Gangs in Bermuda becoming more organised

| 10/12/2010

(The Royal Gazette): Bermuda’s gangs are in the process of reshuffling and will re-emerge a “more organised, robust force”, according to community activist Carlton Simmons. He told the joint parliamentary select committee on violent crime and gun violence yesterday that gangs had suffered due to increased police enforcement but would adapt and inevitably resurface. “As we continue to apply pressure and particularly police pressure they will learn more sophisticated techniques,” he said. “They are organised but they will get more organised. They will get more determined, they will get more desperate.” Mr Simmons, president of the Youth on the Move charity, described the gangs as hierarchical and “like a moving organism”.

He told MPs that Bermuda was broadly divided into about four or five territories controlled by separate gangs. “As leaders are taken down or imprisoned, more emerge,” he said. “Factions develop within the gangs.”

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  1. anonymous says:

    And my I add that we are a lot more friendlier here and no racial tensions’ You can own a vehicule or 2 and can purchase property. Bemuda has been very good over the years at hiding the facts. The new premier as a better vision of Mc Keevas cousin Mr. Brown but don’t you think that the grass is any greener there. How did they make the #1 on Conde Nest list? They did keep some of their culture and did not sell out. Ask the many who are now living here that came from there. Not only rollover my friends……

  2. anonymous says:

    Ok Mr. Simmons, thanks so much for your information. Have any solutions to the problem?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is amazing how the hypocrites in this country work. For the last couple of years they have repeatedly said that everything is better in Bermuda. They are better at banking and they have no crime. Yet I hear nothing from them now.


      I dont celebrate at this news but it just goes to show that each country has its own problems.