Carrington says UK should restore Turks democracy

| 22/12/2010

(CNS): The outgoing Secretary-General of CARICOM has called on the United Kingdom to restore constitutional government in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Edwin Carrington, who stepped down from the role this week said the UK’s imposition of indefinite direct rule was “totally at odds with the development of good governance, including improved fiscal and administrative management, in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” Carrington added that the UK’s objectives for the associate member of Caricom could not be met with the “disenfranchisement” of the TCI people or by the “denial of their inalienable right to shape their own future.”

For this reason, he said that CARICOM looked forward to the restoration by the UK’s new administrationof the “islanders’ full franchise.”
The former Secretary-General of the regional body said the Caricom community and the UK had benefited over the years, from frank and open dialogue and had co-operated constructively in defence of common values such as good governance, democracy; respect for the rule of law and for the basic, inalienable rights of all peoples.
“We must strive to remain guardians of these all too fragile and important tenets of modern civilization. It is in all of our interests,” Edwin said in a release from the Caricom HQ.
H said that the 7th meeting of the CARICOM-UK Forum which will be held in 2011 in Grenada, the first with the UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague would be a fruitful opportunity for the strengthening of UK-Caribbean relations.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     The UK interferes only when they have an agenda or something to gain.  Let’s just be reasonable about this.  Anybody can check to see that the TCI was a self governing territory for 40 years and anyone can check with the UN to see why the UN condemns UK’s actions in Turks and Caicos.  This is all public information that some propagandists wish no one would discover for themselves.   Since the UK had MANY alternative remedies is Turks and Caicos, apart from utterly dismantling their government and self determination of their people, it is entirely suspicious and worthy of the world to stand up and take note. What I find even more interesting is that the UK took the constitution of and by the people, and with it their constitutional rights, which flies in the face of their reported purpose of occupation.  

    One note of concern about Carrington’s comments, is that Mr. Carrington could have been much more active in assisting the TCI people during his tenure with Caricom.  If condemning UK’s colonialism of another self governing country in the Caribbean is not the jurisdiction of Caricom, I don’t know what is.  Caricom and UN should have united to stop or curb UK’s draconian actions in their backyard.  

    What is happening in the Turks and Caicos is an abomination of justice and history will judge harshly the UK and those who helped facilitate this travesty.  The British turn a blind eye to the suffering of the people while chanting their catch phrases of "corruption" used merely to empower themselves to take from the TCI people of lesser means and opportunity.  The people of TCI simply lack the resources to properly represent themselves against the UK oppressors.  

    Shame and punishment will come to those who had a hand in this injustice.  To the Hague! 

  2. Anderson says:

    @ Reality Check – 5:37

    Enough already!  There are more than the two options of independence and dependence on the UK!  This has nothing to do with us wanting Independence or remaining with a Mother that still does not know how to "let go" and allow her children to grow up.

    I think it is loud and clear "they," the powers that be, do not want to fully and fairly allow the Overseas Territories to represent themselves without their constant interferences! They have said over and over again themselves that they will micro-manage the territories if they have to for "good governance."

    Yet what I don’t understand from these people who claim to care so much about us, are the "reasons" they come up with to justify their interventions.  They say corruption is one of them, but interfering all the time to correct corruption is impossible. How can you fight corruption!  You can only keep it at bay!  And… is it necessary to oust the people’s elected representatives and take away their powers in order to clean house. Everyone knows that the UK has a dirty house themselves.  And as we have seen when they interfere or intervene in people’s democratic governments, that has only caused an environment favorable for corruption from the UK’s government side, because they are given all-out powers to do whatever they please. This is very serious, and can be oppressive against the people of the colonies! 

    The UK interferes and controls and when they do so, they trample down the essense of what democracy and freedom is! They have no respect for the self-determination of the colonies which they from the beginning used for their slave trades and profits.  I think that is what Carrington is talking about – Not about us moving into Independence!  What the colonies need, he says, is true, full, and complete democratic representation with the assurance that the UK will not just come in and interrupt the process of the people, due to screams and shouts of corruption. What Carrington is saying is that the people should be given the assurance that the UK will not interfere, but allow democracy to work in the colonies.

