80 year old woman robbed

| 03/12/2010

(CNS): Police say they have arrested a suspected robber after hauling him from the water at Dray Quay. The arrest came after an elderly resident of Magellan Quay, located off the West Bay bypass, called the police to report finding two masked robbers in her home. At about 1.00am Thursday, 2December, police attended the 80-year-old woman’s home and found that she had disturbed two offenders who had broken into her house and were wearing ski masks. They threatened her in an attempt to locate money but ran off as an alarm sounded. Although the woman was very shaken by the whole incident, she was unhurt.

Police said that a search of the area was undertaken by officers and shortly afterwards a 24-year-old man was arrested near Dray Quay. He had been pulled from the water with the assistance of the Marine Unit and is currently in custody while the criminal investigation continues.

A number of suspected stolen items have been recovered by the police in the subsequent investigation.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or information to George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know the folks who had this terrible break-in… I am pleased that there was an arrest and some items recovered. I really hope a very public conviction happens next – if it is truly the culprit- then we can celebrate the beginning of proper convictions for these low-lifes.  Protecting identities of thieves as some sort of "social protection" in a small community is fine – if its certain crimes of passion – allowing for restitutions, and redemption. But THESE types of delibrate, predatory crimes tend to simply be a chosen economic lifestyle by the dim in our communities… time to slap these culprits down, so the mainstream honest people can sleep comfortably at night. Also, reading other comments – there is an acknowledgement that the public needs to help the Police with tips regarding these crimes. These scumbag criminals who break into our homes, don’t live in the bush – they celebrate their "loot’ with friends and family… its time to turn these guys in to the police before they wake us all up in our bedrooms in the middle of the night…

  2. Cat says:

    I believe, if I read the article correctly that some of the stolen items have been recovered,which it seems has been missed by some of my fellow bloggers.Maybe the lady managed to describe something about them or the items ,so maybe that’s how they figured out he was one of the pesky suspects. There is something to congratulate them for doing.

    I know the police are not the fastest,or is not always there when we need them ,(I had a particularly bad experience with that)but people please remember that they still are human,not robots or made out of steel or operated by computers. If someone kept bashing you on your performance I don’t think you’d be too happy either or you probably wouldn’t continue performing the best. Besides, if you are not a police officer,you don’t know what their job is like with their 12hour shifts and such, a public that has no faith in them,keeps critizing them and bashing them,won’t say a word to help them solve a crime, but then expects them to be these happy,knights in shining armour,with a mind reading ability to tell what your thinking because you won’t talk,that are going to be happy to serve you.


    Another important thing to remember is that solving crimes requires cooperation of some kind from us the civilians.Their intel and intelligenceservices can’t help properly inform their officers on situations and assist in solving serious crimes is only achieved is if someone out there talks. It doesn’t happen without it.It’s not like a bird flies throw a window and drops a note on their laps. Let’s try helping them for a change and give them some positive encouragement. Try being brave for a change and talk  when you see a crime occur, and stop letting the culprits roam with  the power to continue breaking the peace.The more we let them go, the more we have our selves  to blame for the rise in crime,because we won’t do what is right,becuae because we won’t defend our right to live free  and feel safe,by helping the police,because we decided it is better to protect the criminals freedom,the same people who will not discriminate against your home or anyone else or if given the oppurtunity ,will rob you where ever you are because they know you won’t tell on them and they will never be stopped and given a chance to change themselves or just be kept out of society. The police can only work with what they are given. Stop bashing and start helping and then I’m sure we’ll see an improvement in our crime rate.

    What do you want? Our country back to the safe way it use to be and the communtyand police finally working together,having a positive relationship and no longer tolerating the foolishness from criminals that we have been putting up with and finally standing up for our rights as law abiding citizens or are you all satisfied with the lives we have now? You seem to be because you are not doing your part to change it.

    You choose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My sympathies go out to the poor woman who had to go through this ordeal. Sadly, I can see no end to this terrible situation as the government shows no interest in changing our laws to combat crime and even less interest in doing anything that mightupset or inconvenience the criminal element.

