Expert says Asia place to be for offshore lawyers

| 21/02/2011

(The Lawyer): While caution should attend any upbeat assessment of economic prospects, there’s every sign that 2011 – the Chinese Year of the Rabbit – will prove to have some bounce, writes Marcus Leese. Across Asia there is a sense of an economy that is optimistic, robust and buoyant. Asia is by no means immune from global ailments, but high levels of growth and low household and government debt have warded off the kind of malaise that has afflicted much of the world. From a legal practice perspective, including offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey, this means it is all hands on deck.

With Cayman companies having long been the most popular offshore corporate vehicles for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Jersey and BVI companies now also able to be used as listing vehicles, considerable offshore legal work is expected.

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