    The "reasons" that come with their interventions, especially, on the people’s finances, I must say, raises the suspicion that "some profit" or "interest" is taken before the people of OT’s. They are the ones who claim to be the oversight of the colonies, but who are the ones that oversight them? The colonies are being treated like second-class citizens when they undermine their democracy like this. You may disagree with Carrington’s evaluation of the situation, but one thing is clear. The facts are clear as day for the one who is willing to research and study for themselves the "relationship" between us and them in power over us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting observation – could have been written better. I thought this had to do with one side wanting independence and the next side wanting to remain under the Queen. But I tend to believe you are more right than them. Thank you 🙂

  3. agent subterfuge says:

     Its Christmas guys you should not be accusing the poor FCO of hypocrisy after all it was poor old FCO ministers Meg Munn and Leigh Turner who went to TCI had dinner with Misick and told him everything was hunky doory so long as you play ball with us. The same thing they are doing here in Cayman with our political leadership and certain elements here. Their interest here is very different however because of the Money$$$$$$$ that is held here along with the influence that it wields. They have to be a lot more cunning and deceptive. make no mistake Cayman the FCO and her agent provocateurs"moles" are very active subverting and plotting in these beloved isles. They depend here on Cayman’s blind faith in Colonialism and her religious supporters who believe certain nationalities are inherently good and decent people ‘"God like" their word is gospel. Our ignorance is bliss .The same shadows that over saw the demise of TCI are still in place now gazing over Cayman hoping and praying for the right weather conditions to occur. They wont have to wait long either as we seem to have a few Misick admirers running around here.  Merry Christmas Cayman please say a prayer for us so that we will wake up from this silent tyranny we find ourselves in. And to rid ourselves of these workers of iniquity who try to deceive us with words like applause and rubbish to describe exactly what they think of the Caribbean and its people.  Using Jamaica and Haiti as examples who were former colonies they ran and cut loose when it was no longer useful or not in their economic or political interest to control..

  4. Reality Check says:

    Does Carrington really think there was a democracy to restore in TCI or is he giving in to peer pressure?  If he’s that serious about it maybe he should send back his UK bestowed knighthood.


    The problem the UK has isn’t about re-colonising islands of the Caribbean but in shaking them off without any long term diplomatic backwash. Apart from free loaders at the FCO, people scammed into investing in the OT’s and offshore financial cliques few others in the UK give a minute’s serious thought to the OT’s. Why should they, it won’t affect anything except maybe the price of bananas or their choice of holiday location?


    Imagine how long an independent Cayman would last if the US got very heavy handed with secrecy jurisdictions – assuming the offshore sector hadn’t already decamped together with all the Caymanians on US passports.


    Or it could go another route if the drug cartels move in. Though unlikely to go so far as a Panama style "Shoot first: Hand out Chiclets later" operation a US administration could encourage the TSA to leave no orifice unmolested as a deterrent to travel on any US-Cayman flight route.


    But, most likely, Cayman would go the time honoured Caribbean route, independence as a prelude to a reign of expropriation and exploitation by one of their own. Like Misick in the TCI.


    If Misick hadn’t pressed the dictator pedal so soon and so hard he would be home and dry by now but he couldn’t wait. He blew it. Any agency getting in Misick’s way had its premises gutted by fire. Arsonocracy, kleptocracy and death threats was Misick’s style.


    So keen was the UK to walk away that the FCO and their placemen in TCI tried to keep a lid on the festering stench until the independent flag was run up the pole but word leaked out and the UK moved back in.


    In the Caribbean the UK can’t do right for doing wrong. If a Governor is active he’s trying to recolonize by force and if he’s inactive he’s trying to recolonize by stealth by letting things get out of control.


    Why not have a referendum on independence in all the OT’s at every national election as a matter of course? Then we can see which way the wind is really blowing.

  5. anonymous says:

    I hope Mr. Parchment is keeping track for Big Mac about T &C.People of Cayman be careful what you wish for you might get it. Once the UK has a grip on you they won’t let go that easy. A vote of no confidence in our Premier anyone in the House before it’s too late OR did he put ghost in your closets by wining you and dining you and well what goes on in Paris or Elsewhere stays there! I am just curious what you are all so afraid of here of speaking your feelings. I know you are not all corrupted but it’s starting to look real  bad and it smells bad too. I learned a long time ago that no one is irreplaceble.

