It’s PPM time again

| 15/02/2011

Folks, there’s a new dawn on the horizon for Cayman’s only genuine political party, formed for the right reasons – for love of country! Refocused, re-energized and ready to lead these islands once more. I believe I am ably qualified to speak on this matter; as most of you know, I was an integral part of the PPM administration from 2005 – 2009, and from that to this day I remain justly proud of our accomplishments, not for self but for these Cayman islands.

For us it was never about power or money, it was always for love of country.

Saturday night saw the historic event of an official change in leadership between two of my dearest friends – long before politics – two men of integrity, two statesmen. Whatever one may think of these guys as individuals, no one can argue with those characteristics that I just mentioned. Can you ask for two more critical ones in your leaders? To Kurt, I say job well done and history will be very kind to you, my friend, and these islands will forever be grateful for all you have done and will continue to do. You are a truly great leader. To Alden, I say good luck – the load will be heavy, but your shoulders have always been broad. Learn, listen and act decisively. You cannot be all things to all people, but do what’s right at all times, with a broad vision. I know your heart better than most and I know how you feel about Cayman and its people.

Of late I have taken a backward seat in thepolitical arena for personal reasons that I care not to elaborate on in this forum, but I would like to just point out a few things that people seem to quickly forget.

The PPM was elected to lead in May 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in late 2004. The UDP started the re-building process (albeit chaotic and, sadly, ladened with patronage) and we had the job to continue and complete this process – no mean task. Much was left to be done and much was done with the rebuilding of homes and public buildings. Mid-way through our term the global economic downturn started. Despite these two horrendous setbacks, the PPM accomplished the following, amongst many others, for these islands and its people:

New roads all over the islands, including a new access road to the Bluff in Cayman Brac – no mean feat;

new state of the art playing fields all over the islands and a new world class track at the sports complex;

new launch ramp facilities in East End, Bodden Town and George Town;

a renewed focus on agriculture and the start of the Market at the Grounds;

start of an affordable housing scheme;

a new student veterinary school at the same location;

a new female re-hab centre in Breakers;

major progress with the handling of the country’s waste and plans for a comprehensive waste management system;

plans for a national ID system that has not yet been activated;

a large budget to the RCIPS for the purpose of fighting crime locally and on our borders, with emphasis on marine patrols;

an immediate stamp out of violent crime that was occurring at the time;

increased social programmes for our elderly and indigent;

a new post office in Savannah;

start of a new vehicle licencing headquarters, now gratefully completed and operational;

a re-branded national carrier in CAL and management re-structuring;

formulation of cruise ship berthing plans;

re-building of Pedro Castle as a cultural centre;

the completion of the Turtle Farm as a tourist attraction, albeit a costly development by the previous administration – the UDP;

new sea walls in East End and beautification of that district and all others by a national committee;

comprehensive plans developed to alleviate flooding in low lying areas and especially for the Savannah gully problem;

the start of the three new high schools and hurricane shelters for these islands to cope with the growing numbers of students and their needs (expensive or not, they are needed!);

new libraries built or developed in East End, Bodden town and George Town;

the start of the new government admin building (GOAP project) to bring the many offices scattered around the capital under one roof and to save millions in rents being paid, soon to be happily and proudly opened by the current administration and our premier;

introduced real transparency in government, taking away victimisation of civil servants and others and introducing FOI legislation – a thorn in the side of the current administration as they seem to prefer secrecy (Why I ask? It’s the people’s money, not yours or PPM’s);

constitutional reform – a huge time consuming task but an important and rewarding one;

regular weekly press briefings on all that was going on within government and our future plans;

major work on the international front to deal with the many financial initiatives and threats to our jurisdiction, and at the same time promoting these islands for tourists to come and enjoy and do business.

And the list goes on, folks! Just a timely reminder, now you be the judge – all this with not a hint of patronage or corruption and abiding by all legal tendering processes. Please compare this list of accomplishments to the UDP’s almost two years in office – only so far finishing what we started and blaming us.

