Teen arrested for Brac smash in minster’s car

| 15/01/2011

(CNS): Update Monday 3:00pm — Police say that earlier today, Monday 17 January, a 16-year-old boy was arrested in connection with an accident Friday night, when a Mitsibushi SUV owned by the deputy premier apparently went out of control, left the roadway and overturned. The teen has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, driving without a licence, driving without insurance and leaving the scene of an accident.  He has been released on police bail and police enquiries are ongoing.

The incident happened about 10:30pm on Friday, 14 January, on Lewin Brown Drive, off Major Donald Drive close to Juliana O’Connor Connolly’s home on Cayman Brac’s Bluff.

According to the RCIPS, there were four teenagers (two males and two females all aged between 14 and 17 years) in the car at the time of the incident. No other vehicles were involved. Emergency services attended the location and found that the two male occupants of the car had left the scene. The two females who were still at the location were conveyed to the Faith Hospital, one was released following treatment and the other was admitted to hospital but has since been released. The two male occupants of the car attended the hospital that night and were also released following treatment.

The SUV is the deputy premier’s personal vehicle, not the Brac VIP car.

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  1. peter mitchell says:

    yes yes yes, a fascinating update, but there IS a matter on behalf of the owner here, whether she inhabits the untouchable upper echelons of the Cayman superpower or not.

    The vehicle was either taken without consent (TWC- a different offence to theft) or it was surrendered with knowledge. If it was TWC’d, then the owner is legally (or at least morally) bound to report the matter and give a statement. Any refusal to do so should, even in the elite circles of Cayman, constitute an offence of obstruction, or perverting the course of justice.

    If the owner gave permission, then she is guilty of either permitting or causing the document offences committed by the driver.

    When, oh when, oh when, will someonehave the balls to stand up against this sort of protectionist corruption? It’s another CNS ‘outrageous incident and F all done about it’ headline…

    If I have my assumptions or the subtleties of Cayman law incorrect, I’ll have my humble pie with ice cream please, just not DQ.

  2. 1017 Brick Sqaud says:

    It’s L-I-C-E-N-S-E.  Just saying.

    CNS: Check your British dictionary and you’ll find that "licence" is the preferred spelling.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s S-Q-U-A-D… people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones… just saying.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The point is that those kids clearly did something they shouldn’t have done. The outcome could have been disasterous so let’s not rationalize it away as this is part of the reason why this upcoming generation is the way the are – they are never held responsible for anything!

    As far as I am concerned, sombody at age 16 or 17 should not be allowed to drive a car full of kids without an adult present! Those kids should ride their bicycles and earn the privilege to drive a car.

    …………and then we wonder why?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This "high Profie" case can only help bring home the seriousness of the situation to everyone. If one of the girls, or someone else walking in the street, had been killed or maimed, then the uninsured driver, or the owner of the vehicle, could have been exposed to litigation for damages that would have ruined their lives for ever.

  5. friendly neighborhood spiderman says:

    A the CNS lynch mob is out in full force again!! Maybe if they tried this attack at the robbers themselves ( i know they don’t exist because i cant seem to find them ) we might get something done rather than me and my fellow masked crusaders having to do all the dirty work. Does it matter who owned the vehicle? Does it matter where it happened? All that should matter is that the kids are alive and should learn their lesson from this experience. XXX

  6. ILP says:

    The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing. Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands.  But we can’t blame Journalist for this, they are just providing us with what we either love to hear or love to hate.

  7. Just Commentin' says:

    I am not suggesting the story is incomplete by any means as I trust CNS has reported the facts as they come in. But now that the marl road gossip I heard the next morning seems to be ringing true, I am now in unison with one of David Legge’s questions: Was the vehicle used contrary to the owner’s knowledge or permission? In other words – how does an unlicensed teen come into possession of a motor vehicle?

    OK, RCIPS, inquiring minds want to know the answer!

    CNS: Because of the age of those involved there are some facts that are left out of the article, but the car was not stolen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm, the car was not stolen, that means someone is going to be charged for letting a teen use this vehicle without licence and insurance.  Be careful these stories do not jump and bite police in the face.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is in reply of 17:57: all all the other news-bearing people who make people’s personal life their own.

