Cops call on crooks to help find robbers

| 14/12/2010

(CNS): Believing the attack on a defenceless elderly couple will outrage even the local criminal fraternity, DS Marlon Bodden of the RCIPS has called on them to help bring the robbers to justice. Releasing images yesterday of the injuries suffered by the couple, who were beaten during a home invasion, the head of the Specialist Support Operations Unit, Marlon Bodden, said the crime against these senior citizens was “atrocious, frightening and disrespectful”, especially when they offered no resistance to the masked men. Police have mounted an enquiry into this latest shocking robbery, which even against the continuous rise in violent crimes has crossed the line.

Speaking to Cayman27 yesterday, Bodden showed the picturesof the injuries the couple sustained as he called on the community to help find the two men responsible for the attack.

The couple, who are in their eighties, were beaten by the robbers in their home at the junction of Shamrock Road and Carmen Blvd at around 11:15 pm on Saturday night. The suspects are described as young males of slim to medium build.

One of the men is taller than the other and both spoke with Caymanian accents. They were both wearing dark clothing, a mask and a baseball hat and one was armed with a gun. Although the couple were not shot they were repeatedly hit by the robbers when they were unable to give them cash.

The couple were both taken to hospital and treated for their physical injuries.

This is the third home invasion this month and the second involving elderly members of the community. On 2 December police hauled a robber from the water at Dray Quay after an 80-year-old woman found two masked robbers in her home in Magellan Quay, and on Thursday night (9 December) three masked men invaded a home in Sweet Gum Lane in West Bay.

Police are making a substantial appeal for witnesses or anyone who has information to contact Bodden Town CID at 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole island should assist the police hunting down those pieces of dog crap. This just let’s you know the quality of them and they probably beat up their own parents and grandparents for money. They don’t have any heart at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Police need to patrol the residential areas more and check out the people who work with the victims to see if there is a lead there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for information. I predict nothing more will be heard about this horrendous act of barbarity. We have wild beasts prowling amongst us, and the police are powerless to protect us. It’s only a matter of time before citizen-patrols begin, surely. Time to break out the elephant guns?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seeing these photos brought tears to my eyes. This is awful! I can’t believe that even to the old people are getting attacked around here, as if it’s "okay". These guys should be ashamed of themselves & need to do better. May God be with our island!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When caught the two perpetrators should be punished in the same manner with a proper beating X 10 with no remorse. It is sad to see the elderly attacked is that manner after having nothing to give the criminals.

  4. Mr. Spooner says:

    It’s days like these when Cayman Islands needs to stand up for itself, forget what mother England is tyring to force upon us in human rights policies and bring back the hanging gallows.

    Cayman spends too much of tax payers money on most of these repeat offenders.  Those that commit serious crime like armed robberies, home invasions and worse should be prosecuted to over our current, max extent of the law.  Soon tourists will want accomodations at Northward as they heard it’s a decent ‘hotel’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice knee-jerk reaction. Instead, how about putting some money into creating a literate, well-educated society so that people can find jobs and not resort to these desparate measures. Treat the sources of the problem and not just the symptoms. Look for some long-term solutions instead of making a popular, self-serving sound bite about getting revenge because it feels good and makes you sound tough.

      • Pending says:

        People who resort to that type of behaviour do not belong in our / any society, period.

      • Mr. Spooner says:

        I’ll play along, but what makes you think that many of these criminals want any more education?  I’ve seen many of them be expelled for good from the time they were minors.  Until they change their attitude and behavioral issues, education isn’t a priority.  That’s where the law comes in and forces many of these types to either go through rehab in terms of getting a vocation or get tougher on them.  Just sayin’

    • Anonymous says:

      Research clearly shows that people are less likely to offend when they believe they will be caught. Most chronic offenders — the ones who cause the most harm— do not believe they will be caught. Penalties, regardless of severity, have little preventive effect unless they are seen to be enforced. Visible enforcement has a greater impact on safety than simply having tough penalties on the books.

      Certainty of punishment has a greater deterrent effect than severity of punishment. Hence, from a prevention standpoint, the critical factors are enforcement and conviction, rather than the nature of the penalty itself.

