Chinese to build North Sound channel

| 21/01/2011

(CNS): The idea of a channel in the North Sound to facilitate mega yachts is back on government’s agenda following the premier’s announcement on Thursday that there is interest from a group of Chinese developers to construct it. McKeeva Bush made a number of announcements about potential development projects, including a pier at the Turtle Farm, a dock in Cayman Brac, new roads in the eastern districts, enhancements at the airport and the channel, which the group of Asian investors may be involved with. Bush said the channel was “absolutely necessary” and would allow the large vessels to dock in Cayman. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Speaking at the CBO conference at the Ritz-Carlton on his birthday, the premier explained that the motivation for the channel was the growth in mega and super yacht registration and in particular with Cayman’s own maritime authority.

“At the end of 2010, the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands had 1,870 vessels on their George Town Registry – a 3% increase from last year. Notably in this economic climate, it was the second best year ever in terms of new units registered,” Bush revealed in a presentation full of announcements. “We are also a world leader in super-yacht registration, with 85% of vessels registered as pleasure vessels and 15% as commercial ships.”

He said he was optimistic that, based on the 2010 figures, the next few years would continue to be as successful and Cayman needed to provide the facilities for the yachts to come to the islands, in turn offering new local opportunities. “I believe that the new North Sound channel will not only provide the potential for recreation, habitat preservation and development, but also offer integration opportunities for local hotels and residents. Rest assured, these projects will provide numerous benefits to residents and visitors alike.”

Bush asked the audience why he should not build the channel as the Sound was already suffering because it had become so shallow the water was no longer as clear as it once was. Warning the “naysayers” to come up with better ideas, he said, “If you are going to object tell me what you would do.”

The North Sound, he said, was an asset that the country should use but his government was not seeking to impact the entire area.

“We are simply turning our thoughts to the smallest but most practical channel being developed within the North Sound – leaving the vast remainder of the Sound untouched,” the premier stressed. “Thus far, we have had major investment interest from a Chinese company, which we are currently exploring, to provide the necessary infrastructure to take full advantage of the channel from an economic perspective while mitigating any potential adverse impacts on the environment.”

Although he did not name the Chinese company with which the government has been discussing potential projects, he said the development of a pier and related facilities near to the Cayman Turtle Farm in West Bay; development of a cruise pier and related facilities in Cayman Brac; major road works in the eastern districts of Grand Cayman; and enhancements to the airports both in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

“I have high expectations that we will sign a memorandum of understanding in the near future in order to commence definitive work on these projects,” the premier added.

He also said that if the issues surrounding the cruise berthing facilities in George Town continued to cause problems, the Chinese stood ready to build those facilities as well. Bush lamented the fact that government has been in talks with various people over the cruise facilities but the government has still not got anywhere and he had run out of excuses as to why the project was not underway.

“I am not prepared to wait any longer. If this particular company wants to develop it, I am prepared to go with them.”

Berating the bureaucracy in general, he made pointed remarks to the governor, who was present in the audience, about stumbling blocks and having to do things in certain ways because the country was a democracy.

“If I was still chairing my boards it would have been done by now, but people would say I was up to my old tricks” he said to the audience, adding that people call him a dictator and he wasn’t a dictator but he wished sometimes he was.

He pointed to a pressing need to improve the airport, especially with the increase of private jet arrivals. “We need new facilities at the airport if we are going to improve our position and want wealth to rise above poverty. We need people with private jets to come here, even if they do offer me a lift,” he said to wide amusement from the audience as he referred to his own return on a private jet on New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Michel Lemay says:

    I must admit that it is worrysome at this point that we don’t know the answer to the most important question: "What’s in it for the Chinese [company]? " What is expected in return as we certainly cannot afford to pay for all those projects that have been mentioned. It is one thing as many say we are on borrowed time from the UK and I am wondering how does theUK feel about this association. Don’t we need their permission on this ? or is the [Chinese company] simply going to give us the money or finance all that. If so what’s the deal ?. I would not call that progress yet. It sounds like if it’s too good to be thrue it……. I hope I am wrong but many questions need to be answered before we even consider debating this. I think we are taking the bait and running with it !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bahamas Kamalame Cay 09/2010:
    “The conchs, the lobsters and all of the other (marine life) that used to be here in this creek are now gone,” said Ken Marshall, a local fisherman and boat captain, who has been navigating the tranquil, once-azure waters since he was a child. “This dredging is destroying this creek. Some of the local guys depend on fishing as their main source of life.  

    “You don’t see the bonefish that used to be around here, which guests spend millions of dollars each year to come to The Bahamas to fish for. They’re not here like they used to be. This creek used to be used as the main breeding ground for marine life. And they’re trying to turn it into a marina to help Kamalame Cay, which I don’t agree with.”

    “Right now as we speak, you can go for maybe two or three miles into the ocean and the whiteness just covers the whole area,” he said. “That’s why I ask the question: Are we really serious about conservation or do we have double standards here whereby the natives are told one thing but we can see something like this happening here? Is that what we’re about?”

  3. Junior Achievers says:

    I don’t understand why there is only 10% unemployment. With all the people I know that are not working and those that I see not working, there has to be in excess of 7,000 people that are unemployed.

    Recent reports suggest varying numbers of Caymanians and foreigners with one report estimating 32,000 Caymanians and 21,000 persons on work permits.

    Work permit holders should have a job, therefore it should only be Caymanians unemployed.
    If the rate is 10% then that should not be more than 320 persons unemployed. There has to be some explanation for this.

    One very small thing that every house hold in Cayman could try to do, is to employ a person for half a day every month. There are in excess of 10,000 households, so we could create 5,000 man days of work a month, that would be a significant stimilus to the economy. What the government needs to do is to try to find a way to let this take happen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Q1. How should the public (and our children) interpret the silence from Jean Michel Cousteau, Ambassadors of the Environment, National Trust, DOE, and other groups which advocate the preservation of Cayman’s marine habitats?  

    Q2. What excuse would you have us relay to them 2-3 years from now?  

    • Anonymous says:

      I interpret it as:  suffer embarrassment while stealthily withdrawing from the situation, but try not to lose any possibility of financial gain.  ALWAYS protect the money.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The problem is there seems to be no overall plan for Cayman, which is very confusing to the layman . At one point a couple of months ago, we were trumpeting plans for a super-yacht harbour attached to Decco’s proposed cruise ship piers in GeorgeTown, while drawings for a separate and adjacent yacht harbour had already been submitted.  At the same time, we are expected to welcome plans for  a mega-yacht facility at Joe Imperato’s proposed East End Quarry and Port, and now another mega-yacht facility in the North Sound. And while all this is going on, there are plans to dredge a channel and destroy protected wetlands in Cayman Brac, for yet another yacht harbour. No wonder the electorate is having problems dealing with these proposals, any one of which could change Cayman irreversibly.