      May we ask God  that for the year 2011 to help each and everyone mind their own business. Attend to their children and surroundings – seek God first, and leave Ms. Julianna’s business to her.  This is her private car. It is not Tax PayersMoney.  What difference does it make who she loaned it to  or how this car was obtained.  Don’t we have traffic accidents every day?. 

      Gosh!!!You people make good people sick.  Get a job  and find something constructive to do with your time and energy, or start giving your employer his true time. Perhaps lend a helping hand to the elderly and those in need.

      • Anonymous says:

        The 16 year old did not have a driver’s license.  He recklessly endangered the lives of the vehicle occupants and those of the general public on the road. Once those front wheels crossed onto public roadways, this ceased to be a private matter.  

  8. Mat says:

    lol… friend… 

    To say that there is no God because of the continued evil and suffering in the world, is pure ignorance on your part. How can you the creature, know the mind and intentions of the Creatorbut your own frail intelligence and reason?!  Seriously, who do you think you are?!  Has it dawn on you how little you know?!  How can one know sweetness, if he does not experience bitter in life??? The Lord in His wisdom, allows evil and suffering to continue, so that you will learn to appreciate the good. Logically, you can’t know good without knowing bad.

    Desist from saying there is no God!  There is clearly a Supreme Intelligence at work that is far greater than your human mind. There are many evidences of a far greater intelligence over the universe. For instance, how can a single human cell measuring 1/1000 of an inch in diameter contain instructions within its DNA that would fill 1000 books of 600 pages each?  The marvelous human body!  The wonders of the universe!  Even the famous scientist, Albert Einstein in awe declared there must be a God!

    It is just your limited human thinking that is an expression of your human ignorance!

    Peace and Love,


    • Evolution? There is as much evidence for God as there is for a flying teapot orbiting earth.

      • Mat says:

        You guys are jokers!

        You talk about "belief" in God.  What ever happen to those who have had a personal experience, an encounter, or says they from a human point of view, "know" God?  Are they mad?  Are they deluded?  Can you say that what they experienced is nonsense, because you havn’t experience it too???

        Don’t give me that stupid analogy of flying tea pots!  It’s old and applies to "belief" and not to those people who have had that "personal experience"!  And I don’t stop with a belief!  I know there is a God, and he is real!  Also, God is the author of Evolution, because all things come from Him.


        • Anonymous says:

          "You guys are jokers"

          Hey, Mat that wasn’t very Christian of you. How about you respect our rights to believe in ridiculous tea pots and flying spahetti monsters and we will respect your right to believe in whatever it is you believe in, OK?

        • Anonymous says:

           There is certainly a good deal more objective evidence to suggest that human perception can be wrong than to support the existence of God.

          You are very welcome to your own opinion, but the case is hardly closed.

        • Flying Spaghetti says:

          I know, I the flying spaghetti monster, exist. I am deluded?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, so lets blame all the crime and murders on the devils work.  I guess god must be sleeping….

  9. Anonymous says:

    CNS is doing a good job in keeping us up to date with what is going on in our islands. If it was not for them, a lot of things would go on right under our nose and we would not even know about it.

  10. Just Commentin' says:

    After reading so many silly negative comments relating this accident with irresponsible teen driving, it drives home the point that there is one vital skill that is lacking in our populace. In my opinion absence of this skill is the root cause of road deaths, our crime rate, our political woes. The skill? Responsible thinking!

    The full police report is not here for us to review, nor I would think, is the investigation completed, yet a fair number of …eh… irresponsible thinkers here, (I was going to say morons but I am being gracious) have already convicted the driver of – among other things – careless driving, speeding, "doing crap" (whatever the hell that is), and drink driving. Oh yeah, riiight! As if everyone commenting has never driven over the speed limit and has never "done crap" while driving. A lot of the comments here were probably written by a bunch of bellicose holier-than-thou hypocrites with impaired reasoning skills who need to vent their vitriol in a place where people do not walk away from them shaking their heads in disgust.

    Calling a vehicle a weapon is a bit over the top, too, by the way.

