Five rescued in rough sea as dinghy capsizes

| 12/12/2010

(CNS): Local marine rescue teams were out in force on Friday afternoon after a 40-foot sail boat got into trouble as a result of choppy waters in the George Town Harbour area. Marine officers went to their assistance after the 5 people on board the boat attempted to get to land on a dinghy, which then capsized. According to Cayman 27, the Anaconda was travelling from Colombia and was bound for Cuba and the Bahamas. The 5 boaters did not require medical assistance and were assisted back to their boat. Following rough sea conditions on Friday, police advised small craft to stay in harbour or at anchor.

According to the weather services another cold front will move over the Cayman Islands on Monday and small craft are warned to exercise caution from Sunday evening.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The police didn’t assisted the people back to the boat. They swam back later in the day when it water calmer also I was there to watch whole thing and went out to help pull the dingy out of water when man was overboard. They couldn’t move their boat to spotts as it was broken and waiting for parts.

  2. pmilburn says:

    During our last bout of rough seas on the west side I noticed 2 sailboats still in GT harbour.I have to question the wisdom or lack of of these people being out there in all that weather.Luckily when they tried to get ashore in a dingy they were rescued by our Marine Police.Kudos to all involved.I would like to ask why no one at Port Security got hold of these folks and TOLD them to seek safe harbour(Around by Spotts)?Surely someone could have notified them?Of course having said that the onus is on the boat Captain to make that decision to seek safety and trying to come ashore in those seas bordered on sheer madness.Many of our water accidents are caused through lack of judgement and common sense and I ask that something be done with these people when this sort of thing takes place.Maybe some sort of cost could be paid for the Police help in such cases?I know that these things will happen but it just seems that it happening all too frequently lately.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats right, and when RCIP attend a road accident or a home  robbery they should also charge a fee. That way no one will call them, we can reduce the numbers on the Police staff, and save the country a heap of money.