    And where are all the yachts going to come from? There are many instances of visiting yachtsmen being treated  harshly, and the yachting world is a small one, so I am certain we have a lot of homework to do undoing the damage we have already done, in order to have a chance of making these facilities cash-flow positive.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       With true leadership comes true direction. Look back over the last two years. Not one of Mr. Bush’s projects has come to fruition. What is wrong with this picture. Cayman is a small country. Governing Cayman is not simply inward development projects. Mr. Bush cannot go back to basics without effecting his personal situation. Someone needs to take Cayman back to financial, legal and accounting services and stay over tourism. Solidify and enhance those industries while taking care of crime, education, health and jobs and you have a vibrant country and economy. But these industries and a safe tranquil country do not make politicians wealthy.

  6. Anonymous says:


    The same as owners of executive jets just do not loan out their jets and pay for the fuel and crew for nothing without a return on their investment, the Chinese just do not give away money for no return. The return on their investment in Cayman will be that Cayman will pay insome way.

    Wake up and smell the coffee Cayman.

  7. Truth B Told says:

    Have we actually seen 1 job created yet by any of Mac’s desperate schemes of the week?

    • local inwesta says:

      are you serious? It’s an inital step in the right direction but i hope people realize that nothing in this world is free. I only hope we send real negotiators to deal with this one and get the best deal for the islands.

      Undoubtedly, there will an influx of 300-500 Chinese nationals to carry out the project and perform the works at a super cheap price that Caymanians will not work for.

      Then i hope all the faithfull will be as happy and continue to talk about inward investment when they do not get to share in the project, works, profits or experience the "Vodoo economics"

    • anonymous says:



      The monster 10ft. high green fence around his "compound" in West Bay, (paid for by the peoples money" has been keeping some fence installers in a job for close to three months.

      Hmmm, I wonder how much that is costing us???????

      I wonder if the green weaving that makes it so ugly is stamped "Made in China"????

  8. Tina says:

    brilliant, this will certainly create more investment

    • Chris Johnson says:

      More investment? So far there is no mention as to who is paying for all of this. If the Chinese foot the bill how are they repaid. Certainly Cayman cannot afford it. No such thing as a free lunch.

      • Gungadin says:

        Good point. I find it strange that financing has not been addressed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    As long as we get some Chinese Police

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice 🙂

    I am not scared of change one bit!

  11. anonymous says:

    Excellent, dem crying for People’s Progressive Movement, and it is People’s Progressive Movement dem getting! Bush for UDP and PPM!

  12. Anonymous says:

    just like the east end seaport… people are out opposing it without knowing the facts….. get all facts on the table including a comprehensive independent environmental impact assesment and then make your decision!
    it is idiotic to oppose this idea at this stage with out good reason…..

    • Michel Lemay says:

      Anonymus 13:43 I agree with you about studies and umpacts and all that. Thats not what I object; but there is a whole package here and our Premier says he is ready to go. Will we get a chance and time for all of that ? One at the time ? Will local contractors be guaranteed use of their machjnery available ? Will the contracs or sub contractors go through the tendering process for local companies first. The sense of urgency I hope will not get in the way of fair share of work at reasonnable rate of wages . Please do not underestimate the Chinese as they own a big chunk of the US . Again because we question certain part of all of this does not mean we stand in the way of progress; we want to make certain that lt will be done properly and fairly to us the people and the country of the Cayman Islands

  13. anonymous says:


    To facilitate mega yachts…

    You can see he means what he says, and says what he means. I never seen him put down a money offer that will trickle down and benefit locals. However, the beaurocracy from which he has to go through from his own people is rediculous. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes.

  14. ICCI says:


    You got malicious people on this site wishing for it! These are the same ones who complain and have no positive ideas for the country.

    • ricky says:

      lol… all I have to say, people talk so much about dictator and have never lived in Cuba or Iran to know what it is really like. They better leave Bush alone and pray that we don’t get a British one. If we fail to upgrade our standard of living and make Cayman a better place, dog eat our supper! Look at Turks and Caicos – their dictator is the Governor who is calling all the shots, and they are full of complaints.

  15. Susan says:

    It is amazing that the “naysayers” in his audience at that time, could not come up with better ideas. Bush even said, “If you are going to object tell me what you would do.” And not a word you heard from the crowd. Yet they would dog this man’s decision for the country. I am an expat and I tell you, I have never seen anything like this!

    The North Sound, he said, was an asset that the country should use but his government was not seeking to impact the entire area. The channel would provide a way for big ships to come in and this will subsequently benefit the Cayman Islands.

    This should not be seen from a party-line perspective! We are talking about benefiting Cayman Islands.

  16. Michel Lemay says:

    Just reoponed my computer after a fantastic spiritual Keswick comvention ready to read the news and only to discover that there might be another( god ) in the making. There are at this time 83 comments (wow), on this site alone. If I add them all up(sites) our Church this Sunday will be filled to capacity if we chose to invite our present Leader of Gvt. Seriously I would like to honestly thank our Minister Mike Adams the only one to come at one of our fantastic luncheon Keswick convention and that there is at least 1 distinguished member of our Legislative Assembly that knows that there is one God. Tnank you Mr. Mike for taking the time. Where do I begin ? Pretty much has been voiced so far and in color at times, and no I don’t think we will invite the present Leader this Sunday. First I know one thing that was thouht to me by some wise men from West Bay is that you don’t mess with mother nature (pardon me Brother Steve) without very careful planning and I don’t think you need someone from Timbuk2 to tell you that. You have enough wise old iron men alive today here in Cayman that can tell you that. I have yet to find one to tell me what our Premier is suggesting. Actually we have a member sitting in the LA whose father is one of those, maybe the oldest alive. Yes I am for progress but my opinion on dredging the North Sound for a Mega Channel is no thanks. I have only been here 35 years, did come to Cayman by sailboat and seen the changes of the North Sound since due to some dredging, poor planning,poachng etc. There are so many things at us one time that I wonder what’s the rush; as Sister Hope would say HURRY UP and slow down. Don’t let money rule you and the last time I checked we voted for the last election didn’t we. Yes I agree the airport needs to be upgraded no doubt but what about the proper way of doing things such as letting your people have a say. I hear there is a tender law. We are not taking about the eyesore embarassing dump now. Roads, docks, relocation of docks, new docks. How about doing 1 thing at the time. Did we not LEARN what happens when we take on too much ? No disrespect to anyone but the last time I checked Actions speak louder then Words or the mighty Pen should I say here. Mr. Premier with all due respect this is too much at one time for us to even consider nevermind swallow. Hurry up and slow down. Contact your people BEFORE you make this IMPORTANT decision. No disrespect to the Chineese but I did see what happened to St- Lucia when things did not do their way. I can appreciate your big pcture in your mind and might want to achieve as much as you can for the Cayman Islands but in my humble opinion that is not the right way to do this. I hope [t’s not too late to think about all this.
    Sncerely, Michel Lemay (father of 5 born Caymanian children and 8 born Caymanian granchildren) so far.