    I will refrain from fully speaking my mind on the comments written at 16:34: "These kids will more than likely recieve (sic) no punishment, and therefore no definition of what is right and wrong so they will have no remorse, and therefore no conscience and will more than likely be given another vehicle to either take someone else’s life with or have another chance to take their own.  Thats whats really sad no matter whose car or the teens involved."

    If I expressed my thoughts openly my comment would have to be censored!

    16:34, are you calling for punishment even before any charges have been filed much less a conviction passed?  Are you implying that these teens have no sense of right and wrong and no conscience? How do you know that the young people involved have no remorse? Amazing. How silly, bitter and judgmental can one be?

    "These kids…"? Are you suggesting that the passengers are also somehow responsible for the accident? (Were you drunk when you wrote this? If so you might have an excuse.) What is really sad is your absence of any sense of right and wrong. No, correction, make that "any sense", period.

    In the context of the story, comments that focus on the age of the driver are pointless and silly.  May I remind those here that the majority of auto accidents do not involve "irresponsible" teens, but adults. If your opinion of teen drivers who cause accidents is that they are irresponsible, then those adults who cause accidents are also irresponsible. No? The origin of irresponsible action is irresponsible thinking. It is no wonder that we have so much carnage on the highway: just look at the carnage inflicted on truth and sound thinking contained in many of the comments here. How the hell can you drive responsibly if you cannot think responsibly?

    The investigation may well prove that negligence and/or speed was the cause, but that is beside the point now. We do not know what caused the accident. Until the full facts are known and/or charges filed, this is an accident of a cause or causes yet to be determined. There might not even be a human cause. Tires can blow, tie-rods fail, spindles snap, bearings spin off. Has anyone here had enough brain cells ignite to form the thought that this accident could possibly have been caused by a mechanical failure? Why is that morons are so compelled to draw baseless conclusions and cast blame?  Damn! I was trying to avoid using the M-word. I even resorted to using the Thesaurus function to come up with a synonym for "moron" but I could not find a more appropriate word. It just fits.

    OK, now that weare on the subject, here are some equations for you:

    Human + brain, minus – responsible, critical thinking skills = Moron

    Moron+ motor vehicle = Dangerous driver

    Dangerous driver = Accident waiting to happen

    Cayman roads, minus – morons = Many lives saved.

    Here is my solution: I think candidates for a driver’s licence should be given a test for critical thinking skills before being allowed to strap on a vehicle and be stupid on the road at the controls of 2000 pounds of powered metal.  Such a test would probably disqualify from driving many if not most of the dullards who wrote negative comments and cast aspersions here, but at least I would feel a lot safer that our laws will have relegated morons to riding bicycles or walking rather than bringing their irresponsibility and ignorance to the highway.

    Gee, I can see a new pro-active group forming – kinda based on "MADD" (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). We could call it "DAMM" (Drivers Against Motoring Morons). Great idea, huh?

    Why can’t you people just be thankful that no one got killed or seriously injured and leave it at that for now? Why can’t you wait to get the facts before you place blame?  Perhaps for the same reason that you wrote dumb comments in the first place, you are simply irresponsible and you need to learn new skills to prevent you from being stupid while behind the computer. Now do me a favour, turn in your driver’s licence and make Cayman’s roads safer, OK?

    • Anonymous says:

       Just commentin…have you ever thought that these commenters know exactly what happened?  Cayman Brac is small.  Everyone knows but no one talks to the right people sort of like the robbers in Cayman.  XXXX

      Oh, whoops I forgot Cayman is crime free.  There are no robbers, teenagers wrecking cars, etc

      What I wouldn’t mind finding out is how many teenage/young drivers accidents there have been in Cayman Brac in the last few years with and without fatalities.  It’s more than there should be for such a small place.

      CNS keep up the good work.  They expect you to be like the Wizard of Oz.."don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain".


      • Just Commentin' says:

        In order to know "exactly what happened" one would have to have been involved in – or a witness to – the accident. So are you suggesting that at 10:30 PM all these people "know exactly what happened" because they just so happened to be lined off by the side of the road and were eye witnesses to the accident? If not, their accounts of the accident are hearsay, merely gossip.