Yet this administration was removed from office in May 2009 by you the public. Why? Because you listened to their propaganda? Because some of you could only see the small tokens handed out through an election campaign, ridden with inaccuracies and saying we overspent and blaming us for a failing global economy? Yes, maybe we did spend a lot, but we didn’t spend on ourselves. We spent on you and this country, and we spent where many previous administrations had failed to spend to make your lives better. We were also blamed for a rollover policy that they, the UDP, developed and we had to implement. Thankfully, we reduced the break from two years to one year, as was the original case. Who remembered that?

If this is my swan song from the political arena, then so be it, but I can hold my head high and know that I was associated with the best organised group of statesmen and stateswomen these islands have ever seen – the PPM. That is no mean boast, and one that I do not make lightly, for I respect all those that have served this country previously and laud their achievements. To all those that supported us and worked so hard at the district and national levels, I say a heartfelt thank you. To those civil servants and board members that did the same, I say the same – thank you! Your country is better for it and you served well.

To my friend Al, the new leader of the PPM and next premier of the Cayman Islands, I say once more, hold fast to that which is good. You have intelligence; pray for wisdom; God will guide you. Your support will be there, just know how to harness it and use for the greater good. Embrace all.
Evil can only prevail when good men and women do nothing, and you and Arden (the Action Man) and the rest of the team will do something, of that I am certain! You have my unwavering support until I prove otherwise.

To the young people of Cayman between the ages of 20 and 35, I say take an active interest in your country and get involved. Your country needs you and your futures are at stake. We are teetering on the brink, and what we do from here will make or break these islands. Do the right thing for yourself and your country. Do not simply follow greed and corruption and short term platitudes.

God bless you and your families and these islands we all love!

For love of country!

Osborne Bodden is a former MLA for Bodden Town

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  1. Sane Salvatore says:

    Would somebody put Ozzie in his place and please list all the UDP accomplishments of which we are justly PROUD??!!! After all, the current govt is spending like no tomorrow too! (>$1M on consultants to the Premier alone). Surely there is a LONG LIST of things we have to show for 2 years of "Under New Management". Right…..? Somebody? Anybody????

    • SOMEBODY says:

      only one item on this list…


  2. Anonymous says:

    This young man headed the Public Accounts Committee for his four years there, getting paid. In that time He never produced one report. MLA Ezzard had to do them all after the elections.

    Now we know what he was doing…making lists of PPM ‘spending’.

    We need some serious folks in our LA in the future.

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

      That was a good Marketing Pitch but to which Demographic without amnesia?

      We are aware that since Mr Alden McLaughlin was sworn in as the PPM’s party leader that it has gone to his head somewhat. He’s now excited about becoming the next Premier of the Cayman Islands. This will be very difficult if some of us  have not all suddenly caught amnesia forgetting the rut in which  he and his party left the country and the public purse. This spoiled little boy  behavior is typical of Alden McLaughlin, always prioritizing  the symbol of the PPM over SUBSTANCE which is designed to buildup confidence in the people! For a member of the last government who left office in 2009 in so much controversy would have the audacity to start a campaign two years earlier is putting themselves on the level of election campaigning of the President of the United States (who needs this length of time to campaign) and  a bit premature don’t you think?  I would find such a suggestion more palatable if the undeveloped Independent party members such as Mr. Ezzard Miller, Mr.Charles Clifford, and others began their campaign with a two year head start. Reason being; Independents are more or less unknown and have NOT yet formed a political organizational or Tea Party base, therefore Independent Candidates would need as much time as possible to make themselves known to the constituents as well as present their agenda which should meet the needs of the people. However, it is clear that the Independents are not serious at all, indeed weak, timid, and not at all aggressive enough to be a match for any of the two existing parties. If they were truly serious they would have already organized themselves making themselves known. From experience, I  hereby  caution Independents that "last minute" presentations while jumping into the election race WILL NOT GET YOU ELECTED.People need time to get to know you, what you believe in, what you stand for morally and politically, how you think, and most of all WILL YOU SERVE YOURSELVES, THE ELITE,  OR THE PEOPLE.

      Mr.Alden, I’m afraid  after two years into being elected as an opposition member now leader, has not proven to be  neither a servant of the people, nor an advocate nor a defender of the people in any way shape or form. He cherry picks what is important to him for Politically motivated and selfish reasons.


