Electrician burned in panel box explosion

| 09/02/2011

(CNS): A 40-year-old electrician was taken to hospital suffering from burn injuries following an explosion in a panel box on which he was working on Wednesday. The industrial accident occurred at the Marriot Hotel on West Bay Road at around 2.15 pm this afternoon. The man, who is employed by a local electrical company, was carrying out some electrical inspection work and as he was completing the inspection an electrical panel box exploded. Police said that emergency services attended the scene and the man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital suffering from burns to his hands, arms and face.

The man is currently undergoing treatment and police stated that enquiries into the incident are ongoing. The explosion comes less than two weeks after a major explosion at Grand Cayman’s power company’s plant when two workers were also burned, one of whom remains in critical condition in hospital in Miami.

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  1. Concerned Caymanian says:

    Are you sure this unfortunate man was an electrician? He was employed by a local plumbing contractor.

  2. Fed Up! says:

    1 Praise God this man was not hurt worse or killed!

    2 It was the ex-pats fault.

    3 RCIPS is not forthcoming with the information and it is all the Commissioner’s fault

    4 If CCTV were in place, this wouldn’t of happened.

    5 RCIPS is appealing for witnesses to come forth. We see you on CCTV and you must come forward or we will come and get you!

    6 What is going on with the bridge loan and Cohen and Cohen. How will we pay for the police and fire people that went to the Marriot anyway?

    7 If work permit fees weren’t so high, the electrician would have had someone supervising him.

    8 If this had happened in North Side, Ezzard would have had already scheduled a community meeting to discuss it

    9 The Premier Macwhathis name is ultimately responsible except when it is a matter of national security then it is the Governors.

    10 Stuart Jack would have handled this situation much worse than the current Governor.

    11 Plant a garden, Cayman, or a windfarm or a solar panel field. Heck we don’t need electricity anyway, electricity is bad cause look what happened today when we had it

    And finally, I really do hope this gentleman is okay and not seriously hurt.

    • Anonymous says:

       that seems to sum it up except for it marking the end of tourism

    • Michel Lemay says:

      I too am glad that the electrician was not hurt worse and wish him speedy recovery. 19:51 (praise God this man was….) you seriously need some form of stress relief. Praying would be a good idea but while I understand your frustations casting the blame of every issues is not the best solution. Take a deep breath and find a hobby or better yet help with constructive solutions to our many issues. God Bless

    • very concerned says:

      you think you are hilarious, actually you are inhumane, have no, self respect, ethical values or decency.
      it’s thinkers like you that are making the world fall apart.,