  4. justus says:

     Governors Harbour is well protected, these burglars should have known better than to target that area. With helicopter patrols and marine patrols it would appear. I never see the marine units anymore I can remember when those guys were everywhere around the island and even in the Brac and Little Cayman day or night. Back then they never had the fancy boats they have today. They certainly had better leadership under the old Drug Task Force boss Derek Haines. These days they seem to do more patrol around the fast food joints in that gas guzzling truck than our coast line.Take a look at all the boats on display at our airport if you doubt this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    When is it going to stop??  For the first time in the history of our islands, we are now being held hostage by criminals.  Why is the Governor not doing something to help us, or is he only here to listen to McKeeva Bush spout XXX nonsense?  As a middle-aged Caymanian female, I can afford to say now that Grand Cayman is no longer the peaceful paradise I used to talk about what we used to have to offer, when I went on Cayman Islands Promotional Tours throughout the United States.  If the unnecessary spending is not curbed, we are going to end up like the other parts of the Caribbean where cruise ships are afraid to take passengers because of crime.  There are people on this island like me that try to live on what we have and there are others who have decided to rob to get the money to continue to live the way they used to. I have said before and now I am saying it again, the Governor needs to execute his Executive Power and dissolve the present Government and call for a new election.  Either we make the change ourselves or the UK will place us under direct rule again.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is going to stop when you and other residents of this island will stop being cowards and take actions , instead of writing here. Demand press conference with police and government.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, they arrested someone, again! With the past haunting them over and over, I would at least pause to think that perhaps this was not the robber, but someone out for a late night swim! Let us see if charges are brought and the guy is convicted before bruising the hands from the high-fives! Well done RCIP if the game was to arrest as many people as you can for whatever reason and never charge or solve a crime, then you are in the lead. At least with this one, it is as close to the "catch and release" policy as he was caught like a fish in the ocean! 

    I think the "great job RCIP" at any small capture of someone is proving that people are grabbing onto whatever hope they can that there is some Enforcement Branch protecting them. In fact it should be "about time you did your job"!

  7. Gillud says:

     Times up commissioner time to head back to the cold winter wonderland across the pond. You have been given more than sufficient time to turn this crime situation around. You have made one or two little changes but kept the bulk of problems still intact in the RCIPS. The same individuals are in place who have contributed to this crime situation and in some instances have been promote to the upper level of their incompetence. You have chose loyalty instead of ability,honesty and integrity. You had your chance Sir! Give someone else a chance to to try and see if they can bring some semblance of order to this place. Please please take the inept criminal element when you leave after all they have been the problem you same to failed to grasp thereby diminishing your own credibility and legitimacy to control crime in these islands.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow.  New low.  Stay classy Cayman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately many thieves will target the most vulnerable in our society beliving they pose less risk to being caught.

    It is nice to hear of a happy ending to a crime story.

    Neighborhood watches where people look after each other is an important crime fighting technique.

  10. ANONYMOUS says:

    17:07  Yes I agree the police is getting on top of things.  That is what we want to hear.   Be prepared for anything at all and anytime.  Good job RCIP.  And yes, sorry it could not have lasted until tomorrow getting them out of the water.   Nusance.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Police are often criticized here for being too slow in reacting. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them, but I personally wish they had taken a lot more time in the "pulling from the water" part of their job.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Credit is always in order wherever it is due. If the Police do a job well they should be commended, likewise if they do a poor job they should be critisized.

      In this case they deserve to be commended.

    • Anonymous says:

      An arrest is not the same as a conviction.  They have pulled someone from the water and he is innocent until proven guilty.  Congratulate the RCIPS when they produce the evidence leading to a conviction

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly are we ‘congratulating’ the police for?  Pulling someone from the water?  Making an arrest?  The woman that was robbed has less rights than the ‘alleged’ criminal.  He will be taken care of and afforded legal assistance to fight any charges brought against him.  What can the victim do?  Not very much!

      I would not be one to join in congratulating the police.  This is not a bigjurisdiction.  Why is violent crime escalating?  It is simply because there is no fear of the police.  They are for the most part incompetent.  This is the reason why crimes can be committed, there is low risk of being sent to prison due to the ineptness of the RCIPS, their slack standards and poor evidence gathering.

      They put more emphasis on checking coupons on cars when in this day of computerised records makes this quite senseless for the few meagre fines is produces.  Time would be better spent chasing criminals instead of coupons.