright for the almighty dollar?  here is some perspective – look at all that england has achieved the last 500 years, and what the cayman islands have done.  gee, you were still turtling and twisting little ropes 20 years ago.  don’t worry, you’ll be going back to that when the financial sector leaves for sunnier places.  can you say buh bye?? (whodatnot from whodatnotistan)

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can our debt be only $15 million when we just borrowed $155 million?

    I don’t understand. Please explain, somebody.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Give ignorance a place to speak & they surely will. How about you people who seem so concerned about these poor people and what the UDP & PPM are not doing….why dont some of these "bright" commenters host some kind of fundraising for the needy. Take some money out of your pocket. Everybody is so quick to point the finger but now willing to do the work eh? You People never seem to amaze me.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have another idea! Why aren’t the churches (and plenty of them are now under construction etc so it seems times are good for them) step up and do something for the community? I don’t hear a peep – no fundraising, no offering of child care services, no feeding of the poor. Nothing!

      • Anon says:

        The Church is just another business trying to stay afloat.

      • Anonymous says:

        True dat. I hear some pastors are taking home $12,000 to $14,000 per month, surely that could spread around and help the poor/needy a bit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree that poor the people of this country need assistance.  Locals are being laid off every day and need to feed their families, and then there are the sick an elderly. I applaud the help which goes to those individuals as it is justifiable.

    On the other hand it is hard to imagine that government has and will continue to pay funds on a monthly basis to drug addicts who are otherwise able bodied individuals who could earn a hard day’s pay…

    If the drug addicts were cut off surly there would be more than enough to go around…


  11. Jacob says:


    It should be – 

    As a moral obligation, look out for the poor; and

    Encourage the poor to look out for themselves.

    It would be heartless and blind to say to people in need – "You’re on your own. I made it to the top by myself with no help… so you should stop complaining and do the same."


  12. anonymous says:

    Thanks Alden for your efforts to advance the Caymanians and to help the needy and the poor of Cayman.  McKeeva and his party just do not care for the poor, they only caters to the rich and wealthy people.  All those concessions are not helping the Caymanians, its only helping the rich.  Most of the expats that are here, are only here to help themselves and their country.  They are reaping this country poor and they just don’t care bout the indigents, so they spreads false rumors about the Caymanians, that we don’t want to work.  Who built this place to attract them in the first place if it was not the Caymanians.  McKeeva your status grants has also contributed to this welfare situation, but you cannot see beyond your own pocket, so you just went ahead and did that, because your friends told you so.  If you had stop and study what would had happen, you would had seen that crime would had increase, schools would had been needed, Government would had grown and there was going to be a Social issue down the line.  It is happening faster than I expected only 6 years.  You created this monster in Cayman, now do something right and listen to Alden and start looking within and domestically.  Stop trying to get rich fast and damn the people.

  13. Who Got the Keys to ma Beemer? says:

    Yo, if them givin handouts mek sure me get a hook up. Me strugglin to find de next payment pon me Beemer still.


    Juss Cool

  14. whodatis says:

    To the harsh critics of Cayman society – I urge you to view the following 3 minute video to add a bit of balance to this oft misrepresented issue.

    "Why Work? Welfare addiction in handout hungry UK"

    Hopefully we will not get to the deplorable point that our "mother country" has managed to reach.

    Perspective is everything.

  15. Pro the little person says:

    I will not deny that in these times, where people are getting laid off due to companies inabilty to pay them, that assistance is needed; however, how many of these individuals are trying to find some form of employment.

    We as a country have created expectations for ourselves that Caymanians are too good to be doing some jobs, so instead of working some just sponge off of the Government.

    How many of these individuals have low paying jobs,are physically unable to work or are actively seeking employment these people are those we should be supporting, why continue to spend funds on individuals that have no ambition to do better.

    An assesment of those seeking funds should be done.

    • Anon says:

      Well said!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Get real. I bet you are a paper Caymanian making those sort of comments. Caymanian are not giving a fair chance in the work place. I see people on work permits coming in here and working for certain places for a couple of weeks and find somewhere else that pay more and move on. All of this also go back to the many people that McKeeva gave status to. Caymanians wake up from this nightmare and take your Island back. Silence hurts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Previous poster is factually correct.  There are 50 households on Ecaytrade looking for a nanny/domestic.  If there were Caymanians that wanted to do this work, that would not be the case, would it?