      So, the problem in Cayman is not so much about getting tougher (or sounding tougher) by making statements about hanging or how easy the life is in prison, etc. etc. The problem really is that criminals are not getting caught (or turned in by those who know them). Spend your time and money fixing this first.

      • Mr. Spooner says:

        18:03 You make a good point and I left out the fact that when these perpetrators do get caught, they need to be made an example of in accordance with tougher laws going into effect.


  5. NJ2Cay says:


    What a smack in the face to the image of a peaceful lifestyle in the Cayman Islands where thugs attack and beat up 80 Year olds. What dregs of society these thugs are it really takes a savage to beat up on an elderly person. Maybe when they get caught they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison. Oh, but what am I thinking, this is the Caymans where I’m sure if they get caught they’ll be sentenced to a Time Out and then let right back out onto the street to pray on others……Sheesh I wish the RCIPS and the Government will start to really crack down on these losers. People are so worried about New Cruise Ports and Dumps destroying the island, when in the long run it will actually be Crime that is our undoing. Soon people will be afraid to come while others will be scared off.
    • Anonymous says:

      No this is not "the Caymans". This is the Cayman Islands. Thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

         And it is CayMAN not CAYmun!  Thanks again.

        • Hallowe'en Jack says:

          From the original derivation arguably there was no stress either way.  But the difference you are asserting is simply an issue of accents which has over time turned into an over accentuated affectation.

          • NJ2Cay says:

            Incredible how folks are more concerned with spelling and accents than the fact that the Cayman Islands, Caymans , CayMUNs or whatever you want to call it, is suddenly no longer a safe destinations. Get your priorities straight the biggest problem currently on this little Island is Crime and the fact the Criminals are better Armed, Smarter than the RCIPS and have generally won the war on crime. They operate with no concern for the law while the Islands Police force runs around like keystone Cops after the fact. I’m sure they just look and laugh when they see the Cops coming.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Glad I left when I did…. Bunch of animals running around and the only way to help fight this problem is to arm yourselves…..of course the police can’t even do that so I guess your all SCREWED……..

    • Anonymous says:

      20:40 where did you leave and go to.  Crime free, please tell me so I can join you.

      • Anonymous says:

         "20:40 where did you leave and go to.  Crime free, please tell me so I can join you."

        Little Cayman.Beautiful sandy beaches, loads of iguanas, and birds, beautiful diving, and just a few people.  

        Just kidding!  I’m not the poster above (20:40) but couldn’t resist reminding people about one of the two beautiful sisters that Grand Cayman has.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It makes sense in a very real way for the criminals to take up the role of law enforcement – after all, they are the ones walking around with the guns.  Might as well put uniforms on them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As crime increases, we must ask ourselves as citizens what contributions are we doing to solve these crimes? Are we giving any information we may know or have? Yes we complain that Police Dept doesn’t have enough Caymanians, they’re never around when something happens and the list continues. But we the proud citizens of this country must also come together and do our part, the Police Dept can’t arrest or prosecute anyone if they don’t have the evidence. I am saddened to know that someone, Caymanian or not has done something so heartless. We must treasure our elderly and treat them with the most respect, as if it wasn’t for the many sacrifices made by them, we wouldn’t enjoy the life we have now. We have to ask ourselves, if this happened to our parents or grand-parents, what we we do??? Come together Cayman and stop bringing each other down and rise together as one! 

    • Pending says:

      More Caymanians in the police force? How daft are you? Have you seen the way other Govt. Dept are run, the majority if which are filled by Caymanians? Do you honestly think that would make a difference? Please pull your head out of wherever its stuck and take a look around.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is terrible. Somebody should try and get a message to the Premier. Does anybody know where he is visiting this week? Which hotel is he in today?

    • Anonymous says:

      17:33 Please hush, what can the Premier do about this>  Stand by people door all night and day.  Think before opening your mouth.

      • Anonymous says:


        The Premier can lead the Legislature to pass laws dealing with crime prevention and punishment.

        The Premier can raise and allocate funding to increase law enforcement and related programs, and push the Governor to bring in effective law enforcement officers to help the struggling RCIPS do what needs to be done here.

