What’s in a name?

| 24/11/2010

Iconic names should not be replaced. They serve to remind us of our history and heritage, keep us rooted and, hey, if you are into the numbers, it’s also usually a very smart business decision. Well known brand names like Tortuga Club, Blue Horizon, Galleon Beach, Pedro Castle, Rum Point, Seaview, Cayman Turtle Farm, Matilda Corner, Caribbean Club, Welly’s Cool Spot, Smiths Barcadere, Miss Lassies, and Pageant Beach, just to name a few, are deeply ingrained in our collective memory.

We really must stop the total destruction of everything we have here, including the names of our long established and cherished places.

There seems to be some painful recognition of the value of these names as of late after costly mistakes, for example with the Turtle Farm being changed back after its ill fated time as Boatswains Beach. Other shrewd developers have maintained the name links even if the property has been redeveloped and bears little resemblance to the original, such as Morritt’s Tortuga Club, Seaview, and Caribbean Club.

With the Westin Casuarina Hotel now in financing problems, let’s hope that when they do get back on their feet, the owners, whoever they might be, reinstate the property as the (blank) Galleon Beach Hotel. There are just too many memories of these places to let the names be lost forever. As for the developer of the so called Watercolors (whoopee), please reconsider going back to something of the original name – say Beach Club 10 (for new height). It will serve you well … and there is no charge for my consultancy fee.

Hopefully, places like the Buccaneers Inn and Pageant Beach will one day also be re-born.

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  1. Carol says:

    Still trying to figure out 2!

    We have always allowed Tom, Dick, Harry and their cousins to come in and change everything on Cayman to their liking! Leaving us as usual to wonder ????. What is up with us? We need to let people coming in what our heritage is and memories are! Been visiting Hawaii for the last week and am amazed to see the local craftspeople and artisan so well repped. Souvenir shoppes and galleries everywhere. The waterfront looks like it did back when! No glass towers and monster shops everywhere. Local and beautiful. People speak to you and are friendly, quick with a story and while I know some of it may not be genuine, it is nice that they take the time. I am always interested in what the tour operators tell people about the island. I can only imagine! Time to take back the reins of our country and steer our own horse! Carol

    • Pineapple says:

      Carol  Obviously you were not on Wakikiki Beach with its highrisers and fast disappearing beach. Notwithstanding that comment I have visted six of the islands and feel right on home. Having been here over 40 years it is a pity that Cayman learnt nothing from the Hawaii experience. It is very user friendly and everything actually works. I just love the place. The DOT needs send a bunch of workers there to see how it all works out.

  2. Anonymous says:

     Seriously, with everything going on on this island you’re fretting over replacing names???  SERIOUSLY???

    • anonymous says:

      There will always be more important things to deal with!!! Does that mean we should discuss nothing else besides McKeeva’s travel plans?

      Stop taking yourself so seriously, SERIOUSLY!




  3. Anonymous says:

    "Crewe Road was renamed Shedden Road" – it was??? when did that happen??

    Mind you I still call Eastern Avenue School House Road and I still refer to Ugland House/Craft Market as "Dr Roy’s house" when I’m giving directions….  🙂

    Thanks goodness we still have Boilers, Meringue Town and Mary Street…..


  4. Anonymous says:

    How aboutthe Red Bay Dock that is in South Sound???


  5. nauticalone says:

    Even more disturbing is the re-naming (with no historical or cultural significance/connection) of our roads.

    Like: Harquail By-pass, Crewe Rd. By-pass, Thomas Russell Way to name a few that are well known.

    Of course when we have our own Govt. allowing this….and changing names like Cayman Turtle Farm, Pedro Castle and Smith Barcadere….it will have no legs to stand on to encourage private developers to do so!

    Who comes up with these ideas/names??

  6. Old School says:

    I agree, bring back Cayman Islands High School!

    While we are on the topic, what is with naming roads, facilities and buildings after people that are still alive? Linford Pierson Highway, really? Truman Bodden Sports Complex, what a joke?


  7. ????? says:

    I agree with the writer, researching the history of the location and the country should be standard practice for any good developer.

    I was so disappointed when the new Caribbean Club wasn’t coloured in it’s iconic Pink.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? A 10 storey pink building? sure glad they did not take the name that seriously!

  8. John Evans says:

    Whilst I agree with the sentiments it’s hard (no – impossible!) to associate new structures on sites like, for one example, the old Seaview Hotel with the original property.

    Maybe it’s just time to stop developments that change the character of locations that have historical significance to the islands.

    The only problem with that idea is who would decide what is, and isn’t, significant – based on current trends it would be the people who put up the most money.

    • anonymous says:

      I have never heard of matildas corner can somebody tell me where it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Matilda’s Corner was  a bar just in front of Dora’s Bay, where the fishermen sell their catch. If you stand in the middle of the wall you can see a driveway that connects to a private road that leads onto Mary Street.

        A parking lot has taken the place of Matilda’s Corner. It was a family bar owned by the Smiths’ Family.

        It was the most popular bar on the island in its time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Matilda’s corner was the open lot with large seagrape trees, adjacent to Alvey Smith’s Bar, on the lane between the former Tower building and the Harbour Centre off North Church Street. 

        Other George Town tidbits:  The correct name of road off Mary Street behind Solomon’s Grocery is Edward Avenue, not Rock Hole Rd.  Rock Hole Rd., started just after Capt. Tom’s shop where the road curves to the left.  Diaz Avenue takes you into the area known as Copper Boilers.  The folklore on these areas is plentiful.  We Must Never Forget Our Roots.

  9. The Crown says:

    For real.. But as we know,it’s such a perpetual marathon,dealing with the re-inventers of our wheel. P.s Cayman: Home secretary Theresa May has outlined broad & sweeping changes to the Uk’s immigration invasion. Seems we’re not the only folks deeply perturbed by a massive employment program that shelves it’s own people..Full story @My Yahoo.com

    • Anonymous says:

      Still trying to figure out how Crew Road got changed to Shedden Road. We need some kind of consultation with the people.