        The Brac may be small but what you suggest is absurd. Moreover, most untrained eye witness would not be in a position to comment on the cause of a single-vehicle accident. Speed is very hard to estimate at night, a mechanical failure would not be apparent, the smell of alcohol on a driver’s breath does not necessarily mean legal intoxication, etc.

        In other words, lacking published facts from the law enforcement investigation, we are back to my original opinion: layman’s comments regarding the cause of the accident and the culpability of the driver are speculation; castigation of those involved is malicious gossip. Absent any charges, calls for punishment are the utterings of mean-spirited gossip mongers.

        "Everyone knows…" Yeah…riight!  A few might know the truth. But far too many babblers create or repeat gossip, or they make up lies – all of which only serves to incite negative feelings and obscure the truth, further exacerbating the trying job of getting to the facts.

        What you have written is a prime example of grossly irresponsible thinking.

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Now more facts are in!

      Thanks CNS for updating the story in a timely manner!

      Mind you the driver has not yet been found guilty, but if the driver is indeed found guilty as charged thus far, he deserves to be punished accordingly. If the charges are true, the driver is a very foolish and irresponsible young person.  I feel for his parents and the pain and shame they must feel because of this incident.

      Poor judgment nearly resulted in tragedy. I hope this will be a wake-up call for young people. Young people must be aware that it is important to make wise choices and respect the law. Above all, choose carefully the company you keep as poor judgment in this regard could cost you your life!

      Now I turn my attention to responsible parenting:

      This is not to say that the parents involved did not have good rules, they may have been model parents – sometimes kids ignore their parents and do stupid things regardless of parental limits. However, I know far too many parents of teenagers who are lousy at enforcing discipline and who seem incapable of keeping their children in check. The one question that sticks in my mind is what in the hell is a 14 year old doing out after 10PM, unsupervised by a responsible adult? Was this teen kidnapped? That is about the only excuse other than poor parenting that I can conjure.

      Cayman Brac is a small island – there is no excuse not knowing generally what your child is into and the company he or she keeps. This incident should be a sobering wake up call to parents as well. Children must be given and made to abide by reasonable rules. An early curfew in this day and age may seem draconian but there is absolutely no rational reason whatsoever for a teen child to be out with friends after 9PM, unless they are in the company of a responsible adult. No reason. Zilch. Nada. Zero. None!  Allowing teens to hang out unsupervised in packs of four or five or more is not generally a wise thing either. And we must teach our children to make wise choices when things begin to get risky. Walk away, call home, just get out before getting into trouble or getting dead!

  11. Anon says:

    It is easy to think that this accident was speed related. However if you ever drove on that road at night, you would see how easy it is to have an accident just like this. The road is not the best and if you make a mistake you are in trouble.

    What kind of laws could we propose that would teach people how to be more careful and take more precaution when driving?


    • Anonymous says:


      "What kind of laws could we propose that would teach people how to be more careful and take more precaution when driving"?

      How about a mandatory drivers education class for all teenagers before they are allowed to get their license?

  12. Anonymous says:

    One would assume that the title of an article usually provides a general clue as to what the article is about.  In the same breath, one could also use the title to pin-point what the focus is (the main subject) and perhaps also assume from it, what seems to be more important. 

    We could look at alternative titles such as:

    Teenagers Spared in Brac Crash

    Teenagers involved in Brac Smash

    In these alternative titles, the subject would have shifted from the "Minister" to the "teenagers" themselves.  This, in my opinion, should then help us all to think deeper to see what we can do to help our young people to recognize that their actions have consequences and serious ones too.  We ought not to focus our attention so much on politicians and politics without attaching the real issues.  The media should then help by being careful with the way news articles are communicated.  Very often, it is not what we say, but how we say it which makes the difference.  When we comment on these articles, we as a people should be responsible with our own comments and provide very constructive criticisms to help the situation rather than attacking individuals. All adults and those mature and responsible teenagers should be willing to come together and find ways to send  ONE message to our struggling teenagers,


    They say it takes a village to raise a child.  If we live those words and believe in the message stated earlier, then we can see improvements in the behaviour of our children. 

