Germany mulls financial transactions tax

| 04/02/2011

(Reuters): Chancellor Angela Merkel’s German conservative party may push for a financial transactions tax initially covering just Germany, France and Austria rather than all euro-zone states, parliamentary sources said on Friday. Sources within Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said the aim would still be to achieve wider adoption of the tax proposal — which has failed to gain global support — with other countries able to join later. But a spokeswoman for Germany’s Finance Ministry said the country had no plans for a so-called Tobin tax in an area smaller than the 17-country euro zone. "I can say that an introduction below the size of the euro zone does not make sense," she told a news conference, adding that talks to get the tax implemented across the European Union were continuing.

The idea of a transaction tax, often referred to as a Tobin Tax after the U.S. economist who floated it in the 1970s, has gained support since the financial crisis, although proposals for its introduction internationally have so far failed.

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