Colleagues pray for Anna’s return as search continues

| 02/02/2011

(CNS): As police continued the search for missing landfill worker Anna Evans colleagues, family members and friends gathered at the site to pray for her return on Monday. The 37-year-old mother of five has been missing since Thursday 27 January. Pastor Cassius Feare of the Church of God of Prophecy led the prayers and urged the attendees to take courage. “When you do not know what to do, trust God,” he said. Praying that Anna would be found, and for strength and wisdom for her family, colleagues and the search party, the pastor added that the spirit of God will bring comfort and guidance. Noting Anna’s loyalty as an employee, DEH Director Roydell Carter said that DEH management and staff would continue to support the effort to find her.

He thanked all involved in the search and those who have offered words of encouragement. “We remain optimistic that Anna will still be found,” he said. Anna’s colleague, Clifton Myles also expressed the hope that she will soon be found. “She is a faithful colleague and we miss her. We will continue to pray for her and for the family,” he said. Another colleague, Recycle Foreman Angelo Roye, described Anna as a dedicated mother and colleague. “The entire team is concerned for her and her children who are her life,” he commented. “We are all hopeful that she will be found.”

Anna went missing at around noon on Thursday and despite extensive searches for over five days there is still no trace. Police employed specialist K9 dogs at the site yesterday but there is still no further news.

Pastor Feare said during prayers that, “Nothing is hidden from God;He sees everything and will reveal, as He sees fit, what has happened to Anna.”

Joining the pastor as well as friends and family were the minister of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Chief Officer Kearney Gomez. O’Connor-Connolly encouraged the group to use the occasion to unite their hearts and minds in a prayer of hope for Anna’s return. She said God was a restorer who would give them the strength to deal with any outcome. “Meanwhile, support the family every way you can during this difficult time,” she said as she called on society to return to Godly principles.

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  1. Claudette Bodden (Gilman) says:

    This New Year has already started with so much sadness for us. Many families have buried their beloved ones just within the month of January, some being the cause of ageing however; the sudden and shocking passing of a beautiful young lady and mother also the news of Anna another young mother who has not been found is painfully sad. I know your sadness and the way it feels to lose and miss and maybe not even find them. I pray Gods love will comfort all of you. I hope every day that we will hear some good news about Anna.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am so worried about Anna.  It brings back such terrible and tragic times as the loss of Sabrina and Estella.  I can’t bear the thought that she is or may have been frightened or hurt over the past week.  Anna if you are OK and hiding somewhere – please let us know that you are alright – so many people are so worried – even complete strangers like me.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I also wake up and pray that god will keep her safe even if the out-come is good or bad, I pray for God’s mercy on those five children to see them trough this difficult time. My prayers are with you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I pray that they family remains strong and hopeful that someday, homehow Anna will return home. I pray for thier mental and physical well being thru this traumatic time… I can just imagine, the fact of not knowing what happened and where she is harder to cope with.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ West Bayer 02/02/2011 – 14:16 My sentiments EXACTLY. Perhaps some like minded ppl need to get together and start a foundation to help raise money to assist in the search for this long lady as well as raise money to donate for her kids at least for the short term as I’m sure thier needs still exist even in the absence ofthier mother who seemed to work very hard to provide for her children. Perhaps a foundation dedicated to assisting missing and exploited people is in order. I dont know what happened to Anna, I’m not sure if anyone knows what’s happened to Anna but I do know that something needs to be done, this foundation could raise money to purchase equipment, train dogs for search and rescue of human beings not just narcotics, train people (civilians) the proper way to carry out a search and rescue. I’m just throwing the concept out there, we all wake up out of our beds every morning (just like Anna did) not knowing what the day or night holds for us I’m sure nobody wakes up, goes to work and expects to wind up missing and not make it home to help thier kids with home work or whatever the case may be. We must be proactive times have changed and we cannot say that it’ll never happen again and we cannot continue to forget after a few days & weeks just because it’s never happened to someone we know.

  6. Concerned says:

    "Without a Trace"   Keep the faith Iand believe she may be found, alive and well.

  7. West Bayer says:

    Wha happen to the Estella Foundation?? Why we nah hearing anything from them? Isn’t this what their suppose to stand for?? I would have thought they would be at least on TV declaring their support for the search of Anna. Did they offer an award, their time and expertise?!? They need to stand up and support!!! Come on folks time to be real and true to your causes even after all the hype wears down.

    • Henry Hill says:

      The Foundation’s mission is the achievement of gender equality and a life free of violence. Anna is missing and it is unknown whether she has fallen victim to violence or gender inequality. I do not speak for the Foundation but I feel it is improper to call them out in this manner and accuse them of not living up to their Mission Statement. If this is your way of asking for assistance maybe we need to work on our people skills.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Foundations Mission is…

        Case in point: people should not wait to see if she has fallen victim to violence or gender inequality… what would be the point of that??????????

        She is missing, end of story, It should not be what the Estella foundation’s mission is… Estella did not live her life like that and if she were here she would be out looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Your response …… inappropriate

  8. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     I wake up everyday, look at CNS and hope to see the headline saying that Anna has been found.