        The Premier can raise and allocate funding to dealing with the root causes of crime: drugs, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, bad immigration programs and probably figure out how to deal with morons who think "hush" is a useful contribution to a national crisis.

        Any questions as to what the Premier is supposed to be doing right now?

        the real questions is WHY IS THE PREMIER ON VACAITON AGAIN instead of doing thise things?

        Hush indeed, imbecile.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How about a road block in Bodden Town, West Bay, East End, South Sound and Svannah Every day. That’s 12 patrol cars . One patrol car at the roadblock with one armed officer. One Patrol Car hangs back to lay chase to the guys that turn around to get away from the roadblock. You have to restricted the flow like they did on the streets in Iraq to get the bad guys. Cops should Profile. If you look like a Gangsta well maybe you is a Gangsta. Come on now. Don’t be say we should be able to dress and act like Gangstas even if we are not. I watched a Video on You Tube about Liberia. Look them up. These Kids new who all the Rappers were. Some were child soldiers. Many hooked on Heroin, Prostitues for less than 1$ . No sewage system, people deficating everywhere. Look them up. What you have is no government, no caring, rule by the gun. These kids where eating the hearts and livers (literally) from the people they killed. They liked it. In fact they didn’t have enough guns to go all around so half of the guys were out in the streets with the rest of the fighters with pcs of PVC Pipe pretending they had guns while the other guys are shooting. You see always got to be bad and emulate the badness. They all new who the rappers where and Liked it. MF This and MF That…come on you know how it goes. You should check out the Videos, there are some some real similarties to how I have seen people act on this island

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is why the Government, The Governor and Baines are so stupid. In the internet age almost all prospective stay over tourists do research before they are going to spend thier money on a vacation spot. They are going to use the internet to do so. They want to make sure #1 they are going to be safe. So they may type in "Cayman Islands" and then Maybe "Cayman Islands Crime"….STOP RIGHT THERE. Do it yourself on Google or any of the search engines. You have just lost a customer. We have lost millions in revenue right now to date for this very reason. Well, THE CRIME is the real reason but you get the point. Why not take the millions and come up with a comphrehensive plan. We must have real trained police officers with side arms and shotguns in the patrol cars. We must demand this of the pople we have put in Government. We need to do it quickly because every day droves of tourists are staying away and it will become much worse. No one will really want to come. We are small island. We don’t have the Rivers, Mountains and plenty beaches of Jamaica for example. If we gain equally a bad rep as Jamaica for Example (not picking on Jammy) or some of the Bahamian Islands people will pick Jamaica over us. Like I say we have less to offer but what we used to have was security AND THAT is what made people choose us. I was speaking to a girl here on Vacation. She told me she went out to a night Club and a Caymanian Guy came up to her and slapped a condom down on the bar nextto her. He said "tonight I’m going to use that on you". Now I am using this example to illustrate that we can round plenty of guys like this up and lock them up when they are caught (only if we do the above) but these guys need to be "reconditioned". They need to be made to be afraid to misbehave. The more pressure we put on anti-social behaviour the better. A Police State so to speak. However, we all have to be willing to give up Freedoms so it can get better. Curfews, random checks by police all these things. This will be the only way and we have to do it quick in my opinion or ALL will be lost. We are teetering on the edge right now and sliding over fast.

    • Anonymous says:

      More people already visit Jamaica over Cayman every year, so, don’t even go there…

      • Anonymous says:

         And please think about the incentives for people who choose Cayman over Jamaica.

  12. nys_best2003 says:

    I’ve been warning everyone for a number of years now that it would come to this.  Trust me, it will only get worst.  You have a country that doesn’t produce or create anything usefully, and it very hostile to foreigner. You’ll see what happens when the foreigners leave with their capital. Now’s a good time to hold your savings in US dollars because inflation is next in the pipeline.   

    • Anonymous says:

       The main threat of inflation is from us being tied to the US dollar…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Take in all them young people from around the area where this took place.  You might just get lucky.  Its no out of towners.

  14. whodatis says:

    We are looking more like the UK with every passing day.


    Hope they catch the despicable punks and throw them under the jail.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The ideas that the RCIP present shows that they are a body of fools trying to make everyone as dumb as them.