  6. Pit Bull says:

    Everyone just needs to remember when they are on British territory that they can’t behave like they own the place.  We own the place.  We waited too long to intervene in T&C.  Let’s hope that mistake is not made again.


    • Dean Swift says:

      Damn right, Pit Bull! Thank God we have you monitoring rhe Empire on behalf of the FCO. There are precious few of you on this CNS site that have the UK’s interests in mind.

  7. Anonymous says:

    rubbish from carrignton…..the uk should be applauded for trying to prevent T&C from becoming another haiti/jamaica…….

    • james says:

      I personally take as anoffense for you to say that we were heading down the path to another Haiti / Jamaica!  You definitely don’t know anything about the history of TCI.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but the UK has again fooled most of you…again, by diverting the attention from the real culprits in the TCI corruption scandal – the UK government. 

    Yes, most of the TCI politicians should be in jail for the rest of their lives.
    But…so should many in the UK government, including Prince Andrew and many Prime Ministers along with their Ministers (proven from the 1980’s forward) for encouraging and participating in bribe payments to foreign politicians and civil servants, also for being part of the UK government ordering the suspension of the Serious Fraud Office investigations into UK government bribe payments in dozens of cases. ( )(
    The corrupt FCO is always fully in control, at all times they had full power to "pull all the levers" but they did not pull the “honesty lever” – read the TCI Constitution, it is just like ours.  Even their onsite Governors were disgusted with their FCO controlling bosses and spoke out about their poor governance, but the FCO instructed them to shut up!
    The corrupt FCO watched the corruption occur; they were part of the problem.  The clean up only began to occur when the House of Commons, Foreign Affairs Committee reviewing the UK’s governance of the Overseas Territories reported in the press on the disastrous corrupting failure of the FCO in the TCI. Now the FCO is withholding TCI investigating funding from their own appointed investigator!
    It is unknown how many of the foreign bribe payments paid by the UK government to obtain sales for UK goods and services were channeled through the TCI like they were through the BVI ( )( on the sites and  search – bae saudi). 
    Now with the UK in full control in TCI we will never know the TCI was used to pay UK government bribes.
    Trust who?  Definitely not "Them"!
    • Let's Fight Corruption! says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      The way they dealt with Turks and Caicos Islands. 

      It is called one word:  H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y

      All about pointing the finger at another people whilst they themselves are worse.  Tell me, after 40 years have you seen the Chagos Islanders been given any Justice since the British stole their country from these islanders???  See the documentary:  Yes, you still have certain individuals in the FCO, MP’s, and appointed Governors that have their own interest at heart. They say they believe in Justice and Good Governance, and yet their actions speak louder than their words. They point the finger and yet in their own back yard, you find the opposite.


      There are many good and decent people from the UK, but sorry to say, the ones in POWER are few. You will know them by their character and intregrity and how they treat other people and respect the rights and freedoms of other people. It is so sad how MONEY is their god!

  9. Anonymous says:

    lol… right… bail them out, stripe the island naked and dependant on them. The private sector is now been weakened and the UK’ Foreign and Commonwealth Office says, "job well done." Sounds like to me, they want to kept them as their colonial subjects

  10. jhanella says:

    Don’t worry, Carrington. Once they take over Cayman, they will give themselves the credit for that too. As far as I know they think we are natives, backward, always in need of them. I’ve been to Britian and I have seen how they speak about us. They literally think we live in the bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      the last time i checked you had to go with your begging bowl to the uk at budget time!

    • Anonymous says:

      Get over it!   Almost anyone from a first world country that has visited or had dealings with Cayman think the  same way.  Personaly I think that the U.K. should just cut you lose and let you find out the hard way just how far into the "Bush" you are.  But that would not be kind.

      • karen says:

        "Almost anyone from a first world country that has visited or had dealings with Cayman think the  same way"

        Sir, not only people from Cayman, but the UN thinks that way too. Those in power in the UK apparently don’t have any judgement, because they were the ones who follow the fiddler, George Bush in declaring that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the UN were a bunch of fools. I recalled the U.S. and U.K. pulled out from the Assembly, during that time so they could bring the world into war with another nation. So the UK made some foolish mistakes.

        Secondly, I think if the UK cut us loose, it just proves how unjust and unfair they are!  And I think if they impose laws on us, disregarding the people, that as well proves how unjust and unfair they are! Both extremes are wrong!

