Minister says commitment on vocational training met

| 19/01/2011

(CNS): The opening of the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre has honoured the United Democratic Party’s commitment to delivering vocational education, Rolston Anglin the minister for education has stated. The centre which is located at the George Hicks high school campus is home to the first of Cayman’s year twelve students who are now in the extra compulsory year which was added as part of the education reforms introduced by the previous minister. The centre offers opportunities for academic students to do the advanced placement programme to gain a place in college or university, as well as students who want to do exam re-sits but it is also offering BTEC qualifications to ease many students into the world of work.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly last week Anglin said that for the first time in over thirty years of government promises his ministry had delivered appropriate and internationally recognised technical and vocational education and training for the young people of Cayman.

The vocational training is provided through the UK’s Business and Education Technology Council known as BTEC and since September Anglin said that students have been following courses in business, IT, motor vehicle maintenance, creative media, hospitality and sports and leisure. All the vocational courses require two days a week work placement and places he said have now been found for the students despite the high take up.

“All of the 250 students on vocational courses are on work placements,” he told the members. “I am pleased to report that in some subjects nearly 50 percent of the students are on track with their vocational course to achieve the BTEC diplomas (equivalent of 4 level 2 CXC/ GCSE passes) by June…the rest are on track to obtain the BTEC certificate (equal to 2 level 2 CXC/ GCSE passes)”

He said regular monitoring was showing that all but a handful of students were embracing the opportunities offered to them but the handful of students. He said the students who had difficulties because of health or emotional and behavioural issues were being accommodated on a level 1 CIFEC programme called introductory vocational studies which he said the centre would be offering as a standard programme from next September.

“These programmes are about providing the critical bridge to success for students of all abilities and interests,” Anglin stated. “We must embrace training and learning opportunities and keep our children in school as long as possible. We must ensure they are prepared for their next phase of life, the world of work.”

He said the reorganisation of secondary education and accommodating year twelve was an enormous challenge but it was off to a good start. With the anticipated move of the students in Clifton Hunter High school to Frank Sound before the end of this year more space would becoming available at George hicks to accommodate the BTEC courses at the further education centre.

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  1. Jab-Jab says:

    Give credit where its due. The Minister was wise enough to see a good programme when he sat in the hot seat and not kill it just because it was someone else’s (much less the opposition’s) idea. Say what else you like, and it can & should be said, but realise at least this amount of common sense and ‘bipartisanship’ from the government.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "  extra compulsory year which was added as part of the education reforms introduced by the previous minister"


    why is the UDP taking credit?


    "Speaking in the Legislative Assembly last week Anglin said that for the first time in over thirty years of government "


    Mac has been in the LA for  25 + years


    • Anonymous says:

      Correct  – all this was planned for by Alden McLaughlin as a key part of the reform of the education system and was awlays planned for the George Hicks site – it was nothing to do with the UDP – they just din’t stop it as it was a good idea which everyone wants..  If anyone is not sure  read the PPM concensus document – it’s one of the ten key actions….

      I wonder if the UDP will give credit to Alden  – we all know the answer to that one!!  Alden is the only one who really thought all this through….

      Not UDP’s idea – they are not bold enough to even have thought about it let alone do it…

    • Anonymous says:

      The minister says what? Met? Hahahahahahahahaha, that’s funny

    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats to both the PPM and UDP for bringing this much needed development to our education system to fruition.

      This was clearly the result of the efforts of both administrations.

      Why must we (the bloggers, the voting public, the community) inflict such divisiveness on everything. For most social, infrastructural, educational, political achievements to be realised it will take longer than a 4 year political term and therefore will almost always require the two political parties working together – starting important initiatives – or completing the initiatives started by the ruling party before them.

      With this in mind it would be a positive development in the political discourse (and aide in the more efficient achievement of important initiatives)  for both parties to bare this in mind also – and instead of seeing it as ‘my’ initiative, ‘the PPM’s’ or ‘the UPDs’ to see these as initiatives and achievements for the Cayman Islands.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Did he really have to remind us of the United Democraty Party’s commitments?

    I recall one of their commitments, and a major topic in every campaign meeting, was to deal with "crime that had increased under the PPM Administration".

    What have you and the MacDaddy done about that Rolson? In case you haven’t noticed, that is the main concern of most residents right now.

    Highlighting the UDP in every event only serves to remind us that you are wasting our money, to the tune of some $10,000 per month, hiring a failed UDP candidate to work the words "United Democratic Party" into your speeches. The FOI requests showing phone allowances etc. only highlights the "me, me, me" selfish attitude of the entire lot.

    I can’t speak for the rest of the people, but this partisan politics while the people are suffering only makes me more determined to NOT vote for anyone tainted with the least bit of UDP crap.