  17. Miller says:

    More good news for the Cayman Islands. I am glad Mac has found a developer to do this project. My blessings to the company and those involved in the negotiations.

  18. white says:

    Agreed. A channel sounds good. I can’t see why some would object to it. Much of the wildlife in the Sound can still be protected at the same time. It is how you do things! The Chinese have built the Great Wall. Cayman is the pearl of the Caribbean – can’t see why we must be the tail and not the head. Our economy needs to grow.

  19. Anonymous says:

    WAKE UP CAYMAN AND FOLLOW THE MONEY XXXXX Fellow Caymanians, continued complaciency by not stopping this madness will lead to the ruin of our country and you cannot only blame our politicians when we do absolutely nothing to stop it. Please explain how we as a country in financial crisis can afford these grandiose schemes. Our wonderous dictator critized the PPM on their spending for developing new infrastructure and now he wants to spend many times the PPM expenditure with multiple x hundreds of millions of dollars on all these new schemes. Does this make sense? TOTAL IRRESPONSABLE MADNESS

  20. Anonymous says:

    As much as I agree with many of these arguments and I think that there are many sides to this argument.

    I think that the argument of increased population growth is unrealistic, rather Cayman is faced with population decrease and the real potential to collapse into something that none of us Caymanian or Expact want to ever see.

    I think that renewed growth of Caymans economy via sustainable means has to be the main priority for this generation. I am a great lover of the outdoors and this channel and other similar projects like it have the potential to damage Caymans ecosystem. I think that given the serious situation surrounding Caymans economy that perhaps its time the Govt. should set aside portions of the Island for economic growth and sadly it may mean sacrificing certain areas to insure economic sustainability for generations to come. The danger to this ofcourse means that people of the Cayman Islands and its government have to remain vigilant that certain areas are forever protected, and that is the hard part.

    Unfortunately due to previous governments and generations lack of forward thinking and planning it now falls on this generation to create long term sustainable systems to renew economic prosperity while protecting what is so beautiful about Cayman.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Still blabbering about dredging the North Sound. Man, he has to be smoking something, to come up with sh!t again.   

  22. road to 100,000 says:

    The road to 100,000 residents is being paved with each of these announcements.

    The downfall for Caymanians will be the population will increase to 100,000 but the number of Caymanians will remain the same- around 28K I predict from the recent census. That is nearly a 3 to 1 ratio of expats to Caymanians- if the last 30 years was too rapid of growth, what would this be and how disenchanted will Caymanians feel. 

    The other concern(s) I hold is with the environmental impact of these substantial announcements, combined with what appears to be a lack of signed formal documents and due process. Everyone in business knows what happens when business partners fail to complete the hard work and due diligence upfront (shot gun clauses, non completion clauses etc)- things tend to get very messy in court and cost plenty of money. 

    Slow sustained recovery and continued growth would be a better path, and easier for most residents (Caymanian or expat) to absorb. It takes large amounts of political will to practise patience, of which is a rare trait in Cayman politics (or most countries for that matter). 

    In closing, a wise friend once shared this quote:

    When people aregreedy (during booming economic times), as an investor, it is time to be fearful.

    When people are fearful, it is time to be greedy. 

    Macdinejad has everyone fearful, and now is his time to be greedy.

    The Dictator is dangerous and needs to be ousted… soon. 

    • road to 0 thousand says:

      What a fo-fool! So “slow sustained recovery and continued growth would be a better path, and easier for most residents (Caymanian or expat) to absorb,” whilst the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has given us deadline to make our economy right. Fool, you can sit behind your keyboard and talk all you want about people being greedy in trying to bring revenue $$$$ into the country. You can sit and blabber about how the Premier is a dictator. About “slow sustained recovery…would be better path.” You should listen to yourself!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dangerous??III. Man you sure have a way of putting things mildly…

    • candice says:

      “The Dictator is dangerous and needs to be ousted… soon.”

      So I guess we start an all-out Revolution. By you inciting strife in the Cayman Islands, calling the man dangerous – It is you who is DANGEROUS!

  23. pmilburn says:

    In reply to 10.52 and with all due respect to you the first thing people need to do on here is to STOP being anonymous and let our Govt leader know that he is not going to get away with a lot of the things he is proposing.I am not against developement far from it but it has to be sustainable and most of all has to be well thought out and properly done taking into account the environment and the infrastructure that has to put in place BEFORE any large scale developments are undertaken.Its all well and good to put these grandiose plans in front of the public especially the voting ones and smooze them all with wonderful promises and how life will be so grand for them all if these plans go ahead.Life will be great for that certain SMALL group who stand to gain the most from all this.To dredge the north sound for this channel will again only serve a few and what will happen to the sound in general.He will say that he is sure that it will be fine and yes that might be so BUT are we all willing to take such a chance in case things go wrong and then cannot be fixed.I urge all West Bayers to search your minds and hearts and ask yourselves do we really want this to happen?I have said this many times before that once this done will it end there?How will the seas react to the sudden changes in reef openings.Remember that all channels, that are still natural, were made that way for a reason and it only takes a small change to create many problems that will damage the North Sound for many generations to come.What of S/Ray city(Sand Bar)?What of the properties along the west side of the N/Sound with a change in wave action.The seas get quite big now but go deeper and the seas will get much bigger and do much more damage in many areas.
    Much more on this at a later time as we see how things progress.Mr.Premier think before you act and be assured that political suicide comes in many forms.and for many reasons.

    • 70 this week says:

      We have to develop ourselves! Even if you fail to grow and educate yourself, you are going no where in society. We can’t just sit and down, rock in a hammock and take things be tradition. We are living in modern times and our population has increased. The channel will pave the way for further investment in the Cayman Islands. The “what if” mentality has to stop to get anywhere in life.

  24. whodatis says:

    In a nutshell – DEMOCRACY is a JOKE!

    The only purpose it serves is to get individuals elected to positions of power.

    Thereafter, they are free to make wild and reckless decisions, renege on promises and betray the wishes of the very people that voted for them – the empowered.

    (E.g. I am failry certain that the majority of Caymanians that voted for UDP were not voting for "a seaport in East End" or "a channel in the North Sound".)

    At the end of the day it all boils down to an issue of TRUST.

    It is hard enough balancing trust in one’s everyday interpersonal relationships – and it is next to impossible to expect favorable results from a governmental perspective.

