Howell wins first round in legal battle

| 05/12/2010

(Jamaica Observer): Jamaican businessman Delroy Howell who is the lead principal of New Kingston’s Wyndham Hotel, has won the first skirmish in his legal battle to reclaim control of First Financial Trust Company of which Judith Wilchombe, a national of the Bahamas and a former employee of Howell’s, managed to secure a majority shareholding. In October of this year, she ousted the former majority shareholder Delroy Mitchell and board director Kenarthur Mitchell and accused both men of failing to account for US$13.9 million in assets. Wilchombe attempted to have both men’s assets frozen but Justice Patrick Brooks of the Supreme Court lifted the freezing order against Delroy Howell, Kenarthur Mitchell, First Financial Caribbean Holdings Limited and First Financial Caribbean International Group Limited.

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