      In spite of the PPM’s weak areas, if the independents do not present them selves quickly and start campaigning nationwide the country has no other choice but to re-elect the UDP again. Statistics show that the UDP Leader is bending over backwards to bring money back into the country,in attempt to put the country back on its feet. Most of us criticize him if we do not agree or understand what he is doing. But you must take your hat off to him, he is working very hard to Promote the country’s Tourism and Financial product globally. I must commend him he is a World Class Marketing and Promotions Wizard! even if he is disliked. With all the projects waiting for development including the Shetty Hospital project, I’d say The Cayman Islands in the not too distant future will indeed become the most competitive  UK Territory in the Caribbean. It appears that Government could eventually have a surplus in the public purse as long as the spending is controlled and censored. It looks like the UK has already begun that process. Immigration proper planning and control, careful strategic planning of development impact on our infrastructure is of paramount concern.Guys, this is a realistic analysis of the situation.

      When it comes to changes and reshuffling, one must DO A SHORT LIST!There’s got to be someone out there in Candidate Land that can beat Alden.

  3. Anonymous says:

     Promise to do something, get in and do nothing.   Thanks but no thanks all of you and I mean ALL of you have to go.

  4. Shock and Awe says:

    This has been a political advertisement. By one of the two parties you have a chance to vote for. 

    Don’t complain!!!  You have two parties.

  5. How Dare You Forget says:

    He forgot to list his party’s three main accomplishment:1)Poverty 2)Pain & 3)Misery.

  6. A proud Caymanian says:

    here we go again, more promises that cant be fullfilled from the same group that got us in such a financial mess that the UDP Govt. is struggling to keep us a float. I say if we really care about the Cayman Islands then we need a group of brand new faces, ideas etc.

    The leader of this group has always been the leader in my opinion and God help us all if he ever become the leader by Law. Go figure…………

  7. Money money money says:

    Here look we spent money like confetti and screwed up the country.  Come look at these school kitchens – millions they costs us, millions and millions.  Only the best for our children.  Money is no object, since we have to spend to try to get re-elected.

    But the best part of all is "major work on the international front to deal with the many financial initiatives and threats to our jurisdiction."  What a joke!  Ask anyone in the industry.  The PPM did nothing but sit back and try to make running business more difficult.

    The PPM experiment failed. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    the truth is that it will take cayman 10-15 years to recover fully from the economic mis-mangement of the last ppm administration

  9. Anonymous says:

    the seeds of caymans current problems were sown during the time of the ppm administration

  10. Libertarian says:

    ***** LIBERTARIANS NEED TO TAKE A STAND AND UNITE! Enough with this two party UDP and PPM system! Still we don’t know their political ideologies! Still we are in the dark and government is increasing in size! Still duties, fees, and permits have not been lowered to grow the private sector and create businesses and jobs! Still the cost of living is high! Both parties don’t want to privatize government and create public-private partnerships to better the country, because they want to keep their voters and win elections! MLA’s from both parties don’t want to reduce their own salaries, but increase fees and the salaries of low-income civil servants! Both governments are appearing everyday to be Anti-Business! Both parties have pretty much the same aim – political interests! Both parties disregard the Miller’s Report! Both parties have Socialist backing on key issues! LIBERTARIANS, WE OPPOSE ALL OF THESE THINGS THAT ARE HURTING THE ECONOMY, AGAINST FREEDOM, AND AGAINST OUR COUNTRY AS A WHOLE! LIBERTARIANS, WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND, FORMULATE A STRONG PARTY, AND SAVE THE CAYMAN ISLANDS… OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE! DO NOT LET PPM OR UDP BACK INTO POWER! *****

    • grace says:

      Libertarian, I am with you 100% You keep offering that THIRD OPTION we so badly need.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately you’re not going to get anywhere when the majority of your voters are for government take-over, backing 2 socialist regimes; namely, the PPM and UDP. But if we had an organized Libertarian Party, I would be a member any day.