    Mankind never fails to disappoint.

    Same b.s. – just a different day and a different country.

    The global masses have never before been more outraged at their respective leaders – yet DEMOCRACY has never before been more widespread. Someone help me out here.

    (P.S. No – I do not have a suggestion for a better administrative alternative. Democracy is considered to be the fairest. However, I simply wish that our representatives would bear in mind the people of this tiny and precious island nation at the time of decision making. Is that too much to ask?)

    Lastly, shame on the spineless eunuchs surrounding our "leader" as they stand by and allow this madness to continue.

    You deserve absolutely NO RESPECT whatsoever.

    • Nick says:

      Same to you! If you see something is not right with Cayman, then get off your a%% and do something about it. And if you want Democracy, at least go to some place like America, because you are not going to find it in a colony. Cayman would survive without you. Cayman don’t need complainers, it needs people who will rally around their leaders and motivate them to do what it right. And if they fail, do something about it. Don’t spit and make judgements

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman MIGHT also survive without McKeeva and his (dwindling) supporters…

    • Anonymous says:

      Democracy is an overused and overly vague term, and is not equal to freedom and equality.  Democracy leads to bad leaders, that is why it is important to have a framework which restricts their powers.  No one wants ‘Tyranny of the majority’.  The term is used as propaganda.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I personally think Mr. Bush is losing it – he can’t be serious in all he is proposing.

    Having said that, isn’t it time for the Caymanian people to stop just talking and start actually doing something about all of these projections – they seem to get done in the dead of night and none of us have the guts to actually stand up and complain. Can’t we get together and DO something about Mr. Bush and his “pie-in-the-sky” ideas?

    I have dual citizenship and can leave when I am fed up – a lot of people living here do not have that choice and it is time for EVERYONE to be heard!

  26. Anonymous says:


    The New York Cohen & Company loan seems to be swept under the carpet in all secrecy with the country never finding out the interst rate or the terms of the loan that was arranged by our dictator.

    NOW he has actually signed an MOU with the Chinese and will not disclose the identity of the company, the local people involved, or the terms of the deal he has now committed our country.


    • UCCI student says:

      Oh Lord, here we go again SECRETLY, DICTATORSHIP, COMMUNISM, CONSPIRACY… almost sound like Tea Partiers attacking Obama

  27. john says:

    A wise move with the Chinese by UDP

  28. Anonymous says:

    Oh now what next the aliens are looking to develop for us a space project, Saturn X for a cost of $200 billion. Mac, is always on some cheerleading pon pon trip for Dart or Mike Ryan and he is the little drummer boy. We don’t need the Chinese building a new channel environment effects could be a disaster and probably not many Caymanians will employed. We need the extension to the runway and major improvements at Owen Roberts. Remember be careful who you invite for a meal because they might never leave. Get luxury cruise liners such as Seabourn, Regents and Silversea to visit The Sister Islands to boost their economies as they won’t stop in George Town due to the 25,000 tourist in port 5 days of the week.

    Build 5 new 4-5 star boutique hotels ( 30-100 rooms), rebuild the Hyatt ( quit fiddling with Asif ) and get the construction industry moving and create NBZ ( low cost business zones) in West Bay, Eastern Districts and Cayman Brac. Also do something about crime which is a serious concern and get rid of the stupid rollover policy which has had more of a negative impact than the global economic crisis. Also cut government spending and look at hiring capable personnel and also reduce the salaries by 20% for you and many of your lazy MLA’s.

  29. mclaughlin says:

    “I am not prepared to wait any longer. If this particular company wants to develop it, I am prepared to go with them.”

    That’s the spirit Mac! I wish the other side saw how you see, because the UK has given us limited time to get our house in order. We are wasting so much time. We have to do something now or they will have amunition to say that we can’t govern our own country and improve the economy. The UK said themselves that they will micromanaged if we fail to make things right. So I support Mac on this channel project.

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously have a plan should a hurricane blow our way….. dredge the North Sound….. good bye airport!!!

      No need to have a plan to improve the airport if there is a plan to dredge the North Sound. Remember what Ivan did when the North Sound was in its natural God given state….. yea, change that natural God given state and pray that McKeeva has a plan ……. since you supporting the dredging —- you obviously do or just too plain stupid to think that far!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      May we kindly ask just what you are "waiting" for, Mr. Mc. Laffin? Apart from the complete destruction of the birthplace of all marine life in the Cayman Islands? Don’t you think that ONE Caymanian idiot in these islands is ENOUGH?

  30. CO2 says:

    Way 2 Go Mac!

  31. Commie Designer says:

     Shall I hang my iron-clad red curtain now Mr. Bush?

    Just checking see if I should or you were blowing smoke up my A$$ again!!

  32. Anon says:

    Mack knows how to baffle us poor people. Give him credit for that.
    Next year he will be saying “they stopped me from creating jobs for Cayman”.
    He knows it is only one or two West Bay people who would like to see a channell in the North Sound, for what? To increase their property value.

    There really is no demand for mega yachts to visit here and I do not think that with all the idle dredging equipment we have here, it is necessary to get the Chinese to dredge the Sound!

    This was another show and tell session for him, nothing else.

  33. Captain Obvious says:

    Hmmm… the last paragraphs are the most telling:


    “I am not prepared to wait any longer. If this particular company wants to develop it, I am prepared to go with them.”

    Berating the bureaucracy in general, he made pointed remarks to the governor, who was present in the audience, about stumbling blocks and having to do things in certain ways because the country was a democracy.

    “If I was still chairing my boards it would have been done by now, but people would say I was up to my old tricks” he said to the audience, adding that people call him a dictator and he wasn’t a dictator but he wished sometimes he was.

    He pointed to a pressing need to improve the airport, especially with the increase of private jet arrivals. “We need new facilities at the airport if we are going to improve our position and want wealth to rise above poverty. We need people with private jets to come here, even if they do offer me a lift,” he said to wide amusement from the audience as he referred to his own return on a private jet on New Year’s Eve.


    In Sum: XXXXXXXXX!!  Let’s look at the checklist shall we?  1.  Mega-yacht facilities: So he can park his new yacht closer to his WB home one day (paid for by you the citizenry)

    2.  Private jet facilities improved:  For his cronies and his personal private jet (paid for by you the citizenry)

    3.  Deals with China by himself without tender?  Sure…XXXX 

    All for Mac and Mac for Mac.

    If that’s not enough…

    "so wealth can rise above poverty"…it already is…you, the citizenry in poverty, are enjoying life well below the "wealthy", thanks to Mac.  Enjoying yourselves, citizens?  How do you like that poverty?  Mac doesn’t, so he wants to make sure he’s rising "above it" and ‘away from it’.