    Crime is so bad and they are driving around with pepper spray,batons and leaflets on crime prevention, while old people are being beaten and held at gun point.

    Baines is not effective and needs to go ASAP. Marlon is XXXX asking the criminals for help. With the amount of men in his charge there is no need to bring in the CRIMINALS TO SOLVE CRIMES. THIS IS BY FAR THE WIERDEST THING THE RCIP HAS DONE!!.

    Me thinks I will start reporting crime now to the local crack-dealer, since the RCIP is now asking them for help.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Replace the entire RCIPS, they couldn’t be any more inneffective.  An island of 60K people is a village compared to most countries.  Not difficult to police at all.

    We will just see crime get worse and worse.  The criminals have little to fear.

    We were all told the helicopter would do so much against crime, what a rip off that was!

    • Anonymous says:

      13:34 Why dony you HUSH!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Because it is just an opinion and one of the few precious things we have left is outlets like CNS where I can express it, just as you have done.  You don’t have to agree with me and I will publicly disagree with you on ‘Hushing’.

      • Christmas Time says:

        Hit a nerve?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Cayman gone to the dogs!!

  18. Pete Mitchell says:

    Oh dear, the desperate Marlon Bodden. He may as well just come out an admit that he, and Baines, have no control on the islands. That would be truer than trying to empower the criminal fraternity into thinking it has some sort of Mob like power.. (hmm.. MOB, nice word for a licence plate eh?)

    Anyway, this isn’t about arming officers or whether they can write or not, this is about casting out every single officer that doesn’t reach her or his performance potential, not just tickets, but detections, tenable arrests, proactive police work, and getting in some officers with passion for the job, rather than ousting them the moment they try and improve it.

    Cayman, again, you messed up hugely with Baines. You should have taken Haines while you had the chance, but you blew it. Reap what you sow.



  19. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!

    A whole generation of Caymanian kids who are wannabee GANGSTAS!!!!!!!!!

    These are future voters. Independence can’t be far away. These children are clearly going to be able to make an "educated" decision on these matters. Oh….. wait a minute….. no they’re not. They didn’t need to do any work or pay any attention because Mom and Dad are going to look after them.

    Mom and Dad are disgraced by the children they are responsible for having raised and now want nothing to do with them??!?!

    Oh no!…….. what do those kids do now??? They can’t go back to school – it’s too late for that.

    Well, the writing is on the wall. What a self produced mess (another one to go along with Mount Trashmore). Retrospect is no use in these situations.

    I can guarantee that it will be somebody else’s fault though. The Greeks did exactly the same thing when they found themselves in trouble. It is ALWAYS someone elses fault…… police, teachers, government etc…. try and point the finger at the parenting and see what happens. You want to see how busy Wendys and Burger King are EVERY day when the schools turn out. This will be someone else’s fault as well.

    Trust me, there will be much noise but NOTHING will be done. It’s a national characteristic. Yeah man!!!


    Once a proud and hardworking seafaring nation – not so much any more. That national respect is being lost. Welcome to Jamaica!



    • Anonymous says:

      Congratulations! You have managed to make yourself seem just as stupid as those individuals you’re attempting to chastise. Your opening sentence simply illustrates your point about the lack of accountability you see in our islands. Suggesting Jamaica or Jamaicans have anything to do with the increase in crime is in fact, making it some one else’s fault.

      Also, who do you think the original Caymanians are, genius? I’m almost positive that when the islands were discovered, there were no people here. I’m no biology professor, but I’m willing to bet my life on the fact that when mosquitoes, turtles and crocodiles mate they don’t make people.

      The early Caymanians were at one point Jamaicans. Don’t be so quick to put your foot in your mouth next time. You make the whole island look bad.

      P.S. – I am Caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        I read the same post as you and I did not find anything suggesting that Jamaica or Jamaicans have anything to do with the increase in crime. Quite to the contrary, the poster specifically blamed Caymanian youth:  "A whole generation of Caymanian kids who are wannabee GANGSTAS!!!!!!!!!"

        To me "welcome to Jamaica" is saying that we have gone/are going in the same direction that Jamaica went with regards to rampant crime. A comparison was being made. 