    Let us make a pledge to help our young people save their lives and the lives of others, so that their future may be a bright one.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are taking this out of context now. You read this article, correct? Why did you read it? Was it partly because it had a curiosity-provoking title? Most likely. The title is just being used in a way which will draw attention to the article and this is what a good writer does. To get people to read what you write, you must present it in such a way that your audience is interested. With politics/ politicians being a ‘hot topic’ right now, the title served as a perfect headline. I’m sure the demographics of who read CNS will indicate that the vast majority are adults, and infact, not teenagers. So why would you write an article which is geared towards a target audience that falls into the minority? You don’t market sun block and beach towels to people living in Canada, right? Understanding mass communication will allow you to recognize why things are done a certain way. Regardless of the headline, the body clearly underscores the fact that teenagers were driving, and were therefore involved in this accident. There have been campaigns encouraging teenagers to drive properly, and those are geared specifically towards them.

      • Anonymous says:


        I read the article because it mentioned "car crash".  For me, the word "Minister" was not curiosity-provoking.  The thought ofa crash was what aroused my curiosity. I read it to find out if I knew anyone involved and I would have read it anyhow.  I am a concerned citizen who wants to find a way to help our young people understand the dangers involved in irresponsible driving, dangers of which I am also at risk. I am not sure what you read and I certainly don’t know what authority you have on the subject of journalism, but the title of the article very much gave a summary of the content.  It was focused mainly on the Deputy Premier. Re-read the article and count the number of times the subject, “Deputy Premier” occurred. Just to summarize for you, the article spoke of the Deputy Premier’s SUV, the Deputy Premier’s home, the fact that she was not on the Brac at the time and clarification of the fact that the vehicle was the Deputy Premier’s personal vehicle and not the VIP vehicle. For such a short article, isn’t that quite a bit of supporting statements for the topic? If you can say that CNS had to write it that way for us to even read it, then it is very sad indeed. You are talking “crap” when you mentioned that focusing on teens means that the target reading audience would also have to be teens…what happens to the teens affect adults and it is often the adults who need to read about what’s happening and see what they can do to help. 
        You are yet to convince me that I have taken the article and readers’ comments out of context. Please read again! Hope you are doing your part in promoting responsible driving among our teenagers while at the same time, encouraging responsible journalism. Remember now, if we don’t buy it, it cannot be sold. I hope you are not a journalist.
      • Anonymous says:

        Note the updated version of the story?  What do you think?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness people!!! Do you hear yourselves????? Reality check here – accidents can be caused by different things! A person does not have to be speeding or drinking for an accident to happen. But this is typical for small minded people – you never look at the positive part of any story! Right now we should all be thankful that these 4 teenagers are ALIVE! Who cares if it was the Deputy Premier’s car or the Construction Worker’s car – the fact here remains that the persons involved in the car accident are all ALIVE. While NONE OF US were there to know what happened, we should not "beat up" on these teenagers because we weren’t there. If they were speeding or drinking, then leave it to the Police and let them deal with itaccordingly and pray that this will be a learning experience for them. We forget that at some point we were all teenagers and we probably drove careless when we first got our license. I have had my license for 17 years and I could drive out on the road today and get into a car accident.  Because I have had my license longer than someone who just got their license does not make me a "perfect" driver.  Come one people – we need to stop putting people down and making harsh comments when we don’t know the truth. Yes we all have rights to say what we want but in circumstances like this PRAY for the people involved no matter who it is and pray for their families.  The parents of these teenagers don’t need to read the negativity you put up here. Put yourself in their shoes – how would you feel if it was your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin or whatever? I bet you wouldn’t be up here typing all the negative crap would you??

  14. V says:

    With consideration of all concerned, lives were spared, and that’s more important than any headline! I agree Ms. Walton.

  15. Mat says:

    O Lord, I pray for our MLA’s, their families, and children. We may not agree on a number of things, but we know how its like… The devil is at work and must ruin the  spirituality of our politicians and their families before he attempts to ruin the country.

    Thank God they made it out alive!  It was not their time!  The Lord is still merciful!

    • Anonymous says:

      Here it goes again….The devil is at work???? Thank God they made it out alive?????  The Lord is stillmerciful.  Really???? If the Lord was that merciful all the suffering and killings of innocent victims wouldn’t happen.  According to you The Lord is stronger…I really don’t think so….take all those innocent children who are killed every day, take all those people who die of disease, sicknessess.  If there was a Lord non of that would happen..but I know you will find someway to explain that. 

