Cayman HQ’d legal firm creates jobs in Ireland

| 29/11/2010

(Hedgeweek): Walkers, the legal and management services provider, says it will be creating a significant number of jobs in Ireland as the firm further expands its Dublin office which opened in October. Approximately 25 new positions will be created by the end of 2010, rising to around 50 new jobs by the end of 2011. "We are committed to developing a strong presence in Dublin with experienced top tier Irish lawyers and professionals, providing them with the opportunity to grow the Irish corporate business through our global network," says Vicki Hazelden, managing partner of Walkers’ Dublin office.

"We are excited about our expansion in Ireland which is a very desirable location for international financial services. The International Financial Services Centre has been a beacon of strength for the economy and has benefited from a very broad network of global tax treaties and the maintenance of the 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate which we are pleased to see is part of the Government’s four year national recovery plan."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Given the crap Walkers have had to take over hiring decisions, I can’t blame them for downsizing in Cayman and moving staff to places that know how to treat professional organisations.

    • Anonymous says:

      ha, ha, ha, ha – that’s funny! Please do tell us what percentage of their work permit applications has been turned down?

      • Anonymous says:

        I can tell you what percentage of mine that have been turned down. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you didn’t watch international news.  Ireland is having los of trouble.  Thousands are marching in Dublin – no work – hard times.  So you see peoplewill still put up a fight to stay here and work,

  2. the consultant says:

     Yes all this hocus pocus talk we were being told Ireland is bankrupt now being bailed out by the EU in fact worse that Greece and when you take EU  money you never never get out of debt ,good luck Byes. With the UK’s hidden crime agenda for Cayman i would say alot of people are betting against Cayman and if our illustrious Politicos don’t wake up and see that we are deliberate being led down the path of destruction and someone or certain persons are benefiting from our crime situation and sabotaging our  prevention efforts in this overseas territory.Ohhh poor old Cayman sooooo many conspirators and saboteurs to deal with.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Protectionism, disguised in the names of Work Permit Board, P&R Board and Immigration Appeals Tribunal, is alive and well. Many on these boards, are there to ensure one does not need to educate oneself and to perpetuate the entitlement attitude. 

    Unfortunately, for Cayman, businesses like to control who they hire and fire. Imagine that. Its called Capitalism. 

    Cayman keeps blaming the global down turn for our current woes, but there are other factors equally as strong. Mainly, our lack of emphasis on eduction versus education buildings and our anti-foreigner roll-over policy. The fact is the global economy is improving. But our lack of education and protectionism leads to higher costs of business. Our anti-foreigner policies have people choosing to go elsewhere, pumping less and less into this economy.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard on the radio. But 10,000 people have left theisland, it doesn’t make any sense why more and more (2,400) Caymanians are unemployed. This just displays the height of economic ignorance many of us suffer from. So let me spell it out.

    1) We are undereducated.

    2) We are overpriced.

    3) Many of the jobs DONT need to be here.

    4) Companies care about their bottom line, not Cayman or Caymanians. Companies are businesses, not social security services. 

    5) Businesses go where they make the most money and have the most control of their operations. It doesn’t matter if there are taxes, no taxes, beach, or snow. 

    What is even scarier, is that the one sector seeing increased salaries, increased opportunities, is politics. God helps us.





    • Anonymous says:

      The above post should be read on the Rooster/Ezzard Miller sponsored Whine-athon daily.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Interesting considering Ireland’s ecomony is unstable at the moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even with the unstable economy in Ireland, perhaps it is easier for companies to do business there rather than here?

  5. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    Hedging against the risk of the downfall of Cayman’s economy . . . .

    • Anonymous says:

      … and likely contributing to it.  

      On the basis that "if you build it, they will come", building up the core group of professionals in Ireland will naturally attract work there from Cayman.  No one builds a business centre somewhere without plans to feed it work, and everything that gets fed to Ireland won’t come visiting Cayman.

      Sad that even the cornerstone firms of Cayman are staging their eventual exodus, but I expect that the"here come the expat taxes" and "don’t let the door of the airplane hit you in the a$$ onthe way out" attitude has removed any concerns about sticking with what you have.  


      • Anonymous says:

        Walkers is setting up in Ireland not to necessarily attract business to Ireland from Cayman, but to be able to service the funds that are established there, for example, UCITS products.  These products are not really a direct threat to Cayman.   Fund managers set up in Ireland to augment, not replace, Cayman products. 

        One has to look no further than the new office building built by Walkers in Cayman as evidence of Walkers commitment to Cayman.  

        • Anonymous says:

          ….the new office building that continues to remain vacant due to building issues…

        • Anonymous says:

          The new building was built a few (2?) years ago and has Walkers moved into it yet?

        • Anonymous says:

          Have any Walkers employees moved into that monstrosity yet?

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh yes – the horrendously ugly and still vacant building on Elgin Ave?

        • Anonymous says:

          Let’s hope you’re right, but if Walkers can equally service the "general" (i.e. non-UCITS) business here or there, they won’t be motivated to compete to keep it here. 

          Didn’t Walkers commit to the new building BEFORE the economy started to fail?