        Of course even if the poster had suggested that Jamaicans may be involved (and they may be, I see no reason to exclude them at this point) I do not see that as disclaiming any responsibility to address the problem. In fact the poster exclaimed "What a self produced mess". 

        It seems that you read only one word in the post – Jamaica  – and the blood rushed to your head, all cognitive functions ceased and so you proceeded to refute imaginary offences against Jamaicans. Amazingly, you actually got 11 people (who presumably didn’t read the post properly either) to agree with you.  

  20. Anonymous says:

    I went thru a road block towards WB last night.

    Glad you guys are out there.

    Many do appreciate it!

    • JTB says:

      I went through the same road block twice in quick succession last week, travelling in different directions.

      First time round, the police officer was a rude and aggressive bully, but his colleague over on the other isde of the road was charming and polite.

      Both did what they had to do – ensure I was not drunk and that my car was legal, but one left me thinking positively of the police and the other did not.

      The police rely on the law-abiding majority to help them in their work, and they might reflect on that in their daily dealings with us. If we are alienated from the police both they and we will suffer in the long run.

  21. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to see the police commissioner coming out and addressing this heinous crime directly, and good to see the premier there to show the government’s support….oh wait it’s just "Marlon Bodden", on his own….

    4 year olds shot, women set on fire, old people beaten in their homes, rapes, murders…what exactly will it take for Baines and the government to come forward and acknowledge that Cayman might be in trouble?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, everyone knows that Cayman is definitely in trouble. 

      Worse, everyone knows that nobody, be it the police or the government, have the ability to do anything about it whatsoever. 

      Crime has become the new way of life of the Cayman Islands. 

      If you are a (non-criminal) Caymanian who can bear arms then go buy a gun and get used to the crime. 

      If you are not a Caymanian then do as thousands of other expats have already done and move on to the next island, or go home.  You have no say in what is going on, so preserve yourself as best you can.

      The local criminals have permanently changed the reality of Cayman.  It went from having a reputation as "virtually crime free" to being "generally unsafe" in just a few years.  It was amazing to watch.

  22. CSI says:

    Good for you Marlon.  It may not be successful in the end, but it shows that you are thinking creatively in finding ways to apprehend these punks.  "Disgeraceful" doesn’t even come close to describing their actions.  Even other criminals should be disgusted by this cowardly behaviour.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think ever young Caymanian Male between the ages of 16 and 28 who are not attending school and who do not have a job should be rounded up and interviewed. They should be able to provide proof of employment if not in school. Police should look for gang tattoos. Should check out the young central american kids closely as well. I saw a guy in the grocery store, not from here but with young caymanian wife (presumably married and that is why he is here) and two babies in the cart. Gang Tattoos all over him, scars all over him. This is our Island and we don’t have to live like this. It’s time to take back our island and take care of these fools ourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      RCIPS do avoid discrimination based on nationality…Caymanians only! Persons from Honduras, Belize, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados etc must be looked at across the board, bearing in mind what information can be obtained (such as complexion etc). As a community law abiding citizens must put aside patriotism and stand up for enforcing law and order, otherwise no one will be safe. As far as I know, the WB boys who were allegedly the main problem are still incacerated hence there are many out there with firearms with no care or concern for others. Immigration must also be held accountable for allowing fraudulent work permits and in some cases where persons may not have work so resort to crime. It’s another aspect to this awful reality, so better to cover all avenues or we’ll never make a dent in this problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right about one thing…it’s not just the WB boys, it’s the GT boys and the BT boys and the NS boys and the EE boys. It’s all of ’em all over the island. Small time drug dealers, drug runners, etc. They dont have enough $$ for buy their 1/4 lb of weed (to sell $5 and $10 portions) from the bigger drug dealer so they out their now robbing. The whole island is infected. And it’s not just 16-28 year olds as a poster wrote above, goes down to younger and WAY older still.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you God? Only God can look on a person and know if he is evil or good

      • Anonymous says:

        If you left the judging up to God, then we wouldn’t need a prison. Use your brain, there are laws for a reason.

        Are you going to tell me that the individual who broke into this elderly couple’s home and brutally assaulted them is not evil?

