New National Heroes honoured on Heroes Day

| 25/01/2011

(CNS): The Cayman Islands now has five new National Heroes, Thomas William Farrington, Sybil Joyce Hylton, Ormond L. Panton, Desmond V. Watler, Mary Evelyn Wood, who were installed on National Heroes Day (Monday 24 January) in Heroes Square, George Town. The five join the two previously-named Cayman Islands National Heroes: the late James (Jim) Manoah Bodden and Sybil Ione McLaughlin. On the same day 24 people were presented with the new Order of the Cayman Islands and five New Year’s Honours recipients were presented with the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour. (Left: Alicia Hydes accepts a Founder Award honouring her father, the late Thomas William Farrington)

Governor Duncan Taylor and other elected and official members of government lauded awardees for their significant contributions to nation-building and community service in a range of areas, GIS reported.

Premier McKeeva Bush said in his address, “The persons to whom we pay tribute have been deemed by their community representatives to be worthy of such high honour. Their contributions and sacrifices have notably moved their country further on its journey than it ever would have reached without them.” He added, “When I talk about sacrifices, I mean professional, social, economic and personal interests, endangered and forgone. In remarkable instances some honourees proved willing to sacrifice their lives.”

As this year’s Heroes Day theme revolved around the development of aviation, contributors in this field were also guests of honour. They were honoured during an Aviation Awards Luncheon this weekend (Saturday, 22 January). The Heroes Day festivities included live entertainment, local foods and opportunities to reminisce on the significance of earlier stalwarts who so selflessly served this country.

See full biographies of the new National Heroes.

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  1. Sir. Castic says:

    That makes approximately one "National Hero" per 2,142 voters. Pretty impressive. I guess once the Courthouse is relocated we will be able to make room for the next batch.

    • Anonymouse. says:

      We have outdone the world in terms of National Heroes per capita.

      How about we now designate a List of “National Zeros”. We have certainly produced many of them in the past 20 years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    While I offer my congratulations and well wishes to the new national heroes and their families I must question why no one from the Brac has been named? History shows that there are indeed some true heroes from the sister islands and yet no one has been recognized.  Oh well, nothing new in the dictatorship.  

    • Anonymous says:

      chhh..quick to speak and slow to think….imagine if we were really in a dictatorship?  how quickly you take your freedoms for granted!

      • Already says:

        Anon 07:22

        Wake up Star, we already are!


        Crawl back under your UDP rock!

        •  Come on my friend,all that politricks wil make you slow,bitter and miserable free your self from mental slavery it’s 2011,life is short,live it and enjoy!!

      • Just Commentin' says:

        7:22, your words do not convey the impression that your thought process is tuned to produce astonishing power either.

        We often use in a disparaging way terms that do not necessarily equate to an evil or insufferable situation.

        The utopia eagerly anticipated by many in this country is nothing more or less than an absolute totalitarian dictatorship in which any andall members of the opposition are rounded up and censured in the harshest and cruelest manner possible: the eternal reign of the coming Messiah.

        Throughout history we can read accounts of benevolent dictatorships in which people thrived and were content. A dictatorship is not necessarily a bad thing. It depends on who is in the seat of absolute power.

        I think that people who allude to this country being or becoming a "dictatorship" are voicing their frustration and criticism at a government and its leader who too often portray an image of reckless power. In my opinion, our present government is making democracy look bad.

        A clear lesson that history teaches us is that behaviour by a country’s leadership that departs from the ideals of a true and transparent democracy can bring that nation and its people to the edge of a very slippery slope; a slope down which many nations have slidheadlong to ruin and despair. So, for the time being, I would tend to side with the critics.

        In closing, I think that 1:07 has a far keener appreciation for freedom and democracy than you give them credit for.

    •  Mr.Layman Scott of Cayman Brac,or did you not read the list?

      • Anonymouse. says:

        The Cayman Islands now has five new National Heroes, Thomas William Farrington, Sybil Joyce Hylton, Ormond L. Panton, Desmond V. Watler, Mary Evelyn Wood,

        I would personally love to see Mr. Laymans name included, He taught me to read and I dont recognize his name in the above list.

        CNS? Are we missing something here.