        Why don’t they just do the right thing!  Allow the people to function and freely govern themselves in a democratic system. 

        Unfortunately, by taking over TCI, they just showed to the world their weakness and thirst for having CONTROL.  They should have assisted in the prosecution of Premier Misick without dissolving the people’s Constitution,Government, Elected Cabinet, and grabbing hold on their Treasury.

        It was a very foolish and mindless act on the part of the FCO at that time!

        My 2-cent

      • tee hee says:


        I know Premier Bush is big, but I dont think we would all fit in.

  11. Westchester says:

    Turk and Caicos may have not governed itself well, but Carlington is a well respected and educated man. He is absolutely right on this one!  How I see, when I heard that they closed down TCI’s Central Bank after they took over the islands elected government, I knew right away there was a "big rat" somewhere. Something wasn’t too right. Even the UN condemned the UK’s decision for their socalled, "good governance"

    • Chris Johnson says:

      TCI Bank was closed down because it was insolvent. A bit like First Cayman Bank, remember and Sterling Bank before that. Winchester you need read the four websites that bring you news on TCI  in particulalry TCI Journal which Lord Ashcroft tried to close down. TCI Journal is fearless in its reporting but you will not see it now because it is relocating its base and I think the reason is obvious! TCI has been corrupt for years ever since a senior politician was caught in a drug sting operation in the US and we all know about Missick receivinghis free $15m home. Having established the Coopers and Lybrand office on Grand Turk in the 70s I have seen what has taken place there through nepotism and corruption. Currently there is a team of 20 policemen under Helen Garlick, a lawyer, investigating the corruption that has taken place over the years.This investigation could take another two years. This will not be a tempora and I do believe there will be jail time for some.. This weeks TCI news contains the story about the politicians wife and the extraordinary profit she made on a land transaction. Also a story about a billionnaire evading stamp duty on the sale of land, something which is well known to many here. I highly recommend readers watch what is going on over there as certain elements are common to the Cayman Islands.

      • Henry Hill says:

        Bravo. I read the Comission transcripts in their entirety as well as the TCI Journal reports. I believe the UK actions are just and logical.

  12. Anonymous says:

    what nonsense…. the uk bailed them out and saved them form their bad governance…..just wish they would do that here

    • Libertarian says:

      Michael Misick and certain members of his party, may have been corrupt people, abusing power, and misappropriating funds in the millions. However, talking about corruption, in 2009, Members of Parliament appropriated tax-payers monies for their multiple homes, et cetera… way more than Misick could have done in a life time!

      Are seriously saying that everytime there is such corruption in government, another invading entity or government should without the people’s consent, take over government and dissolve their elected cabinet?

      Are you saying that the UK should be invaded and government dissolved without the people’s wishes?  Sir, is this the kind of solution you are applauding???

      • DOh says:

        The MP expenses saga in the UK has resulted in the funds being returned and MP’s being charged

        As for Misick, look at his net worth before election (around $50,000) had estimated assets of over $30 million and in some reports as high as $200 million after only 5 years in power on a salary of $150,000 a high.

        ANd that is only him, then there are the rest of the cronies. Their stealing led to T & C almost going broke and being unable to pay thier CS (and this was pre recession, when business was good)

        The UK came in because Misick had managed to shift his family and cronies into nearly all postions of power on the islands and just removing Misick was not enough anymore.

        But the UK should really be annoucing a timeline for pulling out.

        Now compare the total in Mp’s try to get on their expnses to UK’s GDP and then do the smae with Misick and his cronies to T & C’s GDP.

        Really puts it all in perspective. It’s like a bank teller pinching some fund at Butterfield won’t bring down the Company compared to Enron




        • TD says:

          "The MP expenses saga in the UK has resulted in the funds being returned and MP’s being charged"

          Sorry to burst your bubble, there are millions of dollars unaccounted for… and don’t tell me that all the Members of Parliament, the MP’s over a hundred of them were all prosecuted and repaid back everything.

          LOL… you must be from la-la land!

          Your highest figure for Misick is two hunded million, a drop in the bucket!  Did you ever look at the expense scandal figures from the UK MP’s yourself way over 200 million?  I thought so…  : )

          • DOh says:

            I stated compared to GDP of the countries, or can’t you read?

            GDP of T & C is $216 million. S0 $200 million of corruption over 5 years is $40 million a year, so around 20% of the countries GDP.