      Blame everyone else other then yourself

      • Anonymous says:

         You really need to read "The SHACK" Then let me hear what you have to say! 20:20

        • Anonymous says:

          I have read The Shack.  It gave me the horrors.  The god of The Shack lets Missy die and suggests that this is okay because a) s/he was "with" the innocent Missy while the murderer torments her and because b) saving her would infringe upon free will.  However, anyone who has read the Bible knows that its god can override free will.  (ex. the hardening of the Pharoah’s heart in Exodus 4: 20-25).  In The Shack, he allows the murderer’s free will but fails to protect his flock.  Horrible…horrible.  The idea that God could be present and allow the horrific suffering of an innocent child put me off religion for life.  Can you imagine Missy’s thoughts as God looked on while she was raped/tortured/killed? 

          Ah, but you are going to say that this is all part of god’s unknown plan.  Missy might have had some greater understanding, having met god at her moment of greatest suffering…is that it?  Really though, if god’s plan is unknown and unknowable to humans, then it could very well be possible that it includes no justifiable reason for suffering at all.  There is no way to tell, and you can’t assume that some reason exists — since you can’t know his plan.

  16. David R. Legge says:

    Contrary to a number of postings, Cayman News Service is clearly correct in publishing this as a legitimate news story.

    However, the story is woefully incomplete and missing a piece of critical information, namely was the car stolen? If so, is anyone in custody? What is going on?

    CNS: The fact that there is no mention of the car being stolen means that either we have no reason to believe that it was or we are not in a position to say. In this case it is the former. However, we don’t normally list the crimes that we don’t believe have been committed when reporting on incidents like this.

    Regarding the sparse details, as you know David, it is very difficult to get information from the police over the weekend, and unlike print news, online news can be updated.

    • David R. Legge says:

      Understood. Of course you wouldn’t publish that a crime had, or had not, been committed unless you had a statement from the police. However, even with this incident taking place over the weekend, I would have thought the police would have had more to say.

      Given what you have already published—four teenagers in a bad wreck on a Friday night in the Deputy Premier’s private automobile (and she’s off-island)—it sounds very strange.

      Nevertheless, I applaud you for getting, and publishing, the story and the pictures. I’m sure more details will become known in due course.

    • Knal Domp says:

       Actually, who gives a …  This is the sort of mildly sensationalist ‘red top’ reporting that dilutes CNS’ credibility as a news source. We know that CNS is the preferred source for news (and scandal) for many Cayman residents, but is this really the sort of story that is, actually, so relevant? And besides, who actually gives a…

      • au revoir says:

        mein liebchen, you can’t be serious…  accidents have been reported on a regular basis both by the compass and CNS.  the questions that this particular one raises certainly makes it newsworthy.  a bientot. 

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Uh, Daaaviddd! I thought you were familiar with responsible journalism and had good critical thinking skills? I guess I was wrong.

      What would lead you to think that the story is "woefully incomplete", as you put it? Would it not be more valid to conclude, judging by the time frame, that all the facts are not in and that CNS was publishing a preliminary report in a timely manner. Most such stories do not have all the blanks filled in. If anyone should know that you should! Shame on you.

      It would seem that the story is as complete as the current reliable information allows. In other words the known facts thus far gathered are incomplete, not the story. Gee, you sure jumped to a broad conclusion and made an irresponsible comment, there David! You just dyin’ for a juicy story about some teen Brac gangstas out on a joyride in some hot wheels, or you have too much time on your hands, or wha?  You tell us: What is going on?

      • David R. Legge says:

         Dear Just Commentin’—

        You were not wrong. I am familiar with responsible journalism, and, frankly, it would have been a close call for me whether or not to publish this original story. Certainly the story was, and is, woefully incomplete. Often times editors delay going to print until more facts are known. Or, if they don’t know many of the salient details, qualify their stories by informing their readers that relevant facts weren’t immediately available and that updates would be forthcoming.