    Haves v. have-nots.  Those are the only 2 classes left in Cayman society. 

  34. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad idea if it is done in a controlled maner without damaging the whole north sound

  35. Anonymous says:

    With a channel come big yachts, with big yachts comes big money, with big money comes cocaine.

    With a jet facility at the airport come private jets, with private jets comes private money, with private money comes cocaine.

    I have seen it happen in many small communities like cayman. It is happening here as well.

    The social and cultural end of the cayman islands.

    Laws are changed to facilitate that money.  THAT should be a warning signal for the population. Laws are there for a reason . . . . . .

    But this population is too naif, too religious, too uneducated to see how there society is being destructed.



    • anonymous says:

      I vote this is the funniest comment on CNS, ever.

      You missed a couple however……with telephones comes internet, with internet comes online money transfers, with online money transfers come Cocaine! Also,with a dock comes ships, with ships comes containers, with containers comes cocaine….

      one more….with banks comes big money, with big money comes…you guessed it,cocaine.

      You seem to have a certain white powder on your mind….hmmm.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t they construct a 1 sq. mile island in the middle of the sound with a tunnel to the main shore while they are at it? This would accommodate all of the cruise ships and the cargo ships as whee as bulk storage of fuel and imported sand/rocks. Just thinking on a grander scheme.

    • Anonymous says:

      My, my, my, how time changes things. I remember during the UDP’s first time as the government (2001-2005) Ellio Solomon was publicly opposed to the destruction of the North Sound by the dredging of any channels there. Why now does he support the possible destruction of the North Sound with these proposed grand scale developments there? If it was not good in 2005 it is not good in 2011, even if you are part of the government. If it would destroy the NS in 2004 it will destroy the NS in 2011, so what is the difference & “what” has changed his mind? Wouldn’t we like to know? hint hint!

      • Anonymous says:

        It is rather funny how entering politics changes people. I truly believe that alot of them start out with good intentions but somewhere along the path, they lose their self respect and their dignity. Alot of them sitting behind the UDP party probably secretly or in their minds, oppose what is being done but are just too cowardous to say anything about it. Sometimes it like they feel that they are under arrest and have the right to remain silent?.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can explain that. Elio is a Mac puppet. He has quite a few of THOSE you know…

      • Anonymous says:

        I think it’s quite obvious. $$$$ = new mercedes SUV within his first month in office, etc. etc.

        Money is a great temptation, event to the incorruptible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure if you are a concerned Caymanian or a professional comedian. Either way, congrats my friend..

  37. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Mckeeva’s at it again – geez he’s really loosing his bolts upstairs. Over one and a half year as Premier and still on job creation or tackling the crime situtation.

    I wish he would stop thinking so big XXXX thousands of jobs, where are all these new workers and their families going to live? Where is the infrastructure to support these projects? Pure hogwash Caymanians.

    We Caymanians should understand by now one thing about this government and that is it surely talks a good talk, but walks a bad walk.

    See projects below that have yet to reap anything economical benefits and all the premier can say is that we are tearing them down.

    Dragon Bay

    Shetty’s Hosiptal

    East End Port

    Cruise berthing facility

    New Dump

    Now the IT industrial Park

    Take a closer look at all the above projects and see what they all have in common. Cronyism is written all over them, that why there not going anywhere, our government need to be in a better financial position to support these project, millions in concession isn’t going to cut it!

    • Anonymous says:

      in answer to one of your questions, there are a couple thousand empty apartments for rent.  just sayin’ 

      • McCarron McLaughlin says:

        Excellent point you make but, please consider the  following:

        Dr. Shetty’s Tertiary care hospital when completed they say will have 5000 beds and I have been unable to find any TRUE tertiary care facility in world that has less than 6 employees per room, so let’s assume there will be 30,000 employees not including their dependents.  When we question these thing it is said that we are trying to tear down the project, but we are not tearing down anything, we’re just asking LOGICAL questions that should have been asked before signing the MOU, their heads get too swollen when they think about all the fees government could generate in immigration fees.

        Lets look at the new economic tax free zone announced just this week which they are saying now will generate 5,000 jobs of which 20% will be earmarked for Caymanians, so another 4,000 employees not including their dependents, but it doesn’t stop there on Dec 23, 2010 an article published in the Compass titled “New Hotels could bring 5000 jobs” in this article the National Investment Council chairman William Peguero made this declaration. Finally the new proposed dock in my hometown East End will bring over 800plus jobs according to the East End Seaport Group, these numbers make me want to go take a dump.

        So to put everything into perspective the few thousand empty apartments and houses wouldn’t be enough if we are to truly believe these numbers:

        Shetty’s Hospital 30,000
        Economic Free Zone 4,000
        New Hotels 6,000  
        East End Sea Port 800

        Over 40,000 new jobs and I am supposed to take that and believe it and not question the government’s reasoning behind these numbers.

        Caymanians don’t be misled in believing these numbers by the leader and his government when they makes these announcements – but remember that Grand Cayman is only 76 square miles of which over 40% is uninhabitable, we don’t have the necessary infrastructure and wont it’s a fact we wont have it for many years to come should these project really come to fruition, I’m 100% for new development in these Islands, but sustainable development not the madness these buffoons in government would want me to believe.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       People of Cayman 16:18 has a point here that I agree with. Look at Mr. Bush’s trend of decision making. Mega Yacht Port, flying around the globe looking for inward investment, cruise dock, oil refinery, Shetty Hospital, 5 star hotels for Cayman, East End Port, IT Park, now back to The Mega Yacht Channel. We should hear about the oil refinery again soon. A history of inward investment schemes that in some way benefits Mr. Bush or his associates. None of these projects has come to fruition and just maybe it is because the people of Cayman don’t see the benefit to all of the country. Mr. Bush is the leader of real estate for the Cayman Islands. Some one else and a cabinet should be the leaders of the country and engage in the peoples business. I am not dismissing all of these projects because some could benefit the people and the country but some one other than Mr. Bush needs to spear head these projects do to conflicts of interest. This could all have a natural country benefiting progression if the Captain Charles and Benson, Mr. Norman, Miss Annie and Mr Craddock were running the country. Mr. Bush is incapable of rallying the cabinet and MLA’s to address Cayman’s issues. He does not want to rally, he wants to control, he wants power. IMHO should a leader address, crime, fiscal CIG responsibility, education, health, stay over tourism, over bloated CS, pollution/waste management, immigration, cost of doing business in the Cayman Islands etc etc. quality inward investment will be knocking on our door by itself. They will come because Cayman is a safe, crime free, easy place to do business not because an elected member who is in the development business is asking them to come and promising residency or concessions. Cayman has grown way beyond Mr. Bush’s political business model and requires new leadership in order to survive.