            Now the UK has a GDP of $2,179,000 million, so you believe that the MP’s expense fiddle accounted for around $40 billion a year.

            Ho Ho Ho, seems you are posting from La -La land

            May be lay off the Kool aid



  13. Anonymous says:

    Carrington is right of course. The UK is using this as an opportunity and excuse to change all sorts of laws e.g. in respect of ‘belongership’ status which have nothing to do with their reason for assuming direct rule.   

    • Boston Tea Party says:

      You are quite wrong. Arbitrary grant of "belongership" was one of the many ways that those in power used to enable the corrupt transfer of Crown land to those not entitled to it.

      • Libertarian says:

        But does this justify an invasion? 

        You… a Boston Tea Partier of all persons!  So much for your stance for freedom and liberty. Most of TCI people are dark skin people and I tell ya, if this was Faulkland Islands or a place where you had predominantly whites, you would not have seen this disrespect of the people’s democracy to choose and have the assurance of elected representatives in power on their behalf.

        The UK just went in and declared full rule on the inhabitants, disregarding their democracy. When they did this to America, taxing the colonists without their representation or respecting their representation, the real Boston Tea Partiers revolted against this act. You are just bearing a name in loyal support of the Crowns decision.

        • au revoir says:

          Obviously you’re clueless as to what was happening in T & C.  So yeah, it was justified.  I would suggest the same thing to be done in the Cayman Islands…

        • DOh says:

          "When they did this to America, taxing the colonists without their representation or respecting their representation"

          Sounds like Cayman and taxing the expats, when they have no representation doesn’t it


          • Anonymous says:

            That’s not of course what taxation without representation meant. What the American colonists were complaining about is that they were being taxed by England (where they did not earn their income and whose infrastructure they did not use). 

            If you are resident in the U.S. you are taxed regardless of whether you are a citizen and can vote. Same in the UK.

            DOh yourself.    

            • DOh says:

              Actually if you are legally resident in both of your examples of the US and UK and thus legally paying taxes on your income then you are allowed to vote in that countries elections

              LOL, that’s what being a democracy is all about.


              • Anonymous says:

                You make it up as go along. The right to vote is generally derived from citizenship of the relevant country. It has nothing whatever to do with paying taxes. In fact the U.S. Constitution says you cannot be deprived of your voting right simply because you have not paid your taxes.

                There is no right to vote in U.S. elections (U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, President) unless you are a U.S. citizen. You may have a right to vote as a resident in some local elections.


                In the UK British Citizens and Commonwealth Citizens are entitled to vote in national elections. Residents are permitted to vote only in local elections.

                In Canada only citizens may vote in federal elections. You will find that this is so even in practically all provincial elections.


                Etc. etc. etc.

                Need anymore proof of your ignorance?

            • Henry Hill says:

              That is exactly what "taxation without representation" meant. The American colonies were taxed on their imports and exports and did not have a representative in the UK parliament. The colonies did not have any input into how the revenues were to be used and derived little or no benefit from their tax remittances.

    • Voice of Reason says:

       What complete and utter nonsense. It was logic like this that got the Turks into the mess they ended up in.

      What’s worrying for us here in Cayman is that it appears that we may have people with equally ridiculous ideas living here in Cayman.

      What are you doing this Christmas? Shooting the Golden Goose?

      You idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        "It was logic like this that got the Turks into the mess they ended up in."

        Now I have never seen an illogical statement before from "Voice of Reason." You brand all "Turks" into one group and blame them for the direct rule! Wow…

        That’s what you call SWEEPING GENERALIZATION, and worse, you call them "Turks." They are not "Turks"!  That is not what you call the people from TCI!  Show some respect!

        And the idea of "belonging"… I do think it fits the season, don’t you? No one is shooting the Golden Goose.  To say the UK is like a Golden Goose… I am sorry… Not when they keep interfering in people’s investments, commerce, and economic structure. Soon with the power they have, they will be the new dictator, and to me, that is not good for Cayman.

        We don’t need a Local Dictator and we definitely don’t need a UK Dictator on our backs!  And please stop calling people "idiots"

      • Anonymous says:

        Your post appears under mine at 09:47  but it doesn’t appear to relate to my post at all so I’ll assume this is due to the vagaries of cyberspace.