Burglars steal charity cash

| 15/12/2010

(CNS): The police have begun an investigation into a burglary at an Eastern Avenue store where the culprits stole three charity collection boxes containing money for local causes including local churches and a young child with learning difficulties. Sometime in the early hours of Monday morning the burglars broke into the shop where they took he money from the till and cash in pouches inside the office. Police said this was a particularly mean crime to steal fro charities and churches and implored people to come forward and assist with information.

A polcie spokesperson revealed that between 4am and 6.30am on 13 December burglars entered Young World Fashion, 117 Eastern Avenue, George Town after smashing through a glass window to the side of the premises and damaging the electrical breaker box located on the outside of the building to turn off the power to the building.

The suspects then stole cash from a register and the donation boxes with undetermined amounts of cash intended for the Anglican Church, the Missionary for the Poor and the third for a local child with learning difficulties. They then went inside the main office and stole monies from several pouches some of which contained the day’s takings. The offenders left via the broken window.

The officer in the case said this was a particularly mean theft stealing charity donations intended for good causes and local churches and urged people to come forward with information. The Police are appealing for any witnesses or information The Police are appealing for any witnesses or information to contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Time for churches to give something back.

  2. yes I'm pedantic says:

    CNS- why don’t you delete comments that are full of excess puncuation!!!!!! "random" quotation marks and UNECESSARY CAPITALISATION?

    It seems like that would instantly weed out most of the hysterical idiots.

    • !@#$%^&*()_+=-[]\\|}{":;'?><,./ says:


      YEAH!!!!!!! and "Why Not" suppress all FREEDOM OF eXPREssION (!!!!!) at the same time?????????????????????????????????????

      ~~~Don’t we NEED a REASON for all that????????

      ———————–Crap, my "hyphen-key" is sticking again. Or was that a "tilde"?????

      OH WELL!!!!!!!!

      Yours faithfully,

      [dictated but not signed by the writer]

      hysterical idiot

      (PS: you mentioned some weed?????????????)




  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel for the Island tourists consider "Paradise"  I left cayman a while ago and always get the same questions.  Don’t you miss The Cayman Islands??  What are you doing here??? Wow You left Paradise for this???  Yes I miss cayman terribly, it is a naturally enchanting place… with still SOME beautiful,humble,enchanting people.. But Paradise it is not…  I am very saddened for Cayman and what is happening. From what I can gather, and read, It is way past out of control, Since the cruel, cruel, murder of a fine woman, who stood up for every woman in Cayman, "Estella Scott" May you rest in Peace.  And the shooting of several young men in West Bay, one of which I have know since being a baby, and now paralized… The Island has gone down hill… I can see Cayman has been taken over by power,greed,money… No humanity.. And I’m talking to the big people here.. GREED being at the top.  Everyone out for themselves, no compassion… Who’s driving what , and who’s wearing what label.  I had so much hope after Ivan hit the Beautiful Cayman Islands.. Hope of people becoming humble and united…That hope is gone.. I pray for all of you out there that are coming together in prayer, who are acting and not talking toward the betterment of the country.  God Bless Grand Cayman, and Peace be in your future.

    • Ex Expat says:

      I too left Cayman a while ago, for a variety of reasons but mostly because my family no longer felt safe living there. 

      I shed a tear for Estella as well, even though I personally never met her (though I did meet her husband, who appeared to be a fine man and certainly not deserving of that tragedy).  Looking back, this was the beginning of the end of Cayman I think.  It never really got better after that.

      The criminals with the guns: there is nothing more that needs to be said… its the criminals with the guns.  Safety is gone and it’s just not worth it.

      I too miss the Cayman Islands, but I accept that I must always miss the Cayman Islands because the Cayman that I grew to love is no more. 

      Grieving for Cayman is like grieving for a loved one who has died – they are gone forever and we just have to adapt and move on.  My Cayman is gone, and I will remember it, but I will not try to go back to it, because it’s gone.

  4. Sunrise says:

    Once again I say: Cayman Wake Up and Smell The Coffee!!

    The police is calling it a mean crime.  Wow, whoever heard of a criminal with a conscience? 

    How many people are willing to join together and fight these crimes that are destroying our Islands?  I am sure that we are not scared, right?  How many will sacrifice to bring it back the way it were? 

    Let us not just sit back and wait until there is no return, we have to fight now!!

    Let tomorrow be a new sunrise on the horizon.  Let us not have to live in fear anymore, let us bond and be strong.  For who can defeat an army but the army itself.  100 criminals. 50000 citizens. Sames as we may have the upper hand?

    The New Year will be a great time to get the right solutions!!

    Criminals beware, we are watching you now.

    All those in favor, say I.





  5. Anonymouse says:

    Just like they do in other Caribbean countries. It is common place for thieves to enter churches and steal the collection plates during service in Jamaica.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Crime could be cut in short order, but the powers that be would have to want this to happen. There is no way that  resonable man could not see this. There are maybe 2000 monkeys swinging in this jungle, not too hard to tame.