        • Anonymous says:

          Come on now. You know as well that most domestic helpers do not have their family on Island and that the salary they earn here goes a lot further in their home countries and they can support their families back home accordingly. To keep expenses low, most domestic helpers share accomodations with several other people. How do you expect someone who has to support a family here on Island to do that?

          I know there are some lazy bums (just like anywhere in the world – only need to look at how many families in the US are on food stamps), but there is a reason why cheap labor is being imported. Like it or not, this situation is the same all throughout the world……….

      • Anonymous says:

        There is more to blame beside Mack for the Status grants. I was made to understand during those weeks of line ups from one of the Politicians that it was only Mr Roy and Mr Frank that was against giving out the Status, and the others was angry with them.

        • Anonymous says:

          Let me direct your attention to the Hansards of the Legislative Assembley for the 2003/2004 sessions.

          Beginning on page 607 you will find (and for your convenience also copied below) the motion brought by Kurt to condemn those grants, and the debate that follows where you can see for yourself that McKeeva, Roy, Frank, Gilbert, and Juliana all vigourously defended those grants.


          Hon. D. Kurt Tibbetts: Thank you, Madam Speaker. Private Member’s Motion No. 4/03 reads as follows:
          “WHEREAS in recent months the Governor in Cabinet of the Cayman Islands has granted Caymanian status to a large number of persons (more than 1,400);
          “AND WHEREAS the Leader of Govern-ment has recently stated the intention of Govern-ment to revise the Immigration Law (2003 Revi-sion) or to bring new immigration legislation ena-bling up to 6,000 persons to be granted Cayma-nian Status in one fell swoop;
          “AND WHEREAS the Parliamentary Oppo-sition has been inundated by a groundswell of ap-prehension and opposition to the recent actions and declared intentions of Government in relation to the process of granting of Caymanian Status;
          “BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT this Legislative Assembly does hereby condemn and censure the actions of the Governor in Cabinet in making the recent grants of Caymanian Status;
          “AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Legislative Assembly acknowledges the far reaching implications of the unilateral and whole-sale grant of Caymanian Status by the Governor in Cabinet to thousands of persons in one fell swoop;
          “AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Legislative Assembly calls upon the Governor in Cabinet to forthwith cease making grants of Caymanian Status pending the holding of wide-spread consultation with and approval by the elec-torate of the course of action taken by the Gover-nor in Cabinet in this matter;
          “AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT section 20 of the ImmigrationLaw (2003 Revision) be amended to restrict the ability of the Governor in Cabinet to grant Caymanian Status so as to limit such grants by the Governor in Cabinet to six per annum.”
    • Jacob says:

      An assessment is done. My father receives financial aid from Social Services. I and the rest of my family don’t have the sufficient funds to do so. He was assessed. I know this for a fact. They look into his history, what he has, and even his immediate family members income. They collect all his bills and then assess how if he qualifies for the "poor relief" funds. So we do have a system in place. Of course, it is not perfect, and you will have people who slip through the cracks, but it is something.

      On another note, I will have you know that there are some well-off people who believe that there should not be a welfare state, safety net, or social programs, helping the poor, the less fortunate, the elderly, and those with serious medical needs. That people should be responsible, work their way up to the top, educate themselves, and stop being complainers. These well-off people also think that there are enough jobs for everyone, and everyone has needs similar to their own. I will have you know that such a view is flawed and lop-sided in that it bears responsibility on the person, but disregards the collective responsibility of the state and capitalistic system.

      Responsibility works both ways. Whereas, personal responsibility should be encourage, in conjunction with charities and donating organizations, the government should assist where these charities have left out and can’t reach. In many countries, a portion of the people’s tax is funnelled to social – welfare programs. Taxation for this cause, is seen like one giving back to society what society has over time contributed to your economic state.

      In this paradignm, the rich are seen as being made rich because of there being a middle class and poor folk who helped them climb the ladder of success. Why then should they refuse to pay welfare tax?  It is a moral obligation for such reasons. Also dear reader, you will find that many of the well-off people who are against welfare and love to call other people "lazy" and useless to society, not knowing the hell they are going through in their personal lives, are the same ones I find who are so blind, as to say, "I got where I am alone, and no one help me to climb this capitalistic ladder." Wealth have blinded their eyes to the point that they don’t SEE GOD IN OTHER PEOPLE!  That is a known fact. Some have the audocity to say that God has bless them, but does not require any sort of charity and welfare. 

