Faith Hospital to see things more clearly

| 05/02/2011

(CNS): The installation of a new digital imaging system at Cayman Brac’s Faith Hospital will enable faster diagnosis, reduce costs and better clinical management, said Medical Officer for the Sister Islands Dr Sriringan Velusamy. In what he called a realisation of a dream, he said both patients and staff would benefit from the new system, installed in mid-December at the hospital’s radiology department, as it will dramatically reduce time spent transferring images, both to the Cayman Islands Hospital and among specialists, while awaiting diagnoses. The system may also reduce air ambulance flights, allowingmore local patients to remain on the Brac for case management.

“For some of the fractures and things that are complicated, the orthopaedic surgeons can see them and make a plan for the patient then and there; some of them can be managed in the Brac so there is no need for any air ambulance or any expensive trips back and forth,” Dr Velusamy added.

The PACS Digital Imaging System, comprising a processing, recording and monitoring unit, enables x-rays to be examined from a variety of angles, manipulated and rotated through 360 degrees while selecting portions for closer focus. Picture quality is preserved throughout multiple generations and mailing.

“You can take the images and see them like photos,” the doctor explained. “You can enlarge it; if you want to see one particular area, you can focus it. The best aspect of it is that not only can we use the technology here, on the Brac, but we can also transfer the images to Grand Cayman to the hospital there, to be examined by specialists. The orthopedic surgeon and the radiologist can see it simultaneously as we see it. There is no wastage of any time in the decision-making process.”

The doctor said staff at the hospital were excited as they had been working on getting the system installed for two years. “It also helps the physicians because they can get the report straight away from the radiologists on various body x-rays. So this new technology means time, instant results, real time specialist opinions and huge benefits for the patients,” he added.

Lizzette Yearwood, CEO of the Health Services Authority, said the system represented another milestone along the path of consistent improvements and upgrades of HSA services.

“Our mission statement commits the HSA to achieving the highest-quality healthcare through patient-focused services by highly skilled staff. I can think of no better fulfillment of that commitment than the commissioning of this new digital imaging system. This technology adds another tool to our healthcare arsenal and keeps the organisation — and its patients — at the cutting edge of this rapidly developing industry. I want to thank everyone involved for their efforts, and I look forward to more of this kind of effort in the future,” the HSA boss stated.

Health Minister Mark Scotland said the high-tech innovation meant improved patient services and potential cost reductions. “It will boost patient care, offering greater opportunities for patients to remain close to home and in touch with their families and personal physicians,” he added.

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