    • Anonymous says:

      Supposedly there were only 15, but that was 15 more than the RCIP could handle… 2000 would require a miracle.  Or one Canadian Mountie.

      I’m just saying…

  7. pmilburn says:

    Once again I call on our leader(Premier Bush)to get up and say something to the public re the damage that this serious crime wave is doing to this countries moral and well being.I dont want to hear the excuse that it is the Governors responsibility to deal with the police force.Be that as it may you Sir need to give the Cayman public the assurance that something is being done.Your silence in this matter (and the other govt members) is reaching thunderous proportions and there is NO TIME LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    WIll the police be asking for the crooks to help find these robbers as well?

  9. Libertarian says:

    No remorse for the elderly… and now for the less fortunate!

    Could this be the same culprits? 

    A NEW BREED OF CRIMINALS WITH NO CONSCIENCE!  I could never think they are Caymanian!  I would hang my head in shame!

    • KWB says:

       Sorry, your living in a cloud. These crimes are being carried out by our own. Time for us to admit, not all Caymanians are "good people"

  10. Anonymous says:

    Criminals have no conscience! I need to be blunt here. I think we need to look at our immigration work permit holders more closely. Not pointing fingers but I think allot of our crime is being perpetrated by work permit holders who are legally on island but not actually working. People are obviously desperate and it is the innocent people who are paying the price. Perhaps one way to reduce crime is for immigration to launch a campaign to confirm whether or not work permit holders are actually working the jobs they hold permits for. If not then these individuals need to be repatriated. I honestly believe this will help reduce crime in Cayman.

    Everybody says we need to something but few make suggestions. Here is a suggestion for our leaders to consider.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I thought the lowest of lows was beating up elderly, this takes the cake!  Stealing from charities is disgusting.  I can only pray mean things will happen to those criminals.  This is just so upsetting. What has happened to Cayman?  I know, I know DRUGS!!!  It has nothing to do with the economy.  These gangs/criminals are trying to take over the Caymans.  They don’t realize the damage that they are doing. They don’t realize without tourism, there is NO Cayman.  Unbelievable!  Find these thieves and make them do charity work for those that are less fortunate.  Let them see what it’s like…maybe then they will see what they are hurting.  I just want to throw up reading this news.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Someone stole my charity cash when a had to fork over a big pile of cash for PR. What did I get for it? my property being devalued? Safety and Security for my Family? It was great deal. Too bad it wasn’t transferable. Ah.. the coveted PR. Guess I’m the lucky one

  13. Anonymous says:

    I guess if all else fails Marlon can ask the crack-heads for help on this too.

    Looks like Governement will be getting bills for consulting services.

  14. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Nothing surprises me anymore. Seems none of our leaders want to stand up to this. Be fore warned it will only get worse. Someone emailed me the other day and said all you do is press with no answers. I emailed back and sent them copies of all the suggestions.

    ** Since The Premier has created a one man Government then Govern. Step up and take on the crime issue even if it isn’t in your portfolio. Find the funding for a war on crime now.

    **New Police Commissioner, tough prison system and new court proceedures and laws to handle these criminals.

    **Get rid of all the guns before before more people die.

    **Find the over stayers and ship them off the island. 

    **No more special teams from the UK. Commission and contract independent experts, prison, gun control, police training, equipment etc from the USA. Bring in the hired experts and defeat crime at whatever cost.

    By ignoring this problem only innocent people will be hurt and killed. Tourism will continue to falter and Cayman will follow in teh footsteps of the Bahamas and JA.

  15. Anonymous says:

    No, this will not be the crime of the week.  There is something bigger and badder than this every week.  This is just another small blip on the crime radar.  Stay tuned for the next armed home invasion, armed robbery or killing.

    Hey Mac: can you ask the criminals tostop again?  I don’t think they heard you the first time.  Maybe you could call them all for a prayer for relief from crime… when you are back from your vacation that is. 

    Don’t hurry or worry.  We’ll still be here when you are finished this tour, I mean those that are not killed or flee the island in the meantime will still be here. Waiting for some leadership.  Waiting to be saved.

    • Anonymous says:

       Told ya… Armed robbery come on to close out the week.  Guns and crime in the Cayman Islands.   Sure as the sun rises in the morning we’ll get our weekly dose of guns and crime.  

      HEY WORLD – what do you think of us now?

  16. MER says:

    And the drama continues….

  17. Chaka Waka Waka says:

    This is just ridiculous how can they be so shallow? 

    Cayman Islands has just gotten way outta hand now the Premier can’t save everything because he is not a superhero but  he can do something about those criminals who are putting our islands at risk in the tourism industry as well as our own lives because of there daily routine of killing,robbing etc.

    We mightn’t have much time left to solve this issue if we don’t start now why wait any longer why?

    The Cayman Islands Mentality Should Be:

    1.) Live as humble as you can.

    2.) Don’t grudge one another for what they do have.

    3.) Don’t downgrade each other always try to bring up one another and stop putting each other down we don’t wanna condone violense, crime nor discriminating people because you don’t know their backgrounds.