LA returns with new opposition leader

| 21/02/2011

(CNS): There is only one piece of legislation on the agenda when the country’s legislators return to the Legislative Assembly on Monday morning. However, there will be a special ceremony before the lawmakers get down to debating an amendment to the Labour Law to formally present the instrument of appointment to Alden McLaughlin, the new of leader of the opposition, by the governor. In the first sitting of the fourth meeting of the 2010/11 session, although there is only one bill on the table, a significant number of the backlog of annual reports are expected to be presented. According to the draft order paper, the National Roads Authority will be presenting six years worth of financial reports, bringing the authority completely up to date. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The Ministry of District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing is also handing in three years worth of reports up to the end of the financial year 07/08 which means the ministry is still two years behind in accounting to the public for its spending. Financial Statements are also expected from Cayman Turtle Farm up 2008 and from The Water Authority for the 08/09 financial year. The Cayman Islands National Insurance Company ‘s Annual Report for 09/10 will bring CINICO, the government owned insurance company, up to date, along with the Electricity Regulatory Authority, which will also be presenting financial statements for the year ended 30 June, 2010.

The independent MLA for North Side will be moving his own amendment to the government’s bill, which if adopted would introduce a minimum wage. The move is the third attempt by Ezzard Miller to get government to introduce a minimum wage via an amendment to a law brought to the Legislative Assembly but it is unlikely to be accepted. However, the introduction of the amendment allows the subject to be debated and will force the labour minister to reveal the reasons for his opposition to introducing a basic minimum wage for adult workers. 

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  1. Michel Lemay says:

    Congratulations are in order for thr new Honorable Leader of the Opposition Mr. Alden Mclaughlin. May God guide you in the right direction for” We the people”

  2. Anonymous says:

    The PPM is in trouble with Alden at the helm……hurry we have to do something lest Mac will get a second term…….not good…… fact a disaster waiting to happen !

    • Anonymous says:

      As an independent voter, I agree, and like it or not the UDP will certainly get a second term. You may have observed the same persons who spoke with such certainty about the PPM being a "two term" government (why only two term?) speaking with the same certainty that the UDP will only be a one term government. Not exactly convincing. The reality is that Alden is not the one to lead the PPM to an election victory over the UDP, either next election or in others to follow. Quite when this becomes apparent to the PPM membership we shall have to wait and see. And if you think it’s all about Mac, well then I reckon you are deluding yourselves, quite honestly. For me at least it’s to do with credibilty based on past performance andjudgement, and Alden comes up short on both I’m afraid, so I’ll never vote PPM with Alden trying to be at the helm.


      • Anonymous says:

        Then you should have learned your lesson from the PPM supporters who said their govt. was a two-term one. There is an old saying “a week in politics is long time”. Had there been an election in May 2007 the PPM would probably have been re-elected. It is obviously far too early to tell whether there will be a second term for the UDP Govt. which has not even reached mid-term.

  3. anonymous says:

    Why don’t you bloggers stick to the issues at hand? Why smear the character of our politicians. There are protocols that needs to be followed and if you was to visit the LA and try to learn something to that regards, you will fare off better. Stop this character assassination man!. These Politicans are suppose to be looking out for our interest, please give them a chance to do so and to correct blogger T.B at 8:09. Alden McLaughlin DID NOT put us in the recession. Can’t you see the world is in a recession and of course it affects the Cayman Islands too. Stop being so ignorant please. You are disgracing the few Caymanians that are left here, in these Islands.

  4. Anonymous says:

    if alden wants to show he is different to mckeeva he should just say ‘lets forget the pomp and ceremony and lets get down to work’!

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah right are forgetting that Alden wrote this constitution with him in mind because he thought the PPM would ride to victory again..Unfortunately for him he did not get back into power and now McKeeva is driving around in what should have been Alden’s SUV and soaking up all the perks.  

      You really think if PPM were in power that they wouldn’t be doing the same thing..They didn’t put these perks in so that our grandchildren would use them, they put them in for themselves, for now.

      Nothing changes, just the faces..Recycled, has been, greedy politicians building a career and retirement out of us and we can’t even see it.

       I would love to see the day when we get term limits and politicians can no longer make careers out of what they do.

  5. Anonymous7 says:

    Great! You have UDP (the do-gooders) and PPM (the spender) in the House! Only 1 Independant from small district of North Side! And to top it all, no other Party option like Libertarian, Socialist, Democrat, Conservative, et cetera… with a Governor who can at any time disregard the people’s elected representatives and dissolve the House for “Her Majesty’s Interest”!

    Boy… talk about democracy! It is all an illusion!

    • sooth sayer says:

      No, no. The illusion is that Cayman is more than just a half a dozen five year olds playing politics. Democracy? Look at Egypt, Libya and Tunisia if you want to see how democracy is gained.

    • Anonymous says:

      “You have UDP (the do-gooders)”

      LOL! I assume that was sarcasm.

  6. Greenewood says:

    “special ceremony” ha! I’m sick of this uk system of government! a money, show-off, pompous event! no wonder none of them on both sides were willing to cut their pay by at least 10% when it was brought up in the house… yet they could cut everybody else making lower than them 3.2, and increase fees and duties against the private sector and local companies! just pathetic and makes me sick!

  7. T. B. says:

    Wow! I see two great blunders that are a waste of time:

    1. Alden Mclaughlin, former government that brought us in an economic recession, appointed as the Opposition Leader; and,

    2. Ezzard Miller and his Minimum wage to finally increased unemployment by the hundreds!

    What next?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! Alden singlehandedly brought an economic recession to Cayman. LOL. I wonder who did it to the U.S., Bermuda, of the world?

      I am convinced that there is something about about imbibing the Kool Aid of party politics that robs people of their innate intelligence.

    • Anonymous says:

      T.B. haven’t you ever been told that it is always better to think before you talk (or write) otherwise you may come across as appearing very dumb. Now look what you gone & done, now everyone knows you are a complete idiot T.B. (oh my bad, you damn lucky we do not know who that dumb idiot T.B. is)! But we do know for sure that T.B. is stupid.