        A recent example of this was the "real time coverage" of the massacre in Tucson, Arizona. The story was so compelling that the networks (especially the cable networks) went with what they had and corrected, as quickly as they could, erroneous information they had inadvertently broadcast. Of course, The Brac car crash did not rise to this level of urgent reporting. 

        On balance, as an editor, I believe I would have made the same decision that Cayman News Service did, namely to publish—and to fill in the blanks as soon as possible. My own propensity has always been to publish, rather than to hold, stories that are in the public interest. As Nicky Watson has pointed out, follow-up stories, or corrections, especially through digital media, can published almost immediately.

        Finally, I have no idea what you’re talking about when you suggest I am "just dyin’ for a juicy story about some teen Brac gangstas out on a joyride in some hot wheels."

        Why would I want that?

        In closing, may I suggest that you sign your name? Your posting regarding me is relatively mild. Your other long posting on this topic, however, is much more revealing about your thought process than it is illuminating on the topic.

        If you believe in your own words, why don’t you own your own words? I think it’s cowardly—especially if you attack another individual—not to.

  17. Anonymous says:

     Why would you speed on Cayman Brac?  You can get to anywhere you want in 5 minutes or less!

    • Anonymous says:

      For your info Cayman Brac has like 36-40 miles of road. Its normal here. You wouldnt understand because you probably havent even been to C Brac.and u are from G Cayman. Poor thing. Just stay there and wallow in sorrow, You wouldnt fit in here in Paradise. Youve been in hell too long. Bang Bang

    • Truthseeker says:

      I measure the road from the the west tip to the north-east to be about 13 miles long. One would need to drive at an average speed in excess of 150 MPH to do in five minutes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Relax Ms. Walton, don’t be so defensive. In a small society serious accidents are always news, moreso when teen drivers are involved. The fact that the vehicle belongs to Deputy Premier O’Connor-Conolly is incidental.  However, if anything, that fact highlights the reality that the Deputy Premier is not beyond the impact of daily challenges of life faced by us all, especially parents of teen drivers. from that perspective, CNS reporting this should serve an extra benefit.

    Thank God the occupants were spared serious injury and the country,especially Cayman Brac, did not have to suffer a real tragedy.  

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Serious accident are always news, but baseless conclusions are often heartless and always just plain stupid.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Now that the Deputy Premier is personally involved in a near tragedy, perhaps we can get some sensible laws written to keep teenagers who are not mature enough to handle a high speed weapon (a car) off the road. Thanks God they are all OK. My heart breaks every time I hear of another road death, especially a young person with everything to live for.

    We wait to hear from a statement from Juliana ………

  20. Anonymous says:

    XXXX dont these teens get it that doing crap on the road doesnt pay? the parents need to educate their kids on road safety. He or shes driving could have gotten innocent teens killed. If we inforce the law and not let incidents like this just be pushed under the rug because it affects peoples reputations maybe they wouldnt happen so often because if it keeps up the brac is going to be nothing but a huge cemetery.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Alcohol awareness and responsible use should be part of all driver training in the Cayman Islands.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad this was reported!  How else would we know what really happens in Cayman Brac?  Also glad no one was hurt badly or killed.  I am hot happy however that unfortunately in this day and age it is "easy come, easy go" and no lessons learned.  These kids will more than likely recieve no punishment, and therefore no definition of what is right and wrong so they will have no remorse, and therefore no conscience and will more than likely be given another vehicle to either take someone else’s life with or have another chance to take their own.  Thats whats really sad no matter whose car or the teens involved.  

  23. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     It is wonderful that no one was injured or killed. XXX  Cayman is out of control and I don’t mean the obvious like the crime situation. Our social fabric is tearing and falling apart and our leader is ignoring that issue. The youth of Cayman have huge issues to deal with, drugs, alcohol, to much money, fast cars, lack of respect for authority and extremely poor parenting. Poor schools and education for the youth. Lousy social services. One man running the country, concentrating on development so everyone he knows can make some money thus ignoring the youth , education, social services and youth crime. 


    • Anonymous says:

      What the hellis wrong with you people who are questioning this story.

      There has been an accident, which CNS always reports, it just so happens that this accident involved The Deputy Premiers car which is news all on its own.