      • shawn says:

        I don’t know – has anyone considered a Cayman Islands Libertarian Party. At least people would know what they stand for! Because the other two parties we have now, all they do is make promises, but you don’t know what they stand for until they get in… then it’s a different story! Both PPM and UDP has no commitment to a political ideology, and hence the people don’t know the platform they are voting for. At least with a Libertarian Party, you know right away that they believe in small government consisting of the essential services only, making the private sector grow and create jobs, and lowering all duties, indirect taxes, and fees, etc… But PPM and UDP what do they stand for, except what the leader believes in!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Name a country where a two party system hasn’t been a failure

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ossie, can you even fathom the amount of money all of these things you mentioned cost…Please don’t remind us of the unbridled spending of the PPM. I can still see ole Kurt sitting there all puffed up as he said "not on the kindest of mornings." Still makes me sick to my stomach knowing how they destroyed my beautiful country. They did more damage to Cayman than Hurricane Ivan.

    Reminding us of this is so stupid, it would be like McKeeva talking about the status grants right as he starts his campaign even he I don’t think would be as stupid to bring up his past failings at a time when he would need to accentuate the positive. Ossie you may have just  as well thrown in the "bulls penis" story. At least we would have had a little humor and something to smile about..


  13. Anonymous says:

    Not at all political (no preference either side), but when you have to start an article with such ad hominem abuse as "we love the country the other guys don’t"…. well something tells me the rest of the article isn’t worth the read.

    • Really? says:

      Are you (Anon, 02/15/2011 – 12:53) and I reading the same viewpoint?
      Rewind, reread and come again then I might understand where you coming from, but when I read “Not at all political”, I should not have read anymore.

      • Anonymous says:

        Direct quote:

        "Cayman’s only genuine political party, formed for the right reasons – for love of country!"

        Pretty clear implications there.  If they stated they love the country, no problems.  However, prefacing with being the ONLY party formed for that reason falls foul and basically says "we love the country the other guys don’t".

        Not sure where confusion could be coming from.

      • Anon says:

        Glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure out what they were saying!

  14. Country Lover Too says:

    Go Lions power! Who would have thought that a simple Saturday morning fish fry would have brought such comradery and nationalistic pride.

    What was conspicuously missing from the list above was what was ACTUALLY PAID for before the PPM left office and the plans for how to pay for the rest that was started. I guess we will just call it the Credit Card Party.

    Nothing like a little convention to pump up the followers and lambs though.

  15. Anonymous says:

    i’m not udp but you are delusional…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed, he’s delusional.

      The PPM made major progress with handling of the country’s waste and plans for a comprehensive waste management system?  They blew Dart out of the water 5 years ago just because they don’t like Dart. That’s five years more of Mount Trashmore because they knew better.  And now Ozzie wants to take credit for that debacle! Ha!

      He also gives the PPM credit for starting the veterinary school, which opened in January 2005, five months before the PPM took power.  Just a little white lie?

      He also says the PPM started the affordable housing scheme?  First of all, there were two affordable housing schemes built during the UDP’s previous reign.  The PPM should really remember them because they complained about them enough.  And then the PPM took four years to  build… not a single house.  Nice job guys.

      Ozzie says the PPM started an immediate stamp out of violent crime. That’s a bunch of baloney.  There was a rash of burglaries after Ivan that were quelled, but the violent crime really started on their watch. They were the ones in power when Estella was murdered, and that was the start of the really violent crimes.

      The rebuilding of Pedro St. James as a cultural centre.  Wow, that was a smart way to spend millions.  Pedro was a flop before Ivan and is a bigger flop afterwards.  At least the UDP didn’t give leases to people who didn’t pay a penny of rent.

      The start of three new high schools!  I can’t even believe he’d mention that.  First of all, they only started two.  They did pour millions into site preparation of the West Bay high school, but construction never started.  As for the other two, they were way over priced and unnecessary for Cayman. Even when they are eventually finished, they will cost this country more than it can afford in operations cost.  What a tremendous blunder and Ozzie wants to the PPM to be praised for that!  Please tell me  you’re joking.

      And finally, Ozzie says the PPM ushered in real transparency in government.  The lack of audited accounts started on their watch – remember Kurt saying "don’t worry, all the money is accounted for".  As for eliminating victimisation in the civil service, what a joke!  Ask the civil servants that got sent to other departments because the minister didn’t like them or the ones that were told that if they spoke out in any way they’d be fired.  While all of their ministers weren’t so back, the PPM had at least two that were terrible when it came to victimisation.