      • A Theist says:

        Nope, I can pretty much tell at once.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong.  We all can look at someone flying gang tats and know that they are presenting themselves as being dangerous and unworthy of trust, and that’s exactly how we’ll treat them. 

        No jobs wait for them, because no body will trust them of let them be the "face" of their business, so their desire to be a criminal will be self-fulfilling.

        Go get your tats, little boys, and pick your life of crime early.  Moms and dads, go watch your babies grow up to be in jail.

    • What a load of says:

      alarmist poppycock.  Talk about judging books by covers – tsssk, tssk.

  24. Richard Wadd says:

    We reap what we sow …..

    We have traded ‘Family Values’ and Discipline for money. We have raised Generations (yes plural) of our citizens to believe that they are Accountable to NO-ONE. 

    We have dismantled the fabric of Respect for Authority and Elders, because our society has developed a Superiority-complex, and we feel that no-one has the Right to discipline or guide us.

    Well, look where we are now …. worse yet, look where we are heading.

    It will take DRASTIC Action to turn us around. We will have to be willing to not only change our Moral and Social behavior, but our Attitude to the Expats that are raising our children.

    We have to WILLINGLY give-up some of the Freedoms that we have taken for granted, because IF we don’t, these Criminals will soon take them anyway. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry Mr Richard Wadd, cannot agree with all you have said.  The should chip has to go. Further more you would be shocked to know what some expats has done to children they are raising, like beating them and telling them" six year olds,  " I will kill you tomorrow if you tell your mother anything"Chewing up the food in their mouth first and then putting it in your baby’s mouth.  Not changing pampers for a whole day until the family is about to come home.  Locking up the children in one room so they can sleep.   Get rid of the chip these are real cases.

      • Phileas Fogg. says:

        To 12/14/2010 – 09-57

        Then look after,and raise your own children.

        • Anonymous says:

          Phileas Fogg at 11:52.  There is an old saying anywhere you go.   Throw a stone in a pig pen, and which ever one bawls you know you hit him.

          By you saying "Then look after, and raise your own children"  is the wrong approach my friend.  This behavior towards people children need to stop..  

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont go branding expats as raising our children horribly. If a parent cares for the care their child receives, they would know what goes on. Not changing a pamper the whole day? The parent would notice the stack of pampers hasnt gone down, why dont they ask the helper about it? Wonder why the child clings to mummy or daddy when the helper comes in? Time to figure out what the helper is doing for the child to be so frightened or upset. My 2 children would CRY when our helper would go home. They want to call her on the weekend. She is not Caymanian. She loves our children as if they were her own. Parents who care about the well-being of their children know how their children are treated by the helper. If you are so against having an expat care for your child, then advertise and try to find a Caymanian who will take care of your child for $150-$200 a week as well as do housework, wash laundry and cook etc.  As someone else said, then take care of your own. Thank you.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It seems these crooks need to terrorize one of our representatives of high profile citizens in order to get a justifiable response from the authorities or those that have that power…   I’m sure it wont be long, after another 55,000 more or less incidents like this… I guess I’ll just wait my turn.  Lets see who pull the trigger first MF’s!

    • Ital says:

      Calling all legal pundits who may judge this case.






      We all approve

      OK Justice Smellie?

      • Anonymous says:

        Have to catch them first …

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope not jail as we do not want to give them a vacation for their crime !!!! Maybe some stocks like in the old days……

  26. MER says:

    You know, I only got the opportunity to read last Fridays Caymanian Compass last night, and it hurt my heart to find a huge advert entitled "Safety Tips for Visitos"!

    Is this what our beloved isles Cayman has come to? Believe me, there are many other gorgeous islands with soft fresh breezes elsewhere in the world that are alot cheaper to visit.

    Cayman was always chosen for its low crime levels, beauty and friendly people, our vibrant culture and incomparible service. I’d say we have very little if any of that left. This article really really impacted me yesterday when I first heard about this situation.

    These criminals need to be found and tied to the steps of the court house and stoned!!! I bet robbery will stop after that!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Specialist Support Operations Unit

    What is this now? Another unit.