      I think there needs to be a balance. We should all be teaching our young personal responsibility and excelling in life. But we should not blind them with the pride that they don’t need the help from other people, and that other people don’t need their help too. The government, churches, and wealthy folk, should set an example of generosity so the young will learn and follow.


    • Anonymous says:

       Assessments are done but I found out something that I found unbelievable.  I know of one lady that got status in those grants and brought all her children hereand guess what?  They living on social services.  Even free trips off government.  That is just not right.

      I also knew someone that married someone to stay here.  They weren’t even living together and she had five children.  Three of which she admitted to me was not her husband’s.  Guess what?  Social Services was supporting her children too.

      Of course, that makes it bad for other people who really need it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The PPM said they were willing to give up 20% of their salaries and presented the motion to the LA for a vote.

    As we all know the vote was not passed.

    Why doesn’t the PPM follow through to prove their good faith that this was not playing politics and actually give 20 % of each PPM member’s salary to the needy.

    I don’t expect that they will do this because the PPM were just playing games.

    • Get Real says:

      Get real bro!

      PPM must reduce their pay but the ones who are putting us in more debt must keep their wages at what it is now.

      Boy you so UDP that you dont hear how "fool fool" you sound.

      I agree that all the MLAs and Ministers should reduce their wages as all Civil Servants are asked to do, but for only the PPM to do so is beyond common sense!

      You know what, you best crawl back under that UDP rock and go back to sleep!

      • Anonymous says:

        You missed my point through your PPM eyeglasses.

        My point being if the PPM members really cared about giving 20% of their salary for the needy in Cayman then they could have done so regardless of what the other party decides.

        Then the PPM would have been in a position of putting their money where their mouths were and the voters would have known that they are more than hot air.

        When the PPM used the excuse (just like you did by the way) that the other party didn’t support the idea so the PPM dropped the idea. The needy remain but the PPM dropped the 20% donations proving to the country that they are no better than the UDP.

        Unfortunately you let your party politics obscure your vision that all these politicians are the same, Ezzard could have given 20% on his own but didn’t as he is the same as well.

        Don’t be fooled by party politics.

        • Anonymous says:

          Stop drinking the kool aid.  McKeever making the most money and spending the most too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If the government wouldn’t continue to hand out money to those who really don’t need it and just abuse the system, there would be enough to help those who are very much in need of some sort of aid. So please ensure that the proper checks are made and the money doesn’t go to someone who just recently went on a shopping trip to Miami or is driving a brand new car!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Alden. There are plenty of people struggling and I heard of one elderly lady who was told to go and get her family to feed her. I agree families should help but this lady has probably worked long and hard and if her family can’t or wont help, she should be given help. And yes, lets see the Premier and Deputy give up some of their benefits such as the premier’s pension and let them pay their own bills to help their people.

    And – I appluad you for trying to adbance education by building the schools. Maybe it was a bit over ambitious to do 2 at once but on one could foresee the financial disaster and despite the UDP being in power for 2 years, the John Gray students are still going to school in a building site. Please UDP stop dragging your heels. The only way to help your young people to have a fair shot in this world is to give them a first class education. A good number of our kids are illiterate when they leave school despite many years at school. YOu need to get to the bottom of this. Hire more first class teacher who can speak, read and write proper English to give these kids a chance.
    People are complaining that he schools are state of the art. Don’t our kids deserve the best?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah Hah I told you so.

      withholding funds from the poor is punishment from the UDP!

      Alden stop wasting time trying to get the attention of government to help the poor. McKwwva Bush ad his croonies has made it quite clear that his #1 priority is the RICH AND FAMOUS!

      Poor people need to sty in their place. I mean ‘STAY POOR, GET POORER, WHILE THE UDP AND THEIR RICH FRIENDS GET RICHER

      Alden and Kurt stop beating up your gums.  Do the paper work AND GET THIS TYRANT OF A DICTATOR OUT OF OFFICE.