  38. Mark How says:

    You might open on door Mr. Bush you will close another, scuba diving on the North Wall and inside the reef of the sound will be gone forever. A channel will devastate the North Sound. You as the leader must know this, you really don’t care do you. This mad mad must be stopped, but only we Caymanians can do it, it’s time to fight him!

  39. Anonymous says:

     Well done Mckeeva!!! Now ya starting to sound like a leader!! GIT-R-DONE

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a reply to “Well Done McKeeva”

      You say he is a “leader” – Dictators are leaders too and MacK has already admitted he would like to be a dictator! Everybody knows he is the only one who makes any big decisions and the rest better just tow the line.

  40. caymanstew says:

    Sorry you PPM folk –

    We need to strengthen ties with the Chinese, the second strongest economy in the world!  Obama is doing it and our Premier is doing it!  I am behind the UDP on this one – involve the Chinese

    • Anonymous says:

      We cannot be compared to the USA, but just checkwhat the Chinese demands are of the Bahamas for building Bahama Mar a resort development….they have to allow 8150 chinese into the country…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea…cant wait to see the Cayman Dollar on par with theirs…

  41. Anonymous says:

    did you hear the one about the nerds, the socialists, and the tax-dodger? power had its pockets filled and flew off on their private jets as gods land sank back into the sea…..

  42. jelly says:

    dont care about thechinese coming but do get some new chinese resturants please.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Does this means we get a proper chinese take-away

  44. Judy says:

    Well done McKeeva!

    Your critics are many, but your actions speak louder than words!

    • Anonymous says:

      Kudos to you Makeeva, you are the only one that can talk the talk and walk the walk.
      Don’t let the PPM and the objectors scare you, they lack the foresight and vision…only certain people are gifted with these, and you are one of them.
      The Repubs are trying to crucify Obama the same way…ungreatful and impatience.
      I know you also realise that these same hypocrites will benifit more from any of these projects that you are trying to spearhead.
      They are just doing that crab in the barrel deal.

    • Anonymous says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    These Chinese fellows are very generous. Doing all these things for the island. All together…three cheers……

  46. Anonymous says:

    lots of talk again from mckeeva and i fear this is a smoke and mirrors trick he did yesterday to avert some serious questions about his lack of progress over the last 2 years…

  47. Jon Bon Bush says:

    "I  don’t know where I’m going, only god knows where I’ve been, I’m a Devil on the run, a six gun lover, a candle in the wind, yeah.

    I’m going down, in a Blaze of Glory.

    Take me now, but know the truth"


    Adios Mac, it’s been real.

  48. Kirsten Luke McCord says:

    The North Sound is an extraordinary, significant natural and recreational resource for the people of the Cayman Islands.  Is it one of the largest semi-enclosed natural lagoons in the western hemisphere, that has very complex processes (erosion, accretion, currents, wave dampening effects etc) that we will never fully understand even if a comprehensive EIA is performed. 

    I am not a fan of the dolphin attractions that have opened recently but when we become enlightened enough to realize that they are just cruel, they can be shut down.  However, I would fight tooth and nail to prevent the dredging of the North Sound.  The problem is that there would be no turning back.  Once it becomes apparent that the effects of the dredging have caused such huge environmental damage it will be too late. 

    If we are looking for ways to shore up it’s ailing tourism, apart from re Caymanising the industry, Cayman has some of the best restaurants in the world.  We should be promoting the Islands as a foodie paradise. 

  49. IRON CLAD says:

    McKeeva is one PERSISTENT XXXX. He will just not stop at anything.

    This is about the 4th time throughout his Political Tenure that he has been trying to get a big mess of the North Sound and he just doesn’t give a XXXX about the Eco system or the People of this country.

    Someone mentions the rest of the UDP to grow a set of balls… I say it’s Canon Balls we need to take that Unstoppable Destructive Politician(UDP) out of our Govt once and for all.

  50. Anonymous says:

    As most of us know, Mangrove forests are unique assemblages for many important species which are critical to sustaining Cayman’s already fragile ecosystem and the economics of our marine tourism product.  The species that rely upon this habitat and the sea grass mudflats for reproduction and growth are many and well studied.  

    Dredging a canal of 20 feet or more directly adjacent to the western North Sound juvenile habitats (as McKeeva and Dragon Bay have proposed) will effectively bisect the normal sea grass mudflat habitat and introduce a deep open water predation habitat in the heart of the nursery zones.  The aquatic equivalent of erecting a wall.  Those juveniles that would normally cross the mudflats and grow to adolescence and on to bigger open water will become imprisoned behind that wall and face new predation stress.  

    I am not totally opposed to the idea of a channel, so long as there is some intelligent thought towards preserving some shallower mud flat buffer adjacent to the Mangroves so the little ones can have half a chance.  I don’t believe that Ryan and McKeeva have authority to unilaterally decide for all of us.  I don’t recall ever giving them that power. 


    • Anonymous says:

      This correspondent has made the case for preservation strongly, others will do the same, they are all right, it would be a disaster.

      However, few people will comment on an equally valid reason not to do this, which is that there isnt a case for such a venture anyway! Superyachts dont necessarily  visit the place of their registry, they do go to the places that appeal for other reasons, and whilstall of you believe your island is heaven, it doesnt have what attracts superyachts, namely a compact and pleasant nearby cruising ground. Think where they do go, the windward and leeward islands. Plenty of choices for todays change of scene, and all close by. The various areas of the Med, same thing! 

      So check out why they go where they do, see if you can tick the boxes, and then decide if your heaven is worth dispoiling. If your politicians still insist it is worth doing, maybe its time to suspect their true motives, after all, who benefits from an empty harbour? Maybe its the man who sold the land, or the one who sold the concrete, that doesnt justify losing your heritage. 

      • Bez says:

        Totally agree. I don’t see Cayman ever being a centre for Super Yachts. The vast majority of these yachts are chartered and as such are based in the Med in Summer and the Leeward/Windward Islands in the Winter where the demand is.

        Only exceptions to this would be the few boats which the owners do not charter. Of these, what owner would want to come to Cayman? Other than Paul Allen, who already does I bet none.

        Has anyone consulted with any of the yacht charter companies or owners to see if they will come – of course not.





  51. Anonymous says:

    Blind is Blind Does. China controls Belize, soon Bahamas (8,000 chines to be brought in to work on projects.  TRIAD to follow) and now Cayman! Once they control our Government, time for everyone to pack bags. Perhaps that’s why Mac acting as Dictator.  Practice for when Cayman becomes newprovince of China!

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot who is building and controlling Jamaica’s ports. My guess is that is where the contacts were made.

    • From the observation tower. says:

      01/21/2011 -11:18

      I think your comments are a bit premature and full of drama,but then again, most posts on this site are a little on the extreme and venomous side.