    I for one am outraged that the Police acknowledge that there is a criminal fraternity and are asking them for help. If they know that it is out there, why are they not in jail? While the Police cannot stop all crimes they are not up to par for anything that we are facing. Everyone is outraged on the attack of the elderly, as we should be, just like when that poor lady was abducted and burned, we were all outraged – what has changed? Not a whole lot.

    When the heads of the RCIP make such statements it proves they are not competent. As the old saying goes, better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool, then to open it and let everyone know for sure that you are! Statements like this and the like from Dr. White shows that these gentlemen need to transfer in Governement, perhaps on the back of a garbage truck, as that is all they are shoveling.

    • Anonymous says:

       It must be difficult for some police members to talk about the criminal fraternity, because they might be talking about their family members being part of it. They know who it is, but might be scared to take action as the criminals will do them more harm than anything else!

    • Anonymous says:

      Criminal fraternity: It is not that police are praising or giving credence to the Criminal Fraternity; I think What the Detective Superintendent is saying all crimes is evilous but It is extra terrible that even a criminal in this society would stoop that low to beat two helpless people who could be as old as, if not older than, the criminals’ own grand parents. Even a criminal should feel outrage if their own grand parents were treated in such a manner. There is "humanity" in all human being. remember we were made in the image of God so there is a little semblance of good in all of us. It is this little semblance of God or "goodness" that Mr. Bodden is appealing to. If you never heard about it let me tell you: criminals in lockups do discuss what is happening on the street. They have their opinion about various subjects. As one who(was once in a position to) overheard some of these conversations, they sometimes are angered against rapists,child molesters and people who commits atrocious crimes against old people like the bodden couple. So don’t trash the call from the police. Sometimes one has to resort to this and other unorhadox methods such as financial incentives to get useful information from criminal elements. Often other criminals "bust" on other criminals. Police cannot solve crime by themselves, its information that help sometimes. People like the poster Anon. at 0832 are the people who sit back with folded arms and expect the police to solve crimes without assistance of the public. you are not informed in this area at least you sounds that your not. If you are a Caymanisn or resident or even a visitor you should be concerned.

  28. Libertarian says:

    Ah hush!  Train and properly equip your officers!  If their is too much expense to buy good equipment or firearms, then reduce the number of officers in the Service and let the bad apples go!  I am sick of hearing the Commissioner of Police give speeches on how we have illiterate officers. He has done nothing to increase their morale and confidence!  We have over 300 officers and on the street we only have a hand few!

  29. KWB says:

     Who would have thought that we have come to this in Cayman. Are we to just become trapped in our homes because of a few thugs? Crimes like this are surely organized, and their are people out there in the community who have information that can help. We must come together as citizens, neighbors, friends and strangers to combat this type of violence against victims. How do we defend ourselves if we are unable to legally obtain guns, stun guns, mace etc? Criminals have no problem breaking the law, as these are tools they use to ply their trade. For them, it is like taking candy from babies. If they were concerned that the homeowner may be armed, perhaps they would think twice before breaking in!

  30. Anonymous says:

    crime agains senior citizens is atrocious? all crimes against people are atrocious lets get it right. lets not wait till elderly people get hurt or worse still killled before you open your mouth with silly quotes.

    what a mess

  31. Anonymous says:

    it is a shame that this happened to these beautiful people.  XXXX  These people are probably well known in the community and have probably contributed to Cayman in one way or another.  stop the crime!  People of Cayman stand up and fight this war on crime.  I hope for a speedy recovery for these victims! I hope the criminals get theirs in the long run.  The whole penal system needs to be revamped in Cayman.  There are big crimes happening now.  The police need to get prepared for the worse. The crime has changed in Cayman so the need for police to change is inevitable!

    Best of luck to Cayman!  Get these thugs!  Lock em up!  Better yet, let the public find them and beat them down the same way.  How in the world could ANYONE harm an innocent elderly person who can not defend themselves?  COWARDS!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think its time that we take some instructions from Mr Fidel on how to prevent crime. I cant believe how one can walk around Cuba and feel safe. No onebothers you.

      • NJ2Cay says:

        Simple, In Cuba you pay for your crimes, unlike Cayman where crime pays..

        Crooks don’t live long in Cuba..