      Every accident, even if there has been no injuries, has been reported by CNS and we appreciate this, and if there is a member of Government or their vehicle involved, that should be reported, unless you all people would like CNS to report: "Serious car accident in the Brac but we can’t report whose car is involved"

      Boy, you all people make me sick.

      I thought it was only The Premier that did not want certain things reported in the news media, but it looks like I am wrong as it seems that their family and supporters want to stifle what the news media reports.

      What a shame!

      CNS, please dont buckle to the comments of a very few "Communist thinking" people as we, the VAST majority, of a free Cayman need you to continue with your fair and balanced reporting!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Now that the issue of teen drivers has been brought close to home for at least one member of Cabinet, perhaps we will see the government actually take an interest in the safety of our young people. Thank God no one was seriously hurt in this incident but we could just as easily be reading about the tragic deaths of four teenagers.

    Miss Julie, it is now time for you to investigate why our teens are getting into so much trouble, and not just on the roads, and why they are self harming. It is a social malaise that you need to look into.

    • Anonymous says:

      " Miss Julie, it is now time for you to investigate why our teens are getting into so much trouble, and not just on the roads, and why they are self harming. It is a social malaise that you need to look into."

      I am no Julianna supporter but when Julianna brought up underage drinking in the Brac, she was booed down and had to retract.

      I will give you the answer to your question.  The parents are hiding the dirt that their kids are doing.  Therefore, they continue to get into bigger things till they end up where the parents can’t hide it anymore and they end up in Northward.  

      I am not saying that this had anything to do with drinking.

      Responsibilities in driving entails more than just driving a car.

      1. It also involves knowing that if you are drunk, you don’t drive.

      2. Observe the speed limits

      3. Keep your driver’s license, car license, & insurance up to date

      4. Know your insurance (age limit, restrictions, 3rd party or comprehensive-know the difference etc)

      5. Inspections up to date and what is required.

      6. Servicing of car and repairs up to date.

      Most importantly, know the consequences if any of these are not done.



  25. Young Caymanian to Watch says:

    Well this is a blatant jab at the Hon. Deputy Premier! Quite ridiculous really how this could make such a headline! ‎​It could have been anyone’s child involved, let’s pray for our teenagers instead of being so critical of each other. Thank God no one was seriously hurt.

  26. Yvonne Walton says:

    Whilst it is important to report the news, please tell me what is more important in this story the fact that this was the Deputy Premiers vehicle and she was not on the Island or the fact that four teenagers could have lost their lives. Why is everything about politics? Were you at the hospital as I sat ringing my hands and thanking the Good Lord that no one was killed? This is not a political story and please do not use this serious matter to play politics. I thank you for your consideration.

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Yvonne, I could not agree with you more. I am very glad we did not have to read another tragic headline about a loss of lives due to a traffic accident. While I found the story to be quite objective, many of the comments seem to be penned by soulless morons.

      The fact that your comment received more Thumbs Down than Thumbs Up is disturbing. And seeing so few others posting thankful comments as you did about the ultimate outcome, rather than casting aspersions and focusing on the negative is a sad commentary about the pathetic way of thinking that possesses far-too-many people of these islands. Their minds are sick and their spirits dark and corrupt beyond remedy. Their eyes are blinded to the good, they can only see the negatives in life. Rather than speaking words of graceful thankfulness and trying to uplift others, their lips can only utter the bitterness of reproach and blame. To dull the ache of their own sad and pitiful lives they must drag others into their dungpit of pathos.

      It is no wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket, a nation can only aspire to wallow is the cesspool if its people opt to dwell in the gutter.


    • Kerry Horek says:

       I agree with you Yvonne.

      Additionally, the fact that no lives were lost was the best part of the news story.  

      Who cares whose car it was.

      However, I do hope that this serves to teach those involved a serious lesson on how a close call could result in something much more catastrophic.


  27. Anonymous says:

    In some US states, teenagers are required to take extensive driver education in order to achieve special privileges on the roads — the major one being the ability to lawfully drive after 9pm if under the age of 18.

    Vehicles don’t flip and roll on their own. It is usually due to excessive speed! looking at the damage, I am fairly certain the cause was speed related.



  28. Anonymous says:

    SPEED !!!