      • Anonymous says:

        I personally am very afraid of the Chinese. Do you know that if they all stood at once and stamped their feet on the ground the earth would spin faster and the rest of us would be pelted to the moon? HaHa… But its no laughing matter.

    • Anonymous says:

      They will have to get through Dart first!  I don’t think even China is up for that. 

  52. Macman says:

    Has anyone noticed that a large number of those who post comments in favour of McKeeva and his policies are nearly illiterate?

    There also appears to be a large number of those who oppose Mckeeva who are from the older generation. The reason I say this is because their "English" is usually much better than the others!

    Just an observation…..

    • Anonymous says:

      And they all collect pay checks from "HIS" government and whatever else they can grab before anyone can hold them accountable.

      Get used to the idea that your homes, your businesses, your future now belongs to…… well him.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a very keen observer, my friend. Those in favor of the Mac only know how to spell things like "fresh beef", and "stove", and "fridge", and "settee", words that we seldom see used on CNS. Or anywhere else in politics.

  53. Santa says:

    It is time for the other elected UDP members to grow a set of B@#$ and stand up to Mac and tell him ENOUGH.  It is time for them to worry about those who elected them not those who line their pockets.


    • Bozo says:

      It is way past time and too late for all of you to realize that "your" representatives have never worked or gotten payed by you even if the money started out as yours.  You gave up ownership as soon as you elected and started to belive in those in power.  Get used to it because now only a strong and united people will be able to get it back.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Dredge the North Sound over my dead body!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think Big Mack is going to let you all bully him;  then I say go ahead and lie down in front of that dredge and see if you dont get drown.  Is there one project that is brought to the table by the Premier, that you people dont scream and roll over about it.  Stop complaining about every thing.

  55. Anonymous says:

    “If I was still chairing my boards it would have been done by now, but people would say I was up to my old tricks” he said to the audience, adding that people call him a dictator and he wasn’t a dictator but he wished sometimes he was.

    I think that says it all.

    • Dennis Smith says:

      My father use to say: "Dictatorship is the most efficient form of government but in a democracy we get to throw the SOBs out every 4 years." Which is really saying that democracy is the least efficient form of government.

      Maybe the best compromise is an elected single term "Dictator" or would that be total chaos?

      How about separating the elected body from the operational bureaucracy and giving neither control? Hmmm

    • McCarron McLaughlin says:

      What a classless XXXX to say something like that "sometimes he wishes he was a dictator" is this the same man that said in his new year address that he wants to be closer to god in 2011. XXXX

      Now I understand what we are up against, someone who is hell bent on doing things his way or it’s the highway! But if history repeats itself he will be humbled soon- remember First Cayman Bank and the 2005 elections.

      I remember after First Cayman Bank went under I couldn’t recognize his voice on the Radio if some gave me a million dollars I would say it wasn’t him, he had sound like a little lamb coming in from the cold, but how times have change and his back up on that high horse, but remember this the same mighty power to put you up there can make you come crashing down.

      Caymanians lets get rid of Big Mac and the fries who we call the government of the CI, lets do it at whatever cost, sooner than later or there wont be a country for our future generation to enjoy much less live in.

  56. Anonymous says:

    seems like he has a new set of people

  57. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     The North Sound water clarity is changing because the sound is getting shallower. My fellow Caymanians are we stupid. The North Sound clarity is changing due to the lack of action Mr. Bush took on Mt. Trashmore. It is also due to the removal of the mangroves for Mr. Bush’s developer friends. Did I also read that due to democracy, stumbling blocks were being put in the way of development. That should Mr. Bush chair the committees the decisions right or wrong would be rammed through. And again all I hear is the "I" word. If "I", Mr. Bush, were doing this, what happened to "we" the voters and people of the country. What happened to our elected representatives being for the people. Think back to Captain Benson and Charles and Miss Annie and Mr. Craddock. That is Cayman, that is Cayman politics. Mr. Bush is focused and blinded by inward investment. Development is "his" personal business, not the peoples business. Inward investment = personal gain for a lot of people not necessarily the voters of Cayman. This singular direction of Mr. Bush’s is one of the reasons why crime is rampant, stay over tourism has faltered, pollution and Mt. Trashmore have not been addressed, the CS is out of control, the countries finances and accountability are pretty much non existent, our youth are being forgotten and the development of the education system has stopped during his leadership, the middle class is suffering and our government has morphed into "one man rule". We need leaders, a cabinet, that will look out for the peoples business.

  58. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese have done work in the Caribbean, both in Antigua and the Bahamas, and in both cases brought their own workers, and lots of them, with them.  So don’t count on jobs for Caymanians on any work the Chinese are doing here.

    That alone is a cause for alarm, but there are other major issues alarming about this as well which I am sure will be discussed at great length on this website,

    • Anonymous says:

      "T he Chinese have done work in the Caribbean, both in Antigua and the Bahamas, and in both cases brought their own workers, and lots of them, with them.  So don’t count on jobs for Caymanians on any work the Chinese are doing here."

      Let’s not forget Jamaica. They have ran other shops out of business.

  59. Don't worry I wont stay says:

    Yes the airport does need improvement. I certainly would not look at the private jet area as a part of it. I am sure that it ran just fine over the busy Christmas season.

    It is the main terminal that needs immediate attention, they can start improvements tomorrow by working on the staff schedule.

    Last night returning on the late flight on Cayman Airways there were eight immigration officers waiting for our half full plane. Bags were on the conveyer almost instantly, and the abundance of customs officers had us out on the street minutes after we touched down. What an awesome arrival experience.

    On the other hand, leaving here on December 23rd was an absolute nightmare. An hour and forty minutes after being dropped at the curb I made it into the departures lounge. The hold up was immigration. No question. Although it would be nice to have additional x-ray machines, they were several times halted as the new corral line for immigration filled up because there were only three officers manning the eight desks.

    Dozens of residents around me voiced the same comment, "we are never leaving here at Christmas again". How many visitors were thinking "we will never return". 

    • Anonymous says:

      A major step forward would be to take a leaf from Bermuda’s book. Replace the Caymanian immigration staff at departure with US immigration for US-bound passengers. That way we could be checked into the US before arriving in Miami and there’s none of the immigration lines etc at MIA, Cayman Airways would land like a domestic flight..  If other countries can have that arrangement why can’t Cayman?

  60. Anonymous says:

    How does this guy get away with this crap.  He’s the same guy that wanted an oil refinery and an airport in east end.  This is the worst person for Cayman to have as its premier.

  61. George Orwell says:

    NO. NO. NO.