      Ozzie, take your delusions elsewhere. We’re not falling for that again.


      • Anonymous says:

        Ossie, you obviously got quite emotional with the transition of power from one friend to the next, and that may well be the reason for your obvious state of mind. 

        lets just take one example of your so called list of acheivments, "rebranded Cayman Airways and restructured management"

        My God, the national airline was a political football under the PPM.  the "rebranding" amounted to taking the iconic and instantly recognizabale Sir Turtle off the tail, and paying Lufthansa a lot of money as consultants.  As for the "restructured management", wow, do u mean the musical chairs changing of the CEO’s and VP’s. We were never sure who was in charge! When the current government came to power in 2009 the airline was still being run by an acting CEO (pilot) who had to step down as he could not get confirmed by the Regulatory Authorities as he lacked the required management expierience.

        Ossie, i coming BT later today and i bringing a cow cod with me.


        • Typical udp says:

          02/16/2011 – 10:37, please grow up but then again you are a typical UDP supporter.

          What you said is very unnesscessary and childish! (MR)

        • anonymous says:

          those of us in the US would like to know if it is true that the waterfront, I mean the sea is filled with garbage is that true?And that garbage is erywhere like Jamaica and Haiti?  That’s 3rd World!

          If so, something is wrong with the RCIP for not charging those that litter and prosecute them with heavy finesl

          Also Mount Trashmore is a symbol of a government that has a well screwed up mind. I mean the PPM had a chance with Dart to get rid of the sore eye to help tourism and for political and selfish reasons they kicked him out of the bid? Hey all you sick people from toxic fumes you need to file suit against the PPM for causing cancer, and various toxic air diseases.



  16. For Love of Country says:

    Thank you Ossie for listing the VAST amount of accomplishments achieved under the PPM.
    I don’t think people know the true good deeds that the PPM did in their term of office, not for the good of their pockets, but for the good of all the people of Cayman, unlike what is taking place under the UDP Government.
    I know there will be the usual few UDP cronies who will have criticism of your commentary but facts are facts and the way dollars are being splashed around now adays on unnesscessary 1st class trips and giving projects to family and friends, was never a way of the PPM.
    Again I say thank you Ossie for informing us of real and fair facts unlike the UDP spin-doctors.
    I truly don’t know how Cayman will survive the next 2 years.
    We need a Miracle and soon!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Ossie for listing the VAST amount of accomplishments spending achieved under the PPM. I don’t think people know the true good deeds that the PPM did in their term of office, though certainly not for the good of their the pockets, but for the good of all the people of Cayman, unlike what is taking place under the UDP Government. I know there will be the usual few UDP cronies who will have criticism of your commentary but facts are facts and the way dollars are being splashed around now adays during PPM rule on unnesscessary 1st class trips recording studios in schools and giving projects to family and friends, was never always a way of the PPM. Again I say thank you Ossie for informing us of real and fair facts unlike the UDP spin-doctors. I truly don’t know how Cayman will survive the next 2years with government actually operating without massive debit. We need a Miracle and soon!



  17. People For HQ Fence Repair says:

    Fix the fence and you have my vote!

  18. Flos says:

    Well done! Os, your comments have give me an renewed sense of pride for PPM and our beloved Cayman Islands.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps if you all would have done what you all had promised and would have not let the election gone to your head, you still would be in charge and UDP would have never gotten the foot in the door in the first instance. So why should we believe it will be any different nex time around?

    If you want to start making a difference, could you please arrange for all those thugs and drunks that are hanging around the Public Beach in Bodden Town (for which the country paid a pile of money to clean up and built some decent facilities) on a daily basisto move their behinds somewhere else. It is a digrace and encourages locals and tourists to use the beach. The restroom already look like crap!

    • Anonymous says:

      “If you want to start making a difference, could you please arrange for all those thugs and drunks that are hanging around the Public Beach in Bodden Town (for which the country paid a pile of money to clean up and built some decent facilities) on a daily basis to move their behinds somewhere else”.

      Be careful. Ossie might taker you seriously and apply the bull cod to them!