  62. Anonymus says:

    Notice there is allways interest in these projects from the developer(s) but not from the majority of persons in Cayman? Perhaps if the Government tried to actually inform and dialogue with the people, present the reasons these projects are for the good of the country, rather than simply pronouncing sentence, this might change. Of course, if one of your reasons for digging a hole in the North Sound is to improve the environment, perhaps the problem is not with the people’s understanding after all. But I wait to be proved wrong by the weight of the government’s justifications.

    • Confusious says:

      I agree too many Chinese walls around here. The public needs to know. Back to FOI.!

  63. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad but this shows the sense that our so called Premiere has… I hope that before he started to yap his trap that he actually researched the negative side to building this channel in the North Sound.

    Does he realize that once this starts, our beautiful water that looks like a pool will turn into water that you can’t even see your hand in front of your face.

    But I guess he will get another Big payday so it is ok with him. We need politicians now that listen to the cries of the people, not the voices of the lobbyist.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Wow…  🙂

    There are alot of good things Alden would have to tear down in order to become the next Premier!  Perhaps this is why Kurt stepped down and left it to Alden before it got out of hand!

  65. Anne on a Moose says:

    There is no link between the vessels that happen to have chosen Cayman registration, and the number of private vessels that wish to visit Cayman. If Bush is suggesting a statistical link of some kind he is being utterly absurd.

    However some sort of joined-up thinking around this topic might actually work well for Cayman. IF we agree to having casinos, then the yachts will come, and North Sound would be the sensible mooring place if the facility was there. 

    As for a pier at the Turtle Farm – come again? The sea’s always rough there! Where on earth is the need or desire for a pier there?

  66. bradley says:

    Well done Premier!  Still you are still alive after the muck of criticisms that has been thrown at you on CNS and other news sites!  At least, criticise with some the facts – not name calling, making false claims, and being party biased. I am not PPM, but it amuses me to see how most of your critics are coming from them, and they are now talking about having the same man as their leader who was in office during the time our economy sank in 2008. I amuses me to see the same ones who are wrongly criticising you, are the ones who have not yet come up with any positive recommendations to better the economy – but criticise!!! Your friend Dart (bless his heart) and UDP militants will see us through on the economy! You are the one making a positive difference by making friends with the Chinese. Thank you for your words of hope and encouragement. Your hard work, I believe, will eventually pay off in the end.

    • Pending says:

      Actually moron, the majority of us are neither PPM nor UDP.

      Unlike you and a host of others who put these people in power, we actually care about the island we are from.

      What we don’t like is the way YOUR leader carries himself, runs his agenda and pays little if not no mind to what the poeple say. Instead he goes aroundin his little bubble ignoring the real situations at hand on this island like they will disappear.

      Its called a DICTATOR, which nobody signed up for.

      If he continues to ignore the real issues at hand, all these so called projects will fail andf we will be left with what is becoming a banana republic. Then all the expats which you all hate so much will leave along with the business and then you will be left with f*** all.

      You are easily fooled, but the rest of us are not.


      • Anonymous says:

        Actually maron, what are the majority of you griping about then…dont like to be ruled by a native, or you just don’t like Makeeva….
        Further more, why would you even think that these projects will fail, have you become God to see in the future?
        Yea, right, all expats will leave…give me a break, and we will continue to be your fools….keep enjoying your wealth pending.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear moron, (we believe this is what you meant by the ‘word’ maron). We do not believe we are God, and we most certainly don’t give ‘Makeeva’ (McKeeva) anyway near that amount of credit. We believe God would have put the f_ _ _ _ _ _ channel in the North Sound if he wanted it there. That is our problem. Do you understand that, maron? We are NOT ‘ruled’ by McKeeva, we very unfortunately just have to put up with him and hope that he does not completely destroy Cayman until next election because of a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ like you. Do you understand that maron?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, my friend, his hard work will eventually pay off. The big question is ‘who will it pay off’. I hope you don’t think it is you.

  67. Anonymouse. says:

    Seems like we are going to get what the Premier wants even if the standards will be at the bottom. Having exhausted all other channels it seems we are now down to the very last straw and will grab it even though it will cause us to sink deeper.

    Maybe once we get the channel we can then fill it with chinese junk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it will look just like Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong, and smell as bad as well!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully they won’t activate a dormant volcano there…but then again they might just strike oil in our useless North Sound. Wouldn’t our precious Mac just be all smiles then..

  68. TCI says:

    Bush has Misick written all over him.

  69. Conquisador says:

    The sound is shallower and therefore not as clear as it was? In my experience the shollower the water the  clearer it is. Dredging the sound is a no-no. Caymanians arise and girder your loins.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Hope its not the chinese branch of Cohen & co cause that money aint materialise yet!

    (speaking of which how is Government making payroll now?)

  71. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t McKeeva frigging listen to ANYONE? We do NOT want the channel thru North Sound!

    "I am not prepared to wait any longer if this particular company wants to develop it I am prepared to go with them.” so he will just unilaterally bypass the proper tendering process amid concerns of corruption and backdealing?

    Arrogant little fop!

    McKeeva, please resign. You are a disgrace!

  72. Dictator, Moi? says:

    Yesterday’s talk did sound like something out of 1984 because of the heavy revisionism which seemed to take personal credit for every positive or potentially positive thing which has happened in Cayman.

    But who DID offer you the lift?  I don’t recall you embracing transparent governance.  You see, secretly taking benefits in kind from third parties without disclosing those third parties and their interests IS the kind of thing corrupt tin-pot dictators of banana states do.  And you would not want us calling you a corrupt tin-pot dictator of a banana state would you?

  73. say it aint so says:

    Good job Mr. Premier. You sounded like your true no-nonsense, go out and get done self. The country is hurting, let’s get the economic engine firring on all fours.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure where YOU live but it has actually been CRAWLING on all fours for some time. Not sure what you mean by "firring" but what we need is to get it in an UPRIGHT POSITION again, understand? 

  74. Anonymous says:

    Chinese investors – stop wasting your time and money on this project.

    Due to popular opposition (and the FCO’s support for environmentally sustainable development in Cayman which this most definitely is not) I can promise you that there is no way that this project is going to happen.

    Michael Ryan – give up on this one also please. We’ve looked the other way while you cleared mangrove from the buffer zone for Dragon Bay – but that is the end of it.

    One mega yacht facility in Cayman is more than enough (ie in the new Port development in George Town).

    Cayman (with regard to development and disregard for the environment) is starting to sound eerily like the Turks and Caicos prior to being put under direct rule by the UK.


  75. Has to be Anonymous says:

    I just love these spoof news reports.. keep them coming CNS. That one just made my day, week, month, Year.!

    It’s very kind of you to cheer the Nation up in such a fashion.. Good job.

  76. Anonymous says:

    You go Premier, Progress they want, progress their getting.  I thin k you are doing fine.